Journey to the Savage Planet Trophy and Achievement Guide

Welcome to the Trophy guide for Journey to the Savage Planet! There are 44 Trophies to be earned here and it is a very obtainable Platinum. It is going to require two playthroughs. One of which will be a speed run. Don’t worry, the speed run is actually very easy. The required time is under four hours. However, you can “beat” the game early by finding fuel for your ship and leaving the planet without having completed all of the objectives. This will count as completing the game under the four hours. The other playthrough will be your main one. You’ll be collecting all of the animal scans, plant scans and other collectibles as well as earning the miscellaneous Trophies here. There is free roam after completing the story, so anything you miss will still be available to collect.

Main Playthrough: Finish the story, do all scans, find all collectibles, slap every animal and earn all miscellaneous Trophies.

Timed Playthrough: Only progress far enough to find 5 fuel canisters and then launch the Javelin to leave. The timed playthrough will earn you the “No Refunds” and “Screw This Noise” Trophies.

The Final Frontier

All trophies unlocked! Wow! You got all the things! Did all the stuff! Endured all the poop jokes! Good job!


Set foot on AR-Y 26 for the first time. I guess that counts as an achievement?

This is an unmissable story related Trophy. This will pop after you take your first
step out of your ship.

Cragclaw Defeated

Cragclaw down. Break out the garlic butter!

The Cragclaw will be the first boss you fight as you progress through the story.
Its attacks can be dodged by crouching, jumping and jumping to other platforms. Aim
for the yellow bulbs that are extending from its head to cause damage.

Defeat this boss with a co-op partner to earn the "We came, We saw, We Kicked Its
Ass" Trophy.

Floopsnoot Queen Defeated

Successfully ended the bloodline of an endangered alien species! Congratulations!

This is an unmissable story related Trophy. To start this boss fight, shoot the
giant eye of the Queen. Then, there will be glowing targets all around the Queen's
body that you will need to shoot in order to damage it. The targets will be covered
with Amber in the second and third stages of the fight. There are Blight Bomb plants 
around the area that can use to throw at the Queen's Amber sections revealing the 
targets behind them. Smaller Floopsnoots will also spawn during the fight. Be sure
to take them out quickly. They're annoying enemies that can inflict a good amount of
damage if they are not dealt with quickly.

Teratomo Defeated

Teratomo is no mo’. Now go take a shower. You smell bad. Very bad.

Teratomo is the final boss of the game and the fight can be a little tricky. You have
to shoot every yellow spot on all of the tentacles and face of Teratomo. While doing
so, you have to make sure you are staying aware of its attacks. They can inflict
a lot of damage and entire platforms can be temporarily covered in fire. Platforming
is going to be an important part of this boss fight. 

After each health bar is gone, he will collapse and roll out his tongue. You need to
run up his tongue and into his mouth. Press Square on the blue object in his mouth
and the next stage of the fight will begin. 

During the second stage, he will spawn two Jellywaft. During the third stage, he will
spawn three of them. You'll want to take care of these quickly as they can be very
annoying and deal some pretty good damage to you.

I would recommend not doing this fight until you've leveled up your health, gear and
weapon. There are plants on the back platforms that will replenish left handed items
and health in case you need them. While he is laying down with his tongue out, refill
on items and health before going in to its mouth.

Open Seasame

Enter The Spire. I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

Aaaaaaand we’re back

You died! Now you’re not dead! Huh. Weird!

All you have to do is die. It doesn't get any easier than that. Die in anyway and
this Trophy is yours. 

After you die, you will respawn back at your ship. Now, go back to where you died to
do two things. First, scan your dead body by pressing Up on the D-Pad and then R1.
This will earn you the "It's Me. But Not Me. But Still Me." Trophy. Now, the gear you
had will be in box near where you died. Pick up the box to pop the "Return to Sender"

Phone Home

Play a video message from Kindred. Guess they didn’t forget about us!

You will receive video messages automatically when you return to the Javelin after
completing objectives. They will automatically play when you enter the Javelin as


Bait 5 creatures into attacking each other. Divide and conquer: Classic strat.

You can earn this Trophy immediately after exiting your ship. Go into the cave just
outside of your ship and hit a Pufferbird with a can of bait. The other Pufferbirds
will then attack the one with the bait on it. Repeat that four more times to earn the
Trophy. This is especially easy to earn at the very beginning as the Pufferbirds and
bait refills are near eachother. Enter and exit your ship to get the Pufferbirds to
respawn if you run out.

Little Shop of Horrors

Fed 5 Pufferbirds to a Meat Vortex. Yes, it blends!

This is a mechanic that will be introduced to do as you progress through the story.
Basically, a Meat Vortex is a big creature that is attached to a wall. The tentacles
coming off them will be blocking passage ways. Wherever there is a Meat Vortex, there
will also be Pufferbirds near by. All you have to do is throw some bait near the
Meat Vortex and the Pufferbirds will run to it. When they get close enough, one of
them will be eaten by the Meat Vortex and the passage way will be opened. You're
going to do this more than five times as you explore the entire map.

Note: If you're playing co-op, only the player that kicks the birds toward the
vortex will get the Trophy. There are not that many of these, so it is possible
to miss this if your co-op partner is the only one doing these.

The $600 Man

3D-print all the 3D-printables. After that, go ahead and 3D-print yourself a gold star!

There are 44 items in the 3D printer that will need to be printed. In order to print
them, you will need to collect materials. As you play, you'll find aluminum, carbon,
silicon and Alien Alloy. If you die, you'll lose your materials unless you are able
to retrieve your gear from the last spot where you died. Every time you go back 
inside the Javelin Habitat, the materials will be banked. They'll be safe just in 
case you happen to die. Just be sure to go back to the Javelin every now and then to 
stash away your materials.

Other than the elemental materials, there are a couple of other things you're going
to have to do before you can print all of the available printables. First, you're 
going to need to complete all of the Science Experiments. There are four tasks per
rank and there are four ranks. You have to reach Rank Four. 

Then, you will need to find every Alien Alloy. These are special materials needed
in order to craft your items. The Alloy are inside of plants called Vaultivore
and Combativore. The Vaultivore will need to be opened by solving a nearby puzzle
and the Vaultivores are opened by defeating all nearby enemies. In order to open the 
plants, there will be a small task nearby that you have to complete. They usually 
involve killing all of the nearby creatures. You can also craft an Alien Alloy 
Detector that will reveal their locations to you when pressing R3. That will make 
finding them easier. There are 32 in total.

After those are both done, and given that you have the required materials, everything
in the printer will now be available to print.

Stronger, Faster, Probably Poisonous

Recklessly and irresponsibly eat every Orange Goo on AR-Y 26.

There are 100 Orange Goos to eat on the planet. Eating them will increase your health
by giving you more health bars. They are everywhere and really not that difficult to
find. You can make this even easier by unlocking the Orange Goo Detector in the Visor
section of the 3D printer. This will reveal and mark their locations for you when 
click in R3.

Return To Sender

Retrieved your own loot box. Death is no excuse for leaving behind Kindred property!

See the Trophy "Aaaaaaand we're back" for more details.


Use every left hand tool in the game. Gotta hand it to you: You’re pretty handy.

There are only eight left handed tools to use in the game. Like most things in this
game, these will become available as you progress through the story. Most of them
will be required to be used in order to progress, so you shouldn't have any issues
unlocking this. They are found on plants and sacs hanging from trees. Simply throw 
one of each item to unlock the Trophy.

- Bait
- Gelatinous Blob
- Binding Bile
- Grapple Seed
- Bombegranate
- Blight Bomb
- Shock Fruit
- Live Sampler

It’s Not In The Game

Collect every obnoxious video ad on your computer.

The video ads will unlock as you complete missions and progress through the story.
The Trophy won't pop until you re-enter the Javelin Habitat. You don't even have to 
watch them, they will just appear in your Video folder in the PC. There are only
eight ads to collect.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood…

Execute 10 consecutive grapples without touching the ground. You’re like some kind of arachnid-man.

This Trophy can be earned in The Enigmatic Spire area in The Elevated Realm. This
Trophy requires that you use 10 different grapples. It can be a little tricky and its
best to wait until you've unlocked jump upgrades from the 3D Printer. The grapple
plants on the sides of walls do not count as touching the ground. So, those give you
time to line up your next jump and recharge your double jumps without voiding the

For Science!

Complete the first set of Science Experiments. Science: It’s not just for nerds!

For this Trophy, you will need to get Field Explorer rank two. In order to do that,
you will need to complete a set of Field Explorer tasks. They can be found by
pressing the Touchpad under the "Journal" tab. In this tab, they'll be under "Science
Experiments." These are just small side tasks that you'll have complete. Here are the
objectives for getting to Field Explorer rank 2:

1. Gather live samples from Pufferbird, Baboushka and Pikemander.
2. Kill 4 creatures with a single Alpha Pufferbird detonation.
3. Fall 50 meters and save yourself with Jump thrusters.
4. Kill 5 ground creatures while they are airborne.

Deleted But Not Forgotten

Read all of the previous explorer’s emails. Kinda nosy if you ask me.

This can be done at the very beginning of the game. Use the computer on your ship
and then open the trash can icon. All you have to do is read all of the emails in the
trash folder.

Teratomo? Teratomo!

Re-emerged onto AR-Y 26 after killing Teratomo. Back to work, I suppose!

This Trophy is unmissable as long as you fight Teratomo. If you left early without
completing the story, you will not get it. It will pop right after the credits finish
and you load back into the game.

No Refunds

Finish the game in under 4 hours. See you at GDQ!

Yes, there is a speedrun, but it is not that bad. You don't actually have to finish
the entire story. Instead, all you're going to want to do is progress far enough
until you are able to find and mark five fuel canisters. Once you have found them, 
go back to the Javelin and launch. You'll then leave the planet and will have "beat" 
the game. Because you are not completing the objectives, you will also earn the 
"Screw This Noise" Trophy. 

I would recommend saving this for last. It will be made easier by learning the map
and fuel locations during your main playthrough before jumping in to this.

You'll need to complete objectives until you get to The Elevated Realm. The second
you get here, stop doing the main objectives and start collecting the fuel
canisters. The story will bring you to one as part of an objective so, you will only
need to get four more.

The areas that have the quickest fuel canisters are:

1. Planetary Flotsam
2. Festering Chasm
3. Pillars of Xzorgana (There are two here)

The Festering Chasm and Xzorgana areas are going to require big jumps, but you do not
need to waste time upgrading your charge boost. You can reach the areas by putting 
down a Springy Egg Sac. First, place the Egg Sac, step back from it, hold Square + X 
to charge your jump and then walk on to the Egg Sac. Now, once you're at the height 
of the Egg Sac jump, release Square + X and you will boost yourself even higher.

There is nothing you can do in game to stop the clock. The game still runs if you
press Options or the Touchpad. If you need to stop the clock, close the game out
completely or return to the main menu. When selecting your save file from the main
menu, your time will also be listed, so you can check on your progress. 

I was at about 1:30 when I got to The Elevated Realm and finished at around two
hours. Four hours is more than enough time as long as you only complete the main
objectives until the third area.

Flippin’ the bird

Get launched by a Pufferbird, then kill it.

This Trophy can be earned right after exiting your ship for the first time. You'll
have to enter the caves just ahead of you to progress the story, but there will be
Pufferbirds in there as well. Press Square to hit them and they will attack you.
After you're hit and knocked back, kill the Pufferbird that hit you. 

There is a group of Pufferbirds in here, so as you're doing this, hold Square to 
charge up your melee attack and release it to pop a Pufferbird. You'll be covered in
green slime earning you the "He Slimed Me" Trophy.

Turdball Wizard

Consecutively bounce on 5 different Springy Egg Sacs. It’s like an ethically-iffy bouncy castle!

This can easily be unlocked, but first you will need to unlock the Better Utility
Belt from the 3D Printer. This will allow you to carry five left handed items. Now,
find a little bit of space and throw down five of the Egg Sacs in a line fairly
close to each other. All you have to do now is jump on each one without touching the
ground. Simply go down the line jumping on each one.

That’s all people really want to do…

Kick 10 Pufferbirds in 45 seconds. It’s why you bought the game. We get it.

I was able to earn this Trophy in the Meteor Crater area. Before attempting this,
make sure you're stocked up on cans of bait. From the Teleporter, run to the left
until you get to the area with the Pufferbirds. Throw a couple of cans of bait until
there are six Pufferbirds grouped up. Kick all six and then immediately run to the
right and jump down off the ledge. There will be two more Pufferbirds where you land.
Immediately after kicking those two, run forward to another small area where the
final two Pufferbirds will be. Kick 'em and pop the Trophy.

Au-revoir Gopher!

Kill 5 Schnozos in 15 seconds. Moles ain’t gonna whack themselves.

There are a few different places you can attempt this Trophy, but the easiest area
is going to be in the Pillars of Xzorgana. There is a secret cave with an Alien
Alloy that has more than five Schnozos in it. The cave is under the island and can
be accessed by jumping onto floating pillars off the side of the island. The quickest
way to kill five is to do it in one shot. That can be done by upgrading your weapon 
with the Bounce Bomb in the 3D printer. As you enter the cave, reload your weapon, 
press Triangle and stop the line in the colored section to charge your pistol up. Do 
this two more times to get it fully charged. Go into the cave and fire the shot at 
Schnozos and should get the five kills.

Scott Norwood in the Hizzy…

Kick 25 Pufferbirds and 25 Maroons. It’s ok. I don’t know who Scott Norwood is either.

Pufferbirds are found just about everywhere in the game. They will be the first 
creature you come across in the caves after leaving the Javelin Habitat. Maroons
are not found until much later in the game. They are small creatures with two big
eyes that will walk around in groups, much like the Pufferbirds. All you have to
do is kick 25 of each creature. Press Square to kick them. Just be sure to kick
them as you come across them.

What Would You Two Maniacs Like To Do First?

Start a Co-Op game. It must be nice having friends…

This Trophy will pop the second you join your partner's game, or when your partner
joins your game. There is no matchmaking and no local co-op. The co-op in this game
is invite only.

He Slimed Me

Got covered in ooey-gooey alien guts.

See the Trophy "Flippin the Bird" for more details.

Don’t Cross the Streams

Slapped your Co-Op partner. I’m sure you had a good reason for it.

Walk up to your partner and press Square to slap them. They absolutely deserved it.

We came, We Saw, We Kicked Its Ass

Crack Cragclaw with a Co-Op partner. Teamwork really does make the dream work.

See the Trophy "Craglaw Defeated" for more details.

A Little Help, Please

Revive your Co-Op partner. Let’s hope they learn to start pulling their weight.

When your co-op partner dies, run up to them and press Square. If you want this
quickly, run into a group of enemies and just let them kill you. There is a 30 second
timer on the window of opportunity for reviving a partner.

Stop Crapping On Me, Jessie

Got pooped on by a Skipper. That’s good luck, depending on who you ask. Not me. I think it’s gross.

Skippers are found in the Itching Fields area. They will be perched or flying above
you. All you have to do is stand underneath them and you'll get pooped on. It can 
be a little tricky to line it up, but just stare up at them and follow them around.

Home At Last

You’ve returned home after fully completing your mission! You’re a hero!

This will be one of the last Trophies you need on your main playthrough. Do not
launch the Javelin until you have completed everything you need to do. Finish the
story, do all scans, find all collectibles, slap every animal and earn all 
miscellaneous Trophies. When you're completely done, then you can launch and leave
the planet. Launching the Javelin will require you to have found five fuel canisters.
You can still explore after the credits.

Screw This Noise

You’ve returned home without fully completing your mission. I’d start looking for new work.

See the Trophy "No Refunds" for more details.


Scan all the flora on AR-Y 26!

There are 63 different kinds of flora that need to be scanned. Press Up on the D-Pad
to open your scanner and then hold R1 to scan the object. You can track which ones
you have scanned by pressing the Touchpad > Kindex > Flora. The plants can be found
in many different places, the list below is where they can be first encountered.

Outside The Javelin:

Fragile Crystal
Salt Crystal
Vitality Plant
Polypod Tree
Springy Egg Sac
Metallic Seed Bag
Burgle Haven
Carbon Vein
Grapple Flower
Aluminum Vein
Puffer Spring
Pufferbird Nest
Massive Skull
Jellywaft Pit

Towering Crystals:

Large Ant Mound
Canopy Leaf
Silicon Vein
Giant Bombegranate
Bombegranate Plant (Teen)
Bombegranate Plant
Smoke Spout
Bright Blossom
Glow Shrub

Meteor Crater:

Blight Bomb Plant
Blight Bomb Plant (Baby)
Blight Bomb Plant (Teen)

Cliffs of Mt. Gzarfyn:

Stone Armor
Bombegranate Plant (Baby)

Planetary Flotsam:

Amber Armor
Bulwark Bush
Pufferbird Burial Ground

Festering Chasm:

Larval Jelly
Big Ol' Nut
Grapple Rail
Gossamer Wood
Splinter Timber

Fungi of Si'ned VII:

Feeble Cap
Swarm Hive
Swarm Hive Shield

Xerophilous Landing:

Schnozo Hole

Repaired Teleporter:

Space Lettuce
Shock Fruit Plant
Shock Fruit Plant (Baby)
Shock Fruit Plant (Teen)
Crackle Cap

Infernal Cauldron:


Moist Vestibule:

Grotesque Opening
Dripping Orifice
Pus Launcher


Scan all the creatures on AR-Y 26!

See the Trophy "I Come in Peace" for more details.

Build It Up

Gather half the Alien Alloy on AR-Y 26. I’m half-impressed!

There are 32 Alloy, so you'll only need to find 16 of them to pop this Trophy. You're
going to need to find all 32 for another Trophy though. They are found inside of 
Vaultivore and Combativore plants. See the Trophy "The $600 Man" for more Alien 
Alloy details. There are also Alien Alloy inside of Osmotic Cubes. In order to
get it out, you'll have to slap to nearby Vitaplants or mineral deposits. Hit or 
shoot the plants and the Cube will eat the seeds. Keep doing that until the Cube

I Want To Go Home. Eventually.

Marked your first fuel pod. Momma, I’m coming home!

You will need to find fuel pods in order to fully finish the story. Follow the main
objectives and you will eventually come across a fuel pod. When you find one, use
your scanner to scan it and then walk up to it and press Square to mark it.

I Feel The Same. I Think?

Unlock the Alien Teleportation System. Beats walking!

This is basically an unmissable story related Trophy. There are multiple Alien
Teleportation Systems to be used and they act as fast travel points.

It’s Me. But Not Me. But Still Me.

Scan your own corpse. Best not to think about it too much…

See the Trophy "Aaaaaaand we're back" for more details.

I Come In Peace

Slap every alien creature at least once. I suppose that counts as “first contact”.

There are 37 creatures that need to be scanned and slapped in the game. Everytime
you come across a new creature, scan it and then slap it by pressing Square. This
will unlock the "Zoologist" Trophy for scanning every creature. If you've slapped
every creature after you've slapped them, you will also get the "I come in Peace"
Trophy. The bosses can be slapped after defeating them. Their bodies will remain
after the fights. This Trophy actually popped for me before scanning my last animal.
So, it might only require scanning one of each specie. Just stay on the safe side
and slap everything you encounter regardless. Below is a list of where each can first
be encountered. You can track which ones you have scanned by pressing the Touchpad > 
Kindex > Creatures.

Outside The Javelin:

Pufferbird (Snowy)
Pufferbird (Alpha)
Burglesnatch (Tundra)
Jellywaft (Inferior)

Towering Crystals:

Baboushka (Demi)
Baboushka (Quater)
Pufferbird (Valley)
Meat Vortex
Pufferbird (Cave)
Osmotic Cube (This can be found with the Alien Alloy detecting visor upgrade. It has
and Alloy in it)

Meteor Crater:

Burglesnatch (Balmy)
Pikemander (Marbled)
Boomberbang (Hermit)
Jellywaft (Prime)

Cliffs of Mt. Gzarfyn:


Planetary Flotsam:

Jellywaft (Prime)
Skipper (Scotch)
Skipper (Tortoise)
Pufferbird (Infected)

Festering Chasm:

Skipper (Royal)
Boomberbang (Feral)

Fungi of Si'ned VII: 

Insectoid Swarm 
Kapeyna (Widowed)

Festering Overhang:

Floopsnoot Matriarch

The Enigmatic Spire:


Xerophilous Landing:

Imperial Scarab

Repaired Teleporter:

Pikemander (Deserter)

Slamphibian Pit:

Slamphibian (Grizzled)
Slamphibian (Heath)

Infernal Cauldron:

Kapeyna (Battle)

Vault Floor 4:



Stun 5 creatures simultaneously with Shock Fruit. Stone cold.

Before you can earn this Trophy, you will need to first unlock the Shock Fruit
Stabilizer from the 3D printer. The Shock Booster is not required, but it will make
things easier. I was able to unlock this in the Meteor Crater area. Throw down a 
couple cans of bait to attract at least five Pufferbirds. When they gather around
the food to eat, start zapping them.

Pinball Wizard

Kill 5 creatures with a single Charged Shot. Because aiming is for chumps!

Before you can attempt this, you will need to print the "Supercharged Shot" upgrade
for the pistol at the 3D Printer. Once you have that, head over to the Meteor Crater
Teleporter. Go left from the Teleporter and hope across a small jump to find an area
with Pufferbirds running around. Hold Triangle and then quickly press Triangle again
when the white line is in the blue area to charge up your pistol. Now, throw some
bait to attract the birds. It may take a couple cans of bait before all five come
over. When there are five of them grouped up eating bait, fire the charged shot into
the group to kill them all.

The Answer is 42

Fully decrypt and watch the tower origin transmission.

In order to decrypt the transmissions, you will need to find all of the Alien
Tablets. There are only 10 of them to be found and scanned. Once you have scanned 
them all, go to the Javelin and watch all of the videos in the Alien Research folder
on the PC.

Who Is Teratomo?

Collect and read every Alien Explorer Log.

There are only eight Alien Explorer Logs to be found. After you have found them all,
head back to the Javelin and read the logs. They will be in the Alien Research


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  1. Hi, I think Little Shop of Horrors trophy is missable if play in coop because friend and I playing it in my host game and he got trophy and I don’t because he opened each time but still not finish the story though as I am in 3rd world. So if you know about it, do I able reopen through by kick to meat vortex?

    1. Hmm I’m not entirely sure as the only co-op I played was for the co-op specific Trophies. Were you the one to actually kick the birds? If so, all I can think of is starting a new game and trying again.

  2. My friend did all of it while play with me in coop so I didn’t get trophy and yes I didn’t kick the birds to it as my friend did and got trophy. This is why I am saying this trophy is missable if play in coop. Yes I have to start new game for it. I will leave this one for last and cleaning up everything else and doing under 4 hours complete game for trophy then worry about this one. So maybe you should add this as missable trophy if play in coop.

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