Control: Altered World Events DLC Trophy and Achievement Guide

AWE Trophy guide

Welcome to the Trophy guide for the Altered World Events downloadable content for Control! Overall, this is a very quick and easy list to complete. Most of these can be earned by just following the main story path as it wall take you to every area of the new map. Collectibles are needed, but you don’t have to find them all. They will also mostly be out in plain sight.

If you’re struggling for whatever reason, a new difficulty has been patched in that will make the game considerably easier. It’s called Assist Mode and Trophies are still able to be earned with it turned on. This can help you out with anything else you may have missed across The Foundation DLC or the main game as well. Anything you miss can be cleaned up after the story. There may be a little bit of a grind for the altered vending machines, but this is a pretty stress free list to complete.

Potential Glitch Warning

It would seem that the Surge weapon upgrading may be glitched. It’s possible that after you upgrade the weapon to level 2, level 3 will not be available. This was a glitch that affected the main game as well. The only fix for that was to start a new game on a new save file.

familiar methodolgies trophy Familiar Methodologies

Fight off Hartman

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

Chief Investigator Trophy Chief Investigator

Find 80% of the hidden locations in the Investigations Sector

There are only four hidden locations that you need to find to unlock this Trophy. Just like in the main game, they are hidden behind breakable walls and elevator shafts. All you have to do is enter them. The four that I found were near the following fast travel points:

  1. Abandoned Offices
  2. Transit Terminal
  3. AWE Loading Bay
  4. AWE Transit Bay

vending investigator trophy Vending Spree

Destroy 80% of the Altered Vending Machine instances

As you explore the new Investigations map, you may notice some vending machines located in some of the areas. Some of them are actually altered items. Unfortunately, this is totally random. In order to check if a machine is an altered item, you have to attack it. So, when you come across a vending machine, shoot it. If it starts running around, you need to chase it and destroy it.

As of the time of writing this guide, there seems to be no set answer on how many machines you need to destroy. There have been reports of players earning the Trophy by destroying four to six machines. So a somewhat glitchy Trophy mixed with RNG is real nice recipe for frustration. But wait, it gets better. Not only do you not know what machine is altered, but some machines might not even spawn at all. Sometimes they’ll be there, and sometimes they won’t be.

If you’re not having any luck, you can try fast traveling or quitting to the main menu to reset the machines. You don’t need many of these, but this can be a bit of a grind. There’s not a whole lot you can do here other than just running through the areas and checking every machine you see. The Trophy popped for me when I destroyed my fourth machine.

I was able to find vending machines in the following areas:

  • Operations Center
  • Abandoned Offices
  • Observation Deck
  • AWE Loading Bay
  • Sector Head Office

the third thing trophy The Third Thing

Defeat Hartman

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

workplace recreation trophy Workplace Recreation

Play a single game in Arcade Mode

Arcade mode is a new mode introduced in the AWE DLC. It is accessed by interacting with arcade machines. The machines can be found shortly after beginning the DLC. They are in the Active Investigations section. When you first enter, it’ll be dark and you’ll need to turn some lights on to fight off an enemy attack after interacting with the elevator in the middle of the room. Now that the lights are on (starting from the fast travel point) enter the room, turn left and jump up to the break room. The two arcade machines are in here.

All you have to do here is complete any of the modes. I found that the Crowd Control mode was easiest to complete. It is just a wave survival mode with a majority of the enemies being the basic security guard. The Trophy will not pop if you die and lose the round. You must win it.

surge of power Surge of Power

Upgrade Surge to the maximum level

Surge is a new weapon Construct that is introduced in the AWE DLC. There are two stages that need to be upgraded. The items required for the upgrades are found by killing enemies. They’ll drop the items when defeated.

Materials Needed to Construct:

  • 15,000 Source
  • 1 Shaded Facet
  • 3 Confiscated Motive
  • 2 Hidden Trend

Level 2:

  • 20,000 Source
  • 7 Confiscated Motive
  • 3 Shaded Facet
  • 4 Hidden Trend

Level 3:

  • 25,000 Source
  • 15 Shaded Facet
  • 9 Hidden Trend
  • 1 Untapped Potential

surge protector trophy Surge Protector

Kill 50 enemies with Surge

Surge is a new weapon Construct that is introduced in the AWE DLC. Start the DLC and then go to any fast travel point and select “Astral Constructs.” The weapon can be unlocked here. All you have to do now is get kills with it. Obviously, as long as you’re using this weapon frequently, this Trophy will eventually pop. I was able to knock it out in a single round of wave survival in the Shum arcade game.

elevated mind trophy Elevated Mind

Kill 25 Airborne Rangers

The Airborne Rangers are a new enemy type introduced in the AWE DLC. Just look for the enemies dressed as soldiers that can levitate. If you don’t have this Trophy by the time you’ve finished the DLC, you can farm these kills in the Challenge mode of Crowd Control in the Shum arcade machine. Before you can play the Challenge mode, you will need to first complete the normal Crowd Control mode.

in depth investigations trophy In-depth Investigations

Find 80% of the Collectibles in the Investigations Sector

There are a lot of Collectibles to be found in the new DLC, but they are really not that hard to find. The new map is not very big, so there are not many areas to hide these collectibles. In fact, they are really all on your main path. You should be able to unlock this Trophy without having to do too much searching or even going out of your way. Just do a quick search of each new area you enter here and you will find them with no problem. Keep in mind that you don’t even need to find them all. Only 80% of them are needed.

Work smarter, not harder trophy Work Smarter, Not Harder

Attach a Surge grenade to an object and Launch it at an enemy

First, you will need to have unlocked the Surge Construct. As soon as you start up the DLC, go to any fast travel point and select “Astral Constructs” and it is under Weapon Forms. The weapon can be unlocked here. Now that you have it unlocked and are in an enemy encounter, shoot any throwable object with the Surge. Do not detonate the Surge grenade. Pick up the item with the grenade and then throw it at any enemy. The Trophy will pop right after impact. The enemy does not have to be killed for this to count.

multiple applications trophy Multiple Applications

Use Multi-Launch to hit 3 targets

Multi-Launch is a new ability introduced in the AWE DLC. It costs eight Ability Points. Go to any fast travel point and select “Abilities” and unlock the ability. Next, all you have to do is find an enemy encounter with at least three enemies. Preferably, the basic security guards as they won’t dodge your throw. Pick up any object with R1 and hold it. While holding R1, pick up two more objects by aiming at them and pressing L2. Once you have all three picked up, aim at the enemies. The game will auto aim by placing three diamonds on the enemies. When you see all three of the target diamonds, release R1 to simultaneously throw the objects. Hit all three enemies to unlock the Trophy.


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