Planet of Lana Achievement Guide

Welcome to the Planet of Lana Achievement guide! 3/10 Estimated Difficulty 3 – 5 Estimated Hours to completion 1 Minimum Playthrough 1 Missable The majority of this Achievement list is made up of story related Achievements. You will get a majority of them by just playing through the story. There is one misc. Achievement. That…

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somerville trophy achievement guide

Somerville Achievement Guide

Welcome to the Somerville Achievement guide! 2/10 Estimated Difficulty 2-4 Estimated Hours to Completion. 1 Minimum Story Playthrough 0 Missable Achievements There are only 11 Achievements to earn in Somerville, and they’re all pretty easy to get. The game itself is not very long. There are 14 chapters, but they are very short. There are…

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