Resident Evil Village: Winters’ Expansion Trophy & Achievement Guide

Winters Trophy Achievement Guide

Welcome to the Resident Evil Village: Winters’ Expansion Trophy & Achievement guide!

5/10 Estimated Difficulty
4-6 Estimated Hours to Completion.
1 Minimum Story Playthrough on Hardcore Difficulty + 2 Mercenaries Missions
1 Missable Trophies/Achievements – Craftmaster

The Winters’ Expansion adds seven new Trophies/Achievements to Resident Evil Village. It is a mostly easy list to complete, but you will need to beat the DLC on Hardcore difficulty. If you want to knock it out right away, Hardcore will be unlocked from the start. Resources will be scarce, so you’re going to want to avoid fighting enemies as much as you can by running by them.

Although it’s possible to miss Craftmaster, you would really need to try to miss it. All of the gear you can craft will be needed in order to help complete the story. Especially on Hardcore difficulty.


There are two new Mercenaries maps included with the Winters’ Expansion. Don’t worry. These will not be as difficult as the maps in the main game. All you need to do is complete the first mission, Bloody Village, with an A rating in order to unlock the Bloody River mission. Only a B ranking is required for the Trophies/Achievements, but the A is required for the first one. There are no S ranks needed this time around. You should still try to keep your combo up, but it’s okay to lose it as the rankings are not as strict as the main game.

Making things even easier is Chris. You can play as Chris for the Mercenaries maps and he is very overpowered. His weapons are very strong and will make quick work of the enemies.

 Green Teen

Finish Shadows of Rose on at least Casual difficulty.

This will automatically be earned as you complete the game on Hardcore difficulty for the “Supreme Teen” Trophy/Achievement.

 Serene Teen

Finish Shadows of Rose on at least Standard difficulty.

This will automatically be earned as you complete the game on Hardcore difficulty for the “Supreme Teen” Trophy/Achievement.

Supreme Teen

Finish Shadows of Rose on Hardcore difficulty.

Hardcore difficulty is unlocked right from the beginning so you can jump in this immediately if you’d like. You can beat the game on Hardcore and the other two difficulties will stack. Or, you can play through on a lower difficulty first to get a feel for the DLC and what to do during the puzzles.

There isn’t too much combat here for the most part. You’ll encounter enemies, but you don’t have to fight all of them. You can run by them heading straight for the objectives. They won’t follow you through the whole map. They will only follow you through the room that they spawn in. They’ll stop when you enter a different area of the map. Running is a tactic you will have to use here as the resources and ammo will be scarce on Hardcore.

The hardest section will be a boss fight after returning the third mask to complete the first puzzle. The fight will be in three phases.

  • Phase One

Keep the object in the center of the room between you and the monster. Keep running around in a circle while staying out of reach from its attacks. Shoot the glowing weak point when you have a chance.

  • Phase Two

The area will become flooded with mold and you’ll be forced into a corner. Get in that corner as quick as you can. There will be two mold enemies that spawn back there. Kill them as quickly as you can before the boss can spawn and chase you. Use the shotgun and aim for the heads to put them down quickly. If you’re quick enough, you can kill them before the boss spawns. You will also need to destroy a mold core to open a path back here.

When the boss is after you again, this will essentially work the same as before. Keep running around the area in a circle avoiding attacks and shooting the weak point when you’re able to.

  • Phase Three

When the weak point breaks, two more mold enemies will spawn behind a gate. You can actually kill them before the gate opens if you’re quick enough. Kill them and get back to the main area. Again, run around the area just like in phase one. When the boss sinks into the floor, keep sprinting. The boss will come back up and swing at you so stay moving. When the boss’ attack misses, attack the weak point.

Half way through the fight the boss will introduce a new attack. He’ll sink into the floor and then puddles of mold will chase you. Just keep running and do your best to avoid the mold puddles. This doesn’t last very long, so get back to the main area and continue the fight the same way when the puddle attack ends.

 It’s Starting to Grow on Me

Use Rose’s mutamycete powers at least 20 times.

Rose’s mutamycete powers will be unlocked as you progress through the story. When you first unlock them, you’ll only be able to use them on the flower bulb like objects which will clear blocked paths. These are called Mold Cores.

Her powers will later be upgraded which will allow you to use them on enemies. Using the powers on enemies and Mold Cores will both count toward this Trophy/Achievement.

All you have to do is hold / to use the powers. You’ll need to use these powers frequently, so this should pop naturally without having to go out of your way for it.

Winters' Expansion Trophy & Achievement Guide


Craft every type of item in Shadows of Rose.

There are only four different items that you’ll need to craft. Each of them will become available automatically as you progress through the story. The supplies needed will be on the path. The DLC is pretty linear, so it won’t be a problem finding these supplies.

The items needed to craft are listed below.

  • First Aid Med
    • Herb
    • Chem Fluid
  • Handgun Ammo
    • Chem Fluid
    • Gun Powder
  • Shotgun Ammo
    • Gunpowder
    • Rusted Scrap
  • Pipe Bomb
    • Rusted Scrap
    • Gunpowder
    • Herb

Village of Blood

Complete the Bloody Village in Additional Orders.

This map will be available under the “Mercenaries Additional Orders” menu as long as you have earned at least an A rank in the original Mercenaries missions.

In order to get this Trophy/Achievement, you will need to score at least a B. However, you will need to get an A in order to unlock the Bloody River map which is also needed for a Trophy/Achievement.

The Bloody Village level is very linear and the enemies will appear on your path as you make your way through. Using Chris makes this level and Bloody River incredibly easy. Upgrading Chris’ pistol is enough to makes these missions a breeze.

As for River of Blood, all you need is a B in order to unlock the “River of Blood” Trophy/Achievement. Again, Chris is overpowered here. You’ll face a couple of the bigger enemies during Bloody River including the Moreau boss from the main game. You’re going to want to use grenades and the assault rifle on that boss. But other than that, the pistol remains OP here and can easily carry you through.

The final wave of Bloody River will have 100 enemies to kill. You’ll be in the castle, which is a little more open than the previous waves. As you make your way through this wave, stop when you see enemies. Kill them and they’ll continue to spawn. Keep killing them until they are no longer spawning and then move on to the next area of the castle. Try to keep your multiplier up as long as you can, but don’t worry if you lose it a couple times as you only need a B rank to unlock “River of Blood.”

These two Trophies/Achievements are not nearly as much of a pain as the Mercenaries mode was in the main Trophy/Achievement list.

 River of Blood

Complete the Bloody River in Additional Orders.

See the “Village of Blood” Trophy/Achievement above for more details.


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  1. I missed craftmaster on ma first playthrough on hardcore, never crafted a pipe bomb considering how scarce resources are and when i noticed i need to craft it, it was too late (no gun powder after House Beneviento.

  2. I did a few of the trophy requirements and the trophies didn’t unlock until after i restarted my PlayStation, not exactly sure why but they didn’t unlock when i originally completed the requirements.

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