Star Wars: Republic Commando Trophy Guide

Welcome to the Star Wars: Republic Commando Trophy Guide! This is an overall straightforward and easy Platinum Trophy to earn. There are some miscellaneous Trophies that can be missed, but they can easily be cleaned up via mission select. Everything can be completed in one play through, but that will require playing on hard from the start. It’s not too difficult, but there are some difficulty spikes near the ends of the chapters. If you go that route, make sure to change the difficulty to hard before starting the campaign.


There is a learning curve with the controls. This game is from 2005, so they are not up to modern day’s first person shooter standards. They don’t take too long to get used to, but it is possible to remap the controls however you want. If you’d like, below is a “modern” custom control scheme that you can change to. Credit for this goes to PSN Profiles user JoaLoft. For the purpose of this guide, I’ll be describing certain actions using the default control scheme down in the Trophy descriptions.

  • Move: Left Stick
  • Look: Right Stick
  • Reload: Square
  • Jump: Cross
  • Use: Triangle
  • Melee: R3
  • Cycle Detonators: L1
  • Cycle Visor Mode: L3
  • Fire: R2
  • Throw Detonator: R1
  • Zoom: L2 Button
  • Crouch: Circle

RC Platinum  One of the Squad

Earn all trophies

delta 62 Delta 62

Rendezvous with Delta 62

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

lack of bacta Lack of bacta

Revive a squad member

When a squad member goes down, you’ll be able to revive them by holding X. Your squad members will go down from time to time especially as you play on Hard.

this planet “This planet is rotten from the inside out”

Complete Geonosis

This is an unmissable story related Trophy. Below are the missions on Geonosis:

  • Prologue
  • Extreme Prejudice
  • Infiltrate The Droid Foundry
  • Destroy The Factory
  • Advance To The Core Ship
  • Infiltration Of The Core Ship

wookies trophies Reinforce the Wookiees on Kashyyyk

Complete Kashyyyk

This is an unmissable story related Trophy. Below are the missions on Kashyyyk:

  • The Rescue of Tarfful
  • Obliterate The Outpost
  • The Bridge At Kachirho
  • The Wookiee Resistance
  • Search And Destroy
  • The Final Strike
  • Epilogue

goals trophy Aspirational goals

Collect all enemy weapons

There are only five weapons that need to be picked up for this Trophy. The Wookie weapons do not count. There are certain enemies that will drop their weapons when they are killed. There are many opportunities to pick these all up as you progress through the story. The dropped weapons are hard to miss as the enemies will need to defeated in order to progress the missions. Just look on the ground for the weapons and interact with them to pick them up.


  • Geonosian Elite Beam Weapon – These are dropped by Geonosian Elites

RAS Prosecutor

  • Trandoshan Shotgun – These are commonly dropped by Trando grunts through out the missions. Also found on Kashyyyk.
  • Trandoshan Heavy Machine Gun – These are dropped by Trando Elites. There are not many of them, so when you kill a heavily armored Trando with a minigun like weapon, be sure to pick it up. Also found on Kashyyyk.
  • Trandoshan Mercenary SMG – These are dropped by Trando mercenaries in the later parts of RAS Prosecutor. There are many of them. Also found on Kashyyyk.
  • Concussion Rifle – This can be picked up near the end of the RAS Prosecutor chapter when defending the hangars. I didn’t come across that many of them. One of your squad mates will call out that an enemy is using a Concussion rifle when you encounter it for the first time.

trophy guide Close and personal

100 melee kills

Exactly what it says. Kill 100 enemies by using melee. It doesn’t matter what enemy, just melee away. This is easier on lower difficulties, but it is still a one hit kill on Hard for the weaker base enemies.

trophy guide Maximized potential

Unlock all weapon attachments

There are two weapon attachments to pick up and the game will direct you toward them as you play through Geonosis making this unmissable.

  • DC-17M Sniper
  • DC-17M Anti Armor

trophy guide All aboard

Complete RAS Prosecutor

This is an unmissable story related Trophy. Below are the missions on RAS Prosecutor:

  • Ghost Ship Recon
  • Rescue The Squad
  • Attack Of The Clones
  • Saving The Ship

trophy guide “We need a slicer. A good slicer…”

Slice your first console

This is an unmissable story related Trophy. During the first mission, you’ll eventually come to a console that needs to be sliced in order to progress. It doesn’t matter if you or a squad mate does it.

trophy guide Squeaky-clean

Visor cleaned 10 times

This is something that will pop as you play through the game. When you take damage, melee an enemy up close, get wet or shoot an enemy up close, your visor will get dirty. You don’t have to do anything. The game will auto clean the visor. A blue vertical line will go across your visor cleaning it.

trophy guide “He’s holding a thermal detonator”

Hit 5 enemies with a single thermal detonator

An easy place to earn this is during the mission Destroy the Factory on Geonosis . This will be during the objective Destroy First Power Conduit. You will eventually come to a corridor where there will be two lines of droids standing across from each other. As you enter the room, the droids will activate and start firing at you. When they activate, they’ll group up and make this the perfect opportunity to throw a thermal detonator and hit five enemies.

trophy guide “I really hate those Scavs”

Fend off a scavenger droid

The scavenger droids are found during the RAS Prosecutor and Kashyyyk missions. They are small droids flying around that will attack you. If you get close to one, melee range, it will attach itself to you and continue damaging you. Once it attaches, keep pressing R2 to get it off. Once it’s off, the Trophy will pop.

trophy guide Was it red-red-green or red-green-red

Blow 10 demolition charges

This is a Trophy that will pop as you play through the game. There will be objectives that will require you to use demolition charges. These are part of the story, so this is unmissable. They can also be used to set traps on exploding barrels. It doesn’t matter if you or a squad mate plants them.

trophy guide “Hold onto your guts while I rip out theirs”

Request a revive

When you go down, a few prompts will come up on your screen. In order to pop this Trophy, you’re going to need to select, “Recall and Revive.” You’ll likely see this a lot when playing on hard.

trophy guide Cadet

Beat the game on Easy

See the Trophy, Marshal Commander for more details.

trophy guide Lieutenant

Beat the game on Medium

See the Trophy, Marshal Commander for more details.

trophy guide Take offensive formation

Get a kill while piloting a Walker

This is earned toward the end of the Saving The Ship mission on RAS Prosecutor. You’ll be tasked with sealing off three hangar bays with shields. In the third hangar, go to the far side back corner and interact with the console to raise the elevator. There is plenty of cover back here to hide behind while waiting for the elevator to arrive. Once it does, the Walker will be on it. Go under the Walker and interact with the ladder to be placed in the turret seat. Just start firing and you’ll rack up the kills including this Trophy.

trophy guide Marshal Commander

Beat the game on Hard

Before starting the game, go to Options > Game Options and then switch the difficulty to hard. The difficulty Trophies stack and hard is unlocked from the very beginning. The game as a whole is not that difficult on hard, but the difficulty will really spike at the very ends of the chapters.

  • In order to get through on Hard, you’re going to want to get really comfortable with the controls. This game is from 2005, so there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to playing this.
  • Take it slow in the missions when you can. Stay behind cover, make your shots count and clear all the enemies out before advancing if possible.
  • Some areas of the game will require you to move forward in order to stop enemies from spawning. You’re going to really have to make use of your squad. They won’t carry you through the game, but they aren’t useless NPCs either. Even if they’re just used to take the enemy fire off of you. They can be helpful.
  • Use your squad. Commanding your squad to take up positions or plant detonators is helpful. It was easier for me to cover them interacting with an objective than it was for them covering me.
  • Make use of the quick saving feature by pressing the Touch Pad. This is a good way to pretty much create checkpoints for yourself. Press the TP and the game will save. Try not to use this during combat. It is possible to get yourself stuck in a die, load game, immediately again loop. So, just be smart with it. I used it mostly after each battle when I was certain no more enemies were around and my squad was healed up.
  • Use a healing station every time you come across one. Your health and your squad’s health will go quickly. Always command them to heal up when you can. The health stations are pretty common, but there are some stretches without them. Be sure to remember where they are in case you have to back track to one.

trophy guide Delta squad forming up

Issue all squad commands at least once

There are four different commands to issue and they can all be issued one after the other. Each command is assigned to the D-Pad.

While holding X, press the buttons below to issue commands:

  • Left – Search and Destroy
  • Down – Cancel Maneuver
  • Right – Form Up
  • Up – Secure Area

trophy guide Turret-ial Assault

Eliminate 10 enemies with a gunship turret

This is earned on Geonosis during the mission Advance to the Core Ship. Shortly after the beginning of this mission, you’ll come to a crashed gunship. There is a turret attached to this ship that you can jump in. Get in and start killing enemies. The Trophy will pop when you’ve killed 10.

trophy guide We got a nest here

Destroy all eggs before they hatch

This is earned near the beginning of the mission Infiltrate The Droid Facility. After sniping the enemies on the bridge, you’ll head down a couple tunnels into a room full of eggs. Be sure to make a quick save before entering the room just in case you mess up. Once in the egg room, you’re going to want to move slowly and inch your way through. Shoot the eggs and be sure they’re destroyed before moving on. If you get too close, they’ll hatch. There are a few more after this main room in the next area where the shield objective is. They are further down in the area behind some cover just below the objective.

trophy guide “Sir, please make up your mind”

Issue and cancel a command too quickly

This Trophy can be earned when the game introduces you to the command mechanic near the beginning. Aim at the highlighted objective and press X to issue the command. As soon as you do that, immediately press X again on the same highlighted objective to cancel it out.

trophy guide “Times have changed”

Find the hidden lightsaber (in Rescue the Squad)

This is earned during the mission Rescue the Squad on RAS Prosecutor. You will eventually be tasked with finding a way around the Trandoshan barricades. There will be a debris pile in a hallway that you can plant a charge on. Just to the right of that will be an open vent. Crouch and walk into the vent. The lightsaber will be to your right in this vent and an enemy will be to your left. All you have to do is walk up to the lightsaber and the Trophy will pop.

republic commando Friendliest fire

Blow yourself up

This can be done in the very first mission of the game. There are a couple different ways to get this done. You can stand on your own grenade or stand in front of an explosive barrel and shoot it.

republic commando Consistently explosive

Blow 10 explosive barrels

This can be earned during the first mission. There will be plenty of orange barrels laying around the map for you to destroy. All you have to do shoot them.

consistently explosive

republic commando Never saw it coming

Snipe down the ship on Geonosis

This is an unmissable story related Trophy. Shortly after meeting with your 3rd squad mate, a target will try to escape. You’ll eventually follow him to an area where he will attempt to fly away on a ship. You’ll have to command 07 to take up a sniping position. He will then shoot down the ship.

republic commando trophy guide Shoot the big red spot

Defeat the dwarf spider droid

This is an unmissable story related Trophy. This will take place on Geonosis. Aim for the red spot between the front legs right in the bottom center area of the spider droid.

republic commando trophy guide Guerilla warfare

Drop a droid dispenser on 4 enemies

This is earned during the mission Infiltration of the Core Ship on Geonosis. The chance to earn this will be right as you rejoin with Sev. Three droids will roll by and Sev will destroy one of them. First, clear out this hallway and then switch to the sniper attachment. At the very end of the hall, a group of droids will stop and start firing. Aim for the very top of the droid dispenser and shoot it. It may take a shot or two, and then should fall down and destroy most of the enemies below.

If you don’t get it here, there is another chance around the corner when you meet up with the other two from your squad. A group of droids will charge you and they will be running underneath more droid dispensers.

republic commando Watch your head

Knock a droids head off with your melee attack

Run up to a droid and aim high at the head. Simply melee the droid’s head and it will be knocked off. It only takes one hit. You’ll likely unlock this as you work toward 100 melee kills for the Close and Personal Trophy

republic commando That model is a death trap

Find the speeder bike

This is earned on the RAS Prosecutor during the mission Save the Ship in Hangar C. In the back corner of Hangar C is a speeder bike tucked away. All you have to do is walk up to it to pop the Trophy. It’s not required for the Trophy, but you can interact with the console next to it activate it and watch it crash.

republic commando trophy guide “Can you die later, sir? It just isn’t a good time now.”

Go down 10 times in one mission

This is something you can knock out during the first mission. Drop a grenade and stand over it. Repeat this until you’ve hit 10. You can also stand in front of the explosive barrels, shoot them and go down that way.


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