Monster Crown Trophy & Achievement Guide

Welcome to the Monster Crown Trophy and Achievement guide! Monster Crown is a monster catching and battling game akin to Pokémon.

This list is a very obtainable one. Everything here except for two Trophies/Achievements are tied to story points. Everything here can be earned in a single playthrough and nothing is missable.

There are difficulty options, but there are no difficulty related Trophies and Achievements. So you can play on whatever difficulty you’d like.

The two non story related Trophies/Achievements are “Monster Professor” and “Brilliant!.” These are both tied to random encounters with monsters in the wild. “Monster Professor” should come fairly quickly as that is more common, but “Brilliant!” will likely take a while. The latter is tied to finding a brilliant monster. If you’re familiar with Pokémon, think of brilliant monsters as shinnies. If you’re unfamiliar with what a shiny is, they are different colored monsters than their default color. These are very rare and will take a lot time hunting to track one down.

Aside from that, this is a pretty relaxing list to complete. Although the post game content can be a little tough, there is nothing here that is overly difficult.

Potential Glitches

During my playthrough, I had two Steam Achievements not pop. Despite this, I’m fairly certain I know where they’re supposed to pop, but it’s something to look out for. “Learned of Pain” and “That’s a wrap Chief!” did not pop.

 The Monster Crown

You’ve earned the final Monster Crown! All trophies achieved!

Unmetal platinum trophy

 Every adventure has a start

Start a new game

This is an unmissable story Trophy/Achievement.


Completed Dad’s request

This is an unmissable story Trophy/Achievement.

Your Dad will task you with making a pact with a Primigon. Get one and then return to your Dad.

Every adventurer needs a companion

Got your starter

This is an unmissable story Trophy/Achievement.

After completing the task for your dad, it’ll be time to answer a few questions about yourself. Answer the questions and then a delivery will show up and you will be given your choice of selecting your starter.

Stronger than a Wale

Took down the river boss Walerus, nice work!

This is an unmissable story Trophy/Achievement.

You’ll encounter Walerus blocking your path as you make your way north after leaving your home.

Walerus will be at level 9 and a Brute. So you can use Will to counter Brute.

 Hero of the People

Defeated the Mill Town Menace!

This is an unmissable story Trophy/Achievement.

When you reach Mill Town, explore it a bit and you’ll see a few cutscenes. Take the south exit of town and then go east passed the bridge. Then go north and speak to the prospectors at the cave entrance. After that, head back to town and speak with the prospector at the north end of town. During this conversation, you’ll be taken to Jasper and it’ll be time to battle him. Beat him to earn this Trophy/Achievement. His monsters will be at level six and seven.

 Shoo shoo, Sickly Newt

Sent the dew-covered thugs running

This is an unmissable story Trophy/Achievement.

After beating Jasper, you can head into Dew Cave. The two thugs will be on your path just before the exit of the cave. Win the battle to unlock this.

 One Wild Night!

Escaped Beth’s grasp with David and found a mysterious egg!

This is an unmissable story Trophy/Achievement.

After exiting the cave and learning about camps, you’ll head northeast to Crossroads Town. When you get there, follow the two thugs into the house and you’ll be forced into a battle that you will lose against Beth. After a few cutscenes, you will escape with David and will eventually be given the Dream Egg.

That’s a wrap Chief!

Won a hard-earned certification, much respect.

Speak to the man named Devon just past the northern exit of town. He will tell you that he is the Chief of town and that he is willing to battle you.

Before you battle him, save your game. If you lose, he gets to take one of your monsters. So if you lose, exit the game and reload your save. You can either try again or level up your monsters.

He will have a Staglus Lv. 10 Brute, Cobreo Lv. 11 and Arakiruby Lv. 9.

Brutal Brutus Defeat

Taught the synergy boss a lesson in battle dynamics

Take the Crossroads Town exit to the east and then head north to follow the path at the first turn. Follow the path north until you reach the Brutus blocking the path.

Travel back home and speak to your Mom to learn about Monster Synergy and then come back to the Brutus. Challenge it and beat it. You can recruit it or defeat it.

 Get the Shell outta here!

Sent captain Nautlus packing

This is earned in Humanism Kingdom when you return after being taken back home as part of the story.

Enter the Kingdom and speak with the female NPC on the west side of town. She’ll have the blue icon next to her letting you know she is Chief of town. She’ll tell you that there is a Nautlus that refuses to go away and it is bugging her. From where you speak to her, go straight up north and you’ll find the Nautlus sitting near the edge of the water. All you have to do is battle it and defeat it.

 Dad’s Hero

Clobbered a poser and brought papa back home.

You’ll be automatically taken back home when you reach Humanism Kingdom and you will learn that your Dad has gone missing. You will also be given the Canoe which will allow you to cross bodies of water at red docks.

Speak to the King at your farm and then head toward Mill Town. You’ll see a small red dock. Cross the river here and make your way to the Wayward Forest. Once inside, follow the NPC until it disappears. After that, make your way through the forest to the Northwest exit where you will find your Dad and a boss monster at level 27. Beat or recruit the boss to free your Dad.

Monster Mixer

Brought a brand new monster into the world!

After you rescue your Dad from the forest, you’ll gain access to breeding monsters. The breeder is found on your farm in the house to right side. This building was previously inaccessible before.

Speak to the woman inside and select two monsters to breed. You’ll end up with an egg and this will pop when the egg hatches.

 Vera-y nice try

Wrecked a Root Ripper

This is earned by beating the boss monster inside of The Undergrowth Cave when pushing the seed around.

To Impress a King

Showed your Monster Breeding true colors!

This is earned by showing the King in Empathy Kingdom a gen 4 bred monster.

You can do this by first breeding two monsters caught in the wild. This will create a gen 2 monster. Repeat that again to get another gen 2 monster.

Breed the two gen 2 monsters to get a gen 3 monster. Do that again to get a second gen 3 monster.

Breed the two gen 3 monsters and they’ll produce a gen 4 monster. I know this sounds like a whole thing, but the eggs hatch very quickly, so this shouldn’t take that long.

You can tell what gen a monster is by looking at the number in the crown next to its health bar. When you have a gen 4, put it in your party and speak to the King in Empathy Kingdom.

Dragon Tamer

Tamed the reckless dragon Gyn!

This quest can be completed up in Empathy Kingdom. Enter the first house on the left as you enter the city. Speak to the NPC named Vyrnia inside surrounded by three monsters. Answer “Dragons” to her question and she will use an Atomic Clock on the Enigma Egg that you acquired earlier in the game.

Nothing will hatch and you will need to go find another Atomic Clock. These can be found by picking up random Lost Tamer Packs. There is also one found in the cave to the north of Empathy Kingdom. Go get it and bring it back to Vyrnia.

She will use the second clock on the egg and Gyn will hatch. It’ll then take off to the cave north of Empathy Kingdom.

Gyn will be level 40, so make sure your monsters are ready and be stocked up on Pacts.


Became a true card collector

This is earned by speaking to an NPC in Empathy Kingdom. He can be found in the lower half of town on the east side standing just above a house.

Speak to him and he’ll tell you about card collecting and will then give you his old binder which will pop this.

Monster Transformation!

Transformed your first monster!

Transforming a monster is a little bit like an evolution, except the monsters in Monster Crown don’t evolve by leveling up. Instead, you will need to use items to transform them. Not all of them can transform and only certain items can be used on certain monsters.

Some of the transformations are permanent and others are used only during battles.

  • Atomic Clock
  • Apo’s Light
  • Anti-Fungal
  • Super Gro
  • Ferrorizer
  • Frostbite
  • Book of the Dead
  • Burning Sky
  • Subtractor Gem

 Frost Power

Located the power dwelling within the Frost Province

This questline can be started after you show a gen 4 monster to the King in Empathy Kingdom. Exit the kingdom and go southeast and enter the tower.

When you get to Frosbec, go into the building to the north and get a tour of it from the Mayor. After the tour, Mary will enter and ask you to help her son learn to skate. Go to the frozen lake in the center of town. After skating a few laps, Mark will leave to the north. Go meet him and follow him into the house.

There will be a tamer battle in the house. After the battle, exit the house and make your way east to a cave. Make your way through the cave and follow the path all the way around until you come to an exit. Take the exit the and there will be a short path outside that leads you back in. Go in and save your game.

Follow the path to Crydia. Battle and recruit it to pop this.

 Desert Power

Located the power dwelling within the Desperado Province

This questline can be started after you show a gen 4 monster to the King in Empathy Kingdom. Exit the kingdom and go southeast and enter the tower.

desert power monster crown trophy & achievement guide

Head to Nio Kio and go into the concert hall in the center of town. Go to the front row to trigger a cutscene. After the show, speak with Brent inside the concert hall. If you can’t find him, exit the hall and re enter. He should be near the entrance inside.

After another cutscene, your new friends will want to follow you to the power plant on the north side of town. Go to the power plant for more cutscenes and you will eventually end up in a different area of the plant.

You’ll be able ride on the purple items with the magnet like logo on them. They work just like the canoe mechanic from earlier. Ride across these and bring batteries back to open doors for your group to walk through.

You will eventually have to face two Vult bosses in here as well.

Save your game before placing the the last battery. You’ll be up against Zadia at level 35 in the final room. Make sure your party is healed and you have Pacts to recruit it. After you recruit it, this will pop and you can head on to the next city.

 Ancient Power

Located the power dwelling within the Flowering Province.

This questline can be started after you show a gen 4 monster to the King in Empathy Kingdom. Exit the kingdom and go southeast and enter the tower.

Travel to Appenton and then enter the Academy in the center of town. Go up the stairs to the second floor and speak to the two students are talking to each other near the staircase. During this cutscene, you’ll be shown a mural. You’re going to have to memorize the mural. Or you can just look below for an image.

Go back down the stairs and you’ll meet Anne. She’ll now follow you. Leave the Academy and go straight down near the statue in front of the Academy and she will tell you it’s a puzzle.

It’ll look a little confusing at first, but you only need to focus on the highlighted four corner pictures. Theses will have red lines in them. All you have to do is recreate the mural from the Academy in these four spots in the order they were pictured in on the mural.

After that, a staircase will open under the statue.

Down below you will need to stand on panels in order to open the doors in each room. You can command Anne to stand on them while you stand on the others. Use Thunder power if you completed “Desert Power” already to activate them by pressing cn_L2 > Thunder > cn_S or cn_LB > Thunder >cn_X.

On the fifth floor, there will be a tamer battle against Sage. After the battle, save your game and speak to Anne. You will both step on the panels and Amidia will give you an Ultimate Pact. For the Pokémon fans playing, this is the equivalent to the Master Ball. There is only one of them and it will recruit any Monster without fail. You don’t need to use this right now. These bosses are fairly easy to recruit.

After that, the battle against Amidia will start.

 One to go…

Located the first three powers and onto the final!

This is earned by completing the previous three Trophies and Achievements. It will unlock after you’ve completed “Desert Power,” “Frost Power” and “Ancient Power.”

 A Becoming Decision

Made a choice… for better or for worse…

The choice will be between siding with David or with the gangsters. This takes place in Hewston. You can reach Hewston by going east from Frobec and crossing through the Underwater Pass.

You’ll need to use the Thunder power to slam on more panels down here. Use the Frost power to get across the sections of the cave that open up holes. They look like black Xs on the ground.

When you exit the cave and enter the island, you’ll immediately be thrown into a cutscene where you will need to make your decision.

 The Eleventh Hour

All the pieces have moved into place…

Once you’re in Hewston, go to the big café. Once inside you’ll be approach by Staph who will tell you to come watch his Collider experiment. Go straight across to the east from the café to watch the experiment.

Save your game before entering.

Go inside and the experiment will lead to a battle against a monster from another place. After recruiting or defeating the monster, Beth will enter.

A very tough battle against Beth will then begin.

Learned of Pain

Learned of Aber’s pain.

This is unlocked during or after a cutscene when speaking to Aber later in the game.

 A Hard-fought End

Completed the story of Monster Crown!

Head to Charity Kingdom and go behind the behind the castle to find two gangsters guarding an entrance. Battle them and defeat them and they will leave.

Enter the castle and after a few cutscenes, it will be time to battle Beth again. This time her monster will be at level 60.

 The New Messiah

A new Messiah has been born!

This will unlock during a short cutscene during the credits after earning “A Hard-fought End.”


Reached an undiscovered world

The undiscovered world is accessed after you’ve beaten the story.

In order to reach it, you will need to go to Raptor Mountain. This is found to the northwest of Crossroads Town. From the center of town, exit to the west and follow the path until it turns north. Continue north until you see a set pf three stairs that go up a mountain.

hell monster crown trophy & achievement guide

Climb up to the top of the mountain and you will see several giant Raptors. Speak to the leader and it will ask you to find its lost daughter.

Fly to Appenton and enter the cave to the south.

monster crown trophy & achievement guide cave south

Make your way through the cave system and you will eventually come out and see the lost Raptor. Interact with it and you will be transported back to Raptor Mountain.

You can now speak to the Raptor leader and it will fly you around the map. When the map comes up, keep scrolling down and you should see a new map that you can travel to.

Select the new map and you’ll be taken there which will unlock this Trophy/Achievement.

 Greed No More

Destroyed the wicked soul Greed

This is something that is earned in the post game. You’re going to want to make sure your party is thoroughly trained and are at high levels before proceeding to these battles.

When you reach the “undiscovered world” via the Raptor, head all the way to the southwest corner. Here, you will find a castle.

Enter the castle and continue going up the stairs inside until you reach the very top. You’ll have to battle Greed here.

Greed is level 70 and is very tough.

greed no more monster crown trophy & achievement guide

Torture No More

Destroyed the wicked soul Torture

This is something that is earned in the post game. You’re going to want to make sure your party is thoroughly trained and are at high levels before proceeding to these battles.

When you reach the “undiscovered world” via the Raptor, head all the way to the south of the middle island. Here, you will find a castle.

Enter the castle and continue going up the stairs inside until you reach the very top. You’ll have to battle Torture here.

Torture is level 90.

torture no more monster crown trophy & achievement guide

Worship No More

Destroyed the wicked soul Worship

This is something that is earned in the post game. You’re going to want to make sure your party is thoroughly trained and are at high levels before proceeding to these battles.

When you reach the “undiscovered world” via the Raptor, head all the way to the southeast corner of the map. About half way down, you will need to surf across water to reach the other end of the map. You can use an Epheal found in Dew Cave to ride on and then surf across the water. Once you reach the southeast corner, you will find another castle.

Enter the castle and continue going up the stairs inside until you reach the very top. You’ll have to battle Worship here.

You will need to have beaten the first two bosses before you can take on Worship.

worship no more monster crown trophy & achievement guide

 Completely Completed

Reached the final end of Monster Crown

Defeat Greed, Torture and Worship post game.

 Monster Professor

Discovered a brand new monster, you tame it you name it!

Every so often you will encounter a hybrid monsters out in the wild. A message will pop up and say that is an undiscovered hybrid monster when you interact with them for battle. They will also have “???” for their names.

These will work the same way as other monsters in the wild. They will be roaming the area and you just need to walk close to them to initiate the battle.

All you have to do is catch one of these. You don’t have to actually name it in order for this to pop.


Located an exclusive one-in-a-grand Brilliant Monster!

This is earned for finding a brilliant monster. If you’re a Pokamon fan, you can liken this to finding a shiny monster. In Monster Crown, these are known as Brilliant or Rainbow monsters.


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  1. Thanks for writing! It’s really helpful, though I cannot find a way to reach the two gangsters located in Charity kindom behind the castle. There’re trees everywhere. Could you please to add a picture or describe the WAY where to stop them? how? I’m totally lost. saad

    1. When you get to Charity, go left and exit the town to Wetland Province and then head north next to the sign. Continue going north until you see a small staircase that’ll get you up on a ledge. Go up the stairs and head to the right. There are two orange plants. Go past those and then go down over the white colored plant. It looks like its blocking you, but it isn’t. You can reach the back end through here.

      1. Many thanks ;D, I appreciate your time and patient. Your response is so cheerful to me.
        Sadly the white flower is actually the place where blocks me, there’s a rock in front of it and no matter how hard I tried I cannot pass it.
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        Anyway it’s a great game. Most people in my region only knows about Monster Sanctuary instead of Monster Crown. Your review is the best and completed one so far I read. I’ll share it with my friends and hopefully they’ll give it a shot. \(^▽^)/ Thank You

      2. hmm okay. You may have a story part not completed just yet in that case. I do not know the shortcut key.

  2. Yessss! I ask other players who made it, they said I might replay the game frome the begining or report the bug to the devs. XDD Suffering I guess, play all the way through but unable to see the end of the story.

  3. Hooray\(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノI write an email to the devs last Friday, he reply me just now says “He will look into this and get back to me asap.”
    Thanks Dayngls (≧∇≦)ノ You’re the first one who help me on these bugs, couldn’t wait to share the latest news with you hoping you might want to know.
    Many face the same bug too on Steam community hub in the Discussion zone, SUB FORUMS “bug reports”. I consider there will be a better version of MC soon and problems will be tackled in days.

      1. Thanks a lot! Love your passion for this game. There’s not really much content out there. Keep it up!

  4. For the TCG trophy, i went to the specified location in Empathy Kingdom to speak with the Npc only he isn’t their. Can you do this at anytime or only after a certain point?

  5. Lol, it’s me XD I read & sent messages here on 2022 May 29, 2022 at 7:18 am.
    Many thanks for the guide! I couldn’t make it to the end without your help. (≧∇≦)ノ
    Last time after reporting the bug to devs, it has been fixed in update 1.05 & 1.054, Hooray!
    Recently I pick the game up to collect full trophy & achievements, still 7 left ahead o(╥﹏╥)o
    I’m writing here to let you know that there’ll be a free upcoming DLC for Monster Crown in next time update, including New fossil monsters, new areas, new abilities ;D
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    There’s a small gift I really want to give it to you btw.
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    The 2 Steam keys are as following:

      1. yay \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ Your guide helps many, thanks for giving 100% great work again. ;D

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