Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition Trophy and Achievement Guide

Welcome to the Trophy guide for Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition! There are only 25 Trophies to earn and it’s a fairly easy list. The list is easy, but there a lot that can be missed. Luckily, most of them can be earned by just replaying an Act. There is one Trophy that will require you to meet a character in the very first Act and then beat the game. Be sure not to miss the Trophy “Finding Carrington.” After meeting him and then completing the game, you’ll earn “Death of the Hired Man.” Other than that, there’s really not much else to know. A good chunk of this list is tied to completing the Acts and the Intermission episodes between them. This is a very story heavy game, so if you’d like for nothing to be spoiled, it is recommended to avoid the Trophy details below until you’ve completed the game.

*Glitch Warning* The Trophies on PlayStation 4 are extremely glitched. It seems to be completely random. Every Trophy has the possibility of glitching. As of now, there does not seem to be a way to fix this. Trying a new save slot, starting over and reinstalling the game have not worked. Cardboard Computer have stated on Twitter that they are currently working on a patch. So, until then, there is nothing that can be done. It only seems to be the PS4 version suffering from this issue.

UPDATE: As of 4/28/2020 the game has been patched! All of the Trophies  are now working properly. If you have already played this game and had Trophies glitch on you, there is now an easy fix. All you have to do is load up any chapter or interlude and complete it. Most, if not all of the Trophies that glitched will pop. If some don’t, you will need to re-do them. The fastest way to pop the Trophies is to load up the “Limits & Demonstrations” interlude. As soon as it starts, turn the camera to face the exit and immediately leave. Enjoy the parade of popping Trophies afterwards.

All Done

Unlock all Trophies.

Paperclip Labyrinth

Follow the bureaucratic loop in the Bureau 3 times.

Act II

When you’re able to use the elevator in the Bureau, go to the first floor. You’ll first speak to Rick. Keep choosing Conway’s dialogue option when he sends you to the next person. Select Conway’s dialogue option with each person you speak to. They will eventually send you to the same people over and over. Just speak and choose the same dialogue options with each person three times. Do not ask about Lula until you get the Trophy.

Organ Performance

Listen to the organ performance in the Bureau.

Act II

When you’re able to use the elevator in the Bureau, go to the second floor. Go to the right and then behind the wall where the people are having a meeting. Keep going all the way to the right side and then you’ll see a guy sitting at an organ. Select the organ option when the prompt appears. All you have to do now is wait and he will play the organ. The Trophy will pop whenever you walk away during the song.

Happy Tuesday

Win the claw game at Sam & Ida’s.

Act IV This Trophy is earned toward the end of Act IV at Sam and Ida’s. Speak to Ezra on the very right side of Sam and Ida’s. When he asks, select the option to give Ezra the quarter to play the claw game. Choose the Headphones as the prize you want him to win. To get the headphones, select Right, Right, Up and then drop the claw.

Now, this Trophy can only be earned if you are actually playing on a Tuesday. You can do that legit, or you can change the date settings on your PlayStation 4.


Hypnotize Shannon in the mine.

Act I This Trophy is earned in the Elkhorn Mine after you meet Shannon. When you get on the tram inside the mine, ride it to the Turntable. At the Turntable, select “The bat feeder and the scarecrow” option. When you are able to drive the tram again, drive all the way to the right side until you come to the broken tracks. Interact with them and then drive the tram back to the Turntable. Now, select “The animal bones and the rowboat” option. When you have control, drive all the way to the right until you come to the exit. Interact with the exit and choose to leave. A new text prompt will come up for Shannon that says “If you wait for me here, I’ll just take another look around.” Select that option.

You will then play as Shannon. When you get control of her, move L3 down to have Shannon facing the screen. Then, her light will start to change colors and the camera will start to slowly zoom in. Don’t push anything until the camera has zoomed all the way in and has stopped. The Trophy will pop when you move her.

Phil and Jane

Find Phil and Jane on the Zero.


This is earned after completing the objectives at the Hall of the Mountain King. When you’re back on the Zero, drive clockwise until the Bureau shows up. You can also select the Zzz in the bottom left corner and have Shannon drive. That’ll take you straight to the Bureau. Once you see it, drive counter clockwise until the TV appears. Then, drive clockwise until 70 pops up. After that, select the Van prompt when it appears. Now, you’ll be playing as the dog. Walk to the left toward the van to pop the Trophy.

Say something romantic

Watch Flora launch her paper boat.


In the very beginning of the Act, walk down toward the screen. You’ll switch characters when you reach the moon’s reflection in the water. Keep going until you see Flora standing alone. Speak to her and tell her to release her boat. Just stand there until the boat disappears from view. Speak to her when the prompt pops back up and tell her a poem. The Trophy will pop after the poem.

Under the horizon

Find Flora’s boat in the distillery.


This Trophy can be earned near the end of Act III. When you go into the church and the seat descends to the factory, this is the distillery. When you get into the cart you’ll be able to drive around and explore the whole plant. Drive the cart down to the Docks and then go left to the Mess Hall. Get out of the cart at the Mess Hall and walk past the tables over to the railing and just wait. In a few seconds the boat will float by.

You died

Die in Xanadu.


This Trophy can be earned in The Hall of the Mountain King. Eventually, you’ll be playing a game on a computer that you repair. In that game, you will come to a big hole in the ground with some options on how to navigate it. For this Trophy, choose the top option to climb into the hole. You’ll fall in and die.

Here, you pick

Learn about 12 dishes in Sam & Ida’s.

Act IV

This Trophy is earned in Sam & Ida’s right after playing the claw machine. When you’re going through the menu, select the bottom option to turn the page. There are three items per page, so you will have to turn the page four times to learn 12 of them.

Finding Carrington

Return to Equus Oils and find Carrington there.

Act I

This Trophy can be earned after leaving the gas station. Equus Oils is the name of the gas station from Act I. All you have to do is drive back to the gas station after having started another scene. When you get there, speak to the man stadning next to Joseph. He has a big pair of antlers over his shoulder. I drove to the Marquez Farm house to start Act II and then drove back to the gas station to pop the Trophy.

Patch speaking

Answer the phone in the Rum Colony.

Act IV

This Trophy is earned when you get off the boat at Rum Colony. Follow the path and torches all the way up to the bar. Just stand there for a few seconds and the phone will ring. You’ll automatically answer it. Just cycle through the dialogue options however you’d like. The phone will actually receive three different calls.

I bet a dog will eat it

Share Joseph’s home-made jerky with the dog.

Act I This Trophy is earned at the very beginning of the game. Speak to Joseph sitting outside of the gas station. Go through the dialogue and he will eventually give you some jerky. Before you can give it to the dog, you’ll need to finish the objectives in the basement and on the computer inside the gas station.

After you exit the computer, walk over to the dog speak to it. Ask it how it is doing and then select the dialogue line, “How about a treat?”. Then, an option to give it the jerky will come up.

The map

Walk the Seer’s earthwork path in the town.

Act V

This Trophy can be earned after speaking to people in the town. After the screen goes black and says, “We Saved What We Could,” go to the hole in the middle of the town and interact with the mound. Then, stay on the green mound and trace the shape of the Trophy icon. The Trophy will pop when you get to the end where another small mound can be found. Although it can be done at any time during the chapter and you don’t have to trace it exactly, this is easier at the end of the chapter. After the horse funeral, the camera will move to an overhead view making it easier to trace the symbol.

Act I

Complete Act I.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

Act II

Complete Act II.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.


Complete Act III.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

Act IV

Complete Act IV.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

Act IV again

Complete Act IV a second time.

Simply replay Act IV. Load your slave slot and then select the —X— option. You’ll then be able to pick what Act or intermission you want to play again. Play Act IV all the way through again to earn this Trophy.

“Look for me under your bootsoles”

Complete Act V.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

Limits & Demonstrations

Complete “Limits & Demonstrations.”

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

The Entertainment

Complete “The Entertainment.”

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

Here And There Along The Echo

Complete “Here And There Along The Echo.”

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

Un Pueblo De Nada

Complete “Un Pueblo De Nada.”

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

Death of the Hired Man

Complete “Death of the Hired Man.”

In order to unlock this Trophy, you will need to first meet Carrington in Act I. You have to do this to earn the “Finding Carrington” Trophy anyway. Then, you will need to complete the entire game. “Death of the Hired Man” is the last interlude after Chapter V. Complete it and the Trophy will pop as long as you met Carrington.

If for some reason this interlude is still locked after you’ve beaten the game, there is an easy solution. Load up chapter I and play until you meet Carrington. Once you meet him, quit and go back to the chapter select circle menu. “Death of the Hired Man” should now be available.


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