The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos Trophy & Achievement Guide

Welcome to the Trophy and Achievement guide for The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos! The final piece of downloadable content for The Outer Worlds comes with 10 new Trophies or Achievements to earn. None of them are difficult, but there are some missables you’ll need to keep an eye out for. Unlike Trophies and Achievements in the base game, all of these can be earned in one play through. As previously mentioned, there are missables, so be sure to keep a few back up saves just in case any thing is missed. Difficulty does not matter here either. You can play on whatever difficulty you’d like.

Near the end of the DLC, you’ll be forced to choose a side. For this is guide, I choose to side with the person (name hidden for spoilers) that wanted to heal everyone.


  • Interrogo Totus
  • Spectrum Needler Buddy
  • Mutt and Jeff


Spectrum Needler Buddy” contains a pretty big story spoiler. If you’re avoiding spoilers, I’d recommend returning after having completed the story.

Murder on Eridanos

Completed Murder on Eridanos on any difficulty.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement. Complete the main story in any way and this will pop when you speak to Ada after everything is completed.

You Have Selected Regicide

Killed the Slug Queen.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy and Achievement. The Slug Queen is the final boss of the DLC. You’ll unlock this no matter what side you choose near the end.

The Rock Or The Hard Place

Chose to either infect or cure Eridanos.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy and Achievement.This will pop near the end of the DLC. You’ll unlock this no matter what side you choose near the end.

The Mystery’s Afoot

Received an invitation to Eridanos.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement. When you start up the game, head to your ship and speak with Ada. She’ll tell you about a new Aetherwave drama. Choose to watch it and you’ll eventually be given the invite to Eridanos after a brief conversation with the new characters.

No Longer Clueless

Used the Discrepancy Amplifier.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement. The Amplifier will be given to you by Dr. Goodnight when you first speak with her just after arriving on Eridanos. Equip it in a weapon slot, aim with L2/LT. Press Square/X when aiming at a potential clue to inspect it. This will be popped when using it at the crime scene.

Interrogo Totus

Investigated every suspect and reported to Administrator Ludovico.

This is missable.

In order to unlock this, you’ll need to question every suspect that is potentially involved with the murder. You’ll automatically get quests that’ll have you investigating each suspect except for one. You’ll have to go a bit out of your way to pick up The Productivity Queen, but it’s nothing hard. It’s important that you do not accuse anyone of being the murderer until you have completed each of the questlines named below. Each time you complete one, you’ll have to report back to Ludovico. Choose whatever dialogue options you want with him except for accusing somebody.

  • The Prince of Tossball – Investigating Bertie
  • The Man Who Chafed – Investigating Spencer Woolrich
  • Lord of Blight – Investigating Sedrick
  • The Productivity Queen – Investigating The Prophet
    • The Productivity Queen will be the quest that is easily missable. The first three on this list are automatically given to you, this one is not.In order to get this quest, go down to the lobby of your hotel and speak with Bellhop Norville. He can be found standing in front of the elevators with the red hat. Question him about the murder and he will eventually mention The Prophet. You’ll then be given the quest.

Once all four of these are completed, you can then make your accusation to Ludovico. This will pop when you complete the fourth of these missions.

Alive And Kicking (And Shooting Too!)

Discovered the biggest secret in the aetherwave industry.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement. This will pop during the Naked Hunch quest.

Spectrum Needler Buddy

Acquired Spectrum Gatling, The Needler, and Udder Buddy.

This is a missable. ***There are also SPOILERS down below. Avoid this if you do not want to have any of the story spoiled.***

  • Spectrum Gattling – This weapon is picked up in the RR&DD building on the bottom left island. You’ll be taken here during the story mission “A Momentary Taste of Purpleberry.” It is found in the room where Dr. Blossom is. Progress the mission until you have access to that room. Once in there, you’ll notice a computer terminal connected to a container with pink lights housing a weapon. This is the Spectrum Gattling. In order to open this case, you will need to go to the top right island and enter Rizzo’s Distillation Station. Speak to the person at the desk to gain access to the building. Go through the doors and head to the back of the room and enter the door on the right. Follow this hallway to a bar area. Here, you’ll find a lot of bottles of Spectrum Vodka. You need to pick up one of each flavor. There are eight of them. Luckily, all eight can be found right at this bar. Pick them up and return to the computer terminal at RR&DD. Open the container and pick up the weapon.
    1. Black
    2. Indigo
    3. Blue
    4. Yellow
    5. Green
    6. Orange
    7. Red
    8. Violet

  • Udder Buddy – The Udder Buddy is easy to get, but you’ll need to progress in the story a bit before the location is unlocked. During the mission “The Man Who Chafed,” you’ll eventually need to find Bellhop Owens. This will open up the gate and allow you to visit the biggest island to the north. Right after the bridge, there will be a hunting store called “LEGAL Hunting Supplies.” Speak to Mildred, agree to help her and then you’ll be given the “Lost Little Milkmech” side quest. Activate it and go to the green arrow marker just behind the hunting store. Kill the canids around Betty and then return to Mildred. The Udder Buddy will be a reward for completing this short and easy side quest. It’ll automatically be added to your inventory.

  • The Needler *MISSABLE* This weapon is acquired from Helen. After progressing through the story, you’ll eventually meet Helen during the Naked Hunch quest. Speak with her and Ludovico. You’ll have to make a choice with who to side with here. I chose Helen. After that, you’ll need to escape the building and return to your suite. Once back in the suite, you will speak with Helen. This is where you can ask her to give you her Needler. For me, It took 45 Persuade. If you can’t convince her to give it to you, you can pickpocket it from her or kill her and take it as well. Just be sure to make a save file before doing either of those. After the DLC is completed, Helen will leave and cannot be found again.

If you choose Ludovico, you’ll eventually have to fight Helen. You can loot The Needler from her after killing her.

Put Out of Their Happiness

Killed 50 Infected Humans or Parasites.

This should pop as you make your way through the story assuming you’re killing enemies as you go. Infected humans will be obviously disoriented stumbling around and will attack you. The parasites will be human sized slug like creatures. They are often found with groups of humans. Just keep killing these enemies as you play and this will eventually pop. The majority of the enemies you’ll face will be infected and parasites.

Mutt and Jeff

Asked a companion to be the Bad Inspector.

This is a missable.

For this Trophy/Achievement, you’re going to want to make sure you bring a companion with you. For me, I brought Ellie along. She was more than eager to play the bad cop role here.

This is earned during the main story mission called “Prince of Tossball.” One of the objectives will be to speak to Black Hole Bertie. He’ll be sitting at a table at the Piraeus Spaceport on the northern most island. Before speaking with him, make a back up save file just in case something goes wrong.

Then, speak to him until he says, “I don’t want to tell you. I’ll get in trouble.” One of the dialogue options should then mention whatever companion you have with you. Select the dialogue choice that involves your companion. Next, just keep picking dialogue choices and eventually Bertie will give in.


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  1. This was a very easy guide to follow to not miss the missible trophies/achievements. Thanks for this guid. Really helpful. It doesn’t seem like many people have dug into this DLC unfortunately. It’s really good though. Thanks again for this awesome guide.

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