Metro Exodus: The Two Colonels Trophy and Achievement Guide

Welcome to the The Two Colonels Trophy guide on DGG! The Two Colonels is the second piece of downloadable content released for Metro Exodus and it comes with eight new Trophies to earn. It’s not very long and the list is pretty manageable. Most of this list is tied to story progression, but there are a few that could use some explanation. In order to begin the DLC, you’ll need to select “Chapters” in the main menu and then The Two Colonels will be at the top of the list. Everything can be done in one play through. Be sure to make lots of quick saves on your “It’s just a scratch” run. Before starting that run, be sure to change your difficulty to at least Normal in the main menu before selecting and starting the DLC from the Chapter select. The game will default to the last difficulty you played on during the main game otherwise.

New Year

Celebrate the New Year in The Two Colonels Chapter.

- This is an unmissable story related Trophy. This will pop after the tree 
lighting ceremony in Prospekt.

Duty and conscience

Make a moral choice in The Two Colonels Chapter.

- This is an unmissable story related Trophy. This will pop after you decide 
what to do while searching Petrovitch's home for his Green Stuff. It will pop 
no matter what option you choose.

Father and son

Provide guidance for Kirill in The Two Chapters Chapter.

- This is an unmissable story related Trophy. This Trophy will pop after the 
battle against the rioters and the present day cutscene.

Real Colonel

Complete The Two Colonels Chapter.

- This is an unmissable story related Trophy. This Trophy will pop immediately 
after the final cutscene of the DLC.

The whole picture

Find all 9 hidden Diary pages in The Two Colonels Chapter.

- There are only nine Diary pages to find in this DLC and they'll mostly be on 
your path through the game. This DLC is linear unlike the main game, so only a 
little exploration is required to find them, but not much.

Mind you, it’s quite heavy!

Kill 3 Nosalises with the flamethrower’s melee attack in The Two Colonels Chapter.

- You'll get the opportunity to unlock this near the end of the DLC. All you have 
to do is press R3 to melee with the flamethrower equipped. On Normal difficulty, 
it'll take about three hits to kill them.

Dodge master

Dodge all of the Blind One’s throwing Attacks in The Two Colonels Chapter.

- The Blind One will be the final boss of this DLC. Every so often, it will pick 
up a dead enemy and throw it at you. You can actually limit the amount of throws 
that take place if you can keep a constant stream of fire on the Blind One. You 
will have to dodge a throw at the very beginning of the fight and that can be a 
bit tricky. As soon as you've regained control, immediately sprint to the one of 
the sides to dodge the throw. After that initial dodge, hold the fire on it until 
the misters turn on and the Blind One will briefly run away. Next, you'll have to 
fight another wave of Nosalises. The Blind One will come back after that wave. If 
you can hold a long stream of fire on it when it lands it won't throw another 
body at you. If you can keep constant streams of fire on it, you'll beat the 
Blind One quickly with minimal dodges needed.

It’s just a scratch

Complete The Two Colonels Chapter without using any Medkits on Normal or higher difficulty.

- This Trophy can be a little hard, but it's not impossible. This DLC isn't very 
long, and there will be certain points in the Chapter where you'll be given full 
health if you're damaged. Be sure to constantly make quick saves just in case you 
die. The beginning of the game you should take very slowly. You'll be making your 
way through tunnels while burning slime. Every so often giant worms will come out 
and fire at you. Their attacks can do a lot of damage, so you'll need to use your 
flamethrower the second you see them slide out. There will also be enemies in the 
slime on the walls that you'll need to keep an eye out for. Once you reach 
Prospekt, the game will reset you health.

The middle part of the game will have you fighting a group of human enemies. 
This part isn't too bad as there will be plenty of cover to hide behind, you 
won't be too close to the enemy and you'll have some back up with you.

The final part of the DLC will have you facing waves of Nosalises and a final 
boss in the Blind One. They'll come out from vents and holes in the wall, so 
find an area that you can back yourself in. This will force them to come at you 
from the front instead of all sides. The flamethrower will take care of them 
rather quickly. Don't worry if you're low on health when you get the fight with 
the Blind One. The game will reset your health here and you'll be back to full 
for the fight.

This Trophy will pop during the final cutscenes after "Real Colonel" pops.

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