Killzone: Liberation Trophy Guide

Killzone liberation trophy guide

Welcome to the Killzone: Liberation Trophy guide!

3/10 Estimated Difficulty
5 – 8 Estimated Hours to Completion
1 Minimum Playthrough
0 Missable Trophies

Overall, this is a very easy list to complete. Everything can be obtained in a single playthrough and nothing is missable.

You’ll earn a Trophy for every mission you complete in Chapters 1 through 4. There are five chapters, but the fifth chapter was DLC for the original version of the game and is not needed for any of the Trophies in Killzone: Liberation. The main missions are not very long. They will take you about 10 to 15 minutes each to complete.

The mission areas are very linear, but the objectives and map can be accessed by pressing Select, which is the left side of the TouchPad.

There are some miscellaneous Trophies, but you’ll likely get most of them naturally by just playing through the game.

Challenge Mode

In order to obtain the Platinum Trophy, you’re going to need to get 10 gold medals and 24 bronze medals on challenges.

The challenges are broken down into chapters. There are six challenges per chapter and the they won’t be unlocked until you have completed the corresponding chapter in the main story. You can then access the challenges from the game’s main menu.

Make your own checkpoint

Just like with the previous PS Classics, Killzone: Liberation allows you to press Options and rewind gameplay as well as make saves anywhere.

This makes the game incredibly easy to get through. If at any point you die, mess something up or take too long. You can press Options to rewind your gameplay and try whatever you did again. You can essentially make this a trial and error system.

There is no punishment for rewinding and it will not disable Trophies. Feel free to make use of this feature as often as you need while playing through the missions.


Unlock all trophies in Killzone: Liberation.

 Regroup with Rico

Complete mission I.1 – Counter-Attack.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

 Separated Again

Complete mission I.2 – Retreat.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

 VIPs Rescued

Complete mission I.3 – Evacuation.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

 Dam Man

Complete mission I.4 – Sabotage.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

 Not One for Stealth

Complete mission II.1 – Approach.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

 Refined Failure

Complete mission II.2 – Diversion.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

 Door Buster

Complete mission II.3 – Assault.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

 Stolen Craft

Complete mission II.4 – Breakout.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.


Complete mission III.1 – Reconnaissance.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

 VIPs Lost

Complete mission III.2 – Ambush.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

 Cobar’s Ultimatum

Complete mission III.3 – Catastrophe.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

 Cobar’s End

Complete mission III.4 – Pursuit.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

If you’re having trouble against this boss, make sure to hold both + to target the individual targets on the boss.

 Going against Orders

Complete mission IV.1 – Infiltration.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

 Saving Evelyn

Complete mission IV.2 – Revelation.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

 Metrac’s End

Complete mission IV.3 – Confrontation.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

 Not All to Plan

Complete mission IV.4 – Liberation.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

 Care for a Round of Fun?

Complete 4 Challenge Games with a bronze medal or better.

See the “It’s All Fun and Games” Trophy below for more details.

 Show Off Your Skills

Complete 12 Challenge Games with a bronze medal or better.

See the “It’s All Fun and Games” Trophy below for more details.

 It’s All Fun and Games

Complete 24 Challenge Games with a bronze medal or better.

Challenges will become available as you complete the chapters during the main campaign.

There are 24 challenges in total, so you need to get a bronze medal on each of the challenges in order to earn the “It’s All Fun and Games” Trophy.

In order to get the “Gilded Leader” Trophy, you only need to get gold on 10 of the missions. This can be any 10 you find the easiest to complete.

The rewind feature will really help here as you can basically just trial and error your way through these. None of them are that difficult. Just take a practice run through and then rewind from to the beginning when you’re ready to take on the challenge. If you mess up, you can simply rewind to before your mistake as well.

  • Target Practice

In the target practice challenges, you’ll be in a confined space where targets will be spawning around you. All you have to do is shoot the targets as they appear. The green targets are friendly and will hurt your score if you shoot them. The red targets will explode when shot and are worth more points. If a target is close enough, you can melee them to save ammo. The biggest thing here will be the timing of your reloads. Try to reload when you clear all available targets. The mission will end when you miss five targets.

  • Target Practice Run

This mode is similar to the previous Target Practice mode. This time however, you’ll be running through a section of the map. As you go through, the targets will appear on your path. Avoid shooting the green targets. Go through the level and learn the path of the target spawns and where the end of the level is. When you’re ready, rewind or start over to do it. You’ll need to be somewhat quick here as the medals are based off of how much time is remaining. You’ll add time to your clock for each target you destroy.

  • C4 Course

These will require you to run through and plant C4 at designated locations. There will be some enemies in your way so quickly take them out. Grenades are very useful on these challenges to quickly get them out of the way. If you have Rico with you, you’ll need to command him to plant the C4 while you defend him from the enemies.

  • Spidermine Catch

These missions will feature three Spidermines and three cages. You need to get the mines to follow you and then you need to lead them into the cages. As soon as a mine enters a cage, it’ll automatically be locked and you can move on to the next mine. Only one mine can go in a cage. You can save a few seconds by shooting them from a distance and they’ll run to you. Stand behind the cage and they’ll enter them.

  • Object Course

These challenges will require you to break open crates and collect the silver briefcases that have money in them during the campaign. There will be five of them that you need to collect. There will be some crates that don’t have anything in them, so it could be helpful to do a practice run through the map to find the locations of the cases.

  • Base Defend

These challenges will have you killing enemies as they try to plant C4 of their own. The game won’t spawn too many enemies at a time, so it’s not too difficult. Every so often, there will be a shotgun enemy that spawns. For these, just get out of their way and throw a grenade at the objective location so that the grenade explodes as they begin to plant the C4. They take a lot of gun damage and can knock you down with a single shot. It’s easier to let them through and deal with them with a grenade. Just make sure to time it right. You can rewind the game if you happen to mis-time it.

 Gold Standard

Earn 1 gold medal in a Challenge Game.

See the “It’s All Fun and Games” Trophy above for more details.

 Gilded Leader

Earn 10 gold medals in Challenge Games.

See the “It’s All Fun and Games” Trophy above for more details.

 Prepared for Combat

Equip a weapon with three abilities.

Abilities for weapons are unlocked by completing challenges and earning points.

Once you have enough points from completing challenges, equip a weapon from the loadout screen before a mission and then press . This will take you to the abilities screen.

Select three abilities by pressing on each one.

killzone liberation trophy guide

 Pocket Change

Collect $1000 Vektan in a mission.

See the “Military Bonus” Trophy below for more details.

 Military Bonus

Collect $44000 Vektan in missions.

Money is earned by collecting silver briefcases throughout each of the main story missions. The briefcases are hidden in brown crates that you can interact with to break open.

killzone liberation trophy guide

There are 88 total brief cases in the game and each briefcase is worth $1,000. So in order to earn this, you’re going to need to find only 44 of them.

The mission areas are fairly linear, so as long as you’re aware of the crates and checking them, you should have no issues finding enough of them.


Defeat a Helghast soldier with a Missile Launcher.

A missile launcher can be found during Sabotage in an ammo crate.

You’ll come to a section where a turret will be firing at you from the left side of the area.

There is an ammo crate here that has the missile launcher in it. Interact with it and pick it up.

killzone liberation trophy guide

This will pop when you kill the enemy with the launcher in the turret firing at you.


Defeat a Helghast soldier with an M3 Revolver.

This can be earned during Diversion.

There is a weapon crate just below the objective in the round control center. You have to go to this area as part of the story.

Pick up the revolver from the crate and kill an enemy with it.

killzone liberation trophy guide

Who Wants Pancakes?

Defeat a Helghast soldier by running them over.

You’ll first get access to a vehicle during Sabotage.

Approach the tank and press to get in. You can drive it forward by holding . You can drive in reverse by holding .

All you have to do here is run over an enemy with it. You can actually earn this at the very first tank you come across. Drive through to the next section and head over to the right where you will encounter enemies on foot and a tank.

killzone liberation trophy guide

In order to earn the “Mobile Fortress” Trophy, you’re going to have to run over at least 50 enemies while in a vehicle. This can be farmed by replaying the Sabotage mission in Chapter 1 and the Reconnaissance mission in chapter 3.

Whichever mission you decide to farm, run over enemies until you reach a checkpoint. Then, use the in game pause menu exit and replay the chapter. Repeat until this pops.

 That Personal Touch

Defeat a Helghast soldier with a melee attack.

In order to melee an enemy, you need to run up to an enemy. When you get close to them, there will be a fist icon above them. When that appears, press and you’ll melee them.

In order to pop the Trophy, you need to kill the enemy with a melee. So, you can whittle down their health until it is low and then finish them off with a melee.

 Not So Friendly

Defeat a Helghast soldier with a Spider Mine.

This can be earned during the Approach. There will be spidermines waiting on your path here. When you get close or shoot one, it will run toward you.

Get one to follow you and run toward an enemy. Let it catch up to you while you’re near the enemy and then it will explode killing you both.

Use the rewind feature to rewind before doing the Trophy and continue on with the mission as normal.

If you don’t get it that way, there will be other opportunities throughout the story. You can shoot a mine from a distance and the spider will go after an enemy if they are closer to it than you are.

 Anti-Tank Personnel

Destroy an enemy tank on foot.

This can be earned at the end of Sabotage.

After blowing up the door with C4, it’ll be time to fight a tank. If you didn’t bring a missile launcher with you from the previous section, there is a crate in the tank boss area in the upper right side that has one.

Keep some cover between you and the tank to avoid taking damage and use the missile launcher on the tank to destroy it.

 Not Today Soldier

Revive an incapacitated Buddy.

This will be earned at the very beginning of Retreat. You’ll need to revive Rico.

Interact with the crate to the right of Rico and pick up a syringe. Then, go over to Rico and press on him to revive him.

killzone liberation trophy guide

 Make Them Fly

Defeat 10 enemies with Frag Grenades.

Press when you have grenades in your inventory to equip them. Aim at an enemy and then press again to throw the grenade. All you have to do is kill 10 enemies with grenades.

You can collect them during missions by interacting with the ammo crates.

killzone liberation trophy guide

 Mobile Fortress

Defeat 50 enemies while you are in a vehicle.

See the “Who Wants Pancakes?” Trophy above for more details.

 One Man Army

Defeat 100 enemies on foot.

This is something that will pop over time as you play through the game’s story.


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