Pokémon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra Walkthrough

Welcome to the walkthrough for The Crown Tundra. The latest expansion for Pokémon Sword and Shield! The Crown Tundra opens up a new snowy area of the Galar region. There are new Pokémon to catch, trainers to meet and battle and places to explore. Over 100 Pokémon will be added to Sword and Shield along side this expansion. This expansion is basically broken up into three parts. You’ll be given three clues that you need to solve that will lead you to different legendary Pokémon. You can complete them in any order, but for this walkthrough, we’ll be going in chronological order.

Getting Started

To begin the new expansion, you’ll need to travel to Wedgehurst Station. Speak to the attendant by the gates and select Crown Tundra as the destination. When you arrive, you’ll meet a new character. When you first arrive your Pokédex will be updated to the Crown Tundra Pokédex. Upon exiting the Tundra train station you’ll be introduced to Peony. Here you’ll have to battle him.

Peony’s Team:

  1. Copperajah – Lv. 70 – Steel
  2. Aggron – Lv. 70 – Steel/Rock

After you defeat Peony, follow him into the Max Lair where you’ll be introduced to the Dynamax Adventures.

Dynamax Adventures

Enter the Max lair and speak with the researcher to learn about the new adventures.

Players can explore new Dens that will have you facing off against a series of Dynamax battles in teams of four. In these Raids, players will have to battle three Dynamax Pokémon in a row. After each battle, you’ll choose a route to take that will lead to a different Pokémon to battle. Any lost HP or PP you sustain in a battle will also be carried forward to the next battle. You can only select one Pokémon to bring with you on the adventures. Luckily, there are ways of healing your Pokémon by finding berries or interacting with characters found along the different paths. You can also switch out the Pokémon you took with one that you catch here. Battling and catching all three of these Pokémon will award the opportunity to battle and catch a legendary Pokémon from past generations. Fortunately, the catch rate for these is 100%.

The first Dynamax Adventure will end with a battle against Suicune. So, you’re going to want to bring either an electric or grass type with you, or something that has those attack types. The Pokémon leading up to Suicune will be random. If you lose the battle, don’t worry. You can speak with the researcher to try again.

After the battle against Suicune, you’ll speak with Peonia. She’ll task you with taking her place to help her dad Peony. Speak with him to get his League card. Afterwards, you can now leave the Lair and head to Freezington.



When you arrive, you’ll speak with the Mayor briefly. After that, head to the Freeze Inn to speak with Peony. Here, he’ll fill you in on what you’ll be helping him with. He will also give you an Expedition Suit, Legendary Clues 1, 2 and 3 and a Master Ball. These Clues can be completed in any order.

After that lengthy bit of dialogue, walk over to Peony’s table and take the big light brown object. It’s actually a Wooden Crown. Take it outside and place it on the statue that the Mayor told you about.

After placing the Crown, you’ll see Calyrex. Follow it and battle it. You can’t catch it during this battle, so just defeat it for now.

Speak to the villagers of Freezington (Freezingtoners? Freezingtonites?). Speak to everyone outside and then report back to Calyrex.

Now, go to the man standing by the crops and talk to him about Carrot Seeds. You’ll need to trade him eight pieces of Dynite Ore for Carrot Seeds. The ore was given to you earlier when you completed the Suicune Max Lair. This is an *important* step that will come into play later.

Head up the hill toward the Mayor’s house. A villager will tell you he’s not home and to go find him in Giant’s Bed just southeast of Freezington. He can be found near some ruins and a garden on the left side of the area. Speak with him once you find him. When you’re done, head back to his house in Freezington.

Once inside the Mayor’s house, read all the books on his bookshelf.

After reading the books, Calyrex will appear once again as you exit the Mayor’s house. Go speak to it. When given the dialogue choices, select “Carrots.”

You’ll now be tasked with planting the carrot seeds. You’ll have two fields to choose from and yes, it matters what field you choose.

*Time to Choose!*  If you plant the seeds in the Old Cemetery, you’ll get the Shadow-rider Calyrex form. If you plant the seeds in Snowslide Slope, you’ll get the Ice-rider Calyrex form.

calyrex ice form

Plant the seeds in your field of choice and then pull the carrot out. Head back to Freezington and battle Spectrier or Glastrier. You can’t catch them yet so just win the battle.

After the battle and conversations, head over and speak with Calyrex to receive a Radiant Petal.

Head over to the Mayor’s house and speak to him about making a set of Reins of Unity.

Leave the Mayor’s house and go north to Crown Shine. Check your inventory and make sure you have plenty of Balls before heading to Crown Shrine.

When you reach the Shrine, speak to Calyrex and then place the carrot. You’ll now have the opportunity to catch Clayrex. Save your game before entering the battle.

Catch Calyrex. Return to Peony in Freezington.

And with that, Legendary Clue 1 will be finished. Continue on to page 2 as we work toward completing Legendary Clue 2!

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