Death’s Door Trophy & Achievement Guide

Welcome to the Achievement guide for Death’s Door! There are only 24 (not including the Platinum) Trophies/Achievements to earn, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be quick to complete. This will take some time as you are required to complete everything in the game. There is free roam after beating the game, including the true ending.

There are some missables here. The boss battle related Achievements can be missed. You only fight the bosses once, so be sure to knock out both “Hot Pot” and “A Meal For A King.” There are some story events that will alter the Hall of Doors, so be sure to get “No Threat Detected” as soon as you can as well.

Everything else can be cleaned up after beating the game if need be. It is also possible to get everything done in one playthrough if you like.

As soon as you start the game, you’ll need to go up some stairs in the Hall of Doors and pick up the umbrella and equip it immediately. Do not unequip the umbrella until “Academy of Umbrellas” has popped upon beating the game. It’s not very strong, so that’s going to add an extra layer of difficulty to the game.

 The Shiniest Thing

Obtain all trophies and reap the ultimate reward

Unmetal platinum trophy

crow gamer achievement Crow Gamer

Beat the game

Unmissable story related Achievement.

academy of umbrellas achievement Academy of Umbrellas

Beat the game only ever using an umbrella as your melee weapon


When you start the game, you will have the Reaper’s Sword equipped. The umbrella can be found immediately after speaking with Chandler the Handler in the beginning of the game.

After speaking with Chandler, head to the left of the Hall of Doors office area and go up the staircase. At the top of the stairs, your first door will be straight ahead of you and there will be another stair way to your left. Take the stairs to the left and follow the path up to another staircase and the umbrella will be leaning up against a light pole.

Take the umbrella and equip it. All you have to do now is only use this as your melee weapon for the rest of the game. Don’t use anything else for melee. You can use your magic and ranged attacks, just no other melee weapons.

It’s a pretty weak weapon, so this is going to make things pretty difficult in certain areas. Because this weapon is so weak, you’re going to want to really use your other abilities to help get you through the game.

As soon as you defeat the Lord of Doors, this will pop. You can then switch it out for something else as you clean up the rest of your Achievements post game.

dgg umbrella path 1

umbrella path 2

meal for a king achievement Meal for a King

Feed the Frog King an explosive treat


This will be obtainable during the second phase of the boss fight against the Frog King. After you’ve destroyed his armor, he’ll shoot projectiles at you that destroy the floor tiles. After that, he’ll hop onto the arena giving you a chance to attack him. Then, he will jump off of the arena and into the water where he will then tilt the arena up in the air.

When the arena is tilted up, he will open his mouth and try to suck you in. To earn this, all you have to do is use your bomb spell to throw an explosive in his open mouth. There will be multiple attempts at this as he will just repeat the same pattern during the rest of the fight.

hot pot achievement Hot Pot

Set Grandma’s pot on fire


This is earned during the fight against Grandma. After she takes enough damage, she will eventually shove herself into her pot. She will then start hoping around in her pot chasing you. Avoid her until she stops. Then, she’ll fall over and start spinning in a circle shooting projectiles at you in a radius that will cover the entire arena.

What you need to do for this is shoot her with your fire attack while she is tipped over. Charge your attack as soon as she stops chasing you and hold it until the lid of the pot is facing toward you. Shoot your attack at the lid of the pot to set her on fire. This will also interrupt her attack stopping it completely.

cremation achievement Cremation

Upgrade the fire ability

The fire ability can be upgraded in the Estate of the Urn Witch.

Starting from the The Hall of Doors doorway in the Estate of the Urn Witch, head down the stairs and continue to until you reach a sign for the Witch’s mansion. Take a right under the arch. Continue going right all the way until you reach two small stairways. Go up the stairs and enter the mansion. Once inside, go right and enter the bird cage elevator. Exit the elevator room and go down to the only other exit in the following room. Now, use the flame attack on the cobweb covered doorway. Enter it and then enter the mini boss doorway. Beat the mini boss to unlock the upgrade.

demo crow achievement Demo Crow

Upgrade the bomb ability

The bomb ability can be upgraded in the Lost Cemetery.

Starting from the The Hall of Doors doorway in the Lost Cemetery, head right up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, head down and follow the path past the sign for the Summit. Go up the stairs on the right just past the Summit sign and continue going until you see the next sign for the Overgrown Ruins. Just after that sign will be a bridge. Go on the bridge and run off the side to the area below. You should then see a doorway that can be blown up with the bomb ability. Blow it up and enter. There will be another door inside that you have to enter which will then bring you to a mini boss fight. Defeat the mini boss to acquire the upgrade.

bomb upgrade location

crouching tiger hidden crow achievement  Crouching Tiger Hidden Crow

Upgrade the hookshot ability

The hookshot ability can be upgraded in the Stranded Sailor.

Starting from the The Hall of Doors doorway in the Stranded Sailor, go down toward the water and then right up the long staircase. At the top, enter the cave and then use the hookshot to reach the small island with the lever. Pull the lever and then hookshot back across and enter the now opened gate. Face the mini boss and beat him to upgrade the hookshot.

hawk eye achievement Hawk Eye

Upgrade the arrow ability

The arrow ability can be upgraded in the Lost Cemetery and you will need to have unlocked all three of the other abilities in order to reach the upgrade.

Starting from the The Hall of Doors doorway in the Lost Cemetery, enter the doorway directly to the left. Use the fire ability on the cobwebs blocking the next door. Drop down into the next room and make your way over to the ladder on the other side of the room. There will be a lot of spiders in here to deal with. Climb the ladder and walk out on the wooden bridge. Use the fire ability to shoot the brazier. Get down and enter the newly opened door.

In the next room, climb the ladder and use the fire ability to light another brazier across the room. Go through the opened doorway to face a few waves of enemies. When they’re dead, go up the stairs and light the brazier with the fire ability. climb the ladder and exit the room.

Follow the path shortly to another doorway. In this next room, you will have to light both fires to open the gate. You’ll have to be quick as they can go out. With that done, enter the mini boss battle and defeat him.

banging tune achievement Banging Tune

Listen to Barb’s magnum opus

You’ll meet Barb later on in story. She will accompany you to Castle Lockstone and to the Camp of Free Crows. After you defeat Betty, head to The Stranded Sailor and speak to her. Choose “Yes” when he asks if you want to hear her song. This will pop as soon as she is done.

clever too much achievement Clever Too Much

Gain a devoted fan

This is earned over two areas.

First, you will need to have beaten the Mushroom Dungeon and have the bomb spell unlocked. Once you have that unlocked, travel back to the Mushroom Dungeon. When there, head north to find a creature sitting down behind a breakable wall. use your newly acquired bomb spell to blow up the wall and speak to him.

The final part of this Achievement will take place in The Stranded Sailor.

Grunk will be sitting right next to the The Hall of Doors doorway in The Stranded Sailor. All you have to do is talk to him again and this will pop during the conversation.

specialist achievement Specialist

Max out any of the 4 stats

The 4 stats are:

    • Strength
    • Dexterity
    • Haste
    • Magic

There are 5 upgrades for each stat, You have to purchase all 5 for a single stat to earn this. They will get progressively more expensive with each purchase. The upgrades are bought from the big crow in the center of the office like area of The Hall of Doors.

The upgrades are purchased with souls. You’ll receive souls for defeating enemies and they can be found as pink orbs throughout the various areas as well. You’re going to need to buy 12 of these stats for another Trophy/Achievement anyway, so buying 5 of the same stat will knock this out and get you almost half way to “Big Spender.”

    • 1 – 400
    • 2 – 600
    • 3 – 800
    • 4 – 1000
    • 5 – 1500

big spender achievement Big Spender

Purchase 12 stat upgrades

See “Specialist” above for more details.

ooh shiny achievement Ooh Shiny!

Collect all shiny things

There are 24 shiny things to be collected across the various levels. You wont be able to collect them all until you have acquired all of the magic abilities. You will also have to beat the game before they can all be collected as well.

The items listed below are listed in the order of the inventory menu.

  1. Old Engagement Ring – Ceramic Mansion up in the rafters area. Cross some narrow boards to reach it.
  2. Old Compass – Lost Cemetery in the doorway next to the Hall of Doors door. Cave with the spiders that hatch. You will need the fire ability to reach it.
  3. Incense – Lost Cemetery on the roof of the grave digger’s mausoleum. A casket can be used as a ramp up.
  4. Undying Blossom – Lost Cemetery to the southeast of the Hall of Doors doorway. This is in a small round building with a blue roof. Get close to it and the camera will change revealing the door.
  5. Old Photograph – Ceramic Manor light a brazier in a hall way on fire to open a secret door. You will need the fire ability to reach it. This has the solution to the secret garden puzzle.
  6. Sludge-Filled Urn – Estate of the Urn Witch in the southwest part of the area are some hookshot points. Use the hookshot to connect to each one following their path. You will also need to drop down into the tunnels along this path. It’s a bit of a long path.
  7. Token of Death – This is in the cave that connects the Lost Cemetery to the Stranded Sailor. You will need to the hook shot to reach it.
  8. Rusty Garden Trowel – This is found in Pothead’s secret garden in the Estate of the Urn Witch. Use the Old Photograph to see what pots you’re supposed to break in order to open the door. Or, see “Plot Head” below.
  9. Captain’s Log – This is found in the Stranded Sailor in a cave that can be accessed right next to the long stone staircase in the same area as the Hall of Doors doorway.
  10. Giant Arrowhead – This is found after defeating the Frog King. Go up the ladder in the back of his area.
  11. Malformed Seed – This is found in the Overgrown Ruins on platform that requires the hookshot to reach.
  12. Corrupted Antler – This is found in the Mushroom Dungeon. You will need a green key. Which is acquired by lighting 3 fires right next to where the key is locked up. You will also need the bomb ability to blow open a doorway leading to the antler.
  13. Magical Forest Horn – This is found in the northwest section of the Overgrown Ruins near the camp. This is actually needed to complete a quest.
  14. Ancient Crown – This is found in Castle Lockstone by dropping into a tunnel in the north courtyard.
  15. Grunk’s Old Mask – There are 2 steps to this collectible. First, you will need to have unlocked the bomb ability. Go to the Mushroom Dungeon and blow up the wall that Grunk is sitting behind near the Hall of Doors doorway. Speak to him here and then go to the Stranded Sailor. Grunk will be standing right next to the Hall of Doors doorway and his mask will be laying on the ground next to him. Speak to him again to unlock “Clever Too Much.”
  16. Ancient Door Scale Model – This is found in the Hall of Doors to the southwest after you have the fire ability. Light 2 braziers on fire to reach this.
  17. Modern Door Scale Model – This is found in the Hall of Doors and you will need the hookshot to reach it. From the center area you should see some light poles on floating islands. You can use those to hookshot to. Keep following the light poles and you’ll eventually reach this collectible.
  18. Rusty Belltower Key – This is dropped by the final boss in the center of the Hall of Doors where you fought him. You can pick up after you regain control of your character after the final boss.
  19. Surveillance Device – This is found in the Hall of Doors. You will need the bomb ability to destroy the wall it is behind.
  20. Shiny Medallion – This is found in the Camp of the Free Crows. You’ll need to blow open a wall next to the bird cage elevator. Aim for the keyhole on the wall.
  21. Ink-Covered Teddy Bear – This is found in the Stranded Sailor to the southeast. You will need the hookshot to reach the the docks where this is found.
  22. Death’s Contract – This is found in Castle Lockstone after lighting the brazier to the east. You’ll fall through a trap door and land in an area where you should see some fallen doors in the top corner. Go behind those fallen doors.
  23. Makeshift Soul Key – This is found in the Grove of Spirits and you will need to have the hookshot. In the southeast corner of the map is a hookshot point that you can reach from a ledge. Hookshot over to reach this.
  24. Mysterious Locket – Take the door to Betty’s arena and exit south at night. Destroy the crystals immediately outside and go around the building to turn the camera. Head up the stairs and stand on the moon shaped platform to unlock the door. Once you have the Locket, you can then go challenge the grave digger in Lost Cemetery to a fight for a tablet that is needed for the true ending.

weapon master achievement Weapon Master

Collect all weapons

There are 5 different weapons and you start with one of them, so there are only 4 to find. I don’t know if the magic abilities count toward this, but those are acquired by advancing through the story. They can’t be missed.

1. Reaper’s Sword – Default starting weapon

2. Discarded Umbrella – Found in The Hall of Doors

    • This can be picked up at the very beginning of the game. When you enter The Hall of Doors, go up a few staircases to the west to find this propped up against a light pole.

3. Rogue Daggers – Estate of the Urn Witch

    • Starting from the The Hall of Doors doorway in the Estate of the Urn Witch, head straight up and turn right just after you come across a purple vase, green vase and purple vase in a line. Beat the mini boss and drop down from the right side where the gate just opened. Go through the walkway under the arches and take the ladder up to the right just after the bridge. After the ladder, just follow the path and it will wrap around leading you to the Daggers.

4. Thunder Hammer – Mushroom Dungeon

    • Starting from the The Hall of Doors doorway in the Mushroom Dungeon, go through the small square opening across the hallway next to 2 mushrooms. Drop down the ladder in the next room and exit. In this next large outdoor area, you’re going to want to go all the way across to the tall ladder in the corner. Climb the ladder and exit the next room to find yourself outside again.

Climb the ladder next to the tree and 2 mushrooms. Continue through the arch ways and past the big tree to find another ladder. Go past the fountain, use the lever and then drop down the ladder. Enter the door that is near the ladder you just dropped down. Enter the next small room and continue on until you see a group of boxes. Break those boxes and drop down the hole behind them.

5. Reaper’s Great Sword – Stranded Sailor

    • There is a little more to this one than just picking it up. You will first have to hit 4 switches found through out the Stranded Sailor before the gate that this is behind will unlock.
      • Switch 1 – The first switch can be found behind a wall that you can blow up by using the explosive ability. It is found under the stairs behind Jefferson’s boat.

      • Switch 2 – From switch 1, takes the stairs that you are under up. Go all the way up multiple staircases until you see a wooden stairway behind crystals. Go up those stairs and use the bomb ability on the wall opposite of the big stone head.

      • Switch 3 – From Switch 2, go back down the wooden stair way, head left across a wooden bridge. The next switch room is right against that first wall after exiting the bridge.

      • Switch 4 – From Switch 3, go back across the wooden stair case and then go up the stone stairway to the right of the burning stove. Clear out the crystals and go behind the building. Don’t Drop down. Use the bomb ability on the backside of this wall.

      • Reaper’s Great Sword – From the Hall of Doors doorway, go across the wooden bridge just above the door and then take the bridge on the left where you can use the hookshot to get across. Go up the wooden stairs and hookshot across to the platform to find a locked gate and the Great Sword. If you have hit all 4 switches, you’ll be able to unlock the gate and grab the weapon.

zen achievement Zen

Find all shrines

There are 16 shrines to find through out the various areas. When you find one, you’ll be able to pray at them. This will give you a stone that will increase your health or magic when you get 4.

  • The Lost Cemetery – 3
  • Estate of the Urn Witch – 2
  • Ceramic Manor – 1
  • Inner Furnace – 1
  • Overgrown Ruins – 3
  • Mushroom Dungeon – 1
  • Flooded Fortress – 1
  • Old Watch Towers – 1
  • Stranded Sailor -2
  • Castle Lockstone – 1

a stroll with jefferson achievement A Stroll with Jefferson

Take a midnight stroll with Jefferson

This cannot be completed until after you have beaten the game.

After beating the Lord of Doors, you’ll be able to pick up a key he dropped when you fought him in the Hall of Doors. Once you have that, go to the Lost Cemetery and head right up the steps, climb the next two ladders and go left through the graveyard. Climb the next ladder in the graveyard and the next one after it. Open the locked gate and climb up the tower and ring the bell.

With it now being night time, travel to the Stranded Sailor. Go down toward the dock and use the hookshot to reach the next platform where you will then have to fight a knight. Once he’s dealt with, the climb the ladder and pick up the teddy bear.

Bring the teddy bear to the boat where you tried Jefferson’s soup. Interact with the octopus and he will jump on your back unlocking this.

reap what you sow achievement Reap what you sow

All seeds collected and planted

There are 50 Life Seeds to collect and plant.

That sounds like a lot, but they are mostly all laid out on your path. You’ll see most of them as you’re making your way through the different levels. There are some that are hidden, but they are only hidden inside crates. Every time you come across a crate, smash it open to check for a seed. Other than that, the rest will be out and in the open. Just be thorough in each level and you shouldn’t have a problem finding them.

You should pick up the Rusty Garden Trowel from Pothead’s Secret Garden (Plot Head) as soon as you’re able. This will glow blue in your inventory at night if you are in an area that has seeds that still need to be picked up. So, if you’re down to only a few remaining and can’t find them, you can enter a level, check The Trowel and if it’s not glowing, you can leave and check the next level.

 While playing, you’ll also come across empty planting pots. If you have a seed, you can interact with the pot and plant the seed. These pots are not hidden. They are scattered pretty commonly throughout the levels. They are usually found near the combat sections of the levels.

If you’re down to only a few left and can’t find them, go to Pothead’s Secret Garden at night and speak to him. He will tell you what areas have empty pots.

conga line achievement Conga Line

Have a gang of 10+ forest spirits follow you

This can be earned in the very first section of the game in The Grove of Spirits. There will be a small section when you first enter that will have you opening a couple of gates.

Scattered around this area are small green forest spirits. They’re hard to miss. All you have to do is walk near them and they will start to follow you around. Get a group following you and then proceed to the first combat section. While you fight the boss, the spirits you had following will wait near the gate.

After defeating the boss, you’ll be circled by more spirits. These will follow you as well. Once they are, go back to the gate to get your previous group of spirits back and the Achievement will pop.

plot head achievement Plot Head

Access Pothead’s secret garden

This is earned in the Estate of the Urn Witch.

Starting from the The Hall of Doors doorway in the Estate of the Urn Witch, head up all the way until you see a path to the left blocked by by three purple vases. Break the vases and continue going until you see a chess board like puzzle. All you have to do is break the pots in the order pictured below. Once all 5 have been broken in order, the statue above the puzzle will open up revealing the entrance to the secret garden. Enter it and follow the the path all the way to the other side.

This Achievement didn’t pop for me until I picked up the collectible next to the tent.

If you’re having trouble by breaking multiple pots, use your arrow ability to break them. If you mess up, the pots will reset.

lord of chores achievement Lord of Chores

100% Complete the game

For this, you’re going to have to do just about everything in the game. The only thing that doesn’t seem to move the percentage are the melee weapon upgrades. Not everything will be able to be completed until after you beat the game.

While in the Hall of Doors, you should notice that the doors to the levels are glowing. If they are glowing, that means that the level is incomplete toward the 100%. If a door is not glowing, that means that level is fully completed. You can check your percentage by looking at your save file in game.

You’re going to need to do the following:

  • Find all 50 seeds and plant them.
  • Pray at all 16 shrines.
  • Collect all 24 shiny things.
  • Upgrade all magic abilities.
  • Collect all 5 melee weapons.
  • Defeat the Grave Digger after collecting all shiny things.
  • Find all 3 owls. This is needed for “A True Ending.”
  • Collect all 7 tablets after beating the game. This is needed for “A True Ending.”

squid soup achievement Squid Soup

Accept Jefferson’s Soup

This is earned in The Stranded Sailor.

When you reach The Stranded Sailor, you’ll notice a big ship to the right of the The Hall of Doors doorway. Enter the shop and speak to Jefferson. He’ll offer you soup and all you have to do is choose “Yes.” He’ll give you hints on where to find more shrines while you eat. When he’s done and you’re done eating, the Achievement will pop.

no threat detected achievement No Threat Detected

Get a forest spirit through security


After progressing through the story a bit, you’ll notice that a forest spirit will be sitting on a bench next to Vaga in The Hall of Doors. Go up to the green spirit and let it follow you. Now, go all the way down to where you first entered this area at the beginning of the game through a scanner. All you have to do is run through the scanner with the spirit following you.

in caw hoots achievement In Caw-Hoots

Meet with 3 owls

See “A True Ending” below for more details.

a true ending achievement A True Ending


This won’t be obtainable until after you’ve beaten the game. In order to unlock the true ending, you will have to collect 7 tablets. This is basically just getting the game completed to 100%. You will need to collect 7 tablets in order to progress through to the true ending.

This begins at the Hall of Doors after defeating the final boss. Go to where you fought him in the Hall of Doors and pick up the key that he dropped. Then, go to the Lost Cemetery bell tower and hit the bell to turn the game to night time. It must stay night time for all of the below objectives.

    • At night in the Lost Cemetery, you’ll notice spirits floating around. They won’t attack you, but they’ll instead follow you. You need to get these to follow you to statues of the Lord of Doors. These statues are pretty close to where the spirits are found. The statues will have key holes in the their heads that will glow when a spirit follows you to them. There are 7 of these in the Lost Cemetery and when they are all done, a door will open revealing a tablet.
    • The next tablet will actually be in 3 pieces. You’ll need to meet with the three owls and interact with them. They will each give you a piece. They can be found in the following locations.
      • Estate of the Urn Witch
      • Overgrown Ruins
      • The Old Watch Towers
    • In the Overgrown Ruins, a treasure chest will give you a tablet for beating a combat section. From the Hall of Doors doorway, head south past the gondola area. Interact with the chest and beat the enemies.
    • Light all 6 braziers in The Old Watch Towers to unlock a door with a tablet.
    • Enter the door in Pothead’s secret garden by collecting and planting all 50 seeds.
    • Take the Teddy collectible to Jefferson in the Stranded Sailor and he’ll jump on your back. Carry him to the Flooded Fortress. You’ll notice some platforms with a moon on them. Follow these all the way to the end for another tablet.
    • After collecting the Mysterious Locket, fight the grave digger in the Lost Cemetery.
    • With all that done, go to the Camp of the Free Crows and enter the now open door way. This is the same area where all the other crows are hanging out.


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