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Syphon Filter Trophy Guide


Welcome to the Syphon Filter Trophy guide! PS1 Classics are starting to hit the PSN with the addition of the new PSN subscription service. Fortunately for Trophy hunters, some of these classic games are releasing with Trophies. Despite the classics being added with the new service, Syphon Filter can be purchased individually without having to subscribe.

This is a very simple list to complete. There are no collectibles. Most of everything here is story related with a couple miscellaneous Trophies thrown in. Nothing here can be missed as there is a really helpful rewind feature as well as mission select. Everything can be completed in a single playthrough and there are no difficulty related Trophies.

Turn Back Time

As mentioned above, there is a new rewind feature for the PS1 Classics. This is not game specific thing, but a system feature. If at any point you die, miss a Trophy, take too much damage or just wanna restart, you can press the Options button and scrub through your gameplay and choose where you want to start from. It is a very helpful feature and will make this game very easy to complete.


Being that this game is from 1999, you should expect to have some trouble getting the hang of the controls. They are from a time long ago and are not up to the streamlined modern day standards you’re accustomed to. If you’re struggling with them you can change them. Press the right side of the Touchpad to enter the pause menu. Go down to Options and you can adjust the controls. For this guide, everything will be written with the default controls in mind.

As there is no longer “Start” and Select” buttons on modern PS controllers, Syphon Filter has mapped them to the Touchpad. “Start” is the right side of the Touchpad and “Select” is the left.


The original cheat codes for the game still work and they do not disable Trophies. When inputting the codes, you need to hold all the buttons down at the same time.

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 Excellent work, Agent!

Unlock all other Syphon Filter trophies.


 An Explosive Start

Survive the subway explosion.

This is will be your first story related Trophy earned during the first mission called “Georgia Street.”

You can reach the subway station by going into the bar called “The Place.” There will be a small room blocked by a brown crate. There will be an enemy in here shooting at you from behind a stack of crates. Press while standing in front of the crate to climb it. Climb out of the open window in this small room.

Once outside, shoot the lock on the gate to your right and press on the switch to call up the elevator. Stand on the elevator and press to go down.

Interact with the power switch to open the gate in the subway. Backtrack to the subway entrance located near “The Place.”

Defuse the bomb on the other side of the tracks to the left from where you entered. After that, you can go to the subway exit at the very back of the subway. It’ll be marked with a red exit sign. You’ll find that the gate is locked. Go back up to the floor where you disarmed the first bomb.

There will be a doorway across the tracks that says “No exit.” Go in there and use your flashlight to find a switch on the left. Use it. Go down the elevator next to the switch. Exit the red lit tunnel and fight your way to the other end of the subway to find another bomb. A cutscene will play and the Trophy will pop shortly.

 Rescue Phagan

Rescue Phagan from Aramov.

This is earned at the end of the “Expo Center Dinorama” mission.

You’ll enter a room with a green dinosaur right in front of you. Above the dinosaur to the right, you’ll see Aramov holding Phagan at gunpoint. You will need to manually aim with and shoot Aramov’s gun out of her hand before she shoots Phagan. You can’t kill Aramov here. If you miss, she’ll kill him. Once you hit Aramov’s gun, she’ll collapse and Phagan will escape.

If you fail and Phagan dies press Options, rewind your game and try again.

Climb up the tail of the dinosaur and then kill the enemies that will appear below. Shoot out the windows where Aramov is and then press to jump up to one of the light fixtures and shimmy across into the room where Aramov is.

The mission will end when you approach Aramov and the Trophy will then pop.

 Droppin’ Choppers

Destroy the KI-33 attack helicopter.

This is earned during the “Base Tower” mission.

Go to the radar dish and interact with it to begin the fight against the helicopter. There are flak jackets and ammo crates on each side of the radar dish if you need them.

For this fight, you’re going to want to keep moving while holding auto aim (). The PK-102 is your best bet here. The grenade launcher wont really help as it is harder to hit the helicopter with the grenades.

Roll out of the way when the helicopter’s spotlight is about to hit you. The helicopter’s firing range is the spotlight, so try to stay out of it. Once you roll out of the way, hold and continue to fire until it comes back around. Repeat the previous steps. Roll out of the way and fire on it using auto aim.

Once it starts smoking, it’ll begin a new phase of the battle. The helicopter will go low below the rooftop and then come up for a strafing run. It will also drop enemies down. You can use the big satellite dish in the middle for cover and continue firing on it as it passes by you. Just be aware that there may be some enemies on foot up here as well.

This is not a very long fight as long as you can keep consistent fire on the helicopter.

 No Way Out!

Escape the catacombs with Lian.

This is earned toward the end of the “Stronghold Catacombs” mission.

After eliminating the scientists and following Phagan, you’ll meet up with Lian. All you have to do here is follow her to the end of the mission.

You’re going to be facing some enemies along the way so be ready to protect Lian. She’ll have her own weapon, but you can’t rely on her to hold her own too much. Stay as close to her as you can, but watch your fire. It is possible for you to damage her when firing at enemies.

If she dies at any point, simply rewind your game and try again.

No Way In!

Descend into the silo access tunnel.

This is a story related Trophy earned by completing the “Warehouse 76.” mission.

 No Way!

Complete all missions.

There are 20 missions in Syphon Filter to complete. Play through and game finish every level to earn this.

 Eliminate Rhoemer

Eliminate Rhoemer.

Rhoemer is the final boss of the game during the mission “Missile Silo.”

Rhoemer will be equipped with an M-79, so you’ll need to really watch out.

As soon as the cutscene ends and the screen goes black, you should be mashing Triangle to climb up the computer directly in front you the second the battle starts. As soon as you get on top of the computer, roll forward to get away from Rhoemer. He starts very close to you and will one hit you almost immediately if you aren’t quick enough.

You wont be able to use your other weapons to beat him. You’re going to need to use gas grenades to take him out. Luckily, it only takes one gas grenade to kill him.

There is a crate of gas grenades up in the windowed areas where the guards shot at you from when you first entered the room. You can also just use the all weapons cheat to instantly acquire them.

Whichever way you choose to get them, climb up on to the computers to see him and hold the auto aim. Throw a gas grenade at Rhoemer to take him out and beat the game.

 Moar Guns Plz

Find the armory in the base bunker.

This is earned at the very end of the “Base Bunker” mission.

After indexing all of the missiles, it’ll be time to leave and finish the mission. The exit will be a corridor that leads to am elevator. BEFORE taking the elevator, you should notice a small empty office with a lone computer in it to the left of the elevator.

Go into this office and interact with the computer. This will open a door directly across from you revealing the armory and popping the Trophy.

Be careful when approaching this final area as enemies will spawn behind you. The computer will be destroyed if it is shot, so kill the enemies before going into the office in order to keep the fire away from the computer. If the computer is destroyed, press Options and rewind your game to try again.

This will pop without having to enter the armory itself. There will be enemies inside the armory if you do go in there.

 Run, Logan, Run!

Escape the base without killing any guards.

This is earned during the “Base Escape” mission.

The entire mission is just you escaping the base. There will be a three minute timer going, so just keep running and rolling. Do not kill any enemies as you escape.

You’re going to need to reach where you entered this base as quickly as you can. As long as you keep moving, the time limit shouldn’t be an issue. You don’t have very far to go.

 Aaaannd… Gotcha!

Drop a chandelier on an enemy.

This can be earned during the “Rhoemer’s Stronghold” mission.

As you make your way through the level, you’ll notice big golden chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. All you have to do for this Trophy is shoot a chandelier to make it fall. If it falls on an enemy, it’ll kill them and pop this Trophy. Both guards and scientists count toward this.

There will be many opportunities to earn this here. If you manage to miss time it, simply rewind your game and try again.

 Hey Man, Nice Shot

Get 20 headshots using the 9mm silencer.

The Silcened 9mm is the handgun that you will start the game with.

Hold to aim in first person and then aim for an enemy’s head. You’ll see “HEADSHOT” appear on screen when aiming at an enemy’s head. Once you see that, press to fire. All you have to do is repeat this 20 times


Eliminate poor, defenseless Erikson. How cruel.

This can be earned at the very beginning of the “PHARCOM Warehouses” mission.

As soon as the mission starts, go straight down the path toward the gunfire and then turn right. You should see a building with a low roof that you can climb up. There will be two windows that you can shoot out as well.

Climb up the low roof and enter Erikson’s office through one of the windows. A cutscene will automatically play upon entering the office. After the scene, Erikson will be on his knees behind his desk. All you have to do is kill him here.

 Hold Your Nose

Shatter a test tube containing toxic gas.

This can be earned during the “Rhoemer’s Stronghold” mission.

During the mission, there will be several areas where test tubes can be found sitting on tables. All you have to do is shoot one of them. These will release a gas like the gas grenades which can be used to your benefit when dealing with enemies.

Shoot one and the Trophy will pop.

 Window of Opportunity

Shatter 30 glass windows.

All you have to do here is shoot out windows whenever you come across them. There are more than enough windows across the different missions. Just make sure to destroy them however you can when you see them.

 What Does This One Do?

Eliminate enemies using all 12 bullet-firing weapons at least once (doesn’t include taser or explosives).

The 12 weapons you need to get a kill with are listed below. Only some weapons are available in the missions. You wont have access to every single weapon in any mission.

You can find the weapons in crates throughout the missions or you can use the cheat. If you use the all weapons cheat, you’ll be automatically given every weapon that is available in whatever mission you’re playing.

Here is the code for all weapons. Pause the game and highlight “Weapons.” Input the following code – + + ++ + . Remember that all the buttons need to be held down at the same time.

Here is the code for all missions as well. Pause the game, scroll down to “Options” and then highlight “Select Mission.” Input the following code – + + Select + .

Go through the list and get at least one kill with each of the following weapons.


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