Watch Dogs: Bloodline Trophy & Achievement Guide

bloodline guide

Welcome to the Trophy and Achievement guide for Bloodline. The first piece of downloadable content for Watch Dogs: Legion. There are nine new Trophies and Achievements to earn and they are all easy to unlock.

Eight out of the nine new Trophies/Achievements are earned by simply completing all of the story and side missions. So, there are no missable Trophies/Achievements and they can be done in any order you’d like. The upgrades required for “Fully Kitted 2.0” are actually rewards for completing missions.

The only thing that you will need to keep an eye out for are the data collectibles. These are mostly found in combat areas during the various missions. So be sure to collect them whenever you see them in each mission. Again, these are not missable, but picking them up as you play each mission will cut down on collectible hunting time after everything else is finished.

Difficulty does not matter either. This DLC can be played on any difficulty level. The DLC can be started by selecting “Bloodline” at the start screen after booting the game up.

*GLITCH WARNING* It appears that “Packrat” is currently glitched.  The counter is not tracking properly. There have been reports of it popping at different totals or even not at all.

breaking ice trophy achievement Breaking The Ice

Complete “Acquisition Target”

This is an unmissable story related Trophy and Achievement.

switcheroo trophy achievement Switcheroo

Complete “Fox Hunt”

This is an unmissable story related Trophy and Achievement.

happy family trophy achievement One Big Happy Family

Complete “Face 2 Face”

This is an unmissable story related Trophy and Achievement.

fully kitted trophy achievement Fully Kitted 2.0

Unlock all Upgrades in the Bloodline expansion

All of the upgrades for this are tied to completing main missions and side missions for other characters. You’re going to have to complete all of the side missions for the Trophies and Achievements below, so this will come without having to go out of your way. You will need to complete a few main story missions before you’ll be introduced to the side characters making these available.

When playing as Aiden, you will be able to do missions for Connie, Freddie, Claire and Angel. These will be listed as Resistance Missions. The last character, Jordi, will be made available by playing through the story. His missions can only be done when playing as Wrench and they will be listed as “Fixer Contracts.”

The upgrade “Wrench’s Arsenal” will have three sub upgrades to unlock, but these work in the same way as the rest. Completing a mission for each will unlock them.


    • LTL Goblin
    • Disrupt Hack
    • AR Shroud


    • M-590
    • Turret Hacks
    • Negev


    • Gun Jam
    • Attract Hack
    • Dart Gun


    • Chase Drone Hacks
    • Riot Drone Hacks
    • AK-47


    • Wrench’s Arsenal
    • Robot Betray
    • CT Drone Hacks

packrat trophy achievement Packrat

Collect 50% of Data Drive files in the Bloodline expansion

Data Drive files are just intel collectibles found through out the map. Some will also be automatically given to you by progressing through the story. They will be easy to spot as they show up on your map as well. They will be marked on your mini map as a speaker icon or a text document icon. Whenever you see these, pick them up. You don’t have to read, watch or listen to them. Just getting them will count toward this.

You shouldn’t have to go too far out of your way for these as a lot of them can be found in the various combat areas that the main and side missions will take you to. Be sure to pick these up whenever you see them while doing a mission. This will cut down on time or even eliminate the need to search around the map picking them up after everything is completed.

This popped for me when I had 66.

vive la resistance trophy achievement Vive la Résistance

Complete all Connie Resistance Missions

The side missions will be introduced to you as you progress through the main story. All of the characters except for one will become available as soon as you gain access to Resistance missions. So, you can knock these all out immediately if you’d like. All you have to do is complete every mission for each character. Completing all of the following missions will also unlock the upgrades needed for “Fully Kitted 2.0.”

  • Connie has 4 missions.
  • Freddie has 3 missions.
  • Claire has 3 missions.
  • Angel has 4 missions.

community service trophy achievement Community Service

Complete all Angel Resistance Missions

See “Vive la Résistance” above for more details.

off the record trophy achievement Off The Record

Complete all Claire Resistance Missions

See “Vive la Résistance” above for more details.

supply and demand trophy achievement Supply And Demand

Complete all Freddie Resistance Missions

See “Vive la Résistance” above for more details.


4 thoughts on “Watch Dogs: Bloodline Trophy & Achievement Guide

  1. The Packrat trophy didn’t pop for me and I have more than 80 collectibles. Do I have to collect 50% of them with one character? Because I continuously swapped between Aiden and Wrench while collecting them and I don’t know if I involuntarily messed it up, Legion has sadly a history of tracking issues in the main game and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case again

    1. I don’t think character switching matters. I was using both characters and I picked some up using the drone when it popped for me. It’s looking like this may be glitched. Legion was patched the day after this DLC released. It’s possible that patch broke it. I earned this before that patch hit.

      1. Dang it, I thought about the patch as well, since it does seem to be glitched. Thanks for the reply! I’ll wait it out and see if Ubisoft will fix it soon, hopefully!

      2. No problem! It’s possible that it launched glitched but either way, something is not right. Hopefully a fix is coming soon

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