Horizon: Burning Shores Trophy Guide

burning shores trophy guide

Welcome to the Horizon: Burning Shores Trophy guide! Burning Shores is a piece of downloadable content for Horizon: Forbidden West. Before we go any further, it is important to note that this DLC is only available for the PlayStation 5 version of Forbidden West. This is not available on PlayStation 4.

3/10 Estimated Difficulty
8-10 Estimated Hours to completion
1 Minimum Play-through
0 Missable

Burning Shores comes with an additional 18 Trophies to earn. The list is a pretty easy and stress free one overall. You’re basically tasked with seeing and doing all of the new things added with Burning Shores.

As noted above, there is nothing missable here. So feel free to make your way through the DLC however you’d like. Although, you will need to finish the main story missions in order to fully open everything up here. So you may want to focus on getting the story out of the way first. It is not very long as it is only five missions. While playing the main story, make sure to Focus scan the new machines. There are only four of them and they will all appear during the main story. So you will encounter them naturally.

There is a Trophy for reaching level 60. That’s something you don’t need to go out of your way for as long as you were at or around level 50 from playing the main game of Forbidden West. You’ll reach level 60 by completing everything that is needed to 100% the Burning Shores Trophy list.

The “Killed Bileguts and Stingspawn” is earned by killing a certain number of the new machines. You’ll encounter these new machines as you make your way through the DLC. So, go ahead and save this one for last. It’s not hard, it’s just possible you’ll earn it by playing through naturally. If you don’t have this done by the time everything else is completed, you can easily kill however many you have left, which won’t be very many. You don’t want to unnecessarily spend time grinding out kills right away when it’s not required.

Overall, you’re going to be completing all of the main and side quests, finding collectibles and doing some miscellaneous Trophies. There is nothing overly difficult here.

Horizon: Forbidden West Trophy Guide

 All Quests Completed

Completed all main and side quests in the Burning Shores.

In order to earn this, you’re going to have to complete every main and side quest available in Burning Shores. Fortunetaly, none of them are missable and can be completed whenever you’d like.

Main Quests:

  • To The Burning Shores
  • Heaven and Earth
    • Door Code – 3285
  • The Stars in Their Eyes
  • For His Amusement
  • His Final Act
  • Epilogue

Side Quests:

  • The Splinter Within – Fleet’s End
  • In His Wake – Fleet’s End
  • A Friend in the Dark
    • Must complete Murmuring Hollow Relic Ruins
    • Murmuring Hollow Relic Ruins code – 1315
    • A Friend in the Dark code – 117 & 1247

burning shores trophy guide

 Discovered the Ascension

Located the missing Quen and discovered Londra’s plan to leave Earth.

This is an unmissable story-related Trophy that will pop by completing the main story mission, “The Stars in Their Eyes.”

 Confronted Londra

Uncovered the truth of Londra’s plans for the Quen and rescued Seyka’s sister.

This is an unmissable story-related Trophy that will pop by completing the main story mission, “For His Amusement.”

 Aided the Quen

Helped the Quen of Fleet’s End recover priceless knowledge and rescue those held captive.

This is earned by completing “The Splinter Within” and “In His Wake” side quests. This will be earned as you play through all of the missions for “All Quests Completed.”

 Defeated the Londra and His Horus

Defeated the awakened Horus and put a stop to Londra’s plans.

This is an unmissable story-related Trophy that will pop by completing the main story mission, “His Final Act.”

 All New Skills Learned

Learned all new skills in the Burning Shores.

There are 18 new skills added inn the DLC. These are all found at the bottom of the skill trees under the “Skills” tab of the Touchpad menu. If you have everything unlocked heading into the DLC, it is going to talk 72 skill points to unlock all 18 of them.

In addition to unlocking the Valor Surges, you will also need to upgrade each of them to level 3. The Valor Surges are the bigger skill icons in the middle at the very bottom of the skill trees. This is why there are only 18 new skills added, but the Trophy counter shows 30.

burning shores trophy guide


  • Warrior’s Instinct – 2 Skill Points
  • Elemental Spear – 2 Skill Points
  • Warrior’s Vigor
    • Level 2 – 3 Skill Points
    • Level 3 – 5 Skill Points


  • Smoke Bomb Heal – 2 Skill Points
  • Ropecaster Expert – 2 Skill Points
  • Trap Mines
    • Level 2 – 3 Skill Points
    • Level 3 – 5 Skill Points


  • Glide Targeting – 2 Skill Points
  • Machine Grapple Strike – 2 Skill Points
  • Hunter’s Mark
    • Level 2 – 3 Skill Points
    • Level 3 – 5 Skill Points


  • Low Health Stamina – 2 Skill Points
  • Shield Drop – 2 Skill Points
  • Defy Death
    • Level 2 – 3 Skill Points
    • Level 3 – 5 Skill Points


  • Sharpshot Expert – 2 Skill Points
  • Stealth Resonator – 2 Skill Points
  • Berserk Blast
    • Level 2 – 3 Skill Points
    • Level 3 – 5 Skill Points

Machine Master

  • Flying Grapple Launch – 2 Skill Points
  • Resonator Refill – 2 Skill Points
  • Override Overdrive
    • Level 2 – 3 Skill Points
    • Level 3 – 5 Skill Points

 Reached Level 60

Reached player level 60.

If you have already finished the main game of Forbidden West before playing Burning Shores, you will likely already be at level 50. So, you’ll only need to gain another 10 levels. This is something that will happen as you work toward earning the “All Quests Completed” Trophy.

If you’re lower than 50 heading into this DLC, you’ll need to complete missions and kill enemies from both the DLC and the main game in order to reach level 60.

For the majority of players though, this will come before fully completing everything in Burning Shores.

 Used Brimshine

Used Brimshine to purchase 1 outfit and 1 weapon.

Brimshine is a new resource that is introduced in Burning Shores that can be used to purchase outfits and weapons.

burning shores trophy guide

In order to buy one outfit and one weapon, you’re going to need 16 Brimeshine.

These can be found throughout the open world, but the quickest way to get a majority of them is by finding all seven of the Trinkets. After collecting all seven trinkets, you’ll dig up a buried treasure that will contain 15 Brimshine. That is needed for the “Recovered Delvers’ Trove” Trophy. You can find a Trinkets video collectible guide under the “Recovered All Aerial Captures” Trophy.

Once you have enough Brimeshine, head to a stitcher to buy an outfit and a hunter to buy a weapon.

burning shores trophy guide

burning shores trophy guide

 Equipped an Elite Coil or Weave

Equipped an elite coil on a weapon or an elite weave on an outfit.

Elite Coils and Weaves are a new type of gear introduced in Burning Shores that can be equipped to your outfits and or weapons.

These can be picked up from defeated enemies or bought from Stitcher and Hunter merchants.

Press the Touchpad and go to Inventory. From there, select either an outfit or weapon and press . Then, select the Weave/Coil slot and equip a Weave/Coil that has “Elite” in the title.

burning shores trophy guide

 Specter Gauntlet Upgraded

Fully upgraded the Specter Gauntlet.

The Specter Gauntlet is a new weapon that you will automatically acquire during the main story mission, “The Stars in Their Eyes.”

In order to upgrade it, all you have to do is complete the “In His Wake” side quest. At the end of that quest, you’ll kill Pirik. Loot his body and you’ll pick up the Railgun Component which is the upgrade for the Specter Gauntlet.

After that, head to a workbench and craft the Railgun Component. This will actually be a sub objective of the side quest before finishing it.

This will pop as soon as the Railgun Component is crafted by holding .

burning shores trophy guide

 Cauldron THETA Core Overridden

Reached the Core of Cauldron THETA and accessed its information.

The THETA Cauldron is found on the eastern side of the map. When you reach the main entrance, it will be locked. You’ll need to find an alternative way into the Cauldron. The way in is found to the east of the main entrance in the lava area.

burning shores trophy guide

burning shores trophy guide

All you have to do is make your way through the Cauldron and kill the Apex Bilegut and get the required core. If you’re stuck in here, use Chillwater on lava to create air streams to create air streams for your glider.

 All New Machines Scanned

Encountered and Focus scanned every new machine in the Burning Shores.

There are four new machines to scan in Burning Shores. You’ll come across all four of them as you play through the main story of the DLC.

  • Stingspawn – You’ll encounter these during the main quest “To The Burning Shores.”
  • Bilegut – You’ll encounter these during the main quest “To The Burning Shores” shortly after your first encounter with the Stingspawn machines.
  • Waterwing – You’ll encounter these during the main quest “For His Amusement.”
  • Horus – You’ll encounter these during the main quest “His Final Act.”

 Completed the Dino Digits Quiz

Recovered all Pangea Figurines and completed the Dino Digits quiz.

See the “Recovered All Aerial Captures” Trophy below for more details.

 Recovered the Delvers’ Trove

Recovered all Delver Trinkets and unearthed their trove.

See the “Recovered All Aerial Captures” Trophy below for more details.

Recovered All Aerial Captures

Discovered and completed all Aerial Captures.

There are three types of collectibles that you’ll need to track down.

  • Trinkets

There are seven Trinkets to collect. Once you have all seven of them, you’ll be tasked with finding a buried treasure site. None of them are missable.

  • Pangea Figurines

There are five Pangea Figurines to collect. These are dinosaur figurines encased in what looks like amber blocks. Once you have found all five of them, head to the Pangea Park in the bottom right corner of the map. The main story of the DLC will actually take you here. In the center of the Pangea Park area, you’ll see that there are five terminals that you can interact with surrounding a hologram. You will need to input a code to each of these terminals in order to complete the quest after finding all of the Figurines.

Starting from the far left of the area near where you enter, the codes are listed below:

    • 6837
    • 4331
    • 378
    • 785
    • 1051
  • Aerial Captures

These are 2 part collectibles. You will first need to find crashed black boxes and interact with them. After that, a marker will appear nearby on your map. You will need to use your flying fount to fly into the marker and follow the trail that appears to the end. At the end of the trail, press R3 to view the image. You’ll need to do this for each one. There are six of these, but the sixth and final one will not appear until you have collected all five that are available. The sixth one will then appear on the south side of the map.

 Used Grapple Strike on Machines

Used Grapple Strike on 5 unique machines.

Before you can do this, you will need to unlock the Machine Grapple Strike from the Hunter skill tree for 2 Skill Points.

Once you have it unlocked, you will need to fight against five different machine types and use this attack on them. During the fight, you will need to target the legs or weak points on machines to knock them down. You can also make use of the Knockdown Shot from the Hunter skill tree. The enemy will fall and be temporarily stunned.

While stunned, run up to them and press to jump and then again to grapple on to the enemy. Then, press when the prompt appears to execute the attack.

This has to be done on five different machines.

 Killed Machines While Gliding

Killed 5 machines with the Specter Gauntlet while gliding.

Before you can earn this, you’re going to need to have completed “The Stars in Their Eyes” main story mission. You’ll automatically acquire the Specter Gauntlet at the end of that mission.

In addition to that, you will also need to unlock the Glide Targeting skill from the Hunter skill tree for 2 Skill Points.

With that out of the way, equip the Specter Gauntlet. Get on your flying mount and locate some machines to kill. This is more easily done against the weaker machines. There are Lancehorns in the north that this can easily be done against.

burning shores trophy guide

Fly up above the machines you’ve chosen and get off your mount. Hold to glide and then shoot the machines with the Specter Gauntlet as you glide down. This does not have to be five kills during a single glide.

 Killed Bileguts and Stingspawn

Killed 5 Bileguts and 50 Stingspawn.

Blieguts and Stingspawn are the two new machine types introduced in this DLC. The Bileguts are the big frog like enemies and the Stingspawn are the fly like enemies. They are often found together.

All you have to do is kill them. You’re going to come up against them during the main story of the DLC. You will also have to fight them in the THETA Cauldron which is needed for the “Cauldron THETA Core Overridden” Trophy.

You’re going to have to fight these throughout the DLC, so save this for the end. If you still don’t have it by the time you’ve finished everything else, you can find both types of machines at the location pictured below.

burning shores trophy guide


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