Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Complete Walkthrough

jedi survivor walkthrough

Welcome to the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor walkthrough!

This guide will cover every aspect of the game from start to finish. This will include all Trophies/Achievements, main missions, collectibles and Rumors.

It is going to be structured around getting through the story first. We’ll grab collectibles on our path, but the majority of that will come after completing the story. We’ll have every ability and all locations will be available post game. We’ll also be working on Rumors as they are available.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Trophy & Achievement Guide

Chapter 1

As the game begins, you’ll need to follow the CSF Officers. Follow them to your first combat encounter where you’ll learn the basics of combat in Jedi: Survivor. After a short scene, you’ll then need to platform your way up and around until you’re shot at and fall below.

jedi survivor walkthrough

You’ll then be on the Rooftops. There will be a blue crate directly in front of you that you can open as well as a door that you can scan but not open just yet. You’ll need to return here later.

jedi survivor walkthrough

Leave this area by using the force on the broken door. You can do that by pressing / . Head to the right and you’ll see two Stormtroopers standing near the edge of the rooftops. Take them out and continue on the rooftops to left and double jump across the gap. From there, look left and you’ll see a ledge that you can jump up to.

jedi survivor walkthrough

Climb up and go slightly to the left and continue climbing up the yellow grating. Get to the top and cross over by jumping onto the pole that goes straight across the gap.

Skywalker – When hanging from the pipe pictured below, set your controller down for one minute. Let Cal hang there and then continue on after hanging for a minute and this will pop when you jump from the pipe to the next platform.

jedi survivor walkthrough

Once you make it across the pole, you’ll find your first Meditation Point. Interact with it to get your first Skill Point. There’s not a whole lot we can do at this stage of the game, so spend it on the Lunging Strike under the Lightsaber tree.

When you’re done, turn around and you’ll see a terminal that BD can slice. You can slice it now, but you won’t have the required ability to progress further, so leave that alone for now. There will also be an Echo nearby that you can interact with. Approach it and interact with it to collect the Abandoned Squatter Site echo.

jedi survivor walkthrough

When you’re done with that, continue on and climb up the big structure in front of you.

jedi survivor walkthrough

There will be a group of three Stormtroopers at the top. Dispose of them and there will be graffiti on the wall that you can scan with BD. Scan it to get the Squatter Camp data entry.

jedi survivor walkthrough

From there, turn around and go down the stairs that lead to the walkway that goes behind the yellow and blue neon sign. Follow this walkaway all the way to the end and you’ll find a Priorite Shard.

jedi survivor walkthrough

Return to where you killed the three Stormtroopers after climbing and go through the hanging cables to find a ramp and another Stormtrooper. Go up the ramp and press / to fix your path. Shortly after that, you’ll squeeze through the environment and will unlock the Holomap.

Go to the left and follow the path that will lead you to some more Stormtroopers. Take them out and jump across the gap to find another area you can squeeze through on the wall along the left. It will be under a blue neon sign.

As you squeeze through, there will be another group of enemies waiting. Kill them and continue following the linear path. As you run through, you’ll have your first encounter with a Heavy Assault Trooper. Deflect his rounds back at him with / .

Kill that enemy and then use / again to open your path to the left. Jump across and climb your way up and around.

jedi survivor walkthrough

When you reach the top, a scene will play where you meet Bode.

As you follow Bode, there will be rope on the right that you can interact with. Use your lightsaber to cut it which will create a shortcut for coming through here later on.

jedi survivor walkthrough

Continue following Bode and you’ll come to a console that you can interact with by using BD. Interact with it and then you’ll see a prompt on screen to use / which will command Bode to knock down the crate. After that, interact with the console again to send a rope across the big gap that you can use to get to the other side.

Cross over and you’ll be introduced to wall running. Wall run to the other side and as soon as you land, look to your left and you’ll see another Priorite Shard. Pick it up and then wall run up to the ledge where the slope is. Bode will be waiting at the top for you.

jedi survivor walkthrough

As soon as you land, there will be a flashing red light that you can slice with BD. Inside will be a blue chest.

jedi survivor walkthrough

Open the chest and then exit the room. Look up and command Bode to drop the cable. Climb up the cable and follow Bode.

Slide down the slope and you’ll be in the next combat encounter. Kill the enemies and then interact with the terminal to call the lift. When the lift arrives, there will be another group of enemies to defeat.

If you’re looking to earn all of the Trophies/Achievements, this next combat encounter will be important.

The only missable Trophy/Achievement is “You’ve Got a Friend.” You’re going to need to command Bode 10 times to attack enemies. There are only two companions, but you only have two chances with Bode. Chapter 1 and Chapter 4. So, go ahead and command Bode to attack the enemies here in order to start this Trophy/Achievement.

You can do this by locking on to a an enemy in combat and then hold /   and then press / . This isn’t the only combat you’ll encounter with Bode during this chapter, but it is best to get started right away in order to avoid missing the Trophy/Achievement.

Kill the enemies and continue on. Command Bode to move the wall at the end of the path so you can wall run to the next section. As soon as you land on the next area, there will be a console to your left that you can interact with. Scan it with BD and you’ll add the Local Directory entry to your Databank.

jedi survivor walkthrough

Get the entry and then interact with the next Meditation Point to rest.

When you’re ready to leave, follow Bode up the stairs and across the gap by wall running across the neon sign. Enter the next room where you will encounter a Probe Droid and more Stormtroopers. Kill them and then go back to down to where you entered this room to find a bar. Interact with the bar to add Desi’s Noodles to your Databank.

jedi survivor walkthrough

Exit this room by double jumping to the poles and swing across the big gap. Continue following Bode across the next gap by walking on the pipes. One of the pipes will break and you’ll fall down into another combat encounter. Remember to keep commanding Bode to attack enemies.

After they’re dead, go up the stairs and look for the gap. Double jump to a pole and swing across. Here, you’ll find another Priorite Shard.

jedi survivor walkthrough

Pick up the shard and continue on the story path by going down the stairs and through the blue lit path where you fought the previous group of enemies. As you go down this corridor, there will be another group of enemies to fight.

Take out the enemies and command Bode to lower the climbable wall. Then, use / to force push the big yellow crate over so that you can reach the climbable wall. Climb up and then jump to grab and hang from a platform and make your way across the next gap.

jedi survivor walkthrough

Wall run across the blue and white curved wall to the next section. Cut the rope and then use it to swing across. When you get across, interact with the console on your right to drop a rope and create a shortcut back up here.

jedi survivor walkthrough

After that, go over to the left side to find a staircase missing the middle section.

jedi survivor walkthrough

Drop down and go into the open doorway to find the Abandoned Shop echo for your Databank.

jedi survivor walkthrough

Collect the echo and then double jump back up the stairs to cross the gap and continue on. You’ll shortly come to the next combat encounter. Don’t forget to command Bode to attack enemies if you still need 10 for him. Kill the enemies and then go up the stairs. Look to your right to see a door that you can interact with. Interact with it to open another shortcut. If you need to heal, You can drop down to the Meditation Point and use this door to come right back.

jedi survivor walkthrough

Go down the stairs with Bode and then look under them to find another Priorite Shard. Shimmy through the wall where you’ll be ambushed on the other side.

jedi survivor walkthrough

You’ll be in a fight against K-405. When he glows red, you’ll need to evade with / .  Command Bode to attack and it will take damage as well be stunned which will give you an open to attack.

When it’s dead, look over to the left side of the opening and to interact with a point that BD has identified.

jedi survivor walkthrough

Interact with it and you’ll acquire the Ascension Cable. After the scene, use the newly acquired cable to make your way up to the top of the area and then interact with a console at the top. That will turn the billboard and allow you to cross over. Get across and climb down. Interact with the Meditation Spot if you need health or have a Skill Point to spend.

Follow Bode across the gap by wall running on the billboard.

jedi survivor walkthrough

When you land, look left and use the Ascension Cable to reach more walls that you can run across. Once on the other side, you’ll meet up with Bravo. Follow them and you’ll meet up with your other allies shortly.

After the scene with your allies, look to your right and go up the stairs to find another rope shortcut that you can activate.

jedi survivor walkthrough

After that, make your way over to the left side of the area to platform your up and across the area to the yacht. Once you get on top of the yacht, use BD to slice it and enter it.

Upon entering the yacht, go down the stairs and over to the right side of the room to find the Bloody Negotiations echo on the ground.

jedi survivor walkthrough

Approach the senator to progress the story. After the scene, turn around scan the artifacts on the wall behind the chair to get the Stolen Treasures Databank entry.

jedi survivor walkthrogh

Speak to everyone and then leave the yacht. After the ensuing scene, you’ll regain control of Cal as he is falling. When you land on the conveyor belt, turn around jump to the horizontal pole by using the Ascension Cable. Jump from the pole to ledge on the left and make your way through the path. Jump up the wall by pressing / after each jump to get higher. At the top, there will be another Meditation Point.

After the Meditation Point, jump up the wall straight ahead of you. There will be a droid at the top to fight as well as a chest to open. Opening the chest will increase your Stim count.

jedi survivor walkthrough

jedi survivor walkthrough






With that done, drop back down and follow the story path.

As you enter the next room, go to your right to fight an Electrostaff Purge Trooper. Kill him and then go to the end of the hallway to find a big green wall that you can scan. Scan it and you’ll add the Laser Gate entry to your Databank. Go back to the room where you killed the Trooper and interact with the glowing red light on the console to open the door.

Go through the door and head to left side of this dark room to find Force Essence.

jedi survivor walkthrough

Go the back of the dark room to find an opening in the wall that you can shimmy through. Go through and there will be two Stormtroopers right in front of you.

Hold / and then press / to confuse one of the enemies. The confused enemy will then attack the other. Instead of attacking, just get out of the way and let the confused enemy kill the other and you will pop the Mirror Match Trophy/Achievement. If the confusion wears off, you can just use it again and wait.

After that, exit the area. You’ll need to use the Ascension Cable on the containers overhead and ride one over to the next platform where the enemies are.

Kill the enemies and make your way across to the other side. Interact with the glowing red light on the console to open the door and go through.

Upon entering the next room, go to the right side and scan the red crate on the ground to get the Turbo Dogs Databank entry. After that, use your cable to go up and jump out of this room. At the top, you’ll find another Meditation Point.

jedi survivor walkthrough

Go down the stairs to continue the story where you’ll come to another scene.

Bode will come to your aid after a short scene. Climb up onto the yacht and then run toward the left and use your Ascension Cable to jump on to the attacking ship. Next, a scene will play and it will be time to fight the Ninth Sister.

During the fight, you’ll unlock a new combat stance.

After the fight, look to your right to a console you can interact with next to a stream of fire.

jedi survivor walkthrough


With the fire gone, shimmy through the wall and reach the next Meditation Point. When you’re ready, head down the stairs to the right of the Meditation Point and enter through the door.

Interact with the droid at the end of this hallway to add the Gonk Droid entry to your Database.

jedi survivor walkthrough

Then, get on the elevator and ride it down. Exit the elevator and follow the path around where you will run into three more enemies. Deal with them and then interact with the console. Use the rope to reach the blue billboards and wall run across them to reach the next area.

Kill the enemies in the next area and then scan the console attached to the big tanks where the two Stormtroopers were standing. This will add the Air Traffic Control Perch entry to your Databank.

jedi survivor walkthrough


Jump onto the rope in the center of the area and climb up. From here, platform your way out and across. When sliding down the next rope, you’ll need to jump over to the one on the right in order to not fall.

Before interacting the door, look to your left to find another Priorite Shard.

jedi survivor walkthrough

Pick up the shard and interact the door. Open it and go down the hallway to meet back up with your remaining allies.

After the scene, follow the hallway to another elevator and ride it down to a Meditation Point. Go through the door and you’ll be in a big combat encounter with Bode, so make sure to command him to attack.

Kill all of the enemies and then interact with your allies to end the chapter.

We didn’t get everything on this first pass through, but that’s okay. We don’t have all of the necessary abilities to reach everything, so we’ll be back later in the game.

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  1. Are the trophies bugged, i seen a few post that suggested they are. But i notice on PSNprofiles Star Wars Jedi Survivor has 84 platinum achievers.

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