Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Definitive Edition Trophy & Achievement Guide

Vice City Trophy Achievement Guide

Welcome to the Trophy and Achievement guide for the Definitive Edition of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City! Most of this list is the same as the older re-released PlayStation 2 version of the game. Some Trophies/Achievements have been removed and news ones have taken their place.

This is an overall easy list to complete, but it will require a decent amount of time to finish. If you’ve been playing through the other GTA games in the Definitive Edition, you should start to notice a pattern between all of the Trophy/Achievement lists.

You can go about this list in whatever order you like. Just make sure to keep an eye out for the missable Trophies & Achievements that are tied to story and asset missions.


Unfortunately, there are a handful of missable Trophies and Achievements that you will need to keep an eye out for. None of them are overly difficult, but just be sure to keep a manual save after each mission just in case you miss something.

  • Iron-y
  • Not My First Time
  • Salutations My Little Friend
  • Chopper’d Up

Glitches Beware

Unfortunately, it is possible for Trophies and Achievements to glitch at the time of launch. Make sure to save your game frequently just in case something glitches. You’ll be able to reload and try again.

Also, make sure to keep an eye on your stats. If you do something that is tracked in the stats menu, check to make sure it was counted. If it didn’t count, reload and try again.

There have been reports that “Take The Canoli” is glitched at the time of launch as well. So, don’t even bother spending your time grinding that one out until it has been patched.

No Cheating!

Unlike the PlayStation 2 version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City that was released with Trophies, you cannot use the classic cheat codes. Using any cheats will disable Trophies and Achievements.

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vice city trophy achievement guide Kingpin

Unlock all trophies.

Unmetal platinum trophy

vice city trophy achievement guide Born in the 80’s

Listen to all music stations at least once.

There are nine different radio stations that you can listen to in Vice City. The wording for this is a little confusing.

You can’t just cycle through all of the stations quickly. In order to earn this, you have to listen to a full song on each station. If you turn to a channel that already has a song playing, keep it there and let it finish. You will have to listen to the next song after it from start to finish. Don’t turn the station until the song you were listening to has fully finished and the next song or commercial has begun playing.

VCPR and K-Chat are talk radio stations. For those, you will need to listen until there is a commercial break.

This will pop after switching from the last station that you needed to one you’ve already done. Credit for this method goes to PSN Profiles user Lightning_0608.

    • Wildstyle
    • Flash FM
    • K-Chat
    • Fever 105
    • V-Rock
    • VCPR
    • Radio Espantoso
    • Emotion 98.3
    • Wave 103

vice city trophy achievement guide Running Rampant

Complete Vigilante mission level 12.

In order to complete this, you’re going to need a police vehicle. While in a police vehicle, press Up on the D-Pad to initiate the vigilante mission.

Each time you complete a level, a more criminals will be added. Unlike Grand Theft Auto III, you won’t be chasing just one criminal. It is more akin to the paramedic missions this time around.

This can be done by using a police car, a tank or the hunter helicopter.

Using a car is a little more difficult than the others. You will need a lot of ammo and it will be difficult to keep your police from taking too much damage. You can unlock the tank at Fort Baxter Air Base after collecting 90 hidden packages. The hunter helicopter will become available after collecting all 100 hidden packages. The hunter is the easiest method as you can quickly track down and kill the criminals with the hunter’s weapons.

irony vice city trophy achievement guide Iron-y

Kill the property developer with a Golf Club during “Four Iron”.


This is earned during the mission “Four Iron” and it will be given to you by Avery. Make sure to save the game before attempting this, just in case you miss it.

When you get to the golf course, you’ll have to discard your weapons when going through the metal detector, but don’t worry. You can pick up a golf club on the golf course.

When you enter a golf cart, you’ll automatically pick up a golf club as long as your melee weapon slot is open. There will also be one to right after exiting the metal detector building. You can switch out your melee weapon here if your slot is not open.

Equip the golf club and kill the target with it. He will try to flee as soon as you climb up the stairs. So, before going up the stars, park your golf cart in front of his to block him from leaving. His golf cart is the one closest to the structure where they are hitting balls from.

 Not my first time

Complete mission “G-Spotlight” without falling from the rooftops.


This is earned during the mission “G-Spotlight” and it will be given to you by Steve Scott from the InterGlobal Films asset. This won’t be available until much later in the game. You can purchase InterGlobal Films for $60,000 after the mission “Shakedown.”

Make sure to save the game before attempting this, just in case you miss it.

This is mission is going to have you riding a motorcycle across the roofs of buildings completing stunt jumps. This is tricky and will likely take you a few tries to get it.

It’s okay to fall off your bike on the roofs, you just can’t fall off of a building and hit the ground. If you fall off of a building, reload your save file and try again.

You’ll be timed while doing this, but you should have enough time to take things a little slowly and cautiously here.

 One is Better Than Two

Perform a 30 second wheelie.

First, you will need to get on a motorcycle. Once you’re on one, you’ll need to pull back with the left stick while accelerating with R2/RT to pull your front wheel off the ground.

This can be a little tricky because if you pull back too far, you’ll end your wheelie. You’ll know you pulled back too far when if you see sparks coming out of the back of the bike. It will not count that as a wheelie. Going too fast can also make it hard to control the bike as well.

You’re going to have to find a good middle ground of speed and control. I found that it was easier to drive slowly when shooting for this.

Pull back all the way on the left stick and then tap R2/RT at an even and consistent pace. It’s going to take a few tries to get the hang of it at first.

You’re also going to need a lot of open room to try and get this. The beach along the right side of the map is the perfect place to go for this. You can find plenty of motorcycles near the beach as well.

Point A to Point B

Drop off 25 passengers driving the taxi.

You will need to first get a taxi. You’ll have no problem finding one of these as they are very common across Vice City.

Get in a taxi and press Up on the D-Pad to initiate the missions. An NPC will be marked for you to pick up. Once you pick up the NPC, you’ll need to take them to their marked designation in a certain amount of time. You do not have to do 25 of these at once. You can string together however many you want until you reach 25 total. You can press Up again to end the taxi missions.

 High Quality H20

Extinguish 10 fires.

Get in a fire truck and press Up on the D-Pad to initiate the missions. Once you initiate the mission, you’ll be given a destination that you will need to reach where a fire will be burning. You will need to put out the fire by using the truck’s hose. You will also be on a timer while doing these missions.

NPCs will get out of their burning cars and will also be on fire. You’ll need to put them out as well. Fortunately, the people on fire will count too. So, if you put a car that is burning and two NPCs get on fire, this will count as three fires in one stop. You’ll reach 10 very quickly.

This Trophy requires 10 fires, but you should keep putting out fires until you complete level 12. This is just like with the ambulance mission. You will need to complete level 12 in order to complete the Firefighter mission required for 100% game completion.

 Pie Guy

Deliver 10 pizzas.

There is a pizza shop in Vice City called “Well Stacked Pizza” that you can do deliveries for. There will be a scooter parked outside of the pizza shop. The delivery mission will begin when you get on the scooter.

You’ll have six pizzas and set number of deliveries to make. Level one will have one delivery. Level two will have two deliveries and so on. You will need to deliver 10 pizzas, so you’ll get this when you complete level four.

When approaching a delivery drop off, hold Square to look left or O to look right and then press L1 to throw the pizza. On Xbox, you would hold X to look left or B to look right and then press LB to throw the pizza.

You only need to deliver 10 pizzas for this Trophy/Achievement, but you should continue to deliver pizzas until you finish level 10. You will need to finish level 10 in order to obtain 100% game completion. You will also need the Pizza Boy scooter for an import list at Sunshine Autos after you buy that asset.

 Bull in a China Shop

Cause $1,000,000 in property damage.

This is something that you’ll earn without having to go out of your way for it. Everything you do destruction wise will contribute to this. You have a lot to do in order to complete this list, so don’t worry about this. It’ll eventually pop.

 Vice City Mogul

Own 10 properties.

There are numerous properties that you can buy throughout Vice City. You will be able to start buying properties after completing the missions “In the Beginning.” You won’t be able to own them all until after the mission “Rub Out’ which is when the Vercetti Estate will become available.

There will be a floating house icon outside of the property if it is for sale. Walk through the icon to be given the option to buy the property.

Although you only need to buy 10 properties for this Trophy/Achievement, you will need to buy them all in order to obtain 100% game completion.


    1. Ocean View Hotel – Free at the beginning of the game.
    2. Ocean Heights Apartment – $7,000 in Ocean Beach
    3. 1102 Washington Street – $3,000 in Washington Beach
    4. Links View Apartment – $6,000 in Vice Point
    5. El Swanko Casa – $8,000 in Vice Point
    6. 3321 Vice Point – $2,500 in Vice Point
    7. Hyman Condo – $14,000 in Downtown
    8. Skumole Shack – $1,000 in Downtown
    9. Vercetti Estate – Complete “Rub Out. This is on Starfish Island

Vice City Safehouses


    1. Pole Position Club – $30,000 in Ocean Beach
    2. Malibu Club – $120,000 in Vice Point
    3. Interglobal Film Studio – $60,000 on Prawn Island
    4. Kaufman Cabs – $40,000 in Little Haiti
    5. Phil’s Place – Complete “The Job.” This in Little Haiti
    6. Print Works – $70,000 in Little Haiti
    7. Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory – $20,000 in Little Havana
    8. Sunshine Autos – $50,000 in Little Havana
    9. Boatyard – $10,000 in Vicepoint
    10. Vercetti Estate – Complete “Rub Out. This is on Starfish Island

 Salutations My Little Friend

Use the M4 to take out Diaz during the mission “Rub Out”.


This is earned during the mission “Rub Out. This mission will be given to you by Lance Vance. Make sure to save the game before attempting this, just in case you miss it.

During the mission, you will be given an M4 from Lance. All you have to do is make sure to kill Diaz with the M4.

Reload your save if you miss this.

Catch Me if You Can

Achieve a six-star wanted level.

The easiest way to earn a six-star wanted level is to use the tank. The tank will become available after collecting 90 hidden packages. You can then get it from Fort Baxter Air Base.

Once you’re in the tank, just go nuts. Start shooting cop cars with the cannon. Keep doing this until your wanted level hits 6 stars. The only way the tank will be destroyed is if it flips over. Things will get more and more hectic the higher your wanted level gets, so that makes the tank perfect for this Trophy/Achievement.

 Somebody Call the Wambulance?

Complete Paramedic Mission level 12.

In order to complete this, you’re going to need an ambulance. While in an ambulance, press Up on the D-Pad to initiate the paramedic mission. These missions require you to pick up injured NPCs and drop them off at the hospital. Completing a level will add more NPCs to your route, so this will get a little overwhelming with patients, but it’s not too hard. You’ll be on a timer and you can add time by picking up and dropping off NPCs.

You will need to reach and complete level 12 in one Paramedic mission. Do not get out of the ambulance or press Up on the D-Pad to end it. Drive carefully as to not damage your ambulance. If it catches fire, your mission will be ended.

You can only fit three passengers in your ambulance at the same time. So when you get the locations of the patients, look at your map and plan out a route that makes the most sense to get them all while also dropping them off to make room in your ambulance.

You can also click in R3 to turn on your siren. Traffic will get out of your way and cars will stop at intersections when you drive with the siren on.

 Greasy Palms

Use a police bribe to reduce your wanted level.

Police bribes are the police badge floating icons. You can walk or drive through these when you have a wanted level and they will decrease your wanted level by one star. These are found all across Vice City.

This is something that you will likely get by just playing through the game.

 Just Like the Real Thing

Win the RC Bandit Race.

The RC Bandit Race is a side mission race that can be started by entering a parked Top Fun van. The van is found on the Vice City Beach to the north.

You will be racing against three other RC cars. You will need to hit checkpoints through the two laps of the race. If you start to fall behind or mess up, you can self detonate the car by pressing Left on the D-Pad. You can then try again.

Sometimes the van may not spawn. You can try driving around, completing a mission or saving your game to get the van to spawn. If you don’t want to do that, you can actually go to a second van location. Once you get into the second van, a race will start. Self destruct your car to immediately end the race. Next, drive this second van to the race location on the beach. When you get near the race location, the race will automatically start.

There are three RC races and they will all need to be completed in order to obtain 100% game completion.

    • RC Bandit Race
    • RC Baron Race
    • RC Raider Pickup

 Keepie-Uppy Okie Dokie

Earn a high score of 5 with the Keepie-Uppy Beach Ball.

Keepie-uppy is a mini game that you can play with a beach ball. The Beach ball is found on Starfish Island. It will be in an empty pool of a house immediately to the right off the road that brings you to the island. This is on the west side of the island.

When you find the ball, run or walk into it to bounce the ball in the air. All you have to do is here is keep the ball in the air by hitting it when it comes down five times. Get underneath the ball so that when it comes down it’ll bounce off your head and back up into the air. You’ll see little numbers counting how many times you’ve hit the ball with each consecutive bounce. You don’t need to press anything. Just stay under the ball and it’ll automatically bounce off of you.

You’ll need to bounce five consecutive times without it hitting the ground. It’s going to take a few tries to get the hang of it.

 Gun for Hire

Complete all assassination contracts.

There are five assassination contracts. You will be introduced to these after completing the “Back Alley Brawl” mission early on in the game. You will get a call on your cell phone and then you will be told to go to a pay phone. You will be given the mission when you interact with the designated pay phone.

You will receive all of the assassination missions the same way. They will be made available after completing certain story missions. They will be marked on your map with a phone icon.

Assassination Contracts

    • Road Kill
    • Waste the Wife
    • Autocide
    • Check Out At The Check In
    • Loose Ends

There have been reports of these missions not being tracked correctly in the in game stats page. Make sure to save your game BEFORE doing these missions. Check your stats after completing them to make sure they were recorded properly. This could make you not only miss this Trophy/Achievement, but “Done It All” as well. If the game doesn’t track it properly, you will not be able to reach 100% completion.

 I’m Famous!

Earn the Stuff of Legends media attention rank.

Your media rank is a result of the destruction and mayhem that you cause. The more destruction you cause, the higher your media rank will be.

“Stuff of Legends” is the highest media rank that you can reach. You can view in the Stats menu of the pause screen.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to knock this out. You can actually pair “Catch Me If You Can” with this as well.

The easiest way to earn the “Stuff of Legends” media rank is to use the tank. The tank will become available after collecting 90 hidden packages. You can then get it from Fort Baxter Air Base. Get in the tank and go on a murderous destruction spree. Keep it going until you hit this media rank. You will end up getting a six-star wanted level while doing this as well.

 Don’t Need Roads

Hit max speed in a Deluxo.

The Deluxo cannot be found out in the wild. You will need to unlock this vehicle.

First, you will need to buy Sunshine Autos which will cost $50,000 in Little Havana. After that, there will be a list of cars that you will need to bring to the import garage. There are multiple lists, but this only requires the first one. This is similar to the multiple import lists found in GTA III.

Sunshine Auto Import List

    • Blista Compact
    • Esperanto
    • Idaho
    • Landstalker
    • Rancher
    • Stallion

After completing the above list, the Deluxo will then spawn inside of Sunshine Autos.

Once you have the Deluxio, take the car to the airport and use a landing strip to reach full speed.


Complete 36 unique jumps.

There are 36 unique jumps across Vice City, so you’ll need to do them all. These are just ramps where you will need to jump off and reach a certain distance while in a vehicle. You’ll get an on screen message when you’ve completed a unique jump.

Three of the jumps on the northwest side of the map will only be available during or after the mission “G-Spotlight.” This is the final mission for the InterGlobal Films asset.

 Legal Counsel

Complete the “Riot” mission.

This is a story related Trophy and Achievement.

 Life of the Party

Complete the “All Hands on Deck!” mission.

This is a story related Trophy and Achievement.

 South American Connection

Complete the “Supply & Demand” mission.

This is a story related Trophy and Achievement.

 Big Heat from Little Havana

Complete the “Trojan Voodoo” mission.

This is a story related Trophy and Achievement.

This is earned after completing the final gang mission for Umberto Robina. The missions for the Cubans will be available to you after completing all of the missions for Aunty Poulet.

They will be marked on your map when available.


Complete the “Publicity Tour” mission.

This is a story related Trophy and Achievement.

This is earned after completing the final mission for Love Fist. The missions for Love Fist will be available to you after completing the story mission “Rub Out.”

They will be marked on your map when available.

 Tommy Two-Wheels

Complete the “Hog Tied” mission.

This is a story related Trophy and Achievement.

This is earned after completing the final mission for Mitch Baker. The missions for Mitch Baker will be available to you after completing the missions for Love Fist.

 Grand Theft Auto

Retrieve every wanted vehicle at Sunshine Autos Import Garage.

Sunshine Autos is a property in Little Havana that you can buy for $50,000. Once you buy it, the import garage will then become available at the same location as well.

There will be a series of lists of vehicles that you will need to bring to the garage. When you complete a list, a new one will become available. There are four lists of required vehicles for a total of 24 vehicles.

When you find a vehicle from the lists, take it and park it in the garage at Sunshine Autos. Completing these lists are required for obtaining 100% game completion.

List 1

    • Blista Compact
    • Esperanto
    • Idaho
    • Landstalker
    • Rancher
    • Stallion

List 2

    • Sabre
    • Virgo
    • Sentinel
    • Stretch
    • Washington
    • Admiral

List 3

    • Cheetah
    • Infernus
    • Banshee
    • Phoenix
    • Comet
    • Stinger

List 4

    • Voodoo
    • Cuban Hermes
    • Caddy
    • Baggage Handler
    • Mr. Whoopee
    • Pizzaboy

 Bloodstained Hands

Earn the Butcher criminal rating.

See “Take the Cannoli” below for more details.

 Take the Cannoli

Earn the Godfather criminal rating.

Your criminal rating is a result of the destruction and mayhem that you cause through your entire playthrough of the game. This rating is raised by killing NPCs, destroying cars and completing missions. Basically, everything you do in while playing will be factored into this overall score. Your money is also included in this score as well.

Getting killed and arrested will have a small negative impact on your score as well. Using cheats would really hurt your score, but those disable Trophies/Achievements, so you shouldn’t be using those anyway.

Godfather is the highest rank you can earn and it is going to be a grind to reach it. In the original game, you needed to get this score to 1,000,000+. Now you only need to get 100,000+. You can view your score in the Stats menu of the pause screen.

With the Definitive Edition version of the game, there have been some changes. So, some of the older score grinding methods no longer work here, but there is one method that you can use to quickly knock this out.

Cone Crazy Method

You will need to complete the ‘Cone Crazy’ mission at least 19 times. I know that sounds like a lot, but it goes by quickly as this is a very short mission. In ‘Cone Crazy’, you’ll need to drive through checkpoints without breaking any of the cones. This can be done at any point. You do not have to start a new game in order to do this.

This mission is found on the top of the parking garage in Ocean Beach.

Go to the top of the parking garage and get into the parked stallion to begin this mission. If there isn’t one there you can bring a stallion here, park it in the required space, get out and then get back in to initiate the mission.

You can hit the checkpoints in any order that you want, so find the route that is easiest for you.

The objective here is to not destroy any of the cones, but you can slowly and gently nudge the cones with your car in order to push them out of the way to create bigger lanes for you to drive through.

The first seven times you do this mission, you want to hit the last checkpoint with 00:00 left on the clock. So, go through the course and then stop at the final checkpoint. Wait for the clock to wind down and then drive through the checkpoint when it hits 00:00.

Finished Run Times Step 1

  • 1 – 00:00
  • 2 – 00:00
  • 3 – 00:00
  • 4 – 00:00
  • 5 – 00:00
  • 6 – 00:00
  • 7 – 00:00

After completing the seven runs listed above, you want to then start finishing them better each time by one second. So, in the previous step, we finished at 00:00. In your eighth run you want to finish at 00:01. Your ninth run needs to be 00:02. We want to continue this pattern up to 12 seconds.

Finished Run Times Step 2

  • 8 – 00:01
  • 9 – 00:02
  • 10 – 00:03
  • 11 – 00:04
  • 12 – 00:05
  • 13 – 00:06
  • 14 – 00:07
  • 15 – 00:08
  • 16 – 00:09
  • 17 – 00:10
  • 18 – 00:11
  • 19 – 00:12

It can get a little harder the higher we go, but it is very doable. Especially if you’re nudging the cones out of your way to create bigger paths.

You need to make sure you hit the final checkpoint while the times listed are shown. If you score under, it’s not a big deal. Nothing will be messed up here. You’ll just get $200 and can try again. Going over can mess things up a little, so here’s an example. Let’s say you’re trying to hit 00:03 and you finish at 00:04 by accident. You’re still okay, but you will need to extend the total time. The minimum total is 12, but if you finished a second too fast, your new minimum will be now be 13. 13 is still doable, but that’s where it starts to get difficult. So keep that in mind.

You can make saves between runs if you’re worried about that. This is available very early in the game, so you can also start a new game and do this if need be.

 Mischief Managed

Complete the “Keep Your Friends Close…” mission.

This is a story related Trophy and Achievement.

This will be the last mission of the story. In order to unlock the mission, you will need to do a few things first.

You will need to have bought at least six assets and have their revenue unlocked. In order to unlock revenue for an asset, you will need to complete missions for that asset. The missions at Print Works are required for this.

You will also need to complete the story mission “Cop Land.” After you’ve done asset missions and “Cop Land,” you’ll then be able to advance the story to the end.

 Chopper’d Up

Kill all hostile NPCs during the mission “Demolition Man” using the RC chopper’s blades.


This is earned during the “Demolition Man” mission for Avery. It is the mission right after “Four Iron.” Make sure to save the game before attempting this, just in case you miss it.

The objective of the mission is to carry and place bombs in a construction site using an RC helicopter. As soon as you place a bomb, a timer will start. So, don’t pick up any bombs until you have this Trophy/Achievement.

Instead of picking up any bombs, fly the RC helicopter into the building. All you have to do is fly it into the NPCs inside and they’ll die with one hit. Simply fly through the building killing everyone inside of it with the helicopter. Do this until the Trophy/Achievement pops.

I don’t know if this was glitched in a good way, but it popped for me while there were still enemies alive inside.

After getting the Trophy/Achievement you can then continue on with the mission by planting the bombs.

 City Sleuth

Find 100 hidden packages.

As the description states, you will need to find all 100 of the hidden packages. These are found all across Vice City and none of them are missable.

Just like with GTA III, you will receive a new weapon made permanently available at your safehouses for every 10 that you collect.

These can be found on top of buildings, inside buildings or even in underground sections. These are in the same places that they were in the original PlayStation 2 version of the game.

 Done it All

Earn 100% completion.

There is a lot that you will need to do in order to obtain 100% game completion. Everything you need to complete will be listed below.

Story Missions

  • In The Beginning…

Sonny Forelli

  • An Old Friend

Ken Rosenberg

  • The Party
  • Back Alley Brawl
  • Jury Fury
  • Riot

Avery Carrington

  • Four Iron
  • Demolition Man
  • Two Bit Hit

Juan Cortez

  • Treacherous Swine
  • Mall Shootout
  • Guardian Angels
  • Sir, Yes Sir!
  • All Hands On Deck!

Ricardo Diaz

  • The Chase
  • Phnom Penh ’86
  • The Fastest Boat
  • Supply & Demand

Lance Vance

  • Rub Out
  • Shakedown
  • Bar Brawl
  • Cop Land

Kent Paul

  • Death Row

Print Works

  • Cap the Collector

Tommy Vercetti

  • Keep Your Friends Close…

Gang Missions

Umberto Robina

  • Stunt Boat Challenge
  • Cannon Fodder
  • Naval Engagement
  • Trojan Voodoo

Auntie Poulet

  • Juju Scramble
  • Bombs Away!
  • Dirty Lickin’s

Love Fist

  • Love Juice
  • Psycho Killer
  • Publicity Tour

Mitch Baker

  • Alloy Wheels of Steel
  • Messing with the Man
  • Hog Tied

Assassination Missions

  • Road Kill
  • Waste the Wife
  • Autocide
  • Check Out at the Check In
  • Loose Ends

Misc. Missions

  • Collect all 100 hidden packages
  • Complete all 36 unique jumps
  • Complete all 35 rampages
    • Rampages are the floating skull icons that can be found through out Vice City. Interact with them and you’ll be required to kill a set amount of enemies in a set amount of time.
  • Complete all of the vehicle missions
    • Paramedic: Complete Level 12 in one ambulance mission by picking up and dropping off NPCs.
    • Firefighter: Complete Level 12 in one Firefighter mission.
    • Vigilante: Complete Level 12 in one Vigilante mission.
    • Taxi Driver: complete 100 fares. The total for this can be completed in any order.
    • Pizza Boy: Complete Level 10 in one Pizza Boy mission.
  • Buy all safehouses.
  • Buy all assets
  • Rob all 15 stores.

  • Rifle Range: Earn at least 45 points

Asset Missions

The Pole Position Club

  • Spend $300 in the Dance Room.

Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory

  • Distribution: Sell 50 ice cream.

Sunshine Autos

  • Sunshine Autos Import Garage: Complete all four lists.


  • Checkpoint Charlie

InterGlobal Studios

  • Recruitment Drive
  • Dildo Dodo
  • Martha’s Mug Shot
  • G-Spotlight

Kaufman Cabs

  • V.I.P.
  • Friendly Rivalry
  • Cabmaggedon

Malibu Club

  • No Escape?
  • The Shootist
  • The Driver
  • The Job

Phil Cassidy

  • Gun Runner
  • Boomshine Saigon

Print Works

  • Spilling The Beans
  • Hit The Courier

Side Missions

RC Missions

  • RC Bandit Race
  • RC Baron Race
  • RC Raider Pickup

Off-Road Missions

  • PCJ Playground
  • Cone Crazy
  • Trial by Dirt
  • Test Track

Hyman Memorial Stadium

  • Hotring
  • Bloodring
  • Dirtring

Chopper Checkpoint

  • Ocean Beach
  • Vice Point
  • Little Haiti
  • Downtown

vice city trophy achievement guide

Street Races

  • Terminal Velocity
  • Ocean Drive
  • Border Run
  • Capital Cruise
  • Tour!
  • V.C. Endurance


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  1. Thx really good Guide im playing definitive Edition on plat and i was wondering in the og game was just 1 missable trophy in the end with the credits. I got “They can’t stop us all” because of a bug. 1st time on the mission I didn’t know of the achievement, killed everyone and destroyed all searchlights, and right before entering it became day light. Restarting from checkpoint, I never heard any alerts about being spotted, search lights were bugged, and was given the achievement upon entering.

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