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Welcome to the The Foundation Trophy guide! The Foundation is the first piece of downloadable content for Control. The expansion comes with 10 new Trophies to earn. Fortunately, nothing is missable as there is free roam after you’ve completed the main story. The list here is a good mix of collectibles, combat and completion based Trophies. They’re pretty much in line with the list from the base game. I would recommend playing through the main story missions first as there are new abilities that need to be learned in order to access every area of the new map. Complete the story first and then work on finishing collectibles and side missions. However, there is one Trophy you can start working on right at the beginning as long you have ability points to buy the Shield Rush ability. You’ll need 100 kills with it, so be sure to use it as often as you can so you don’t have to do too much farming afterwards.


Use Shape and Fracture a combined total of 100 times

Shape and Fracture are new abilities that you will learn in The Foundation. The Shape
ability will allow you to pull crystals out of the ground and walls. This will help
you in combat and in platforming. Fracture will allow you to destroy crystals by
shooting them with your weapon. This will allow you to fully explore the map. The
game will out you through tutorials for both.

Whenever you use either of these abilities, it will count toward the Trophy. This
should come pretty quickly.

Hostile Work Environment

Kill 50 Hiss Sharpened

The Hiss Sharpened are a new enemy type in The Foundation. They are the enemies that
will hover, teleport and throw pickaxes at you. You'll encounter them as you play
through the story, but if you don't have this by the end. You'll have to revisit some
of the areas where you already fought them to get them to respawn.

Rush Job

Kill 100 enemies with Shield Rush

First you need to have purchased the Shield Rush ability from the Abilities menu.
All you have to do after that is kill enemies. Hold L1 to use your shield and then
press Circle (while still holding L1) to evade. Aim toward the enemy when you evade
and you will rush them causing damage. Repeat this on 100 enemies. It's a bit
of a grind. I was able to farm this in the Warehouse area outside of the giant

Niche Position

Find all hidden locations in the Foundation

There are 10 hidden locations to be discovered in The Foundation. If you're searching
the levels thoroughly, they shouldn't be too hard to find. Just like in the main
game, all you have to do is enter them.

Subterranean Research

Collect all Collectibles in the Foundation

There are only 43 collectibles needed for this Trophy. There are more than that in
the DLC, but the Hotline ones are not required. Only the ones in the video below are
required. They can be collected in any order and none of them are missable. If this
Trophy does not pop on your last collectible, back up your save file and then restart
"Endgame" from the mission select screen. Play it for a little bit and the Trophy
should pop when you grab a collectible.

Supportive Staff

Have a Deployed Ranger kill 5 enemies

Every so often you'll come across desks with typewriters on them. If you hold Square
on them, you'll call in a Ranger to come help you fight. They aren't very smart or
helpful, but you can it make it a little easier on yourself by damaging the enemies.
Get their health really low and then stop attacking them. Let your Ranger finish them
off. There are a few areas where this can be done, but I found the easiest was in
the multi-floor office battle in the Collapsed Department. This is five kills total.
One Ranger does not have to kill five in one spawn. It's cumulative.

One of Us

Gather all the Maneki-nekos

There are eight Maneki-nekos to find. A couple of them you can just pick up like a
normal collectible, but the majority of them are unlocked by completing a puzzle or
challenge. Once you have found them all, you'll need to travel to an area where all
eight will be lined up. This can be reached from the Collapsed Department Control
Point. From there, head to the where the bridges are in the big dark empty area. 
Hover down to the far left bridge. Once there, all of the big doors behind the cats
will open and once you get inside the cat's room, the Trophy will pop.

Star Performance

Complete the Side Mission: “Jesse Faden starring in ‘Swift Platform'”

This is a side mission that won't be available until later in the DLC after finding
the movie camera item. From the Collapsed Department, make your way to the Transit
Access area. When leaving the control room where you interacted with movie camera,
there will be a set of doors on the left and a stair case on the right. Take the
stairs down following the path until you find the camera. Interact with it to start
the mission.

There are a few things to know about this mission. Once you interact with the camera,
you are forced to do the mission until you beat it or die. If you die at any point 
during the mission, you will have to start all the way over.

You're going to be jumping from one rail car to another dodging obstacles as they
approach. There will be a couple of areas with combat, but the enemies are low level.
Near the end, there will be a boss fight. It's not hard if you know what to do.
First, equip mods that will restore health. The boss only has one attack and if you
pull your shield up, it won't do much damage. It's just going to be throwing objects
at you. Pull your shield up when you see objects floating up next to the boss. After
it throws them, attack it. If you can keep your attacks up, it won't get a chance to
attack you back as well.

The mission is over when you've beaten the boss.

Astral Plumbing

Discover the Astral Plane restroom

The Astral Plane restroom can be found in the Collapsed Department. Following the
story will eventually take you to this area. After a big fight in an multi-floor
office area, there will be a hallway that leads you through a big door. Before going
through the door, there are two bathrooms on the right. Go into the first one and
head toward the stalls. You'll see the Astral Plane in the stall.

A Strong Foundation

Complete all Missions in the Foundation

For this Trophy, you will need to complete all three side missions and all of the 
main story missions. Obviously, just follow the main mission quest line and you'll
get through all of those. The side missions will require you to go a little bit out
of your way.

Found Footage: In order to start this mission, you will need to travel to the Cave
System Control Point. Then, use the new Shape ability to pull crystals out of the
wall on the left side to reach a previously accessible walkway. This will lead you
into the Chasm section of the map. Follow the path until you come to a TV. You're
going to have to carry the TV back to the entrance and trap it in a big gray cube.
There will be some high level enemies down here, but if the TV is pointed at them
they won't be able to move.

Pope's Collection: This mission is started in the Warehouse area. There are five ID
cards here that need to be collected. When you find one, speak to Pope to start this
mission. Three of the cards are on the ground level of the Warehouse. One in a
yellow structure, one on a scaffolding behind the elevator in a corner and the other
is in the elevator area, but you'll need to enter from the rear entrance. This
entrance is right next to the scaffolding that has an ID card. The fourth is found
by going above the yellow structures by pulling crystals out of the wall. Keep going
up and then glide into an open window on the side of the elevator building. The last
is found by going up to the Warehouse Rise point. Follow the path till it splits to
the left marked by caution signs. Jump off here and glide into another open window 
of the elevator building. 

Once you have all five, head into the elevator area where the card was found and
enter the cards into the computers. You can tell what card goes in what computer
based off of what is on the desks. Then, head down into the basement and find the
required documents. Grab them and then deliver them to Pope to finish the mission.

Jesse Faden Starring in "Swift Platform": See the Trophy "Star Performance" for more
details on this mission.



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