TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge Trophy & Achievement Guide

Welcome to the Trophy & Achievement guide for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge! The highly anticipated brawler remake is here and comes with 31 Trophies and 30 Achievements.

There is a pretty good mix of story related, miscellaneous and collectible Trophies.

  • 8/10 Estimated Difficulty Legit or 4/10 with Multiplayer Shortcuts
  • 15-25 Estimated Hours to completion depending on what methods you use.
  • 1 Playthrough at least but likely more depending on what methods you use.
  • 4 Multiplayer Only Trophies/Achievements
  • 0 Missable

In terms of a roadmap, you’re going to need at least one full playthrough. The game is not very long so this won’t take too much time. After that, you have a few options on how you can clean up the rest of the list. It really is up to you.

You can replay the story solo, join multiplayer sessions, use episode select or even use a second controller. There are a number of ways you can complete this list.

One Trophy/Achievement that you should save for last is “No need for Mutagen!“. This is one that is going to take the most amount of time as you will need to level up each of the seven characters to level 10. So, while you’re doing everything else on the list, you’ll be earning points for the characters you use which will help chip away at this a bit.


As previously mentioned above, there only 4 multiplayer required Trophies/Achievements, but everything can be earned in multiplayer.

There is a big discrepancy in time required and difficulty of this list. That is due to the multiplayer in this game. Multiplayer can be used as a shortcut for many of the Trophies and Achievements.

You can join games in progress during the final episode and still earn Trophies/Achievements tied to beating the full game, seeing all endings and even beating Shredder without taking damage.

In Game Tracker

There is an in game tracker that can be found on the main menu. This can be used to track your progress on certain Trophies/Achievements.

 Honorable Sensei

Unlock all the Trophies.

 Special Report

Stop the rogue Channel 6 broadcast in Story Mode.

This is a story related Trophy/Achievement that is earned for completing Episode 1.

 Piped Piper!

Trespass the royal grounds of NYC sewers and defeat the Rat King in Story Mode.

This is a story related Trophy/Achievement that is earned for completing Episode 5.


Put an end to Bebop and Rocksteady’s run in Story Mode.

This is a story related Trophy/Achievement that is earned for completing Episode 7.

 Empire Strikes Out

Retreat the Triceraton empire in Story Mode.

This is a story related Trophy/Achievement that is earned for completing Episode 11.

 Clean Up in Aisle 4

Stop Chrome Dome before he can rebuild the old Technodrome in Story Mode.

This is a story related Trophy/Achievement that is earned for completing Episode 14.

 Complete Season

Complete the Story Mode.

This is a story related Trophy/Achievement that is earned for completing Episode 16.

 Complete Cast!

See all of the different endings in Story Mode.

In order to see all of the different endings in Story Mode, you will need to finish Episode 16 with every character. There are seven different characters to play as so there are seven different endings to see.

You can speed this up by joining someone else’s game in progress as long as you have already beaten all 16 Episodes. You can load in to the final fight against Super Shredder and it will still count.

Go to Episode 16, press / and pick a game that is at 24%.

After the final fight, a short news broadcast will play and then there will be a very short scene involving the character you played as. These character specific scenes are what is needed to be viewed for this. Do not skip any of the cutscenes after Super Shredder until you have seen the character specific scene.

  • Leonardo
  • Donatello
  • Raphael
  • Michelangelo
  • Splinter
  • April O’Neil
  • Casey Jones

 Classic Couch Memories

Complete the Arcade Mode in Multiplayer.

See “Like the Old Days!” below for more details.

Like the Old Days!

Complete the Arcade Mode on the hardest difficulty.

Arcade Mode has the same 16 episodes as Story Mode, except a few gameplay differences. First, you will have a limited number of lives here. If you and your party run out, it’ll be game over and you’ll have to start over. You won’t be leveling up your character, there are no cameos to be found, and there are no save points.

If you start from the beginning, it’ll need to be done in a single sitting.

Fortunately, there is a quick workaround for this. All you have to do is finish the final episode and this will pop. You do not have to play through the entire story if you don’t want to.

Choose “Arcade” and then set the difficulty to “Gnarly.”

From the character select scree, press /  to find a lobby. Choose the one with the highest completion percentage and join the game. The higher the percentage, the closer they are to the end of the story.

Jump in to a game and finish Arcade Mode.

If you die and it says “Game Over” where your health bar was, don’t worry. As long as your party is still going, the Trophy/Achievement is still obtainable. Don’t quit the game. You will still get this Trophy/Achievement as long as you stay in the game spectating your party despite being dead. If your party finishes episode 16, you will still get this.

 Master of One Quarter

Complete the Arcade Mode without using a credit.

This can be done on any difficulty. It can be done solo or in multiplayer.

In Arcade Mode, you will have limited amount of lives. There is a little number next to your character’s picture on your health bar. These are your lives. If you die with 0 lives left, it is a game over and this Trophy/Achievement will be voided out forcing you start over.

If you die with lives remaining, you can still earn the Trophy/Achievement. You just cannot die while at 0. If you’re playing in multiplayer, a teammate reaching “Game Over” will cancel out this Trophy/Achievement as well. So, make sure everyone in your party survives to the end.

If you have 0 lives left and someone revives you during the 9 second timer, you’re still good. The Trophy/Achievement can still be earned.

Just like with other Trophies/Achievements, you don’t have to actually beat the entire story. This can still be earned by joining a game in progress.

From the character select screen, press / to find a lobby. The higher the percentage, the closer they are to the end of the story. Now, this can be tricky because if you join a game and someone already used a credit before you were there, this will be void from the second you join. Joining a lower percentage lobby or starting from scratch may be more beneficial as you will be able to keep track of any credits being used. If one is used, quit out.

 Most Fearsome Fighting Team!

Complete a Stage in any mode in multiplayer.

All you have to do for this is complete any episode while playing in multiplayer. Joining late will not void this Trophy/Achievement. You can join a player’s game at any point in the episode and this will still pop.

This can be earned via online or local multiplayer.


Perform 10 Team Attacks in multiplayer.

In order to pull off a team attack, you will need to be attacking the same enemy that someone else in your party is attacking at the same time. This is something that you will likely earn without going out of your way for it. Especially if you’re playing in a lobby with 4 – 6 other players. The combat will get hectic and grouped up. As long as you’re mashing attack in the group of enemies and players, you’ll be doing team attacks.

This will very likely pop as you work through beating Arcade on Gnarly.

 Kind Brother

Revive a teammate in multiplayer.

 While playing in multiplayer, go up to a downed teammate and hold /  to revive them. You’ll only have nine seconds to revive them, so be somewhat quick.

This can be done with a second controller if needed. Just let the second player go down and revive them.

Sharing is Caring!

Cheer up the same teammate 3 times in a single stage.

While playing in multiplayer, go up to a teammate and press /  to cheer them up. Repeat this three times. This can also be done with a second controller.

 Biggest Fan!

Find all cameos in Story Mode.

See “Multitasker” below for more details.


Complete all of the special requests in Story Mode.

All of the special requests are unlocked by finding all of the cameos. There will be a collectible tied to the cameo characters that you will need to find. Once you have all of the collectibles for a request, go to the corresponding character on the episode select map and interact with them to complete the request.

These are listed below in the order they are found.

  • Episode 1
    • Burne – Behind a door next to a sign with a big “6” on it. You’ll notice the door moving. Attack it to open it.
    • Classic Headline 1 – This can be found in a crate with a red foot on it just after rolling past the set of lights that fall from the ceiling. This is immediately after the “Weather 6” set.
  • Episode 2
    • Classic Headline 2 – This is found in a trash can directly to the right of the “TV Zone” store.
    • Irma – Behind a door on a green building in-between two moving black garbage bags that have foot soldiers in them. This is shortly after the previous Classic Headline.
    • Secret Diary 1 – This is found in a blue drop off mailbox to the left of a blue car with a foot soldier in it.
  • Episode 4
    • Secret Diary 2 – This is found in a trash can next to a bench just in front of two foot soldiers eating ice cream.
    • Atilla – Found inside the drop off mailbox behind the two purple foot soldiers eating ice cream.
    • Disgusting Bug 1 – This is found inside of a trash can in between two exhibits of monkeys.
    • Classic Headline 3 – This is found inside of a magazine stand to the right of a single monkey exhibit next to a poster of a green snake.
  • Episode 5
    • Secret Diary 3 – This is found inside of a magazine stand (there are two next to each other) next to a garbage can and vending machine to the right of an escalator.
    • Genghis – Found inside of a big circular sewer door at the top of screen with a big red wheel door handle. This will be in between two raised platforms in an area with green goo on the ground.
    • Disgusting Bug 2 – This is found inside of a crate with a red foot logo on it. You’ll be ambushed by a pink foot soldier that appears from a hole in the wall next to the crate.
  • Episode 6
    • Secret Diary 4 – This is found in a square trash can immediately after knocking over the small brick wall to enter a food court area.
    • VHS Tape 1 – This is found in a square trashcan that is in between two potted plants near the Punk Frogs cutout.
    • Napoleon  – Napoleon is found behind a Punk Frogs cutout display right next to a sign that says “50% Off Sale” immediately after the previous collectible.
    • Vernon – Vernon is found in a popcorn machine at the entrance to the arcade section. You’ll see a disco ball and two pink foot soldiers playing arcade games.
    • Disgusting Bug 3 – This is found in a popcorn machine just like Vernon to the right of a desk with a computer on it in the arcade area. There is also another disco ball nearby.
  • Episode 7
    • Secret Diary 5 – This is found inside of a small red toolbox to the left of a wooden bridge.
    • VHS Tape 2 – This is found inside of small red toolbox just like the previous Diary. This one is in the construction area to the left of a green cement mixer.
    • Disgusting Bug 4 – This is found inside of another small red toolbox in the construction area. This will be next to a bigger red toolbox that has a pizza in it. You’ll see Bebop just to the right as well.
  • Episode 9
    • Rasputin – Rasputin is found inside of a hot dog stand cart.
    • Disgusting Bug 5 – This is found inside of a garbage can to the right of a magazine stand in the carnival area.
  • Episode 10
    • Disgusting Bug 6 – This is found inside of garbage can below a loading dock to the left of a truck.
    • VHS Tape 3 – This is found in a crate with a red foot logo on it. This crate is behind a TV in a group of other boxes and crates. There is a big pink foot logo on the ground in this same area.
  • Episode 11
    • VHS Tape 4 – This is found in a magazine stand above a pink foot logo painted on the ground. There will be two waves of enemies that run across the screen here, so be ready to jump.
    • Disgusting Bug 7 – This is found in a crate with a red foot logo on it next to a bunch of museum items. There is a dinosaur skeleton, coffin and big crystal surrounding this crate.
    • Crystal Shard 1 – This is found in a crate with a red foot logo on it on the right side of the screen as you start to head down. You’ll be ambushed by two sword wielding blue foot soldiers here.
    • Dask – Dask is found in a crate with a red foot logo on it next to a small cardboard box. This crate is right below some red tents after getting ambushed by enemies from behind paintings.
  • Episode 12
    • Disgusting Bug 8 – This is found in a crate with a red foot logo on it in the area where the turrets pop up from the ground and freeze you.
  • Episode 13
    • VHS Tape 5 – This is found in a crate with a red foot logo on it right behind one of the turrets that drops down from the top of the screen.
    • Kala – Kala is found in a big silver container. It kind of resembles a bullet shape. There is another container right next to this one and a drill standing upright to the left of Kala’s container. There is also an orange + sign painted on the ground in front of it. Attack it like you did a normal door for previous cameos.
    • Crystal Shard 2 – This is found in a crate with a red foot logo on it after jumping over the gap in the ground to continue the episode.
  • Episode 14
    • Zak – Zak is found in a plant at the top of the screen on top of a small rock ledge. You’ll be ambushed by two purple foot soldiers from the right. There also two turrets that will pop up from the ground when you get close to them.
  • Episode 15
    • Crystal Shard 3 – This is found in a crate with a red foot logo on it at the bottom of a big group with two other crates and a lot of explosive fire barrels.

 Beware Lawbreakers!

Play as Casey Jones.

Casey Jones is unlocked by beating the story once with any character on any difficulty. After that, select him as your character and load up any episode. As soon as the gameplay starts, this will pop.

 Breaking Out!

Destroy 200 breakable objects.

Every episode has breakable objects in almost every combat encounter. These can be plants, vending machines, boxes, crates, TVs, cameras, trashcans and explosive barrels. They’re usually found along the top and bottom edges of the screen. All you have to do is attack them to destroy them. You will likely destroy a lot of objects without going for them while in combat.

Make sure to destroy anything you can while moving from one section of an episode to the next so you can chip away at this. There are more than enough breakable objects to be found to get this done in a single playthrough. Although it is cumulative, so don’t worry if you don’t have it done after a full playthrough.


Defeat the Rat King while using Splinter.

The Rat King is the final boss of Episode 5. Select Episode 5 and choose Splinter as your character. Complete the episode and beat Rat King to earn this. This can be done solo or in multiplayer and it can be done on any difficulty.

 Button Masher

Win the mini-game in Coney Island.

This is earned during Episode 9.

As you progress through the episode, you will come to an area (can’t miss it) with six balloons attached to pumps.

All you need to do is attack the pump to inflate the balloon. Continue doing this until the balloon pops. I don’t know if this is random for everyone, but I “won” the game by popping the balloon at the bottom of the screen on the left.

 A + B

Finish a boss using a Super Attack.

There is a small bar to the right above your health bar. You build this bar up by attacking and defeating enemies without taking damage. When the bar is full, you can use a Super Attack by pressing / . You can also instant fill this bar by performing a taunt.

Whittle down any of the boss’ health bars until it’s very low and then perform a Super Attack to finish it off.

This can be done against any boss playing as any character. This can be done in multiplayer, but you will have to be the player that gets the final blow. It won’t pop if someone else in the party does it.

 Mode 7

Throw 16 enemies toward the camera.

In order to throw an enemy, walk up to them very close and your character will automatically grab them. You don’t need to press anything to grab the enemy. Once you have them grabbed press + / +  to perform a throw. The enemy will be thrown directly toward the camera.

 Cowabunga It Is

Perform a 250-hits string.

Your combo will reset if you take damage or if too much time goes by without hitting an enemy.

This can be earned during Episode 1 in the kitchen area with April. Beat all of the enemies in the last part of the kitchen except for one. This is the area where you’ll be attacked by three purple foot soldiers that come out of a door at the top of the screen. All three of them will have frozen ham that they’ll throw at you.

Position yourself on top of the stove on the left side of the screen and wait for the enemy to come near. Jump over the enemy and he’ll trade places with you so that he is up on top of the stove and start pressing / . He’ll bounce off the level barrier and come right back to you. Despite the enemy being defeated, you’ll still be able to run up your combo.

You can continue this until your combo reaches 250. You need to make sure that you keep a consistent rhythm of attacks because the enemy will disappear if he lands on the ground and stays there for too long.

If you’re having trouble doing this with the foot soldier, you can try doing this against the Mouser enemy types. These are the small dinosaur like robot enemies. These don’t seem to disappear as quickly as the foot soldiers and they’re a little easier to keep in front of you while juggling them.

 Come On!

Got hit while performing a taunt.

Press / to taunt. Do this right in front of an enemy and they will likely attack you while you’re taunting.

 Who Needs A Dock?

Defeat Super Shredder without being hit.

This can be earned with any character and on any difficulty. There are a few methods for unlocking this Trophy/Achievement.

Also, this Trophy/Achievement only applies to the Super Shredder fight. Taking damage against the Statue of Tyranny will not void this.


First, you could do it legit. Defeat Super Shredder without taking any damage. It’s a challenge, but it’s not impossible as his attack patterns are pretty straight forward and remain mostly the same throughout the entire fight. You’ll likely want to do this solo because this Trophy/Achievement will become void if anyone in your party takes damage. Even if it’s not you. Playing with more people will just increase the chances of damage taken. It’s better to have to focus only on yourself here.

Shredder will only be vulnerable to your attacks for a short period of time while he is down. Other than that, you will not be able to damage him.

  • Shredder will have an attack where he will chase you around the screen by teleporting. All you have to do is keep moving and stay away from him to avoid this one.
  • He’ll have a phase where he’ll run around the screen in a diagonal pattern leaving behind a fire trail. Stay on the move away from him and jump over the fire if he comes near you.
  • Shredder will eventually move to the middle of the area. Make sure to back up as far as you can. There is going to be three rings of fire that come from Shredder. Jump over them as they approach. You wont have a lot of time between each one so make sure to stick to single jumps. A double jump will mess up your timing.
  • Shredder will then produce a large green shield around him. Stay back as this happens because the shield can damage you.
  • After the shield disappears, Shredder will fall to the ground be vulnerable for a few seconds. Deal as much damage as you can to him and then roll back out of the way. A Super Attack is best used here followed by regular attacks if you still have time.

Phase Two

Shredder will still use the above tactics but one more will eventually be added in. There will be four pillars that appear. One at each corner of the screen. You will need to attack these to get them to go away. You need to be quick as well. If you take too long, the pillars will start to respawn.

These pillars will also shoot slow moving projectiles at you. These can be dodged with a well timed roll.

Outside of the one new attack, Shredder will use continue to use everything listed above for the entire fight.

Multiplayer Method 1

It is possible to earn this Trophy/Achievement by joining the boss fight mid battle. However, this will be void if anyone in the group takes damage AFTER you’ve already joined. It doesn’t matter what happens before this unlike with using the coins in Arcade Mode. For this, it only matters what happens after you’re already there.

Go to Episode 16, press / and pick a game that is at 24%.

You can join the game and spectate while you select your character. You can wait to spawn to prevent taking damage until Shredder is about to die or is dying. If no one took damage from the time you joined, you will get this.

You’re best bet for doing it this way is to join as Shredder is dying. There is no way to plan that way as you cannot see how much health Shredder has, but you can kind of manipulate it if you’re quick enough.

Let’s say you join a game and someone takes damage.

  • Remember the name of the lobby you joined and quit out.
  • Quickly go back to the Episode 16 lobby search and find that same lobby again.
  • Since you were already in there you should know about where his health was when you quit.
  • If you can quit and rejoin the same lobby fast enough, your Trophy/Achievement requirements will be reset and you’ll know that Shredder’s health is likely very low since time has passed since you left.

Multiplayer Method 2

Another way to earn this via multiplayer is to have someone from your friends list fight against Shredder and get his health down very low. Your friend can then tell you the exact moment when you should join their game.

 Pizza Time!

Eat 20 pizzas.

A pizza is what is used to replenish your health. These are usually found by destroying breakable objects during the episodes. All you need to do is eat 20 of them over the course of the game. This is something that you will naturally earn without having to go out of your way for.

 Opening an Antique Store?

Find 5 different collectibles in Story Mode.

See “Multitasker” above for more details.

 No need for Mutagen!

Bring all characters to max Power Level in Story Mode.

There are seven different characters to play as and you will need to rank them all up to level 10.

You’ll need to earn points by beating enemies, completing episodes and finding collectibles in order to level up. Level 10 will require 2,000 points for each of the seven characters. A single full playthrough on “Okay” will earn you enough points with a character to reach level 10.

You can choose to start a new game and you’ll still get to keep any character levels you’ve already earned.

  • Choose “New Game”
  • Press / to keep your power levels. DO NOT choose to discard them. Otherwise you will have to start this all the way over.

By doing this, you will earn the points for finding all of the collectibles and challenges again while completing the episodes. The collectibles are not hard to find and they do not require you to go out of your way at all.

The different difficulties do not matter in terms of points.

It’s also important to note that kills via traps will not give you points, so avoid using them.

Another method you can use is local multiplayer.

You can play with more controllers connected which will increase the enemy count which will result in you earning more points. The more controllers you have connected, the more points you will earn. You have to be the one to defeat the enemies. So, just have the other player-less characters idle while you clean up the enemies.

Playing through a new game isn’t the only way to earn points though. You can do this however you want whether it be solo, grinding out an episode repeatedly or by playing in multiplayer. The new game method is just useful for getting those extra collectible points.

 Finally Getting Along!

Cheer up Raphael while playing as Casey Jones.

You will first need to complete Story Mode in order to unlock Casey Jones. This can be earned using a second controller if you’re unable to find someone playing as Raphael or if Casey Jones is already selected.

You will need to be the player playing as Casey Jones. It will not work in reverse. As Casey, approach Raphael and press / to give him a high five. Do this two more times if you haven’t already unlocked “Sharing is Caring.”

 Return to Sender

Deflect 10 projectiles.

This can be earned against the yellow foot soldiers that throw the tire irons at you and the red foot soldiers that shoot plungers at you.

Back up and put some distance between you and the enemy. When they throw their weapon all you have to do is use your base attack ( / ) to hit the weapon once the projectile gets close enough to you and it’ll be deflected.


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