Control Trophy and Achievement Guide

Welcome to my Trophy guide for the game Control! Overall, this is a pretty straight forward and enjoyable Trophy list. Most of the Trophies should be earned naturally as you play through the story and side missions. Fortunately, nothing is missable here. Some of the areas in this game won’t be accessible until you’ve acquired certain abilities which will play a part in unlocking of few of the Trophies early on in the game. As for the collectibles, 120 of them are required for a Trophy, and that might seem like a lot, but it really isn’t. There are actually over 200 collectibles and the game basically throws them at you. You almost have to go out of your way to not collect them. Killing 1,000 enemies will likely be your last Trophy needed. Just being thorough and playing through the main story and all of the side missions will get you close to this. You can revisit areas to farm kills if you’ve completed everything and still need this Trophy.

Director of the FBC

Unlock all other trophies

Astral Construction

Construct a Weapon Form or Mod

- Weapon Forms and Mods can be constructed at cleansed/claimed Control Points in 
the Astral Constructs menu. In order to construct either, you will need the 
required amount of source and materials. Source is earned by killing enemies and 
the materials can be dropped by defeated enemies and found throughout the 
different areas of the FBC building.

Non-Standard Issue

Upgrade any Weapon Form to Level 3
- Weapons are upgraded at cleansed/claimed Control Points. You will need a 
required amount of source and materials in order to upgrade your weapons. 
Upgrades are done in the Weapons Form section of the Astral Constructs menu.

*Glitch Warning* It is possible for this Trophy to glitch. Now, to be more 
clear, it's not the Trophy itself that is glitched, but the weapon form 
upgrades may not appear in the game. If they don't appear, then obviously, you 
cannot upgrade to level 3. On my first play through, I couldn't get any of the 
level 3 upgrades. I was able to pop this Trophy on my second play through. The 
level 3 upgrade for the Grip form becomes available after defeating the anchor 
in The Enemy Within side mission.

Career Development

Unlock all 3 Personal Mod slots
- This Trophy will unlock as you are working toward "Master Parautilitarian." 
Unlocking Ability upgrades will also unlock the Mod slots. You will need 25 
Ability upgrades in order to have all three Personal Mod slots unlocked.

The Importance of Synergy

Complete 5 Side Missions
- See the Trophy "FBC Crisis Solution Task Force" for more details.

Inter-Departmental Cooperation

Complete 10 Side Missions
- See the Trophy "FBC Crisis Solution Task Force" for more details.

FBC Crisis Solution Task Force

Complete 15 Side Missions
- There are actually 18 side missions in the game, and they are all needed for 
the Platinum Trophy, but this will pop after completing 15. The side missions are 
given to you by progressing through the game, NPCs and there are also a few that 
will be given to you by picking up certain collectibles. Some missions will 
become available as you progress through the story. So, speak to NPCs after 
completing main story missions. See the Trophies "Insular Telekinesis", 
"Psychic Occupation" and "Altered Manifestations May Occur" for more details 
on collectible related side missions.

Paranatural Collection

Collect more than 100,000 Source
- Source is collected by killing enemies. You can also get source by 
deconstructing your mods. This should come pretty easily over time as you play 
through the game. Completing the main story plus the side missions will give you 
more than enough source for this Trophy. This Trophy is accumulative. You do not 
need to have 100,000 source on you at one time.

Interdimensional Defender

Killed 1000 Hiss
- The Hiss are the enemies you'll be fighting in Control. Playing through the 
main story and the side missions should make for plenty of enemies to kill. If 
for some reason you do not have this by the end of everything, you can revisit 
areas of the FBC to farm kills.


Unlock 1 Ability Upgrade
- See the Trophy "Master Parautilitarian" for more details.

Expert Parautilitarian

Unlock 50% of the Ability Upgrades
- See the Trophy "Master Parautilitarian" for more details.

Master Parautilitarian

Unlock 100% of the Ability Upgrades
- Ability Points are required to upgrade your abilities. The Points are earned 
by completing missions and finding hidden areas. So, you're going to have to 
complete all 18 side quests and find some of the hidden areas in addition to 
completing the main story in order to earn enough Ability Points needed to 
unlock all of the Ability Upgrades. Abilities can be upgraded at cleansed 
Control Points. Below is the location of every hidden area.

All Hidden Area Locations

Choose to be Chosen

Obtain the Service Weapon
- This is an unmissbale story related Trophy.

Paranatural Powerhouse

Obtain the Launch Ability
- This is an unmissbale story related Trophy.

Insular Telekinesis

Obtain the Shield Ability
- The Shield Ability is acquired in the side mission A Good Defense. In order to 
get the side mission, you will need to find the Home Safe Tests collectible. Once 
you get to the Field Training section, the entry way will be blocked. You have to 
destroy the three red clumps in the room with the Field Training door in order to 
clear the way.

Shifting Positions

Obtain the Evade Ability
- The Evade Ability is unlocked in the side mission called A Merry Chase. You'll 
be given this mission as you make your way to the Janitor's office in Mission 3. 
This is completed in the break-room right down the hall near the Janitors Office. 
This area is also a Hidden Area.

Psychic Occupation

Obtain the Compel Ability
- The Compel Ability is unlocked in the side mission called A Captive Audience. 
You'll be given this mission by collecting the Astralnauts Information 
collectible. That is found in the Parapsychology area.

Rising Thought

Obtain the Levitate Ability
- This is an unmissbale story related Trophy.

Ritualistic Thinking

Cleanse 5 Control Points
- See the Trophy "Discerning the Pattern" for more details.

Ritual Intuition

Cleanse 10 Control Points
- See the Trophy "Discerning the Pattern" for more details.

Discerning the Pattern

Cleanse 25 Control Points
- There are actually 29 Control Points in the game, but only 25 are needed for 
this Trophy. You'll come across these by just simply playing through the main 
story and side missions. The Control Points are important because you can upgrade 
your Abilities, weapons and mods at them. They also act as fast travel points. 
Cleanse/Claim every one you come across.

Strange Collection

Collect 40 Collectibles
- See the Trophy "Bureau Archivist" for more details.

Record Keeper

Collect 80 Collectibles
- See the Trophy "Bureau Archivist" for more details.

Bureau Archivist

Collect 120 Collectibles
- Collectibles are Case Files, Correspondence, Hotline, Research and Records and 
Multimedia. 120 might seem like a lot, but it actually isn't this time around. 
There's over 200 collectibles in Control. So, you don't have to find them all, 
and the game basically throws them at you. Fortunately, the game will actually 
give you collectibles for completing main and side missions. The rest can be 
found by searching the different areas of the FBC. Collectibles will be marked on 
your screen with a white dot when you are near them. Once you pick up a 
collectible, you have it. Dying does not take any collectible away after you've 
grabbed one. They really are not difficult to come across. Again, 120 sounds like 
a lot, but not in the context of this game. You should pop this Trophy rather 
quickly. You can keep track of your collectibles under the Collectibles tab of 
the Touchpad menu.

Altered Manifestations May Occur

Defeat esseJ
- This Trophy is earned by completing the side mission Self-Reflection. You will 
need to find the Mirror Supplement collectible in order to unlock the mission. 
That collectible can be found during Mission 7. You will need to go to the Ritual 
Division of the Research area. Then, enter the Synchronicity Lab to the left of 
the Ritual Division. Inside the lab, you'll need to interact with the computers 
to see the correct order of the panels. Move the panels, enter the mirror and 
then interact with two glass windows on up the both the right and left flights 
of stairs in the lab. After that, the fight with esseJ will begin.

Aggressive Growth

Defeat Mold-1
- This Trophy is earned by completing the side mission Old Growth. This mission 
is given to you by Dr. Underhill. Before you can complete this mission, you will 
need the Levitate Ability and at least Level 4 Clearance card. Get to the ground 
floor of the Central Research area and look for the corner that is covered in 
mold. Go down the hallway to find an elevator shaft. You'll need to jump down 
here and use Levitate to safely glide down to the bottom. Follow the hallway and 
enter a door to find a lab. Dr. Underhill is inside the lab. Speak with her to 
receive the Old Growth mission. All of the mold samples will be down here in this 
area. Just follow the path to the are with the blueish pit.

Now, you will need to go back to the area with the pit and use Levitate to once 
again glide all the way down safely. The path below will lead you to the source 
of the mold, which is Mold-1.

Head of Communications

Defeat Mr. Tomassi
- This Trophy isn't available until after you've completed the main story. Go 
back to the Board Room and speak with Emily Pope. She will give you a side 
mission called Mr. Tomassi. You will fight Tomassi again during this mission. 
Beat him and the Trophy is yours.

Living Archetypes

Defeat the Anchor
- This Trophy is earned by completing the side mission called The Enemy Within. 
This mission will be unlocked upon completing A Matter of Time. First, complete A 
Matter of Time. This mission is given to you by Horowitz in Logistics of the 
Containment area. He is found by going through the door to left of the big map of 
the United States. Go upstairs and you'll find him sitting next to a shelter. 
Once you complete A Matter of Time, go back to the Sealed Threshold Hall and 
interact with the Safe Room. Follow the hallways to the Anchor to start the fight.

Astral Phenomena

Defeat Former
- This Trophy is earned by completing the side mission called Fridge Duty. You'll 
need to first complete the main mission My Brother's Keeper before you can help 
Phillip and eventually fight Former. 

The fight can be a little tricky, but make sure to use the Evade Ability and 
Levitate. Former's physical attacks will put a hole in the map and you'll fall 
through. Just before the leg slams down, Evade and quickly shoot the eye. You can 
also use Launch to throw the balls of energy it shoots at you back it to inflict 
a good chunk of damage.

Welcome to the Oldest House

Complete Mission 1
- This is an unmissbale story related Trophy.

Unknown Caller

Complete Mission 2
- This is an unmissbale story related Trophy.

Directorial Override

Complete Mission 3
- This is an unmissbale story related Trophy.

Old Boys’ Club

Complete Mission 4
- This is an unmissbale story related Trophy.


Complete Mission 5
- This is an unmissbale story related Trophy.

My Brother’s Keeper

Complete Mission 6
- This is an unmissbale story related Trophy.

The Face of the Enemy

Complete Mission 7
- This is an unmissbale story related Trophy.

Finnish Tango

Complete Mission 8
- This is an unmissbale story related Trophy.


Complete Mission 9
- This is an unmissbale story related Trophy.

Take Control

Complete Mission 10
- This is an unmissbale story related Trophy.

Cognitive Intruder

Compel 10 enemies with the Seize Ability
- Hold Square on an enemy with low health to compel them to fight for you after 
acquiring the Seize Ability. You'll have to damage the enemy a bit and then a 
Square icon will appear next to the health bar. Your newly brainwashed companion 
does not need to kill anyone or do anything. Once they're compelled, that's all 
that is needed.

Unstable Matter

Kill 50 enemies with the Launch Ability
- Launch is the first Ability you'll acquire. In order to kill an enemy with it, 
you need to hold R1 to pick up an item from the environment and then release R1 
to throw it at an enemy. This will come fairly quickly. Just about everything in 
the environment can be picked up and thrown. The game will automatically lock on 
to targets for you. It will only take a couple hits from a thrown object to kill 
the enemy.

Volatile Debris

Kill 10 enemies with the Shield Burst Ability
- The description of this Trophy is incorrect. The Ability needed for this is not 
called Shield Burst. It is called Shield Barrage. You will need to upgrade the 
Shield Ability to Shield Barrage. Once you have done that, hold L1 to use the 
Ability and then release L1 when near an enemy to kill them. Damage the enemies 
a bit first before using the Ability to make the kills easier.

Proper Handling Procedures

Use Launch to throw a grenade or rocket
- In order to throw grenades back with Launch, you will need to upgrade Launch to 
the Launch Explosives Ability. Now, just wait for an enemy to throw a grenade or 
shoot a rocket at you. Once an explosive is tossed your war, wait for it to get 
close and then use Launch to throw it back. You'll have plenty of opportunities 
to unlock this as the enemy will frequently use explosives.

War Games

Complete 5 Board Countermeasures
- See the Trophy "Astral Tactician" for more details.

Astral Tactician

Complete 25 Board Countermeasures
- Board Countermeasures are basically just in game challenges. They will become 
available in Chapter 3. You should try to get these done as soon as you can. It's 
little more difficult to knock these out after you've completed all of the 
missions as there will not be as many enemies. You can only have three active at 
a time, but if there is one that is too difficult or you just don't want to do 
it, accept it and then abandon it. That will erase the challenge and a different 
one will become available for you.

First On the Scene

Complete 1 Bureau Alert
- See the Trophy "Crisis Management" for more details.

Crisis Management

Complete 5 Bureau Alerts
- Every so often, you'll get an on-screen message asking you to go clear out 
areas of the FBC. There doesn't seem to be a limit to these, so you can either 
take care of all five right right away, or you can skip some and do them later. 
You will fail the mission if you die during them.

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