Synapse Trophy Guide

Welcome to the Synapse Trophy guide! Just a head’s up before we begin, this game can only be played with PSVR2. 5/10 Estimated Difficulty 8-12 Estimated Hours to Completion Player Dependent – Minimum Playthrough – This is dependent on how long it takes you beat the game as this is a rougelike. Replaying zones is…

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Killzone liberation trophy guide

Killzone: Liberation Trophy Guide

Welcome to the Killzone: Liberation Trophy guide! 3/10 Estimated Difficulty 5 – 8 Estimated Hours to Completion 1 Minimum Playthrough 0 Missable Trophies Overall, this is a very easy list to complete. Everything can be obtained in a single playthrough and nothing is missable. You’ll earn a Trophy for every mission you complete in Chapters…

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Humanity Trophy Guide

Welcome to the Humanity Trophy guide! 6/10 Estimated Difficulty Without a Solutions Guide OR 2/10 With a Solutions Guide 10 – 15 Estimated Hours to completion 1 Minimum Playthrough 0 Missable This puzzle game is a pretty quick Platinum to earn. Most of the puzzles here are going to require some trial and error in…

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