My Friend Pedro Trophy Guide

Welcome to the Trophy guide for My Friend Pedro! The game has finally made its way over to the PlayStation 4 and brings 31 Trophies to earn along with it. Now, this is an easy list overall, but it is not going to be an easy Platinum. The majority of these Trophies are very fun and easy to earn. Almost unmissable. But there is one Trophy that is going to stand in the way of getting the Plat for many gamers. That is the “S for Sensei” Trophy. That will require you to get an S rank on every level and it is definitely a challenge. Everything else can be picked up very quickly via level select if missed the first time through.

First, just play through all of the levels and beat the game. You’ll earn all of the story related Trophies. You’ll likely earn most of the miscellaneous Trophies, but if you don’t, they can be cleaned up via level select. After you have those out of the way, it’ll be time to go through and really learn the levels practicing them in order to go through and pick up the S ranks.


Unlock All Other Trophies

Because video games

Break 100 crates

Crates can be found in almost every single level. You and the enemies can use them
for cover, but it only takes a few shots to destroy them. You can shoot or kick the
crates to destroy them.

Make an entrance

Jump through 10 windows

This is a Trophy that should pop as you play through the levels. I say "should" because
the windows will be part of continuing certain levels, but make sure you jump through
them. Don't shoot them out. There will be more than 10 windows, so just keep jumping
when you see them.

Three birds, one explosion

Kill at least 3 enemies with one explosion

This Trophy can be earned when you are first introduced to the gas cans. This is in
level 6 of Old Town. You'll come to an area where you'll see an area with two doors, an  
enemy and and a pile of gas cans. Jump down into the area, but don't shoot anyone yet. 
Just keep dodging their shots. More enemies will come out of the doors. When there are 
three, shoot the cans. If an enemy shoots a can, it will still count for Trophy as long 
as three of them are killed.

You can also earn the "Think fast" Trophy in this same exact spot. Jump into the area
and press Triangle once you get near the gas can to kick it. Aim it at an enemy and then
kick it for another easy Trophy.

Mumbo Combo

Get a 10x combo

See the Trophy "Ah, Combon now!" for more details.


Get a 20x combo

See the Trophy "Ah, Combon now!" for more details.

Ah, Combon now!

Get a 50x combo

In order to get a 50x combo, you're going to need to be fast. I would recommend waiting
until you've beaten the game and are familiar with the mechanics before attempting this
Trophy. It doesn't take long for the combo meter to run out. Keep moving and don't spend 
too much time stopped to kill an enemy. Be sure to use dodge (L1) to avoid getting shot. 
Taking damage will lower your combo meter even more quickly. Level 9 Sewers is an ideal
spot to try this. There will be mines spread throughout the level that you can shoot 
which will add to your combo meter. There are also human enemies, but the mines don't 
shoot back and only take a couple of hits to be destroyed.

Well done

Kick a frying pan in to the face of an enemy

This Trophy can be earned in level 7of Old Town. You will eventually come to area that 
will have enemies up above you and a frying pan will be laying just in front of you. 
Get close to the pan and aim it near one of the enemies. Press Triangle to kick it up 
near them. Then, jump up to the pan and hit Triangle again to kick it at an enemy.

Sk8, don’t h8

Kick a skateboard in to the face of an enemy

This Trophy can be earned in level 5 of District Null. There will be a skateboard you
can ride. Ride it until you get to an enemy. Aim it at the enemy and then press Triangle
to kick it at them. If the Triangle button prompt does not show up, press X to flip the
board over and then it should be kick-able.

Think fast

Kick a Gas Canister in to the face of an enemy

See the Tophy "Three birds, one explosion" for more details.

Knife to meat you

Stick a knife in to an enemy

This Trophy can be earned at the very beginning of level 7 of Old Town. You'll begin the
level outside, but will enter a door very quickly. As soon as you enter the door, there
will be a knife stuck in the ground and an enemy with his back turned to you. Walk up
to the knife and press Triangle to kick it at the enemy.

Flying pan

Kill enemy by ricocheting bullet off frying pan

This Trophy can be earned in level 7 of Old Town. You'll come to a kitchen area with a
few enemies. There will be two pans hanging near the end of the kitchen area. Aim for the
pans and your shots will ricochet off of them at will hit the enemies.


Juggle basketball 10 times without it touching anything

This Trophy is earned in level 6 of Old Town. Near the beginning of the level, you'll
come to a basketball court. Get near the ball and aim it straight up into the air. Kick
it and then just before it comes down, jump and kick it again to keep it in the air.
This Trophy can be a little tricky as the ball will tend to go toward the side and hit
a wall or hoop. Keep aiming straight above you when kicking the ball. Jumping up to kick
the ball will keep it more straight and centered. If the ball hits anything other than 
you when you kick it, you'll have to start over.

Barrely saw it coming

Kill an enemy using a barrel

This Trophy can be earned in level 4 of Old Town. You'll eventually come to a barrel.
You can shoot or jump on the barrel to get it to move. Either way, push it off of the
ledge and it will fall and kill the enemy just below.

Table service

Flip 10 tables

As you play through the levels, there will be tables that you can flip over to use for
cover. There will be way more than enough to earn this Trophy. All you have to do is get
near a table and press O to flip it. Do this 10 times.


Dodge 1000 bullets

In order to dodge bullets, all you need to do is press L1 when being shot at. You'll spin
around a bit, but that is dodging. This is something that will eventually pop as you play
and replay levels for higher scores. Just don't forget to use this ability as you play.
If you really want to, you can farm this a bit by repeatedly dodging a turret that is
firing at you.

Yes you can

Kick enemies 100 times

All you have to do for this is press Triangle when up close to an enemy. Obviously,
this is something that will eventually pop as you play as long as you're kicking
enemies fairly regularly. If you don't have it by the time you finish the game, you
can run through the very first level kicking all of the enemies to death. Just run that
level until the Trophy pops.

They probably deserved it

Kill 500 enemies

See the Trophy "Questionable moral" for more details.

Murderous tendencies

Kill 1000 enemies

See the Trophy "Questionable moral" for more details.

Questionable moral

Kill 2000 enemies

Just keep playing the game and killing enemies. That's kinda the name of the game, so
this will come eventually. The levels are not that long and they are packed with enemies.
This might sound like a grind, but it really isn't.

Gold star for you

Get an S-rating

See the Trophy "S for Sensei" for more details.


Get S-rating on 10 levels

See the Trophy "S for Sensei" for more details.

Brush your shoulders off

Get S-rating on 25 levels

See the Trophy "S for Sensei" for more details.

S for Sensei

Get S-rating on all levels

This is going to be the hardest Trophy on the list. In order to get an S-rating, you have
to fill up the score meter. Doing different things while killing enemies will get you
more points. Jumping up, dual wielding jumping off walls, and dodging while killing
enemies will net you more points. In addition to this, you will need to be quick. There
is a time bonus at the end the level that will be added to your score. The faster you
complete a level, the more points will be added to your score. There is also a bonus
for completing a level without dying. If you die, it is best to restart the level and
try again. You're going to want to keep building up your combo meter and do your best
to not lose it. There is also a bonus for playing on a harder difficulty, but that will
also raise the points needed for an S. The harder difficulties will help on some levels
because it'll add more enemies, but that won't be the best strategy for every level. 

This is a Trophy that is really going to require you to almost master this game. Play
through the game and get the hang of the controls and mechanics before attempting this.
It will also be helpful to play through a level a couple times in order to learn it
before going for an S-rating. There's going to be a lot of trial and error here. 

- Try to memorize the level with practice runs.
- Be quick.
- Build and keep your combo meter.
- Use things in the environment help kill enemies. (Barrels, gas cans, pans etc.)
- Slow down time with L3.
- Don't die.
- Mix up your kills with different "tricks."

Numb fingers

Complete a level without firing a weapon

You can go through a level only kicking enemies if you'd like, but this is easily earned
on level 1 of Pedro's World. There are no enemies in this level, so there is no need to 
fire any of your weapons. That level is all platforming. Keep your finger off of R2 and
play through the level.

One for the road

Finish chapter “Old Town”

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

Leap of Faith

Finish chapter “District Null”

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

What just happened?

Finish chapter “Pedro’s World”

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

Train of thought

Finish chapter “The Sewer”

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

Connection lost

Finish chapter “The Internet”

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

Face the truth

Finish the game

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.



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