Pokémon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra Walkthrough

Legendary Clue 3 – Find the Dynamax Tree

For the first part of this clue, head south to the Dynamax Tree. To reach the tree, fly to Regirock’s temple. From the temple, head west and then south to a river. Surf down the river until you can get back on land on the left side. You should see the tree off in the distance now. Follow the trail right until it completely wraps around to the front of the tree. All you have to do is approach the tree and the birds will scatter. Don’t forget to save your game right before battling each of the birds when going after them.

Catching the Birds

Articuno – Fly to Snowslide Slope and run or bike around the area looking for Articuno flying above you.. If Articuno doesn’t appear, fly back and look again. Repeat this until you see it. Once you see it, chase it until it lands. It’ll split itself into three and you have to pick the real one. Save your game just in case you pick the wrong one. Catching Articuno can be a pain because it is hurt by the hail storm. So, you only have a few tries. Once its health is yellow, start throwing balls. Don’t attack it after that, just let the hail whittle its health down and continue to try and catch it before it faints.

Moltres – You can find Moltres flying around the Isle of Armor. Fly to the Fields of Honor to see Moltres flying above you. Follow it and it’ll get closer to the ground until a battle starts. If you fly to the train station in the Fields of Honor, Moltres will be flying out over the water to the right. Don’t chase it out that way. Instead, cut left and go across the bridge passed the guy with the Diglett quest and continue to the left of the Master Dojo. You can wait here and Moltres will come to you low enough to start the battle.

Zapdos – Fly to East Lake Axewell to see Zapdos right in front of you. Get on your bike and chase it through the Wild Area. Just keep following it and it will eventually stop and battle you.

After catching all three of the birds, head back to Peony and speak with him. In this conversation you’ll get Peony’s League card and a Gold Expedition Suit.

As the conversation wraps up, Peony will leave and with that, the three major questlines are now completed!

We’re in the Endgame Now

After Peony leaves, you’ll still be in his house. When you go to exit, you should notice a shiny object on the ground by the door. Pick it up to receive the Legendary Clue.

Travel to the Max Lair and speak to Peony. Give him back the clue to start the wave of Ultra Beasts that can now be found in the Adventures.

Get out there and complete that Pokédex!

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