Borderlands 3 – All Side Missions

All of the Side Missions need to be completed in order to earn the Platinum Trophy in Borderlands 3. They will not all become available right away, but you can knock them out as they appear. None of them are missable, so, you can complete them right away, or save them for something to do after the main story. Here is a complete list broken down by planet.


The Droughts

  • Bad Reception
  • Dump on Dumptruck
  • Powerful Connections
  • Skag Dog Days
  • Under Taker

Ascension Bluff

  • Golden Calves
  • Head Case

Devil’s Razor

  • Boom Boom Boomtown
  • Buff Film Buff
  • Discover the Trial of Survival
  • Dynasty Dash: Pandora
  • ECHOnet Neutrality
  • Life of the Party
  • Sheega’s All That
  • The Feeble and the Furious
  • Wildlife Conservation


  • Let’s Get It Vaughn

The Splinterlands

  • Discover the Trial of Cunning
  • Just Desserts
  • The Homestead
  • The Homestead Pt. 2
  • The Homestead Pt. 3

Konrad’s Hold

  • Childhood’s End
  • The Demon in the Dark

The Slaughter Shaft

  • The Slaughter Shaft


Meridian Outskirts

  • Discover the Trial of Discipline
  • Healers and Dealers
  • Maliwannabees

Meridian Metroplex

  • Dynasty Dinner
  • Rise and Grind
  • Technical NOGout


  • Opposition Research

Atlas HQ

  • Ratch’d Up

Lectra City

  • Porta Prison
  • Proof of Wife


  • Holy Spirits


Floodmore Basin

  • Capture the Frag
  • Discover the Trial of Instinct
  • Don’t Truck With Eden-6
  • Dynasty Dash: Eden-6
  • Dynasty Dash: Floodmore Basin
  • Get Quick Slick
  • Irregular Customers
  • Malevolent Practice
  • Raiders of the Lost Rock
  • Swamp Bro

The Anvil

  • On the Blood Path

Jakobs Estate

  • Discover the Trial of Fervor
  • Sacked
  • Witch’s Brew


  • Sell Out

Voracious Canopy

  • Rumble in the Jungle


  • Bad Vibrations
  • Cannonization
  • Homeopthological
  • Fire in the Sky
  • It’s Alive
  • Transaction-Packed
  • Welcome to Slaughterstar 3000


  • Just a Prick
  • Kill Killavolt
  • Invasion of Privacy
  • Pandora’s Next Top Mouthpiece
  • The Kevin Konundrum
  • Discover the Trial of Supremacy

Here is a list of Repeating missions. These are not required for the Trophy.

  • Kill Borman Nates
  • Kill Demoskaggon
  • Kill Dinklebot
  • Kill El Dragon Jr
  • Kill The Grogans and Their Mother
  • Kill IndoTyrant
  • Kill Maxitrillion
  • Kill Rakkman
  • Kill Red Jabber
  • Kill Road Dog
  • Kill Tarantella
  • Kill The Power Troopers
  • Kill Urist McEnforce
  • Kill Wick and Warty

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