Metal Gear Solid Walkthrough

metal gear solid walkthrough

Welcome to the Metal Gear Solid walkthrough! This classic from 1998 has been released for all modern consoles and PC.

The guide below is written based off of the normal difficulty setting.

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From the start, there is a Ration below you in the water. Pick it up if you’d like and then go back up the stairs to crawl under the pipe to the left. Get up and wait in the corner ahead of you.

metal gear solid walkthrough metal gear solid walkthrough







If you went and got the Ration in the water, the guards should be gone. If not, wait for the two guards to turn around. The one above you will turn around and head back up. The one to your right will turn up the middle row.

When they’re both turned around or the path is clear, run straight across over to the last row on the right. Avoid the puddle as the guards will hear it if they are nearby. If you run close to the railing below the puddle, you wont step in it.

There is a Ration over in the bottom right corner of the area if you want to grab it.

metal gear solid walkthrough

From the far right side, you need to run straight up. If you picked up both Rations so far, there will likely be a guard coming down toward you from the right side row. If he’s there, just wait for him to pass. Once it’s clear, run up the path on the right. You should be clear to make it to the top right corner of the room.

If you skipped the two Rations, the guard in the middle row will likely be looking in your direction, just keep running. You’ll be just outside of his vision cone.

metal gear solid walkthrough

A lot of this is all timing. If you picked up the two Rations, the guards will be in different positions than if you ignored the Rations.

As you pass by, you’ll step in a puddle. If the middle guard is near, he will hear this, but that’s okay. Just keep running to the top right corner.

Get behind the cover in the top right corner of the room and wait. There will be a Ration here as well. The time it takes for the elevator to come down will depend on what difficulty you’re playing on. You’ll need to pay attention while waiting here as the two guards will get close to where you’re hiding.

When the guard comes from the left, get to the right side of the cover. When the guard comes from below, get behind the top side of the cover.

metal gear solid walkthrough metal gear solid walkthrough






Once the elevator arrives, there will be a guard on it. Wait for him to step off. He’ll look to the left and then right. He’ll look directly at where you’re hiding so, just wait. As soon as he looks down, he’ll start walking in that direction which allows you an opening to run over and get on the elevator. As soon as you get on, this section will be completed.

metal gear solid walkthrough


There are a few items we can grab here on the Heliport before heading inside of the base. They are not required, but you never know if you’ll need them.

Go over to the right side of the actual helipad and wait. Once the spotlights split the middle, run straight across. Do not stop at all. Run through the middle picking up the Chaff Grenades. Don’t stop until you exit the helipad via the left ramp. You have to be very quick here.

metal gear solid walkthrough metal gear solid walkthrough






metal gear solid walkthrough

From the left side of the helipad, continue left and you’ll find a room with a camera. Step into the run and Snake will say, “A surveillance camera?” After that, throw a Chaff Grenade into the room. When it explodes, run inside and grab the Stun Grenades. Quickly exit the room before the Chaff Grenade wears off.

metal gear solid walkthrough

After exiting the Stun Grenade room, run up and to the left where you’ll come to a parked truck.

At the back of the truck, lean against it and then press / / A-Switch to climb in. Go behind the box in the back of the truck and pick up the Socom.

metal gear solid walkthrough metal gear solid walkthrough






HINT: There will be more of these trucks in different areas of the game. Famously, you can find and hide in cardboard boxes in Metal Gear Solid. Each of the cardboard boxes are labeled with different locations on this base. So, if you climb into these trucks and equip a cardboard box, a guard will drive you to the location labeled on the box. Think of it like a fast travel system.

Exit the back of the truck and head over to the right. There is a Ration over here behind one of the steal boxes in the snow, but if you haven’t taken damage and picked up the two in the Dock, your Ration inventory will be full.

Get near the camera and wait for it to look left. When it does, run up the stairs. You could use a Chaff Grenade here if you feel like it’s needed, but this camera is easy to get by without having to use a Chaff Grenade.

metal gear solid walkthrough

There is a guard patrolling upstairs, so watch out. If he is above you, just crouch and wait for him to leave.

metal gear solid walkthrough

When the path is clear, go to the middle of the walkway and crawl into the open vent to complete this area.

metal gear solid walkthrough

Tank Hangar – DARPA Chief

From the ladder you climb down, go left to find some more Chaff Grenades. Then head to the right a few steps. There will be camera in the corner. Throw a Chaff Grenade and then quickly run by the camera and down the walkway.

metal gear solid walkthrough

Go into the open door on your right just after the last camera. There is another camera in here. There is also a pair of Thermal Goggles in the bottom right corner of the small room.

If you’re fast enough, you can actually get those Thermal Goggles while the Chaff Grenade you previously threw is still active. If not, throw another Chaff Grenade and get the Thermal Goggles.

metal gear solid walkthrough metal gear solid walkthrough






Exit the room with the Thermal Goggles and follow the walkway all the way around.

You’ll come to a camera guarding the stairs. There will also be two guards patrolling the bottom floor.

metal gear solid walkthrough

Make sure you see where the closest guard downstairs is and throw a Chaff Grendade. Go down the stairs and then go behind the stairs to find Socom Ammo. From there, get to the elevator at the top center of the room and interact with the control panel to call it. If it doesn’t open right away, interact with it again and it will immediately open. Get inside and go to floor B1.

metal gear solid walkthrough metal gear solid walkthrough






Exit the elevator and follow the hallway down and then eventually right. Climb up the ladder.

metal gear solid walkthrough

Back in the vents, crawl through it. You’ll come to a path that goes left. There is Socom Ammo at the end of that left vent path. You can also hold / Y xb / X-Switch and look down at the first grate to spy on Johnny for a quick second here.

Either continue through or get back to the original vent path and crawl through until you reach the very end. Hold / Y xb / X-Switch and look down at the very last grate to initiate the cutscene with the DARPA Chief. Looking down at the grate before the DARPA Chief’s room will give you a quick look at Meryl.

ArmsTech President Baker

After the scene with the DARPA Chief, wait in the cell until the door opens. Before leaving the cell, crawl under the bed to get a Ration if you need it.

When you step out, it’ll be time to fight off a wave of enemies. There will be three enemies per wave. The best way through this is to use your Socom. The game will auto aim at the enemies when you aim the Socom, so just keep shooting and it should automatically aim at each enemy. Three grenades will be thrown toward you near the end of the wave survival, so be ready to get out of the way.

metal gear solid walkthrough

After the fight, you can pick up some Socom ammo in the bathroom and by the desk across from the two cells. You’ll need to equip the Lv. 1 Card to get back into the Cells area.

Get back to the elevator and ride it down to B2.

Equip the Lv. 1 Card and start collecting ammo on the floor. There will be no enemies patrolling, but there are trap doors. If you hear a noise while running, just keep going. Don’t stop, otherwise you’ll fall into a trap door. You can see where the trap doors are by wearing the Thermal Goggles.

Pick up the C4 in the middle room of the top floor.

metal gear solid walkthrough

Socom ammo can be found in the middle room of the bottom row. The door to this room will already be open.

metal gear solid walkthrough

Grenades can be found in the room on the left of the bottom row.

metal gear solid walkthrough

There are weak points on the walls around the floor that you can use C4 on. Look for sections of walls that are different colors. They also sound different if you knock on them.

Place C4 on them or in front of them to blow them open.

Stun Grenades and Chaff Grenades can be found in the hidden room to the top left of the floor.

metal gear solid walkthrough

Socom ammo and C4 can be found in the hidden room in the top right corner of the room. There are also two trap doors in this room.

metal gear solid walkthrough

When you’re ready to progress the story, go to the bottom left corner and blow open the wall.

metal gear solid walkthrough

Enter the opening and go down to the lower bottom right to blow up another weak point in the wall.

metal gear solid walkthrough

There are two weak wall points in the following hallway. The one on the top leads to Baker and a fight against Ocelot. The one on the right, leads to a room with two gun cameras and C4. If you go in there, use Chaff Grenades.

metal gear solid walkthrough

Enter the room with Baker and it’ll be time for the first boss fight. This will be against Ocelot.

Ocelot will be running around the room shooting at you. You need to chase him and shoot him. Do not cross through middle of the room. Doing so will trip the explosives which will kill Baker and fail the fight.

If you hit Ocelot, don’t keep firing. You wont be able to continuously damage him with multiple shots. You can’t damage him again until his character model stops flashing. So save your ammo. Shoot him and then continue to run after him. If he runs clockwise, you run counter clockwise (and vice versa) to cut him off.

metal gear solid walkthrough

Meeting Meryl

After the fight against Ocelot, your health and weapon capacities will increase a little bit. You will also now have the Lv. 2 Card.

Exit this room and get back to the main B2 floor.

Once there, call 140.15 on your Codec to speak to Meryl.

metal gear solid walkthrough

Pick up the Socom ammo from the middle room of the bottom row if needed.

Go into the room on the far right of the bottom row. Once inside, equip the Thermal Goggles and crawl under the lasers to pick up the Fa-mas and ammo.

metal gear solid walkthrough

Exit this room and get back to the elevator. Take it up to floor 1.

Once there, you’ll receive a call from Meryl telling you that the cargo door is now open. That’s where we need to go to advance the story, but there are some items in the Tank Hangar that we can get first.

Exit the elevator and go to the right side of room with the Lv. 2 Card equipped. Open the double doors to the right of the cargo door and go inside. There will be a sleeping guard. The Socom Suppressor will be next to him. Get the Suppressor quick, because the guard does briefly wake up. So grab it and get out of there.

metal gear solid walkthrough metal gear solid walkthrough






Equip the Socom and the Suppressor will be automatically equipped to the Socom.

Get over to the stairs on the opposite side of the room. There will be a guard patrolling this floor, so watch out for him.

Go up the stairs. About halfway up, use a Chaff Grenade. Get by the camera and enter the Lv. 2 door right next to the camera.

You can find Chaff Grenades inside as well as the Cardboard Box A.

metal gear solid walkthrough metal gear solid walkthrough






Exit that room and go over to the opposite side of this walkway. This is where we entered the Tank Hangar via ladder earlier in the game. There will be an enemy patrolling over there. You can use the now suppressed Socom to quietly take him out.

Get somewhat close without getting spotted and shoot at him. If you miss, you wont be detected, just adjust your aim and try again. If you hit him, immediately shoot again to kill him before raising the alarm.

metal gear solid walkthrough

Get into the Lv. 2 room in the corner near the camera and you can find a Mine Detector.

metal gear solid walkthrough metal gear solid walkthrough






Now, exit this room, get back downstairs and head for the cargo bay door that Meryl opened.

Enter and then stop. Equip your Thermal Goggles to see the laser traps. If you didn’t pick up the Thermal Goggles, you can use the Cigarettes to help see the lasers.

Wait for the laser to go up and then crawl forward. As you get by where the laser hits the ground, turn Snake’s body horizontally and wait for the next laser to pass and then continue. It can be kind of hard to see what laser is next, so stare at the next indent on the ground ahead of you. When you see the laser hit the ground in front of you, you’ll clearly be able to tell which laser is which.

Repeat that all the way to the end.

metal gear solid walkthrough metal gear solid walkthrough






At the end, equip the Lv. 2 Card to open the door. It’ll now be time for another boss fight.

Tank Boss Fight

There will be a grouping of mines just ahead of you in the beginning of the Canyon. If you have the Mine Detector equipped, they’ll show up on your radar.

metal gear solid walkthrough

You can crawl over the mines to pick them up.

Head further into the canyon and a scene will play. This will be the start of the boss fight against the Tank.

You’ll be taking cover behind a boulder to start the fight. Throw a Chaff Grenade and then run toward the tank when it explodes. The Chaff Grenade will prevent the Tank from using the cannon.

Equip your normal Grenades and Rations. 

All you have to do here is get near the tank and throw Grenades at the Gunner. If you throw one close enough, the Grenade will go into the seat of the Gunner and do a big chunk of damage. When he flies out of the seat, another soldier will take his place. Just do the same thing with Grenades again.

You’ll need to be quick to avoid being run over by the Tank. If you can stay close enough to it, it won’t be able to use the cannon as it won’t have the required range. You’ll only need to worry about avoiding the gunfire and being run over.

metal gear solid walkthrough

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