Kena: Bridge of Spirits Trophy Guide

Welcome to the Kena: Bridge of Spirits Trophy guide! There are 42 Trophies to earned and they are mostly easy. A good chunk of this list is tied to story progression and the rest is made up of collectibles and miscellaneous combat. There is one Trophy that is tied to beating the game on Master difficulty. This difficulty setting will not be available from the start. You’re going to have to beat the game once in order to unlock it. So that means you will need to beat Kena two times at minimum in order to earn the Platinum Trophy.

First Time Through

You’re going to want to complete everything (except Master) during your first play through. This means you should beat the game, collect every collectible, and earn every miscellaneous combat Trophy. Doing this will allow you to really familiarize yourself with the game, locations, enemies, and mechanics. This is going to really help you during your Master difficulty run.

Now, you don’t have to do this, but Master difficulty is going to really be a challenge. It’s going to make things even harder for you if you’re having to go out of your way for miscellaneous Trophies during the difficult combat. You’re going to likely have your hands full with Master. That’s why I think it’s best to take care of everything previously mentioned during your first time through on a more manageable difficulty.

The Dreaded Missable Trophies

Yes, there are a handful of missables in Kena. Every miscellaneous combat Trophy can be missed. There is free roam after beating the game, but there may be no enemies left or not enough. So you’ll need to be sure to keep these in mind when playing. They are not hard, so there’s nothing to worry about there. You will have to play through twice, so if you miss something, it’s not the end of the world as you will have another play through to try again. But as I mentioned above, Master is a real challenge. You’re better off earning these on your first time through.

all trophies obtained kena trophy guide All Trophies Obtained

Obtained all Kena: Bridge of Spirits trophies.

hunter in the forest kena trophy guide Hunter in the Forest

Learned the Bow Ability.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

harness your power kena trophy guide Harness Your Power

Learned the Bomb Ability.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

crossing over kena trophy guide Crossing Over

Learned the Dash Ability.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

found a friend kena trophy guide Found a Friend

Hero Rot joined your team.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

haikyo kena trophy guide Haikyo

Discovered the Village.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

into the woods kena trophy guide Into the Woods

Discovered the Forest.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

the open range kena trophy guide The Open Range

Discovered the Farm.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

the lonely path kena trophy guide The Lonely Path

Reached the Mountain Shrine.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

taros fear kena trophy guide Taro’s Fear

Found Taro’s Knife Relic.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

taros regret kena trophy guide Taro’s Regret

Found Taro’s Lantern Relic.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

taros love kena trophy guide Taro’s Love

Found Taro’s Food Offering Relic.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

adiras love kena trophy guide Adira’s Love

Found Adira’s Ox Relic.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

adiras fear kena trophy guide Adira’s Fear

Found Adira’s Hammer Relic.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

adiras regret kena trophy guide Adira’s Regret

Found Adira’s Village Heart Relic.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

toshis love kena trophy guide Toshi’s Love

Found Toshi’s Village Crest Relic.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

toshis fear kena trophy guide Toshi’s Fear

Found Toshi’s Incense Relic.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

toshis regret kena trophy guide Toshi’s Regret

Found Toshi’s Harpoon Relic.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

spirit guide kena trophy guide Spirit Guide

Defeated Corrupted Taro.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

a heavy hammer kena trophy guide A Heavy Hammer

Defeated the Corrupted Woodsmith.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

a leader walks alone A Leader Walks Alone

Defeated Corrupted Toshi.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

restore balance kena trophy guide Restore Balance

Defeated the Corrupted Rot God.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

piercing blow kena trophy guide Piercing Blow

Hit 3 Enemies with a single Rot Infused Arrow.

You’re going to need a couple of things before you can get this Trophy. Obviously, you will need the bow. This will be automatically given to you as part of the story. After that, you will need to purchase the “Rot Infused Arrow” ability from the “Upgrade” tab of the Touchpad menu. This will cost 200 Karma. It is the third ability in the “Rot” section.

After getting the bow and ability, all you have to do is get into combat. Line three enemies up fairly close to each other and draw the bow back with L2 + R2. While holding L2 + R2, press Square and the arrow will then become infused with Rot. Now just fire the shot and kill at least three enemies.

weigh them down Weigh Them Down

Destroyed a Moth enemy with a Bomb.

You will be given the bomb ability as part of the story. Just continue playing and you’ll eventually be given it.

Once you have the bomb ability and are in combat against the moth enemy type, throw a bomb at the moth by holding L2 and pressing R1. If you hit the moth with your bomb it will be stuck to it. All you have to do now is wait for the bomb to explode which will kill the moth and pop the Trophy.

weigh them down kena

quick draw kena trophy guide Quick Draw

Hit 3 critical hit spots in 3 seconds.

This can easily be earned in the Village Heart Caves. As part of the story, you’ll be on a platform that is carrying you across a river of the red colored water. While on this platform, the small suicidal enemies will be coming toward you. They are the bug like enemies with a big red spot on them. Just about their whole body is a critical spot. So, just quickly kill three of these enemy types on this platform and you’ll get this.

Make a manual save before starting the platform just in case you miss it here.

The first three enemies you face in the beginning of this section will be these enemy types. So this can be knocked out at the start.

When using the bow for this, don’t hold R2. Just quickly aim and tap R2 to fire off three shots in three seconds.

bow master kena Bow Master

Hit 3 enemies with a single Multi-shot.

First you will need the bow which is given to you as part of the story. Then, you will need to buy the “Bind Multishot” upgrade from the “Upgrade” tab of the Touchpad menu. This upgrade will cost 200 Karma.

You will need at least four enemies in combat to pull this off. First, use your Rot to bind an enemy. Aim with L2 and then press Square while targeting an enemy to bind them with your Rot. While that enemy is bound, shoot that same enemy with an arrow. The arrow will split into three and auto target the other three enemies hitting each of them and popping this Trophy.

sharpshooter kena trophy guide Sharpshooter

Defeated an enemy by shooting a Bomb out of the air.

You will be given the bomb ability as part of the story. Just continue playing and you’ll eventually be given it.

While in combat press L2 + R1 to throw a bomb. As soon as it is in the air, jump with X and then aim with your bow by holding L2 + R2. Shoot the bomb with your arrow and if the explosion kills an enemy, this will pop.

The reason you want to jump is because you will slow down time while aiming your bow during a jump. This will make this much easier. Also, you have to shoot the bomb before it gets stuck to an enemy. The bomb must be in the air when you shoot it.

between the eyes Between the Eyes

Destroyed a Shield Sticks without breaking his shield.

While playing through the game, you’re going to encounter enemies that have a shield. In order to earn this, you will need to kill the enemy without breaking their shield. All you have to do is jump over the enemy and land behind them. Once you’re behind them, attack. You’ll be able to get a few attacks in before the enemy turns around. Just keep repeating that until the enemy is dead.

between the eyes kena trophy guide

return to sender Return to Sender

Destroyed a Mage with its own bomb.

This is one you’re going to need to keep an eye out for. There is free roam after beating the story, but there will be no mages available to get this done on. You’ll need to get it done when you encounter these enemies during the story. There are only a few mages to be found during the story, so you’re better off just knocking this out as soon as you can.

You will first encounter a mage when trying to open the path to the Lantern Cave.

When you encounter a mage, pause the game and make a manual save. If you miss this, you’ll be able to reload your save at the battle with the mage and you can try again.

These enemies will throw red bombs at you. You’re going to need to parry this bomb just before it hits and send it back at the mage. The killing blow must be done with the parried bomb. So fight the mage and get the health bar down to almost empty. After that, stand back and parry the bomb attack to kill the mage.

Remember to reload your manual save if anything goes wrong here.

triple threat kena trophy guide Triple Threat

Destroyed 3 enemies with a single Parry.

You can parry by pressing L1 at just the right time. This is all about timing the enemy’s attack. Getting the parry timing down is going to take some practice, When you do go for this, you will need three enemies killed at once. When you hit the parry just right you’ll damage enemies. So, you’re going to want to attack the enemies to weaken them and get their health down. Once their health bars are low, parry an attack to kill the three enemies.

rot commander kena trophy guide Rot Commander

Use 5 Rot Actions in a single combat.

While in combat, you’ll be able to command your Rot to attack enemies after filling the gold courage meter in the bottom left corner of the screen above your health bar. After you command the Rot, you will need to recharge the courage meter by attacking enemies.

Hold L2 and then press Square to target an enemy with the Rot. You will need to use this ability five times in the same combat encounter in order to pop this.

triple tap  Triple Tap

Destroyed 3 enemies with a single dash attack.

You will be given the dash attack as part of the story late in the game.

When you hold L1 and then Press R1, you will dash and cause some damage. For this, you will need to kill 3 enemies during the same dash. This isn’t difficult, but it can be a little tricky. The dash doesn’t have much range and it won’t do that much damage either. So, you’re going to need to get the enemy’s health bars down low and then group them up very close together. Dash through the group to kill all three.

You won’t get this ability until late in the story, so you’re going to be going up against mostly tougher enemies. A good place to get this when you have to move three pots outside of Toshi’s Fear. When you put a pot on the wrong platform, three enemies will spawn. These will be the smaller and weaker type enemies. Make a manual save here in case you don’t get it done.

no stone unturned No Stone Unturned

Found all of the Rot.

There are 210 collectibles to find in Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Fortunately, none of them are missable. While you play through the story, keep an eye out for any collectibles that you can get. You won’t be able to get them all until after you have completed the story and have acquired all of the abilities. Some of them will be out of reach your first time through areas without the necessary abilities. So, pick up what you can during the story and that’ll cut down the collectible hunt post game.

You can see how many collectibles you have for each area by looking at the map in the Touchpad menu. There is a collectible breakdown on the right side of the screen.

You will actually pick up 41 collectibles automatically be just playing through and completing the story. That takes a pretty good chunk out of the total and post game clean up.

  • Rot – 100

Rot are the little black creatures that help you solve environmental puzzles through out the game. They also help you in combat.

  • Rot Hats – 51

These are a hats that you can equip onto the Rots. These are purchased from hat carts. They’re also found in chests throughout the game.

  • Cursed Chests – 13

These are locked chests that glow red. You will have to complete a combat challenge after interacting with one in order to unlock it.

  • Flower Shrines – 24

These shrines are enveloped in the corruption and require you to use the Rot to purify the corruption around them. You must then interact with them after cleansing them.

  • Meditation Spots – 12

Meditation spots are exactly what they sound like. Places where Kena can sit and meditate. Meditating in these spots will increase your health bar.

If you meditated at every spot and still don’t have this, go to the Mountain Shrine and meditate there again.

  • Spirit Mail – 10

Spirit mail is mail that you can find in the environment. There will be a white and blue marker on the map in the Touchpad menu that will tell you where to take each piece of mail that you pick up.

hat collector Hat Collector

Collected all Rot Hats.

See “No Stone Unturned” for more details.

curse collector Curse Collector

Opened all Cursed Chests.

See “No Stone Unturned” for more details.

skillful spirit guide Skillful Spirit Guide

Unlocked all ability upgrades.

All you have to do here is unlock every upgrade in the “Upgrade” tab of the Touchpad menu. Upgrades are unlocked with Karma which is earned by defeating enemies, feeding the Rot and opening chests. You don’t have to worry about missing this. You will earn enough Karma in a single playthrough to unlock everything.

There are 18 upgrades to unlock in total. There are 14 upgrades for Kena and 4 upgrades for the Rot.

good as new Good as New

Restored a Flower Shrine.

See “No Stone Unturned” for more details.

restoration master Restoration Master

Restored all of the Flower Shrines.

See “No Stone Unturned” for more details.

zen master Zen Master

Meditated at all Meditation Spots.

See “No Stone Unturned” for more details.

the last stop The Last Stop

Delivered all Spirit Mail.

See “No Stone Unturned” for more details.

say cheese Say Cheese

Captured a picture in Photo Mode

At any point in the game, press Up on the D-Pad and then press R1 to take a photo.

master spirit guide Master Spirit Guide

Beat the game on Master difficulty

Master difficulty is the hardest difficulty in the game and it will be challenge to complete. You will not be able to start your first playthrough on this difficulty. You will need to first beat the game on any difficulty in order to unlock Master.

Unfortunately, there is no New Game +. So, you’re going to have to start this difficulty over without carrying over your abilities and upgrades.

You’ll find the usual gameplay differences here on this difficulty. The enemies will be more aggressive and you’ll take much more damage when getting hit. Unique to Kena though is Courage. The Courage meter is the gold circles above your health bar in the bottom left of the screen. You build these meters up by damaging enemies so that you can use the Rot in battle. On Master, the Courage meter will reset when you take damage.

It’s only going to take a couple of hits before you’re killed on this difficulty. So, make sure you’re practicing how to dodge and when to correctly parry during your first play through. These are going to be crucial in getting through Master difficulty. Also, if you’ve collected all of the collectibles in your first playthrough, remember where they area as these will help you by increasing your health and increasing your Rot meter.


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