Hardspace: Shipbreaker Achievement Guide

Welcome to the Hardspace: Shipbreaker Achievement guide! There are only 10 Achievements to earn in this satisfying and addicting Sci-fi game. Everything can be earned in a single playthrough and there is one semi missable Achievement.

  • 4/10 Estimated Difficulty
  • 30-40 Estimated Hours to completion depending on your shifts
  • 1 Playthrough

In order to progress through the game, you need to dismantle ships and level up. Reaching certain levels will advance the story and unlock what you need for the Achievements. As you dismantle ships, there will be a yellow progress bar at the top of the screen. The numbers in the progress bar are called Salvage Goals. Reaching these Salvage Goals will earn you points to spend on gear upgrades as well as experience points for leveling up your character.

All you’re going to be doing is dismantling ships. Depositing the materials in the correct locations as well as not destroying too many parts will earn you progress toward your Salvage Goals. The more ships you properly dismantle, the more Salvage Goals you’ll hit.

In terms of Achievements, there are two collectible related Achievements but they are easy ones. “A Tuckered Tale” can be found and earned right away during the initial tutorial. “Captured Killer of Caerbannog” is a random collectible. The stuffed bunny will be found floating inside of some of the ships you’ll be dismantling. So keep an eye out for when this appears and pick it up when it does. You’ll be dismantling a lot of ships when going for 100% completion, so you’ll likely find more than one stuffed bunny.

There are three Achievements for reaching all of the Salvage Goals for dismantling three types of ships. This is something that will likely happen as you play and learn the game’s mechanics. You should always be trying to reach the final Salvage Goal when dismantling ships anyway.

Outside of that, the others are tied to story completion. It’s not a very difficult list, but it’s not a quick one either.

As for the previously mentioned semi missable Achievement, it is possible to skip the opening Tutorial which would have you miss out on “No Niños.” However, there are other tutorials in the game that you will reach when progressing through the story that will pop this when completed.

Speed Things Up

As you progress through the game, you will eventually unlock the option of restoring a ship via your Employee Terminal. This will be done by collecting parts from the ships that you’re dismantling. They will be highlighted in purple. The ship restoration will be done in steps. You can actually stack the parts for future steps, so always pick these up when you see them to speed this up. Completing the restoration of the ship will be required to finish Act III.

No Niños No Niños

Complete the Tutorial

This is earned in the very beginning of the game. When going through the sign up information, you’ll come to a page called the “Employment Confirmation Form.” There will be an option on here to skip the training. For this, you have to do to the training, so do not skip it.

Go through the tutorial to learn the game and this will pop when you interact with the the vendor terminal after learning about the barge below you. It’ll be a required step to interact with the terminal. It will be marked by a wrench icon.

tutorial Hardspace: Shipbreaker Achievement Guide

Act I Complete Act I Complete

Complete Act I of the campaign

Act I ends when you reach level 7.

A cutscene will play when waking up in the Hab. This will pop at the end of the scene and transmissions.

Act II Complete Act II Complete

Complete Act II of the campaign

Act II will end in the mid to late teen levels. It depends on how many shifts you’ve completed. You’ll know you’re getting close when Kaito starts having issues. Eventually, Lou will suggest unionizing. Shortly after that you’ll receive a transmission from Hal when waking up telling you that Lou has been fired. This will pop at the end of that cutscene.

Act III Complete Act III Complete

Complete Act III of the campaign

In order to complete Act III, you’re going to have to do a few things.

First, check your terminal for a fake spam message. Read it and continue dismantling ships until you get the ship option called “Industrial Action.” Select that and you’ll be tasked with incorrectly dismantling the ship in order to cost LYNX money. Go in and destroy the fuel tanks and reactor to cause a lot of damage quickly.

After that, you will need to complete the ship that you have been repairing in your Employee Terminal by finding the purple highlighted parts found on the ships you’ve been dismantling. You can apply the parts you’ve found via the terminal. You can stack the ship parts, so always pick them up when you find them. This will make it easier to complete the steps.

Employee Terminal > Ship Doctor.

And finally, you will also need to clear out your debt. When you finish sabotaging LYNX, your debt will be heavily reduced, so you won’t have billions left over.

After you’ve done all of those steps. go to your Employee Terminal and go to “Contract Status.” You can officially end your contract with LYNX.

The Weight of the World The Weight of the World

Complete all Salvage Goals on a Atlas Class Ship

  • The Atlas ships will become available when you reach level 5.
  • The Javelin ships will become available when you reach level 7.
  • The Gecko ships will become available when you reach level 14.

This does not have to be a perfect salvage. There is a yellow bar at the top of the screen with numbered milestones to reach. These are called Salvage Goals. At first there will be five, but this will increase as you progress through the game. As you correctly dismantle ships, the deposited parts will build up this meter. Each Salvage Goal will reward you with points that can be used to upgrade your gear.

In order to earn the three salvage goal Achievements, you’re going to need to reach the last Salvage Goal on the yellow bar. All you have to do is reach that final number. You do not have to completely fill up the progress bar.

When dismantling, make sure you take the ship apart carefully. Before salvaging it, make sure you take note of what hazards are present on the ship you choose. Go through the ship first and turn off all of the Atmosphere Regulators, turn off the power to the bogger reactors and flip the switches for fuel lines found near the boosters and connected to the bigger more advanced reactors.

There are going to be small parts like lights attached to the bigger panels that will be hard to see, so take a close look on each part before sending it to its destination. If you’re playing with a timer, its okay for the time to run out. You can continue this across multiple shifts. The timer running out will not void this Achievement.

  • You should use your scanner to thoroughly check out the ship. You will have some wiggle room for mistakes, but you don’t want to get too careless.
  • You will need to keep an eye out for gas cannisters and cores. Do not cut too closely to gas cannisters.
  • You will need to make sure that you have plenty of room to quickly move when you remove the reactor core. As soon as you start pulling it, a meltdown will begin. So you need to quickly get it out and send it to the barge. While holding the reactor core, look straight down to the barge and push it with / to make sure it gets delivered as fast as possible.
  • Depressurize the ships by interacting with Atmosphere Regulators found inside of ships.
  • Flush fuel valves.
  • Turn off power to the bigger reactors.
  • Disconnect the fuses to the generators.

Always Finding Your Mark Always Finding Your Mark

Complete all Salvage Goals on a Javelin Class Ship

See the “The Weight of the World” Achievement above for details.

Gecko Go(al) Getter Gecko Go(al) Getter

Complete all Salvage Goals on a Gecko Class Ship

See the “The Weight of the World” Achievement above for details.

Captured Killer of Caerbannog Captured Killer of Caerbannog

Collect a Bunny stuffed-animal

Finding a stuffed bunny will be random. While dismantling a ship, there will sometimes be a stuffed animal floating inside of the ship. When you see one, either pull it close to you or move toward it. Either way, get in close and pick it up with / . This will then be found in your Hab above your computer.

A Tucked Tale A Tucked Tale

Finding the Hidden Data Drive

The hidden Data Drive is found on the backside of the Hab and you can get this at anytime while dismantling ships. From your Hab, turn around and press Up on the D-pad to use your scanner. You should see a blue square on the backside. Make your way around and behind the Hab to find the Data Drive taped to the Hab. Get in close on it and press /   to pick it up.

hidden drive Hardspace: Shipbreaker Achievement Guide

data drive Hardspace: Shipbreaker Achievement Guide

Bing Bang BOOM Bing Bang BOOM

Unlock Demo Charges

The Demo Charges can be unlocked when you reach level 11. They are bought from the Workstation inside the Hab and they will cost 120 LT. You only need to buy the very first square for this Achievement.

Workstation > Equipment > Demo Charges.

demo charges Hardspace: Shipbreaker Achievement Guide


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