Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story Trophy and Achievement Guide

Welcome to the Trophy guide for Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story! This is the second and final piece of downloadable content for Metro Exodus. With it comes eight new Trophies to earn. The majority of this list is missable. You can backtrack a little bit, but areas will be locked out as you progress through the story. There is no free roam after completing the DLC. If you miss anything, you will need to replay the DLC from the beginning. Any collectibles or stashes you find will carry over across playthroughs.


Organize a documentary screening in the SAM’S STORY chapter.

This Trophy is earned in a building to the left of where the Captain is found after you first leave the submarine. First, you will need to clear out all of the enemies in the building. There are quite a few of them. Go upstairs and head toward the theater room. Interact with the projector and take the tape out to stop the movie. Now, facing the screen, leave the projector room via the left exit. Turn left and go down the hallway. Take a slight right in the next room to continue down another hallway and then enter the first room on the right. Interact with the shelf that has more tapes on it. After you’ve picked up the tape with the American flag, head back to the projector and put the new tape in.


Set all 5 traps in the SAM’S STORY chapter as the Captain requests.

This Trophy is earned after Sam gets drunk with the Captain. There will be a scene where the two characters are drinking and having a sort of party together. When you regain control of Sam, you’ll be tasked with leaving the building and heading to the next objective. The Captain will ask you to set traps before leaving. There are only five and they are not hidden. It’s a fairly linear pathway out of the building and the traps will be marked with a white number painted on the wall and an “X” on the floor. They are not hard to miss. In order to set them, you will need Molotov Cocktails. A couple Molotovs can be found via looting in the building, but you’re going to have to craft them at the workbench near the roof.

It’ll be easiest to craft them after exiting the roof but before heading down. Just follow the path and set the traps as you come to them.

It’s also important to note that setting all five traps is required for gaining the Captain’s full trust in order to earn the “A Man of Principle” Trophy. Do not use the zipline to leave until you have set all five traps.


Complete SAM’S STORY on Normal or higher difficulty without dying in Batwing encounters.

There are three Batwing encounters. You’re going to want to make sure you have Medkits just in case. If you die, that’s it. Reloading save files does not work. If you’re close to death, you can quit the game and try again. Just do not die. The Trophy will pop at the very end of the DLC.

The first is immediately after meeting the Captain for the first time. You’ll be on a small piece of track with a boxcar in the middle. Whatever side (left or right) the Batwing attacks from, take cover on the opposite. Shoot the Batwing until it falls back down each time it appears. Repeat this a few times and a scene will play where you will stab the Batwing. Be sure to stay away from the front edge as it is possible to be knocked off the platform by the Batwing.

The second encounter will be when you are looking for the firefighter station. Eventually, you’ll pass through a narrow field surrounded by abandoned and damaged vehicles. Just fight it the same way you fought it the first time. Shoot it as it rises up in the air to knock it back down. As the encounter continues, the Batwing will knock down different sections of the stacked cars. When you see dust starting to kick up, get away from the section quickly. The attacking swarm of bats can be dodged by taking cover behind cars that are sticking out of the sides of the area.

The third and final encounter will take place shortly after leaving the fire department with the radiation suit. This one works the same as the other battles. He will fly toward you and you just need to shoot it a few times until it falls and retreats. Keep your eyes on the trees. You’ll be able to see where the attack is going to come from. The trees will move and there will be a dust cloud. Just follow that until it attacks. The bat swarms can be dodged by sprinting away in a different direction. Eventually, it’ll fall on you and a scene will play as you finally defeat this thing.

The Last Hero

Complete the SAM’S STORY chapter.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

A Man of Principle

Complete the SAM’S STORY chapter earning the Captain’s full trust.

In order to earn the Captain’s full trust, there are specific things you’re going to have to do throughout the story to gain positive karma with him. If you’re familiar with the Metro games, there have been very similar Trophies in the past. You’ll know you earned trust when there is a subtle white flash on the screen.

– The first opportunity is when you first meet the Captain at the very beginning of the DLC. Put your gun down when he tells you to.

– The second opportunity will be when you and the Captain speak to Tom over the radio. Shortly after that, he will get up and then stumble complaining about his injured knee. Give him food when he mentions that drinking would be better with something to eat.

– The third opportunity is by setting all five Molotov traps in the Captain’s hideout after getting drunk with him. This is also required for the “Trapper” Trophy.

– The fourth opportunity is when you’re traveling on the boat through the cloud that requires you to wear the gas mask. Near the end of the section, there will be three water towers off to your left. They’ll be marked by a “?” on your map. Exit the boat and you’ll find a tape recorder and a few bodies. Listen to the tape and continue on following the path. Sam will eventually radio the Captain telling him he found the bodies of his old crew. Keep following the path and you will find a second tape recorder. Continue on the path and it will eventually lead up to the top of one of the water towers. The last tape recorder will be up here. Sam will then tell the Captain what he’s found and you’ll then get more positive karma toward the Captain.

– The last opportunity is at the very end of the DLC. You will need to choose what you want to do with the submarine. You’ll have two options. For this Trophy, you need to hold Left on the D-Pad to select the detonator. Do not select the option marked by an American flag.

Great Owl

Find all the Night Hunters’ secret stashes in the SAM’S STORY chapter.

There are only eight stashes to find. They are not too difficult to find as long as you’re exploring the map. You’ll know you are near one when you see the image from this Trophy icon painted on a wall. Suit upgrades are found in these stashes. All you have to do is enter the area for it to be marked as found.

Music Lover

Collect all harmonica melodies in the SAM’S STORY chapter.

There are only nine melodies to collect. They are not too difficult to find as long as you’re exploring the map. They are half sized pieces of paper with music notes hanging on walls. They can be tracked in the Collectibles section of the Options menu.

Lord of War

Collect all the upgrades for Sammy rifle and Stallion pistol in the SAM’S STORY chapter.

In order to earn this Trophy, you’re going to have to be exploring and looting. The upgrades can be found by looting them off of dead enemies, as well as picked up in the secret stashes. Check the weapon of every enemy you kill and hold O to take any upgrades that appear in orange on the weapon icon. You shouldn’t have much trouble with this if you are finding the stashes for the “Great Owl” Trophy and looting enemies. The Trophy popped for me in the last stash before entering the fire department.

Stallion Pistol

  • Balanced Grip Handle
  • Short Barrel and Suppressor
  • Reflex Sight
  • Heavy Grip
  • Long Barrel with Full Auto
  • Closed Reflex Sight
  • Extended Magazine
  • Green Laser
  • High-Capacity Magazine

Sammy Rifle

  • Burst Fire Barrel
  • Standard Magazine
  • Semi-Automatic Barrel
  • Heavy Stock
  • High Capacity Magazine
  • Sniper Stock

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