UnMetal Trophy & Achievement Guide

Welcome to the Trophy and Achievement guide for UnMetal! This tongue and cheek take on the stealth genre brings with it a very manageable Trophy and Achievement list. Most of this list is made up of story related and miscellaneous Trophies and Achievements. There is one that is tied to difficulty. You’re going to have to play on hard in order to fully complete this list. Hard is unlocked from the very beginning, so this could be done in a single playthrough if you like.

Although it’s not a bad idea to playthrough on a lower difficulty at first to learn the game and puzzles. Also, the boss related Trophies and Achievements will be more difficult to earn on hard.

Chapter Select?

There is chapter select after you’ve beaten the game, so you can go back and clean up anything that you may have missed your first time through. There is a caveat with that though. When you load up a chapter, your inventory and Trophy/Achievement progress will be set back to whatever it was when you were originally on whatever chapter you’ve selected to replay.

Punch Your Way Through Life

Punch everything in this game. Almost everything in the environment in UnMetal can be punched and destroyed. This is going to be your main method of gathering the required materials for puzzles and story progression.

Unmetal platinum trophy ALL TROPHIES OBTAINED


the great escape unmetal trophy achievement guide THE GREAT ESCAPE

Complete the part “The great escape”.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement.

something stinks really bad unmetal trophy achievement guide SOMETHING STINKS REALLY BAD

Complete the part “Something stinks really bad”.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement.

in the lions den unmetal achievement guide IN THE LION’S DEN

Complete the part “In the lion’s den”.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement.

welcome to the jungle trophy achievement guide WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE

Complete the part “Welcome to the Jungle”.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement.

the barracks unmetal trophy achievement guide THE BARRACKS

Complete the part “The barracks”.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement.

engineering problems unmetal trophy achievement guide ENGINEERING PROBLEMS

Complete the part “Engineering problems”.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement.

boom docks unmetal trophy achievement guide BOOM DOCKS

Complete the part “Boom docks”.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement.

a thousand eyes are watching you  A THOUSAND EYES ARE WATCHING YOU

Complete the part “A thousand eyes are watching you”.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement.

jerichos heart unmetal trophy achievement guide JERICHO’S HEART

Complete the part “Jericho’s heart”.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement.

escape complete unmetal trophy achievement ESCAPE COMPLETE!

Finish the game.

This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement.

sergeant unmetal trophy achievement guide SERGEANT

Reach level 2.

See “GENERAL” below for more details.

leutenant unmetal trophy achievement guide LEUTENANT

Reach level 4.

See “GENERAL” below for more details.

major unmetal trophy achievement MAJOR

Reach level 6.

See “GENERAL” below for more details.

colonel unmetal trophy achievement guide COLONEL

Reach level 8.

See “GENERAL” below for more details.

general unmetal trophy achievement guide GENERAL

Reach level 10.

You’ll gain experience points for taking out unaware enemies. You won’t get any experience for knocking out an enemy when they are alerted. You’ll know you gained experience when you see a star leave an enemy’s body after taking them out. Each stage has a set amount of experience that you can earn. In order to reach level 10, you’re going to have to take out almost every enemy while they are unaware. If you’re spotted, either die or reload your checkpoint to try again.

Getting all the experience for five different stages will also unlock “EXPERIENCE.” This is something you’re going to have to do in order to reach level 10 anyway.

  • Stage 1 – 17 Experience
  • Stage 2 – 12 Experience
  • Stage 3 – 18 Experience
  • Stage 4 – 9 Experience
  • Stage 5 – 22 Experience
  • Stage 6 – 9 Experience
  • Stage 7 – 12 Experience
  • Stage 8 – 2 Experience
  • Stage 9 – 28 Experience

the photographs unmetal LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH

Obtain Robert’s photographs.

The photographs are found in Stage 9.

While exploring the different rooms of Stage 9, you’ll enter a small room that has three guards standing next to each other. They’ll be in the top left corner of the room. When you walk toward them, they’ll throw a coin and you’ll automatically go after it. A fight will break out between you and the guards. Knock out the three guards and then interact with the desk in this same room. The photographs are on the desk.

If you equip the sunglasses in the room with the three guards, you won’t be lured into picking up the coin and you can avoid the combat portion. Credit to YouTube user sirraken for this tip.

continence unmetal CONTINENCE

Finish the game using no potty.

Potties can be found across the different stages by punching and break various objects. You’re going to be punching just about everything in this game, so you’ll more than likely come across these by just playing.

You can save your game by using the urinals in bathrooms and by finding and using potties. The urinals found in the bathrooms are different than the potties that you can find. Bathrooms are marked by a sign that says “WC.”

For this Trophy/Achievement, you CAN use the urinals that are found in bathrooms. You CANNOT use the potties that are in your inventory.

When you find all five of these portable potties, you’ll pop “POTTY TIME.” As previously mentioned, you’re going to need to punch just about everything in the environments in order to get materials to solve puzzles and advance the story. So you’ll likely come across the portable potties naturally.

  • Stage 1
    • The first potty can be found in a room with two prison cells. One of the cells will have a prisoner that asks you to let him out. After he says he is innocent, a breakable box will spawn to the right. Break it to reveal a key. Use the key to open the empty cell on the right. Go into the cell and punch the bed until it breaks and a potty will spawn.
    • The second potty is found in another room with two cells. This room will have a sleeping prisoner in the left cell and a breakable box. Break the box to find the potty.
  • Stage 3
    • The potty in Stage 3 is found in the same bathroom (marked by WC sign) that has the two stall doors that you need to break down. Break down the stall door on the right to reveal the third potty.
  • Stage 5
    • As you’re making your way around the base, you’ll eventually come to an area that has a barracks in the top left corner of the area with a truck parked horizontally right in front of the barracks door. Go inside this barracks to find a drunk soldier talking about requesting leave to see his daughter. He’ll explain that his request is always denied. When he passes out, search him to get his leave request paperwork. Take the paperwork to the drill sergeant’s barracks. This is found by following the path until it heads south. The next area will have a bathroom where you have the speech test against the drill sergeant. The area after that will have the sergeant’s barracks.  There will be two trucks on left and the barracks will be on the right. It will have a urinal in it. Equip the papers and go in front of the desk and hold Square/X to stamp the paperwork. Take the paperwork back to the passed out soldier. Equip it and hold Square/X to place it back on him. After that, a new breakable box will spawn and it will contain the potty.
  • Stage 7
    • The final potty is found at the very beginning of the stage. As soon as the stage begins, open the brown shipping container just below you to find the fifth potty.


Neutralize 5 guards using the slingshot.

You will need to combine two items in order to make a sling shot. You’re going to need to loot the eyepatch off of a guard in Stage 1. You’re also going to need to loot the stick off of a soldier as well. Once you have those two items, combine them to make the slingshot.

You can use depleted uranium as ammo for the slingshot. Those can be found by looting the breakable boxes across all of the stages.

With everything acquired, kill five guards with it by pressing R2/RT. It will take three shots to kill a guard. Kills against animals will not count toward this.

the doctor unmetal AS YOU WISH

Heal 20 guards.

You will find a gun and meet the Doctor on Stage 3. She’ll ask you to not kill any guards. When you shoot a guard, there will be a timer above them. When the timer runs out, they will die and you will fail the mission.

What you need to do here is shoot a guard, equip a First Aid Kit and then heal the guard. With the First Aid Kit equipped, hold Square/X over the guard to heal them.

good night unmetal GOOD NIGHT

Put 20 guards to sleep.

You’ll be able to start working on this on Stage 3.

You will eventually find yourself in a room with chemicals. Break the boxes and pick up the ingredients. Combine Chloro + Form. Then, combine Cholorform + Handkerchief.

After all of that, equip the Chloroform and use it on guards to put them to sleep.

rage against the machine unmetal RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE

Destroy 5 drones by punching them.

You can earn this on Stage 3.

During the third stage, you will have to enter an area that will be patrolled by flying drones. This is after riding the elevator. All you have to do is run up to a drone and punch it until it blows up. Repeat this five times.

attack unmetal trophy achievement guide YOU GOTTA BECOME WAR

Destroy General X’s robo-tank without using electromagnetic grenades.

During the battle against General X’s tank at the end of the game, you cannot use electromagnetic grenades. This is a fairly simple and quick boss battle even without using the electromagnetic grenades. Just spam your normal grenades and rockets while dodging his attacks.

the urinals unmetal POTTY TIME

Obtain 5 urinals.

See “CONTINENCE” for more details.

incendiary unmetal THE SMELL OF NAPLAM

Craft a Molotov cocktail.

This can be earned across the first and second stages.

During the first stage, loot a handkerchief off of a guard or breakable box. In the second stage, you can find empty bottles and gasoline by searching guards and breakable boxes. Once you have all three of those items, combine them to create a molotov cocktail. Combine the gasoline with the empty bottle and then the bottle of gas with the handkerchief.

shredded tuna unmetal SHREDDED TUNA

Kill 5 Human-Piranha-hybrid things with the shredders.

This can be earned on Stage 2.

The shredders and “human-piranha hybrid things will be down in the sewers. You’ll have to advance through the stage a bit and the shredders will become activated.

As you progress through the sewers, the piranha hybrids will jump out and on to the platform chasing you. The shredders will be moving back and forth blocking your path. You’ll need to use the raft to get around them.

For this, you just need to lead a piranha into the path of a shredder. The shredder will kill it instantly. With a piranha following you, run into the path of a shredder. When the shredder is coming back toward you, put down the raft and step on to it. The shredder will go past you and kill the piranha.

goodbye spiders unmetal MECHA-RACHNOPHOBIA

Destroy 9 mechanic spiders.

The mechanic spiders are found in Stage 9 and there are only nine of them total in the stage.

They aren’t hidden and you’ll come across them when trying to advance the story. You can use electromagnetic grenades to stop them from moving and then move in and destroy them.

Four of them are found in a hazardous location that will require you to wear the Anti Rad Suit. This will be in the rooms that are glowing red inside. You won’t be able to punch or use grenades while wearing the suit. You’re going to have to unequip the suit, quickly kill a mechanic spider and then re-equip the suit.

collateral damage unmetal trophy achievement guide COLLATERAL DAMAGE

Die while tempering with items from your inventory.

For this, you’re going to need to combine items in your inventory that cause you to die.

This can be earned in multiple ways, but it can easily be earned in Stage 3.

You’ll eventually end up in a room with chemicals where you’re introduced to chloroform. Break the boxes and pick up the chemicals. Once you have them all, go into your inventory and combine Sodium + Water. You’ll cause an explosion and die.

finders destroyers unmetal FINDERS DESTROYERS

Destroy 5 trucks in the north parking lot at the barracks before Machine Gun Mike does with his tank.

This is earned at the end of Stage 5 during the second fight against Machine Gun Mike.

During the fight against the tank, there will be boxes and trucks scattered around the boss fight area. Before you start the fight, throw two grenades at the truck directly in front of you to reveal a rocket launcher. Take a couple more steps and then the boss fight will trigger. Pick up the rocket launcher and then hide behind a box. It will take one rocket to destroy a truck or two grenades.

The tank is going to be driving in a set circle around the area taking shots at you. You’re going to need to take cover behind the boxes. Do not take cover behind a truck. If you do, the tank will target it and destroy it.

The rocket launcher will be empty, so you’re going to need to rely on the tank destroying boxes to reveal ammo.

Hide behind a box and wait for the tank to destroy your cover. After that, you will have enough time to run out and shoot a truck with your rocket launcher. When you’ve destroyed a truck, quickly run behind another set of boxes and wait for the tank to destroy them. Just keep repeating that process until you’ve destroyed five trucks. Remember to stay away from the trucks when the tank is targeting you.

If you destroyed the truck before the boss fight started to reveal the rocket launcher, that will count. You’ll then only need four trucks after the boss fight actually begins.

After you get this done, either die or load your checkpoint to now go for “SPLASH DAMAGE.” During the fight, just take cover behind every crate and truck. The tank will fire at you destroying what you took cover behind. Damage the tank until it only has one hit left. When it only has one hit left, run around the boss fight area making sure every piece of cover is destroyed. When they’re all gone and this pops, finish off the tank.

do not disturb unmetal DO NOT DISTURB

Complete the catacombs without destroying any cell gate.

All you have to do for this one is not punch any of the gated doorways found in the basement labyrinth. Just focus on following your map and getting out of the basement. Don’t punch any of the gates.

the lord of the bullets unmetal THE LORD OF THE BULLETS

Have 90 bullets or more.

This applies to the handgun ammo that you have and it will take your entire playthrough in order to reach 90 bullets in your inventory.

There is a limit of 40 bullets that you can carry initially. You can increase this limit by finding “Bullet Slots.” You can find these by punching objects just like every other item in the game. A lot of these can be found in the secret areas where you can find by following the written or video guide under “SECRETS.” You’ll be able to carry one extra bullet for each Bullet Slot that you find.

The big boost in ammo capacity will come when you reach level 9. Choose the upgrade “Light Munitions Expert.” This will expand your handgun ammo capacity by 40 bullets. So in order to reach 90, you’re going to need to find at least 10 Bullet Slots and then choose “Light Munitions Expert” when leveling up to 9.

When you have the expanded capacity, you will then need 90 actual bullets. You’ll likely reach or be at level 9 during Stage 9. There is a machine on Stage 9 that will give you as much ammo as you can carry. It is found on the floor with the Japanese enemy types. There will be two enemies patrolling the area. The machine is in the room to the bottom left of the screen. Take out the two enemies and go inside the room to find a green box with yellow grenades on it. Punch it to drop ammo. Continue punching it until you reach at least 90.

the crates unmetal JUST SOME BOXES

Destroy 5 crates with a single grenade.

This can be earned in Stage 6 in the very first room of the stage where you exit the truck. There is a group of six crates in the top right corner of the screen. Throw a grenade onto them to pop this.

secrets unmetal SECRETS

Find 15 secrets in the game.

There are actually more than 15 secrets to be found in UnMetal. I’m going to list them all here despite not needing every single one. Shout-out to fellow OCD gamers.

  • Stage 1
    • There is only one secret in Stage 1 and it is found in the same room where you get the encrypted chip for your radio. Go to the back of the room and roll in-between the two computer consoles and punch the wall to reveal a hidden door. Go through the door and destroy the computer console in this hidden room to find the secret.
  • Stage 2
    • The first secret is found after using the raft to cross the first section of the sewers. In the next area, you’ll be attacked by “Human-Piranha-hybrid things.” Immediately in this section you should notice a cutout in the wall with a trash pile in front of it. Destroy the trash pile and then punch the wall in the cutout. Destroy the trash in the hidden room to find this secret.
    • The second secret is in a room much later into the sewers, but just before the Sewerjunk boss fight. You’ll enter this room at the bottom of the screen. You should notice a small square of sewer water in the top right section of the screen. Go to this square and put down the raft. Get on the raft and punch the wall to reveal a hidden door.
  • Stage 3
    • The first secret is found in the first officer like room with the world map in the back. Punch the map to reveal the hidden room.
    • The second secret can be obtained after you defeat Lt. Markuson. Search his body and take the key card. From here, backtrack to the elevator and go to F2 where you encountered the drones. When you get off the elevator, go west and follow the path to the door. Enter the room and punch the wall in the top right corner of the room to reveal a hidden area.
  • Stage 4
    • The first secret is directly south from where you spawn into the stage. Go down and you’ll see three guards. Take them out, go into the back of the truck and punch the box to reveal the secret.
    • After sneaking passed the sleeping dogs and watching the prisoner escape, you’ll immediately notice question marks across the screen and a lone guard in the next area. Go up into the bushes at the top of the screen to the left of the boxes and the heart will spawn.
    • The third secret is found in the Basement section of the stage. After defeating Turret Storm,  destroy the box in the top left of the screen to find the Basement Key. Pick up the key and leave the room. Go south until you’re in the room with the fire and the bathroom door marked “WC.” Go into the bathroom and punch the wall to the left of the urinal to reveal the hidden room.
    • The final secret is found after getting out of the jungle maze but before encountering the the drill sergeant at the base. After exiting the jungle maze, you’ll be in an area with one tree in the middle of the area. Punch the tree to spawn the secret.
  • Stage 5
    • The first secret is actually in the same area where you begin the stage, but you wont be able to access it from the start. It is in the barracks on the left side of the screen. In order to reach it, you’re going to have to go all the way around and loop back to the entrance of the barracks. Once inside, punch the bed on the top right of the room to reveal a grate that you can climb down and reach the secret.
    • From the area where the drill Sargent’s barracks (his is the one with a urinal in it) is, go south. Enter the small building on the bottom left side of the screen. Once inside, destroy the box between the grenade box and brown boxes. Then, punch the wall to reveal the hidden doorway.
  • Stage 6
    • The first secret is in the room that has a missile in the middle. On the right side of the missile is stack of greenish brown boxes and green boxes. Exit south and then go to the right side of the next room and then head back up to enter the previous room on the other side of the missile. Destroy the green crates on the right side of the stack with a grenade to reveal a grate that you can climb down.
    • The next secret is during the submarine section. It is found in the area that has three mines in the middle with a turret attached to the wall on the right side. Destroy the mines and turret. You should notice that the wall just above the turret is partly damaged. Hit this damaged area with a torpedo to reveal the secret.
  • Stage 7
    • There are two secrets in Stage 7 and they are both in the same area. After exiting the submarine, head west to the next area and then north. The first secret will be behind a hidden door dead center between the brown crates against the north wall. Punch the wall between these crates and the hidden door will be opened. Go inside and then punch the stack of crates in the top left corner of this room to reveal a grate that you can climb down.
    • From the previous hidden door, go right and punch the big brown crate that is next to a blue crate in the top right corner. There is a grate underneath that you can climb down.
  • Stage 8
    • The first secret is found in the area where you place the second Mike clone. You should notice a tree in the top left corner next to some barrels. Sneak around the camera and punch the tree until the secret spawns.
    • From the area after with the bathroom that is after opening the main gate, take the west exit to find yourself in an area with two cameras, a lot of barrels and big tree to the left. Use an electromagnetic grenade on the first camera and run behind the big tree. There is a door behind this tree that you can’t see. Just keep running along the north wall behind the tree and you’ll eventually find it and go through.
  • Stage 9
    • From the start of this area go north, west, north, and finally west. You should come across four giant gas containers. Three of them will have a yellow triangle marked on them except for one. Punch and destroy the gas container third from the left that has no yellow triangle on it. There is a grate underneath it that you can climb down.
    • The next secret is found on the roof. From the elevator entrance on the roof, head all the way south until you see a big water tower on the left side of the screen below the three blue tarps. Roll underneath this tower and punch the air conditioning unit to the right on the other side of the barrels. There is a grate underneath the AC unit.
    • The final secret is found in the basement labyrinth. It it is in the very first area of the labyrinth after entering. Go left and punch in the gate to fully open the door way. Go through the now opened gate to find the secret along with a Zelda shoutout. Also, punching in this gate will void the “DO NOT DISTURB” Trophy/Achievement if you don’t already have it.

cold as ice unmetal COLD AS ICE

Defeat SEWERJUNK without using the flamethrower.

This is earned at the end of Stage 2.

During the boss fight against Sewerjunk, you cannot use the flamethrower at any point. You can use the sling shot to damage Sewerjunk or you can use your fists. If you use your fists, you’re going to need to have the raft equipped. When Sewerjunk comes up from underwater, put the raft down in front of it with Square/X. Step onto the raft and quickly punch the boss.

Eventually, you’ll need to make a choice of how many tentacles the boss has. Do not choose two. I went with six. You’re going to have to dodge projectiles during this phase. The boss will also grab the platform in front of it with tentacles. All you have to do here is punch the tentacles and they’ll retract. There will be a small window of time after getting the tentacles off of the platform where you’ll be able to put the raft back down and do more damage.

bullying unmetal trophy achievement guide DANCE OF THE BLADE AND GUN

Defeat TAKUMA TAKAGASHI without letting him heal himself.

This is earned on Stage 9.

For this boss fight, you’re going to need to stay on the attack against Takuma. You have a decent window of time to kill him. The rocket launcher is a very effective weapon to use to get this done quickly. The pistol is also an option for this. Just make sure to stay aggressive against him and damage him quickly. His attacks are pretty easy to dodge when you get the pattern down.

toilets unmetal KNOCK KNOCK

Break all toilet doors.

There are 15 different toilet doors that you will need to break spread out across UnMetal. All you have to do for these is punch the doors until they break. They are found in every level and they’re pretty easy to find. They aren’t hidden and you’ll likely come across them all naturally while advancing through the story. They will always be in the bathrooms which are marked by a “WC” sign right next to the door. Whenever you see that sign, go in and check for stalls. Punch the doors until they completely break.

precision unmetal UNAGI BLAST

Defeat HUGEEL firing just 6 torpedoes.

This is earned on Stage 6 while piloting the submarine.

This boss is exactly what it’s name says. A huge eel. It will come out of the walls toward you with its mouth open. This Trophy/Achievement is all about timing. You can’t miss any of your shots. It will take exactly six torpedoes to kill it.

As soon as you see the head come out, fire a torpedo and move either up or down to avoid the eel’s attack. If timed correctly, the torpedo will be fired before the eel is coming toward you. The eel will open it’s mouth and the torpedo will go in blowing up inside it’s stomach. The eel is long, so you need to fire early in order for the torpedo to travel far enough inside of the eel. Make sure to move up or down right after you fire so that the eel doesn’t damage you.

the solar unmetal SPLASH DAMAGE

Let the tank destroys all crates and trucks at the barracks.

See “FINDERS DESTROYERS” for more details.

rush unmetal trophy achievement guide THERE IN 60 SECONDS

Reach the ground level in less than 1 minute when running to save the doctor.

This is earned in Stage 3.

You’ll come to a point in the story where you will need to reach the doctor in under two minutes. For this, you just need to get to the ground floor in under a minute. You don’t have to reach the doctor, just the ground floor.

You need to quickly reach the elevator and take it down two times. You’re also going to need to have four First Aid Kits on you.

It’s a straight forward path back to the elevator, but there will be four guards in your way that you’re going to have to quickly deal with. The first two will be behind 4 breakable boxes. Use your gun to quickly shoot each one. Heal both of them and then move on to the next room. The next room will be the elevator. There will be two more guards in here. Just like before, you’re going to need to shoot and then heal them both. After that, take the elevator down twice and the Trophy will pop when you reach the bottom.

This is going to be very close, so be as quick as you can.

youre a tough guy unmetal YOU’RE A TOUGH GUY

Finish the game in hard mode.

Hard mode is unlocked immediately from the start if you’re wanting to try and get everything done right away. On hard, the bosses will become tougher. They move faster, have different attack patterns and kill you quicker. Trying to get the miscellaneous boss battle Trophies/Achievements will be much more difficult on hard.

Make sure to spam saves at urinals. Once you take a guard out, they’re out for the rest of the level as long as another guard doesn’t wake them up. So you can get back to a urinal or use a potty to save your game after clearing out an area. You can basically create your own checkpoints that way.

experience unmetal THE STEALTHY EXPERIENCE

Get the maximum experience possible in at least 5 chapters.

See “GENERAL” for more details.


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