Industria Trophy & Achievement Guide

Welcome to the Industria Trophy and Achievement guide! This mysterious indie title has landed on consoles and comes 22 Trophies and 21 Achievements for hunters to earn.

  • 4/10 Estimated Difficulty
  • 5-7 Estimated Hours to Platinum
  • 1 or 2 Playthroughs depending on how you want to approach hardcore difficulty.

This is a very quick game and list to complete. There is a Trophy/Achievement for beating the game on “Hardcore” difficulty, but this is available immediately. So everything can be completed in a single playthrough. If you don’t feel like playing the game through on “Hardcore”, there is an exploit that you can use to circumvent that. You can find out more about that at “The hard way” Trophy/Achievement.

There are collectibles in the game, but they are not needed for any Trophy/Achievement. The Trophies/Achievements tied to finding weapons are missable, but you would almost have to try to go out of your way to avoid these. The weapons in the game are found in multiple locations and picking up any of them will pop their respective Trophy/Achievement. The guide below will list the locations of each where they can first be found. You can search around in the areas a bit for health and ammo, but the weapons are right on your path, so they should be pretty easily found.

In Order

The Trophies/Achievements have been listed below in the order that you can get them in. If for whatever reason you miss something, there will be a chapter select available after completing the game.

 Wake up, Nora

Start a new game

This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement.

This will pop after starting a new game just as the intro cutscene begins to play.


Find the Hiveball in the Apartment

This can be earned immediately after taking control of Nora for the first time in the beginning of the game.

From where you first start facing the TV in Nora’s apartment, go to the right. Go toward her desk by the window and press / on the small trash can next to her desk to pick it up. Tilt the trashcan so that the Hiveball falls out. Pick it up and this will pop.

industria trophy achievement guide foreshadowing

 Unforeseen consequences

Interact with a PC in the office

This can be earned right after leaving Nora’s apartment building inside of the Atlas Programm building.

Go up the elevator and head into the office marked “Dr. Walter Rebel.” Grab the keycard off the desk and then exit Walter’s office. Now, go to the door at the end of the hallway marked “Sicherheitszone II.” Use the keycard to unlock the door.

Head down the hallway and enter the second door on the left marked “Arbeitsgruppe I.” Interact with the first PC on the right by using / .

 The Library

Enter the first library

This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement.

 Where am I?

Wake up in the Institute

This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement.

 Let’s break things

Pick up the Pickaxe

This can be earned immediately after the “Where am I?” Trophy/Achievement pops. The Pick axe is also needed in order to progress the game.

From the start, turn to the right and follow the roped path to the green wheel door handle. Use it to the open the door.

Enter the next room and go to the right to find another green wheel door handle laying on a box. Pick it up and then use it on the door to open it. Enter the room and go left. There will be a door slightly open at the top of the room. The Pick axe can be found on a desk through this door.

 Moving Lead

Pick up the Pistol

The pistol can first be found after using the tinder sticks on the furnace and riding the elevator.

You’ll come out of the elevator and turn left to find a doorway blocked by wooden planks. Destroy them with the pick axe. Follow the path around the corner and into a room where you will be attacked by a robot.

The pistol is found laying on the bench right next to where the robot was.

If you somehow miss this here, there will be more pistols to find later in the game that will pop this.

industria trophy achievement guide

 A human voice

Pick up the Radio

This is earned immediately after picking up the pistol and is needed for story progression.

Continue on the short path from the pistol into a larger room. There will be another robot that will attack you in here.

Pick up a wooden crate and place it in front of the steel ledge that has another crate on it. Use the crate to the get on the steel ledge. Jump up to the next ledge to find the radio sitting on a table.

Forward planning

Find the hidden key

This is earned in the Library on your second visit.

As soon as you begin the area, Nora will be putting a book away on the shelf. Look to your right to see a staircase. Go under this staircase and jump up into the small area with the plants. The key can be found in one of the planters. This key is needed for the “Reviving the GDR” Trophy/Achievement later on in the game.

 Welcome to Hakavik

Exit the Institute and enter the city

This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement.


Pick up the SMG

This can be earned shortly after earning the “Welcome to Hakavik” story Trophy/Achievement.

Go to the first objective and pull out the core.

Industria Trophy & Achievement Guide

After that, a ramp will lower at the gate. Two melee robots will come down the ramp and a gun wielding robot will be at the top of it. After you’ve dealt with them, go up the ramp to find the SMG in front of you slightly to the right.

If you somehow miss this here, there will be more SMGs to find later in the game that will pop this.

industria trophy achievement guide

Industria Trophy & Achievement Guide Twelve AM

Pick up the Shotgun

Continue following the path after picking up the SMG until you eventually reach an apartment building.

Industria Trophy & Achievement Guide

Enter the building go right to find a lone melee robot. Deal with it and then take the first open door on your right to find a shotgun propped up against a table.

If you somehow miss this here, there will be more Shotguns to find later in the game that will pop this.

Industria Trophy & Achievement Guide

Industria Trophy & Achievement Guide A little bit closer

Pick up the Rifle

After exiting the apartments, a cutscene will play. You’ll be standing next to a statue when it ends. You’ll need to interact with cores just like earlier when you brought the ramp down. Do that again in this area to bring another ramp down. The cores are found on the left and right sides of the map.

Go up the ramp and into a dark building. Follow the path through the building up some stairs and across a catwalk with a gap that you can jump. Continue on until you find another green wheel door handle. Backtrack across the catwalk and down the stairs. The wheel can be used on the two doors at the bottom of the staircase on your right when coming down the stairs. The control box is kind of hard to see, so use your flashlight.

Open the doors and follow the path out. The rifle can be found propped up against a waist high wall just before some stairs down to the street.

If you somehow miss this here, there will be more rifles to find later in the game that will pop this.

Industria Trophy & Achievement Guide

Industria Trophy & Achievement Guide Reviving the GDR

Schubling – Zeitmaschine

You will need to have picked up the secret key from the second library visit (“Forward planning” Trophy/Achievement) in order to earn this.

This can be earned shortly after picking up the rifle.

Drop down into the street and make your down the street. There will be a lot of enemies down on the street so be ready. Toward the end of the street, there will be an open doorway on the right. Go into it and you’ll find a locked door. Press the Touchpad / and select the secret key. Use it with / to open the door. This will pop upon entering the room and finding the radio.

Industria Trophy & Achievement Guide

Industria Trophy & Achievement Guide

Industria Trophy & Achievement Guide The Crossing

Cross the canal with the train

This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement.

 Falling in Eternity

Enter the library for the last time

This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement.

 Close to the sun

Reach the forest

This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement.

 I will never forget this

Place Brent’s photo on his wife’s grave

You will be given Brent’s photo in his old house during a cutscene after pulling the lever three times in the greenhouse area to get in.

Progress the story from here.

After earning the “Close to the sun” Trophy/Achievement, you’ll still be riding on the train you left the Canal in. Get out of the train when it stops and follow the path through the gap in the fence. You’ll see a house straight ahead as you pass through the fence. Follow the path to it. As you approach the house, look for the tombstones to the left of it and go to them.

Industria Trophy & Achievement Guide

Go to the second tombstone marked “Marelein Brent” and interact with it with / to place the photo and pop the Trophy/Achievement.

Industria Trophy & Achievement Guide

 Hanging Boats

Enter the chapel

This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement.

 The end is the end is the end is the end is the end


This is an unmissable story related Trophy/Achievement.

The hard way

Complete the game in hardcore mode

Hardcore mode is unlocked from the very beginning and can be attempted right away if you’d like. On hardcore mode, there are no autosaves. You are only able to save the game at typewriters found throughout the various areas. The enemies will do more damage to you and will take more damage to defeat. The ammo is also pretty scarce through the mode. Not every enemy needs to be fought either. It is possible to run or sneak passed some of the enemies. This isn’t really a combat heavy game, but there are some tough sections to have to fight through.

There is also another way to get this without having to play through the entire game on hardcore. There is an autosave at the very end of the game that can be exploited. Follow the steps below to quickly pop this if you’d like.

  • Beat the game on normal and finish the credits.
  • Select “Continue” from the main menu.
  • Change the difficulty at the bottom right side of the screen to “Hardcore.”
  • Choose the “Chapel” chapter and finish it. There is no combat here.
  • The Trophy/Achievement will pop during the credits.

 The bitter end

Collect all Trophies in INDUSTRIA


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