The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon Trophy and Achievement Guide

Peril on Gorgon Trophy Guide

Welcome to the Trophy guide for The Outer Worlds downloadable content Peril on Gorgon. This is the first piece of downloadable content for The Outer Worlds and it adds 10 new Trophies to earn. This is an overall easy list, but much like the base game list, there are a few choice based Trophies here. Luckily, these are at the end and there will only be minimal time spent replaying the ending to earn them.

Choice Based Trophies

There are four Trophies that are tied to choosing who you will side with. In order to get 100%, you will need to play out all four scenarios. You will need to side with Minnie, Olivia, get them to work together and Lucien. Now, you can choose to play the DLC four separate times making a different choice each time, or you can speed things up a bit.  You can simply make four different save files. Load a save up and make a choice. Do this three more times making a different choice each time until you’ve earned all four Trophies.

Peril on Gorgon Trophy Peril on Gorgon

Completed Peril on Gorgon on any difficulty.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

Greenlight Protocol Trophy Greenlight Protocol

Powered the reactor.

See the Trophy “Family Reunion” for more details.

NDA Protocol Trophy NDA Protocol

Destroyed the Synthesizer.

See the Trophy “Family Reunion” for more details.

Peril at Hand Trophy Peril at Hand

Listened to Lucky Montoya’s message.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy. You will get this at the very beginning of the DLC. Select to travel to Monarch and a message will pop up regarding the new DLC events that are happening. Speak to Ada and then head to the cargo hold aboard your ship to listen to the message. Do note that you will have had to have beaten the mission “Radio Free Monarch” from the base game before you can start this DLC.

Synthesize This Trophy Synthesize This

Found Olivia Ambrose’s journal.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

Lucky Stiff Trophy Lucky Stiff

Found Lucky Montoya’s body.

Montoya’s body can be found in the very southeast corner of the Gorgon Canyon map at the Marauder Stronghold. You can travel here as soon as you land for the first time. Make your way through the new region. Clear the enemies at the camp and then the body can be found in a little cave in the wall of the cliffs on the left (from the entrance of the camp looking in). All you have to do is walk up to the body to pop the Trophy.


The Postman Trophy The Postman

Delivered the journal to Lucien.

See the Trophy “Family Reunion” for more details.

Good Listener Trophy Good Listener

Found 20 Portable Phonographs.

These are just basically collectibles. The ones that are picked up as main mission objectives will count toward this as well. The new map is not that big, but that can be a little tricky to find. There are more than 20, but thankfully you don’t have to find them all.

Family Reunion Trophy Family Reunion

Achieved a compromise between Olivia and Minnie.

There are four Trophies that are tied to making choices. You can either play through the DLC four times, or make four separate save files. For “Greenlight Protocol,” “Family Reunion” and “NDA Protocol,” you’ll be given the choice during the main story mission “The Ambrose Intersection.” You can make your files here for three Trophies. The fourth choice file can be made when you’re staring at Olivia’s journal on the desk. Save before picking it up.

  • The PostmanBEFORE picking up the journal, you will need to go and kill Minnie. Create a new save file before picking up the journal. Go kill Minnie, pick up the journal and then continue with the DLC. Lucien will then contact you when go to fast travel from the Manor to the landing pad. Finish the DLC by choosing to side with Lucien by killing Olivia. The journal will be a main story objective. It’s hard to miss.
  • Greenlight Protocol -Create a new save and choose to side with Minnie. Choose the option “Restore Power to the Adrena-Time Synthesizer.”
  • NDA Protocol – Create a new save and choose to side with Olivia. Choose the option “Activate the NDA Protocol.”
  • Family Reunion – In order to earn this, you will need to persuade Minnie and Olivia to work together. You will need to have your persuade skill very high at 150 and your hacking at 100. If you get the journal and still do not have 150 Persuade, you can respec your character on your ship. Put all of the points into Persuade. Do this before interacting with The Navigation Terminal after picking up the journal.

Then, after the two argue over the comms, head to the Manor. Go to the terminal upstairs and go to logs. Use your hacking to go to the deleted logs. Read them both and then head down toward the NDA objective marker. Once you get to the door where you speak with Minnie, choose the non aggressive dialogue options. Choose the options that lean toward them working together. Eventually, Minnie will agree. You may want to make save before speaking with Minnie just in case you select a wrong option.

Now, head for Olivia. Meet and speak with her by choosing the peaceful options. The intimidate option (45) got her to trust me. Eventually, you need to tell her that she was invited over for tea. She will then leave.

After all that, head back to the manor and speak with them to finally pop this Trophy.

Special pet benefits Trophy Special P.E.T. Benefits

Acquired Special Delivery, P.E.T., and Employee Benefits.

  • Special Delivery can be found in the Marauder Stronghold where you found Lucky Montoya’s body. You will need to either pickpocket or kill Charles From Accounting. If you kill him, just loot his body to collect the weapon.
  • P.E.T. will be given to you as a reward for completing the side mission “A Dialog Between Dead Men” and by correctly answering several questions. Fast travel to the OCI Upper Exterior point and then cross the bridge near here. This quest can be picked up by interacting with the terminal across this bridge. You will need to first find four clues and then return to the terminal. The clue locations will be marked on your map. After that, you will then need to answer four questions in the terminal. When that is complete, the P.E.T. can then be picked up in the hideout next to this terminal. The answers for the questions are below:
  1. Sissak Sassafrass, Spindle Knight of Olympic
  2. The Skull of King Alpha’s own Mother
  3. Tricking Archibald with his dastardly Mind Control Ray!
  4. With a bolt of lightning from above!
  • Employee Benefits can actually be picked up during the main story quest “The Man in High Orbit.” Just like with Special Delivery, this weapon can be pick pocketed or looted off of Dr. Jasper Low’s body.


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