Doom (1993) Trophy and Achievement Guide

Overall, this is a fairly easy Trophy list. The only difficult Trophy here is Not So Bad. This Platinum is going to require another player locally, or a second controller. There is no online multiplayer, it is local only. You’re going to want to really learn the layouts and key points of each mission as there is a time trial Trophy. Not So Bad is a playthrough on the hardest difficulty, so it is recommended that you just run to the objective points and then straight to the exits with as little combat as possible. In order to replay a mission, you’ll have to replay the whole episode that contains the mission. It is also recommended to make save files at the beginning of missions just in case you have to reload a time trial run or if you need to go back for a Trophy.


Unlock all trophies in DOOM

Knee-Deep in the Dead

Beat all the levels in “Knee-Deep in the Dead”

- "Knee-Deep in the Dead" is the first episode. Complete all of the missions
within the first episode to unlock this.

The Shores of Hell

Beat all the levels in “The Shores of Hell”

- "The Shores of Hell" is the second episode. Complete all of the missions 
within the second episode to unlock this.


Beat all the levels in “Inferno”

- "Inferno" is the third episode. Complete all of the missions within the third 
episode to unlock this.

Thy Flesh Consumed

Beat all the levels in “Thy Flesh Consumed”

- "Thy Flesh Consumed" is the fourth episode. Complete all of the missions 
within the fourth episode to unlock this.

I’m the Man!

Beat DOOM in under 2 hours

- Luckily, there are a few things that make this easier than you would think. 
First, this Trophy is accumulative and does not need to be completed in one 
sitting. You can go back to missions to try and lower your times and the 
overall time will be adjusted. Secondly, the times only seem to count from the 
fist three episodes and not all four. Lastly, this can be done on "I'm Too 
Young To Die" difficulty.

The missions are not very long and they aren't that difficult. You're going to
want to avoid engaging with enemies and just run straight to mission 
objectives. Only kill the enemies that you absolutely have to. I suggest 
making a save at the beginning of each mission just in case you mess up and 
take too much time. You can also do a practice run of the mission to get an 
idea of exactly where you need to go, then reload and speed right through it. 
Also, pausing the game stops the timer.


Get 25 kills in deathmatch

- See the Trophy "Showstopper" below for more details.


Get 100 kills in deathmatch

- This Trophy is going to require two controllers. The fastest way to earn this 
is to start a Deathmatch, select the frag limit to 25 and set the timer to 10 
minutes. Now, just run through killing the other "player" 25 times. Replay the 
Deathmatch four times at 25 kills to earn the required 100. Remember that you 
have to press R2 on the second controller to respawn the other character. It will 
not spawn automatically.

Not so Bad

Beat every level on Nightmare in co-operative mode

- This is the most challenging Trophy in the game. Make a save at the beginning 
of each mission. You're going to want to really learn the maps. You need to know 
exactly where to go and exactly where the exits are. The less combat you can 
engage in, the better. Sometimes, the enemies will clog up a hallway. Instead of 
fighting through that, you're better off just reloading your save and trying 
again. Be sure to hold L2 pretty much the entire time as sprinting will help you 
dodge enemies a little bit.

The other component of this Trophy is co-op. You're going to need another player 
locally to help, or you can just have a second controller on. If you're playing 
with another person, you can employ a bit of strategy here. One person can act as 
a distraction to the enemies while the other player completes the mission. Only 
one player needs to reach the exit to complete the mission.

Guns are for Wusses

Get 25 kills with your fists in a single level

- Equip your fists and run through whatever level you choose killing enemies. 
This is made easier by playing through the earlier levels. You're going to take 
damage doing this so it is also much easier to set the game difficulty to the 
lowest setting.


Get 3 multi-kills with the shotgun

- A multi-kill is a two kills with a single shot. It's not very difficult and is 
something that will more than likely come naturally as you play. When you 
encounter a room with multiple enemies, strafe around them and they usually get 
close to each other. Fire off a shot when they are lined up or grouped up to kill 
two at once.

Shoot it Until it Dies

Finish off a Cyberdemon with the pistol

- This Trophy can be a pain. Even on a lower difficulty, the Cyberdemon has a lot 
of health and the pistol just doesn't do that much damage. Before you begin, make 
a save just in case you die and lose your weapons. Start out by using the rocket 
launcher to weaken it. That's going to take about 45 hits with the rocket. Make 
another save file after that to ensure that you can reload and start off with a 
weakened enemy just in case you die. Now, pull out the pistol and just keep 
chipping away with it. The Cyberdemon's rockets can get on you pretty quickly, 
so use the sprint (hold L2) to dodge incoming fire. If its been awhile after 
using the pistol, make another save file just to be safe. Eventually, you'll 
finish it off and pop another gold Trophy.

Cookin’ With Plasma

Kill 5 enemies in 5 seconds with the plasma rifle

- I was able to earn this Trophy on E2M4. Run into the blue area of the map and 
there will be more than enough enemies in there. Run around them and get them to 
follow you just a little bit so that you can get another group of enemies to lock 
onto you. Once there are at least five, light em up with the plasma rifle.


Kill only a single enemy with a shot from the BFG

- I actually earned this Trophy on E3M3, but the below recording is an easier and 
quicker location on E3M4. The BFG is not far from the starting point of the 
mission. Once you get there, you can find a lone enemy in the room right next to 
where you get the BFG.

Timing is Everything

Kill 2 enemies with a single barrel explosion

- This is another Trophy that will come naturally as you play through the game. 
There are areas where a big group of enemies can be found surrounded by barrels. 
Simply shoot the green barrels when the enemies are near them. The barrels 
actually have a pretty big blast radius, so this shouldn't be too difficult to 


Crush a corpse in a door

- For this Trophy, you're going to have to bait an enemy into following you under 
a door. Open a door with X and then back track a bit with an enemy following you. 
Once they're under the door, kill them and wait for the door to shut and crush 
the body.


Finish a level with 200% armor and 200% health

- If you have two controllers, this Trophy can actually be earned pretty easily 
in multiplayer. First, set the chapter as "The Shores of Hell" and then choose 
"9" for the map. Set the frag limit to 1 and begin the match. In the center of 
the map, you'll find the 200% health. Quickly run down through it to grab it and 
then head through the brown door to find the 200% armor. Kill the other player to 
end the match and the Trophy will pop.

It’s a Secret

Find a secret level

- See the Trophy "Not a Very Good Secret" below for more details.

Not a Very Good Secret

Find all the secret levels

- There are four different secret levels. They can be found in levels E1M3, 
E2M5, E3M6 and E4M2.


Kill one of every enemy

- There are 10 different enemy types to kill in Doom. You will likely kill all 
10 by just naturally playing through all four of the episodes. This Trophy popped 
for me after killing the final boss of Episode 3.


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