Stray Trophy & Achievement Guide

Welcome to the Stray Trophy & Achievement guide! This platformer puzzle game is going to require 100% in game completion in order to complete this Trophy and Achievement list.

  • 4/10 Estimated Difficulty
  • 8-10 Estimated Hours to completion
  • 2 Playthroughs
  • 1 Missable – The speed run Trophy/Achievement is the only missable here as everything else can be clean via Chapter Select if need be.

Playthrough 1

For your first playthrough, you’re going to want to take your time and collect all of the collectibles as well as earn every miscellaneous Trophy/Achievement. Doing this will help you really learn the game and prepare you for the speed run. If you miss anything during this initial run, you can use Chapter Select after beating the game to go back through and clean anything you need up.

Playthrough 2 – Speedrun

Outside of multiplayer Trophies/Achievements, Speed runs might be a close 2nd favorite for Trophy/Achievement hunters.

Do not worry! 2 hours might sound short, but that is actually plenty of time to finish the game. For your speed run, you’re going to need to stick only to the main story objectives. You should know these after having played through the game once already. However, you may want to keep regular back up saves just in case something takes too long, if you’re killed or lost. You don’t want to be adding too much unnecessary time to your playthrough. If any of that happens, you can download your back up save and try again without costing your self too much extra time.

 All Done

Unlock all trophies.

Unmetal platinum trophy

 A Little Chatty

Meow 100 times.

This can be earned immediately at the beginning of the game or over the course of your playthrough.

All you have to do is press to meow. You can just mash until it pops.


Jump 500 times.

This is something that should pop over the course of your first playthrough. You’ll be required to jump pretty often in the game. You can jump by pressing   when near a ledge. Again, this should pop naturally, but you can farm it by jumping up and down a ledge repeatedly if you’d like.

 Productive Day

Sleep for more than one hour.

As you progress through the game you will come across cat beds that you can sleep at by pressing . The first bed that you will come across will be in Chapter 4. This bed is found directly to the left of the musician robot named Morusque.

This does not need to be done in a single sleep. You can either sleep multiple times over the course of a playthrough, or just sleep for an entire hour all at once. It is up to you. Just know that if your controller turns off or dies while sleeping, the game will pause and the timer will be stopped until it is back on.

 Boom Chat Kalaka

Dunk the basketball.

This is earned during Chapter 4 after showing the postcard to Guardian as part of the story.

The basketball can be found to the right of where Guardian is standing near a ledge. Go to the ball and walk into it to push it down the ramp. There is no button interaction here. If it rolls into the hole below, the Trophy/Achievement will pop. If you miss, pause the game to reload the checkpoint and try again.

boom chat kalaka stray trophy & achievement guide

boom chat kalaka stray trophy & achievement guide

 Can’t Cat-ch Me

Complete the first Zurk pursuit without being caught.

This is unlocked during Chapter 2: Dead City.

Shortly after interacting with the first robot, you’ll come to an area where you’ll find Zurks sleeping. They’ll wake up and chase you.

For this, you need to finish the chase without any of the Zurks latching on to you. If you see a prompt with a Zurk on your back, pause the game and reload the checkpoint. Reloading the checkpoint will not void the Trophy/Achievement.

There will be a lot of Zurks coming at you from all sides as you run. You’ll be running down a linear path and the Zurks will come from in front of you, the left and the right. When a group comes at you from the left, cut right to avoid them and vice versa. When a Zurk is jumping toward you in the air, just cut left or right to avoid them.

The race will end when you reach a gap that requires you to jump across. So be ready to press .


Go through Midtown without being detected by the Sentinels.

This is earned during Chapter 10: Midtown.

As part of the story, you will need to bring the Worker Helmet and Worker Jacket to Blazer.

After that, you will be taken to a factory. From here on out, you cannot be spotted by the Sentinels. You will need to make all the way to nightclub without being spotted.

If you are spotted, you can pause the game and reload the checkpoint. Reloading checkpoints will not void the Trophy/Achievement if you are spotted. Their spotlights need to stay blue. Yellow or red will cancel out the Trophy/Achievement.

The Sentinels will be on a fixed path, so this makes it easier to get past them. Go slow here and watch where they go. Plan your movements carefully and avoid their spotlights.

 No More Lives

Die 9 times.

All you have to do here is die nine times. This can be done over the course of a playthrough or you can farm it by killing yourself nine times in a row at the same place. This can be farmed at any combat section with Zurks. Let them get on you and then wait for a few seconds to die.


Scratch the vinyl in the club.

This is earned during Chapter 10: Midtown.

Once you get into the nightclub toward the end of the chapter, jump up onto one of the round tables near the bar to find a vinyl record. Interact with it to pick it up.

scratch stray trophy & achievement guide

Go to the stage and jump up onto the DJ booth and interact with it to place the record.

scratch stray trophy & achievement guide

After you place it, interact with it again and start scratching.


Complete the Sewers without killing any Zurks.

This is earned in Chapter 8: The Sewers.

During Chapter 7, you will be given an item to kill Zurks. For this, you cannot kill any Zurks in the sewers with this new deadly flashlight. If you happen to kill any, pause the game and reload the checkpoint to try again.

If a Zurk lands on you, you can shake them off with . This will not void the Trophy/Achievement. The only thing that matters here is not killing them with the new flashlight. Do not use the lethal flashlight for the entire chapter.

 I am Speed

Complete the game in less than 2 hours.

If you’ve already played through the game at least once as recommended, you’re going to need to start a new game on a new save file before attempting this Trophy/Achievement.

Two hours might sound like not much time, but it is actually plenty of time given you know what you need to do in each chapter. This is another benefit of having already played through the game once.

  • Play through the game at least once.
  • Only go for the main objectives. Finding collectibles will only add unnecessary time your run.
  • You can check your time from the main menu when selecting what save file you want to load. The time will be displayed.
  • Keep regular back up save files just in case you take too long or get lost.
  • Dying adds to your time.
  • Reloading checkpoints also adds to your time.
  • Skip dialogue as fast as you can.
  • Cutscenes will add to your time.

 Missed Jump

Fall inside the city.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement.

Not Alone

Meet B-12.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement.

 Cat Got Your Tongue?

Have B-12 translate a robot.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement.


Reach Midtown.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement.


Go to jail.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement.

 Eye Opener

Complete the game and open the city.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement.


Bring all the music sheets to Morusque.

There are eight music sheets to find and they are all found during Chapter 4: The Slums. After you find them, you need to bring them to Morsuque and give him each one.

The locations of those sheets and every other collectible in the game are listed below:

Chapter 1: Inside The Wall

  • Scratch 1 – Shortly after leaving the very first area, you’ll be on a path with three big pipes on your right. Head forward and jump up two ledges. You can scratch up against a tree on your left after the second ledge jump.


Chapter 2: Dead City

  • Scratch 2 – You will eventually come to an area where you will need to knock over a blue paint can in order to break some glass and open your path. Drop down into the newly opened room. There are actually two scratch locations right next to each other in here. They both count.


Chapter 3: The Flat

  • Scratch 3 – This location is in the same apartment that Chapter 3 begins in. Jump off the window sill and go through the doorway. This location is just after going through the doorway. It is on a rug to your right.


  • Memory 1 – Postcard – This is actually unmissable. You will get this as part of the story right after riding in the bucket.


Chapter 4: The Slums

  • Scratch 4 – Immediately after meeting the robot named Guardian (which will pop “Cat Got Your Tongue?), go into the open garage behind Guardian and you can scratch the rug.


  • Nuzzle Robot 1/5 – You can press on Guardian’s gold leg and nuzzle up against it.


  • Energy Drink Speed 2K 1 – This can be found on the opposite side of the alley across from where the musician robot named Morusque is sitting. Go to the light blue vending machine and interact with it by pressing . The energy drink will come out. Pick up the can.


  • Sheet Music 8/8 – From Morusque, go to his right and you’ll find a safe in a pile of trash around a corner. The safe combination is found on the note on the safe, but it is 1283 if you don’t want to look. Open the safe to find the sheet music inside.


  • Memory 1 – From Morusque, go down the alley way to his left. Climb onto the trash cans and then up onto the overhang. Climb to the air conditioner units from the overhang and up onto the ledge. The memory is up on the wall.


  • Nuzzle Robot 2 & 3 /5 – From Morusque turn around and go down the stairs behind you. Take the first left and go up some stairs. You will see two robots by a burning barrel. You can Nuzzle against both of these robots. Their names are Zakk and Riko.


  • Sheet Music 3/8 – From Zakk and Riko, turn around and take the path to left of the two robots. There is a green garbage can marked with “NECO” here. Follow the short path and it will turn right leading you down some stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, turn left and go straight a few steps and look for the door on your right next to a stack of crates. Scratch at the door. Go inside when the door opens. Go straight across the room to find this music sheet on the wall of a painting of a robot.


  • Memory 2 – Go upstairs in the same building that you’re in from the previous collectible to find this on a plant.


  • Nuzzle 4/5 – Go downstairs and scratch on the door that you entered this building through. The door will open and you will be let out. From there, go right to the end of the alley to find a robot named Grandma sitting down. You can nuzzle on her leg.
  • Energy Drink Speed 2K 2 – From Grandma, take the path that has red letters on the wall and a red bike propped up against it. Jump up on to the stack of wooden crates in the corner next to another red bike. From the top of crates, jump up to another ledge to find another vending machine up here on your left. Interact with it and then pick up the can.
  • Energy Drink Speed 2K 3 – Jump back down from the way came up to the previous Energy Drink. Face the direction you came from Grandma and then take the first right. Take another right to find the next vending machine.


  • Memory 3  – This memory is directly to the right of the previous vending machine on the wall.


  • Memory 4 – Backtrack from the previous collectible to center of the area where you will see Guardian up some stairs and a robot named Teddy leaning against a vending machine. Go through the open door to Teddy’s right into a bar and go upstairs. This memory can be found on top of a table to the right of the stairs.


  • Sheet Music 5/8 – From the previous collectible, jump down off the table go to the middle booth. Jump on to the table to find this sheet of music. There is also a robot reading a newspaper in the booth next to this one.


  • Sheet Music 2/8 – Exit the top of floor of the previous bar by jumping out of the window. Once outside, go right but don’t go down the stairs. Look to your left to see an electrical box up against the wall. Climb up it. Climb to the air conditioner units and across to the roof of the bar you were just in. Look to your right to see a small building with a sloping roof that you can jump to. Jump on it and then jump to the pipes on your right. From the pipes, jump up to the balcony to find this sheet of music on the round table.


  • Sheet Music 6/8 – From the previous collectible, drop down from the balcony to the pipes and walk along the pipes and enter the open window on the blue wall. Drop down into the room and go straight back. The doors ahead of you will be closed, but you’ll be able to fit through one of the small squares on the doors. Jump through the door and look right. This sheet of music will be on a shelf at the foot of the bed.


  • Clementine’s Notebook (Story Item) – This notebook is found inside of the apartment where the 6/8 Sheet Music was. It is found on a computer desk next to a lit monitor.


  • Memory 5 – Leave the apartment where the two previous items were found through the same window you entered. Drop down to the roof and look to your right. You should see a big arrow sign with a bottle in the middle. Head over to this roof. Climb all the way to the top to find this memory behind the arrow sign itself.


  • Energy Drink Speed 2K 4 – Backtrack across the rooftops to the pipes you used to reach the balcony where you picked up Sheet Music 2/8. Instead of climbing to that balcony again, follow the pipe to the right. Follow it to the rooftop that is across from the balcony where SM 2/8 was. Continue across the rooftops and you will come to one where a robot will laying down sleeping. Drop down off the roof to the left of this robot and head straight and slight left to an area with a couch. There is a red vending machine here. Interact with it and get the fourth can.


  • Sheet Music 7/8 – From the previous vending machine, climb up on to it and then up on to the roof where a couch and tv are. This is where you can earn “Télé à chat.” Go behind the couch up here to see a balcony with a neon blue sign. Jump across to this balcony and then enter the apartment. Go right and then turn left and you should see a piano in the middle. Jump up on to the piano to find this sheet.


  • Doc’s Notebook (Story Item) – From the piano, take the left and go to the end of the path where you will see a calendar on the closed door ahead of you. Jump on to the stack of books to your right to find a bed. Translate the note on the bed to receive a key. Backtrack out of here and go down the aisle on the backside of the piano to find a stack of books on the ground. Knock them over to reveal a safe. Open the safe to grab this notebook.


  • Zbaltazar’s Notebook (Story Item) – Backtrack outside to the rooftop where you found the sleeping robot. Look across the rooftops to see two robots throwing cans of paint to each other and go to them. Drop down to the same level as the one with plants around him. Look straight down and you should see a thin pipe that reaches from the side you’re on to the other side. Climb down and use this pipe to cross. Jump up to an air conditioner unit on the right side and then jump up to smaller ac unit just below the robot that is catching the paint cans. Climb up. Go behind the paint cans and jump across to the next rooftop. Here, you should see a bucket that you can ride in. Don’t ride in it. Instead, jump to the left of it and climb up the red AC unit to reach the roof. Once up here, go to the left and remove the battery to stop the fan. With the battery out, drop down through the now turned off fan. Knock over the stack of boxes inside of this room to find the notebook.


  • Memory 6 – Exit the apartment by scratching at the window that has the green cover over it. Jump out and backtrack to the sleeping robot on the roof. Jump straight across where you should see an orange air conditioner unit. Climb up and on the small balcony. Climb through the window and you will find Momo. We need Momo for story progression, but we aren’t done finding collectibles just yet. DO NOT show your notebooks to Momo yet. That will lock you out of the area and end the chapter.


  • Sheet Music 1/8 – Turn around and go to the right. You should see a door on the left with bars on it. Go through the bars and climb up the boxes to find this sheet.


  • Momo’s Notebook (Story Item) – Talk to Momo, but only show the postcard. DO NOT show Momo the other Notebooks yet.


  • Memory 7 – Leave Momo’s apartment and back track to Guardian. Facing Guardian, go down the stairs to your right where you can earn the “Boom Chat Kalaka” Trophy Achievement. There is a Market Place at the bottom of the stairs. Interact with the item marked “???” and buy it for 3 Energy Drink Cans.


  • Sheet Music 4/8 – This is found on the right side of the Market Place. Pay 1 Energy Drink Can (if bought second) to acquire it. Now that you have all of the Sheet Music collectibles, return to Morusque and give all 8 of them to him and you will earn the “Meowlody” Trophy/Achievement.

You can now return to Momo and show all of the notebooks you collected and progress the story.


Chapter 5: Rooftops

  • Scratch 5 – This can be found at the very beginning of the chapter after riding in the bucket. The carpet is directly in front of you.


  • Memory 1 –  This is found after the second group of Zurks. There will be a steel girder suspended across the gap in the roof that you can cross. Continue following the path and you will eventually come to neon sign that you can interact with.


  • Memory 2 – Continue making your way through the path. You will eventually enter a construction site. This memory is found when you climb up to the second floor of the construction site. There will be a group of Zurks that are fenced in on the left side of the floor. Continue running straight back to find a sign with this memory attached.


  • Memory 3 – This one will be acquired as part of the story after you attach the Transceiver to the antenna.


Chapter 6: The Slums – Part 2

Chapter 6 and Chapter 4 take place in the same area. So, that means the collectibles are the same. If you collected all of the collectables while in Chapter 4, you don’t have anything to collect right now other than scratching at least once here.

  • Scratch 6 – You can scratch the carpet in Momo’s apartment at the very beginning of the chapter.


  • Poncho (Story Item) – Go to the two robots throwing the paint cans. Go to the one that is throwing and press . Press to meow just before he throws the can and he will drop it. The door down below will open and another robot will come out. Drop down and enter the newly opened door. Jump up on to the table to the left of the door and take the Super Spirit Detergent. Now, go to the Market Place and trade the Detergent for the Electric Cable. Take the Electric Cable to Grandma and she will give you the poncho.

The code for the door in Seamus’ apartment is found by looking at the clocks on the wall. It is 2511 and the keypad is behind a picture on the wall. Knock down a box from a shelf to find the broken tracker. Show it Seamus and then take it to Elliot Programming. This is the building where we scratched the door earlier in Chapter 4 to get in for some collectibles. Go upstairs and give the Poncho to Elliot and then he will fix the tracker for you.


Chapter 7: Dead End

  • Outsider Badge – This will be given to you as part of the story at the very beginning of the chapter when speaking with Seamus.


  • Memory 1 – As soon as you’re done speaking with Seamus, go straight and take a left. You’ll find this memory up against a closed garage door.


  • Memory 2 – After riding the cart and crashing, climb up the truck in front of you and then clmib the pipes up and out of this area. You’ll be going straight, skip the left turn and keep going straight until you reach the fence. Go through the hole in the fence and follow the path to a dead robot and interact with this memory.


  • Memory 3 – This is found on the mannequin behind where Doc was sleeping at his desk.


  • Scratch 7 – This is found directly across from the previous mannequin. Go through some open doors and scratch at the wall behind a chair under a clock.


Chapter 8: The Sewers

  • Memory 1 – You will eventually come to a section where Momo will have to raise a door for you. Go through the door and head straight. Jump up onto the walkway and go left. Follow the path and continue going straight until you see a path on the left. Take the path. There will be a lot of Zurk pods around, but you can quickly jump up to the left to enter a pipe where the pods are grouped up. Follow this pipe until it leads you out. You can see the memory just above the railing that you can jump to. The Zurks will not follow you down here to this.


  • Memory 2 – You will eventually come to area where there will be a lot of big red eyes on the walls. There will also be a lot of Zurk pods. Run through this section and the end will have you jump to a lower pipe. Once on the pipe, go left and then jump to a smaller pipe to left. Jump down to a floating barrel, to another barrel that is standing up and then jump up to a big open pipe that you can walk through. Follow the inside of this pipe and it will take you to this memory.


  • Scratch 8 – After interacting with the two switches to open the big door, go through and continue straight. There will be a piece of wood on the ground to the left where the path turns that you can scratch.


Chapter 9: Antvillage

  • Memory 1 – This will be acquired automatically as part of the story as soon as the chapter begins.


  • Scratch 9 – Go up the ladder to your left after the initial cutscene where you receive the previous memory. Interact with the plank standing up next to the bed and scratch it. It has a splash of orange paint on it.


  • Memory 2 – Climb up to the top of this building and speak with Zbaltazar. After that, head back down the way you climbed up. At the bottom of the second ladder will be a robot sitting on a couch. The memory is found on a wall next to the couch. This is inaccessible until after you’ve spoken with Zbaltazar.


  • Plant Badge – In order to get this badge, you’re going to have to find three different colored plants and bring them to Malo.
    • Red Plant – Go to where the two robots are play Mahjong (jump on their table if you haven’t yet) and go behind them. Get into the bucket and it’ll lower you down. Jump down to the big red pipe and follow out to the small island where you can see the red plants growing. Pick one.
    • Purple Plant – Go to where the robot is sitting on the couch where you got Memory 2. Look to the side and you should see a big tree branch. Climb up and onto the branch. Walk along it until you reach a purple plant to pick.
    • Yellow Plant – Stand in front of Zbaltazar and go right. Follow the path to the right until you see a small restaurant and two robots. Go around the restaurant and to the bamboo railing. Stand between the couch on the right and the yellow container on the floor to the left and look down. You should see a pipe. Jump down to it and follow it to the yellow plant.
    • Malo – From the restaurant, head up the ladder to the left. Jump to the pipe along the wall with the yellow stripes on it. There is also a red arrow pointing up. Climb up the pipe and you’ll find Malo using a watering can. Speak to Malo and show all three of the plants you just found. You’ll be given the Plant Badge in exchange for the three plants.


Chapter 10: Midtown

  • Memory 1 – This will be acquired automatically as part of the story as soon as the chapter begins.


  • Memory 2 – From the previous memory, cut through the train and go up the staircase. Go through the hole in the wall and interact with the bookshelf on the right.


  • Nuzzle 5 – You can nuzzle with the robot directly to the right of the previous memory.


  • Scratch 10 – Exit this area and turn right once outside. Go straight up the small staircase and then turn left to see a broken elevator. Jump up on to the boxes to the left of the elevator and go behind it. You can scratch on the cushions on the ground next to the robot sitting.


  • Cat Badge – Go back to the front of the elevator and head up the stairs by where a robot is getting arrested. Continue straight until you see a robot in a white jacket at a yellow colored shop. Jump up onto the shop counter and into the shop. Climb up onto the top of the shelves in the shop and open the safe to find this badge. The safe code is 8542.


  • Memory 3 – Exit the yellow shop the way you came in. Drop down and go right and then immediately take another right down an alley way. Go straight until you see a robot sweeping while wearing a traffic cone on its head. Climb onto the green dumpster across from the yellow vending machine. Jump up onto the blue awning with the neon sign and then use the air conditioning units to left of the neon sign to reach a ledge lined with bottles. The memory is to the right on this ledge.


  • Memory 4 – Turn around from the previous memory and hop in the bucket to reach the ground. Go down the red lit hallway and turn left at the end. Jump onto the counter and enter the very first business on your left after exiting the red hallway. It is a barbershop. Jump onto the red couch and then up into the very small attic like space to find this memory.


  • Memory 5 – Exit the barbershop and go left towards the big robot hologram. Look to your right at the hologram to see a yellow lit restaurant with two robots outside talking. Enter the restaurant and jump up onto the counter. From the counter jump to the wall behind the robot in here with four pots sitting on it. From that wall, jump into the hole in the ceiling to find the next memory.


  • Police Badge – Exit the restaurant and face the big hologram again. Go behind the hologram and down a small set of stairs. Take a right at the base of the stairs in front of two bikes propped up against the wall. Jump up onto a shelf on the right just past a small tree and red paint on the wall. Climb up several air conditioner units and awnings until you reach the top. There will be a small window with two bars next to a red pipe going up the wall. Climb through the barred window and interact with the dead robot to get this badge.


  • Neco Badge – This is after you’ve entered the factory by stealing the Worker Jacket and Worker Hat for Blazer. Sneak past the third Sentinel and speak to the worker robot on the right leaning over a railing. He will want you bring him his lost keys. From the worker, go straight and hide behind the stack of materials to stay out of sight of the drone. When the drone looks right, go left and jump on the white boxes and then on to the yellow beam. Jump from the beam onto the platform behind the drone. Jump on the switch. Now, jump onto the box and then pipe. Get down to ground and wait for the drone to look away and get behind the stack of materials again. Go left and through the now opened door.

Wait for a box to come from the right and block the drone in front of you. Stay behind the moving box and follow it to the left to remain hidden from the drone. Cross another drone spotlight using the same method. Jump to the floating barrels. Instead of going straight down the hallway on the barrels, jump to the barrels on the right to find a pile of debris with the lost keys and pick them up.

With the keys, you can follow the moving boxes down the hallway by jumping from barrel to barrel until you reach the next platform. Do no cross in front of the first drone. Go left and jump on the switch. As soon as you get down hide in the box. You need to be quick here or else the drone on the other side of the door will see you. Once you’re clear, jump across the barrels on your left and go through the door you used earlier to enter the room with the worker. Speak to him again and give him his keys.

  • Memory 6 – As you leave the factory with the battery, you’ll ride down in a bucket. Get out of the bucket and run back to the big robot hologram. Look for a yellow shop on the left and enter it. You should see this memory on a poster of a Sentinel drone.


  • Memory 7 – Return to Clementine’s apartment to find that she is gone. Interact with all of the clues in her apartment to find out that she has gone to the nightclub with Blazer. Return to the alley way where we saw the robot sweeping while wearing a traffic cone on its head. Once there, look up to a see a robot looking out of a window. Climb up to it and speak with it. It will let you into the nightclub. Go behind the bar on top of the back counter and you’ll ride a small elevator down into the basement. Jump down to find this memory.


Chapter 11: Jail

  • Memory 1 – After rescuing B 12, you will eventually make your way to a courtyard where you will need to trap a lone Sentinel drone in a cell. After doing this, Clementine will enter the area and open the next door for you. Go through this newly opened door and look to your right to see a dead robot up against a green dumpster with the memory.


  • Scratch 11 – From the previous memory, you will need to lock another two drones into cells. After you’ve done that, you will need to open a door for Clementine. Crawl under through a vent and come out the other side. Go straight across the area from where you crawled out of and scratch the tree to the right of the control room.


Chapter 12: Control Room

  • Scratch 12 – The final scratch is needed to be done as part of the story. When you enter the room before the control room, command the robot to go over to the white and red panel on the wall to left of the door under “Control Room” painted above. Interact with the other panel on the right side of the door. The panel on the left will open and you can then jump up to this control box and scratch at it.


  • Memory 1 – The final memory will be acquired as part of the story. This will be unlocked during a cutscene when you enter the control room.

 Curiosity Killed the Cat

Wear the paper bag.

This is earned during Chapter 4: The Slums after showing the postcard to Guardian.

After speaking with Guardian about the postcard, go down the stairs to left and you will see a robot named Morusque sitting on the ground against a garage door. The paper bag is to his right behind the red sign.

Interact with the paper bag by pressing to put it on which will pop this.

curiosity killed the cat stray trophy & achievement guide


Try to play mahjong with the robots.

This is earned during Chapter 9: Antvillage.

As soon as the chapter begins, a cutscene will play. When it’s over, you will be standing next to a ladder on your left. Go up the ladder.

stray trophy & achievement guide

Jump up onto the table where the two robots are playing mahjong. This will pop as you get on to the table.

stray trophy & achievement guide

 Cat’s best friend

Nuzzle up against 5 robots.

Throughout the game there are certain robots that you can nuzzle up to. All this means is you will need to rub up against the leg of five robots over the course of a playthrough.

See the “Meowlody” Trophy/Achievement above for more details.

 I Remember!

Gather all B-12 memories.

There are 27 B-12 memories to find. Some of these will be acquired automatically and others will need to be found. These are marked by a blue digital mist looking marker on objects throughout the game.

See the “Meowlody” Trophy/Achievement above for more details.

 Télé à chat

Browse through all of the TV channels.

This is earned in Chapter 4: The Slums.

From the center of the area where you meet Guardian, take the alley way that leads to the two robots near a burning barrel.

tele chat stray trophy & achievement guide

Take the path to their right and follow it around until you see an electrical box up against the wall to your left. Climb up it and the air conditioner units. From the AC units, jump across to the roof.

tele chat stray trophy & achievement guide

Once you’re on the roof, jump up to the roof of the shack on your right. From there, jump to the pipes across the gap.

tele chat stray trophy & achievement guide

Once on the pipes, go right and follow them to another rooftop. Continue crossing the rooftops and you’ll see an area with a couch and tv. That’s the spot you need to reach. Make your way over to that spot.

tele chat stray trophy & achievement guide

Jump up onto the couch and interact with the remote. Continue interacting with the remote to flip through the channels. Do this until the Trophy/Achievement pops.

tele chat stray trophy & achievement guide


Collect all badges.

There are six badges to collect throughout the game. These can be found like a normal collectible and you will need to do quick side tasks for some robots to earn them.

See the “Meowlody” Trophy/Achievement above for more details.


Scratch in every chapter.

There are 12 chapters in the game, so you will need to scratch at least one time in each of the chapters. You can just scratch any where though. There are certain locations where you can scratch. There are also multiple scratch locations found through out the same chapter. You don’t need every single one. As long as you scratched once in a chapter, you’re good.

If you happen to die shortly after scratching before your next checkpoint, go ahead and scratch that location again just to make sure it still counts.

See the “Meowlody” Trophy/Achievement above for more details.


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