Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Trophy Guide

Welcome to the Trophy guide for Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart! This is going to be a quick and very fun Platinum Trophy hunt. This game is follow’s Sony’s trend of easy Platinum Trophies in their first party games.

Only one full playthrough of the game and a very short partial play through of Challenge Mode will be required to knock this Platinum out. All you will need to do on that second playthrough is buy two (or one depending on your preorder) weapons in order to get every weapon. There is free roam after the game, so you can clean up anything you missed while going through as well.

There are some collectible related Trophies, but nothing too time consuming. In fact, most of the collectibles will be found by natural exploration of the various maps. It’s also important to note that everything can be done on any difficulty you’d like.

The only two Trophies you should keep in mind are Extinction Event and Shifty Character. Those will be detailed below.

masters of the multiverse Masters of the Multiverse

Collect All Trophies

rift apart trophy Rift Apart

Get Separated in Nefarious City

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

 Hide ‘N Seekerpede

Defeat the Seekerpede

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

victory trophy Victory!

Complete a Battleplex Challenge

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

cant stop me trophy Can’t Stop Me

Complete a Gold Cup Battleplex Challenge

Gold Cup Battleplex challenges can be completed on the planet Scarstu Debris Field. However, Gold challenges wont be available until later in the story. So, you won’t be able to earn this until after finishing the planet Viceron. When you do you unlock them, they can be completed on any difficulty. As previously mentioned, these won’t be available until late in the game. So by the time you go for this, you’ll have most of the weapons bought and upgraded which should make this fairly simple.

lombax dj trophy Hey Lombax DJ

Play Three Songs on Zurkie’s Jukebox

Zurkie’s Jukebox is found in the bar on the planet Scarstu Debris Field. The jukebox is in the corner to the right of the bar. You will have to interact with the jukebox three times. Walk up to it and press Triangle to change the song, back out of it, interact with it again and change to the next song. Repeat that three times until the Trophy pops.

crystal is my thing trophy This Crystal Is My Things

Acquire Phase Quartz

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

dont walk away from me trophy Don’t You Walk Away From Me

Reach the Archives

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

its loose trophy It’s Loose!

Set Juice Free

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

emotional support robot trophy Emotional Support Robot

Meet the Fixer

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

rated aaarrr trophy Rated Aaarrr!

Feed Bubbles

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

return to sender trophy Return to Sender

Sink the Mothership on Sargasso

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

no bones about it trophy No Bones About It

Retrieve the Dimensional Map

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

im the warden now trophy I’m the Warden Now

Break In and Out of Prison

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

2 fuzz 2 nefarious trophy 2 Fuzz 2 Nefarious

Defeat Doctor and Emperor Nefarious

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

more than lint trophy More Than Lint

Enter a Hidden Pocket Dimension

This is something you’ll most likely earn by just playing through the game. Pocket Dimensions can be found pretty commonly throughout the game. They will be marked on your map by a purple icon. Walk up to one and press L1 to open it. All you have to do for this is simply enter one. This can be popped very early in the game on Corson V.

clank and qwark balloons trophy

sartorial steel trophy Sartorial Steel

Acquire a Piece of Armor

See the Trophy “Does This Make My Tail Look Big?” below for more details.

tail look big trophy Does This Make My Tail Look Big?

Acquire and Equip Head, Torso, and Leg Armor

Armor pieces can be obtained in a number of ways. They can be side mission rewards, found on the various planets, found in Pocket Dimensions and rewards for completing Battleplex Challenges. For this, you just need to equip one piece in each category. Also, the three pieces don’t even have to be from the same set. They can be mismatched and this will still pop.

If you received the Launch Edition of the game, there is a code that can be redeemed that will give you an armor set from the very beginning of the game. Equipping these will unlock this Trophy.

shiny trophy Shiny!

Collect a Gold Bolt

See the Trophy “Nooks and Crannies” below for more details.

nooks and crannies trophy Nooks and Crannies

Collect Five Gold Bolts

There are 25 Gold Bolts in total, but only five are needed for this Trophy. These are hidden throughout the various planets, but they will show up on your map when you are near one. Some of them will require upgrades that you will get later in the game to reach, but you’ll knock this out by exploring the planets as you make your way through the story. They are not missable and pretty easy to find through natural exploration of the different planets.

gold bolt trophy

quantum mechanic trophy Quantum Mechanic

Repair a Dimensional Anomaly

This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

they blow up so fast trophy They Blow Up So Fast

Get a Weapon to Level Five

This is something that you will likely earn by just playing through the game. Weapon levels can be increased by repeatedly using them. Pick any weapon and use it a lot. The level will go up the more it is used. Only one weapon is needed for this Trophy.

cupholder trophy  There’s Even a Cupholder

Fully Upgrade a Weapon

First, you will need to progress through the story a bit before weapon upgrades become available. Following the main story will take you to Mrs. Zurkon. Weapon upgrades can be bought from her and she will have a location on each planet. Interact with her and press R1 to view the upgrade screen.

Also, all of a weapon’s upgrades won’t be available until it has reached level five.

You can buy upgrades with Raritanium. Raritanium are blue crystals found throughout the various planets. They will appear on your map as orange crystal icons when you’re near them. When you come across these, hit them to break them and pick them up. They can also be dropped by some enemies.

full rack trophy Full Rack

Fill a Weapon Wheel

See the Trophy “Fully Stacked” for more details.

fully stacked trophy Fully Stacked

Purchase All Weapons

There are 20 weapons that will need to be acquired for this. First, you will need to progress through the story before weapons become available. Following the main story will take you to Mrs. Zurkon. Weapons can be bought from her and she will have a location on each planet. Also, not everything will be available right away. Keep checking back with her as you progress through the story to find that more weapons have become available to buy. The only weapons she will not sell during your first playthrough is the Bouncer and Pixelizer. She won’t sell you the RYNO until you’ve collected all 10 Spybots.

For the Bouncer and Pixelizer, you will need to start Challenge Mode (NG+) and then they can be bought from from Mrs. Zurkon.

Note, the Launch Edition of the game comes with a code that can be redeemed and will give you the Pixelizer from the start.

Weapons are bought with bolts. Bolts are dropped by defeated enemies, completing Battleplex challenges and they can be found by smashing boxes in the environment. If you don’t have enough bolts for weapons by the end of the game, don’t worry. They can be farmed via Battleplex challenges or you can start Challenge Mode, which is just New Game +. Everything will be carried over if you start Challenge Mode and you can buy whatever weapons you may still need.

Also, when you have acquired eight weapons, you will earn the “Full Rack” Trophy above.

All you have to do is buy them. Unlike previous Ratchet and Clank games, these do not need to be fully upgraded.

Burst Pistol Default weapon at the beginning
Shatterbomb 1,250 Mrs. Zurkon
The Enforcer 1,250 Mrs. Zurkon
Mr. Fungi 3,000 Mrs. Zurkon
Topiary Sprinkler 4,000 Mrs. Zurkon
Negatron Collider 5,000 Mrs. Zukron
Ricochet 6,500 Mrs. Zukron
Lightning Rod 8,000 Mrs. Zurkon
Drillhound 10,000 Mrs. Zurkon
Void Repulsor 17,500 Mrs. Zurkon
Cold Snap 20,000 Mrs. Zurkon
Glove of Doom 22,500 Mrs. Zurkon
Bombardier 25,000 Mrs. Zurkon
Buzz Blades 27,500 Mrs. Zurkon
Warmonger 30,000 Mrs. Zurkon
Blackhole Storm 35,000 Mrs. Zurkon
Headhunter 40,000 Mrs. Zukron
RYNO 0 Mrs. Zurkon after collecting all 10 Spybots
Bouncer 1 Mrs. Zurkon in Challenge Mode
Pixelizer 1 Mrs. Zurkon in Challenge Mode/ Preorder Bonus

zurkon trophy

glitch finds a way trophies Glitch, Uh, Finds a Way

Complete All Glitch Challenges

There are five Glitch Challenges throughout the game. These are minigames where you’ll be playing as a spiderbot. Three of them are story related and the other two are found on the planets Ardolis and Savali.

If you don’t want to play these, there is actually an option to skip them. First, activate the minigame, pause the game and then select “Skip Puzzle.” The Trophy will still pop if you skip them.

Ardolis: Following the story will take you into a series of rooms in the pirate trials. This is located in the second pirate trial room across from the grunthor skeleton. The terminal is not story related, but the room where it is found is.

Savali: This will become available later in the game after finishing the planet Ardolis. Follow the story objectives until a giant hole opens up in the ground. Jump down in this hole and the terminal is found opposite of the door that you need to go through.

shifty character trophy Shifty Character

Hit Every Blizon Crystal on Blizar and Cordelion

There are 30 crystals, but 29 are needed for this Trophy. The crystals are only found on the planets Blizar Prime and Cordelion. They are purple crystals that will switch dimensions when hit. In fact, a lot of these will be part of the main story. There are only a few that will require you to go out of the way and find. The crystals are numbered below in the order that you will reach them as you progress the story on the two planets. This Trophy also makes use of the PlayStation 5’s new Trophy tracker.

Blizar Prime:

  • 1-3 – Story related.
  • 4 – Not story related. Jump up on some boxes on the left side of the platform.
  • 5-7 – Side mission related. They’re obtained in Find the Missing Chef.
  • 8-9 – You’ll land here from the platform where #4 was found as part of the story. Head north across the platforms to hit these two.
  • 10-19 – Story related.
  • 20-21 – Only one of these is needed to progress the story. While riding on the rail, you’ll eventually come to section where there will be three rails. Jump from the center rail to the one on the left and hit #20. You’ll come back around and then jump over to the right rail to hit #21. If you get to the platform and missed one of these, reload your checkpoint and try again.
  • 22 – This one seems to be (at launch) glitched. It’s on the rail near the end but hitting it doesn’t always seem to count or even show up on your map. Hit it anyway just in case it counts. Don’t worry if this one doesn’t register, you can still earn the Trophy as there are 30 Crystals, but only 29 are needed. Just make sure you got both #20 and #21.
  • 23 – Story related.

When you’re done with Blizar Prime, check the Trophy to make sure you have at least 22/29 completed.


  • 24 – Story related
  • 25 – Not story related. You will need to get to full speed with your hoverboots to jump toward the platform. Then, L1 to use the dimension rift to reach the platform.
  • 26 – 30 – Story related.


boing trophy BOING!

Bounce on Big Al, Clank, and Qwark’s Parade Balloons

There are three parade balloons that you need to bounce on.

  • Big Al – This one will be automatic. You’ll bounce on this one during the tutorial at the very beginning of the game.

big al bounce trophy

  • Clank and Qwark – Both of these are found in a Pocket Dimension in Corson V after getting separated from Clank. Make your way over to the Pocket Dimension and enter it. You should see Clank’s balloon right in front of you to the left and Qwark’s balloon to the right. All you have to do is jump on each balloon and platform to make your way around the small area. As soon as you reach Qwark, the Trophy will pop immediately upon the first bounce.

clank and qwark balloons trophy

balloon rift

clank and qwark trophy

max relax trophy Max Relax

Find the Nefarious Citizens by the Hot Springs

This is earned on the planet Savali. The citizens can be found just a tad south of the Mrs. Zurkon vendor near the center of the map. There will be robots in and near the hot springs. All you have to do is walk up to them to pop this.

lombax and chill trophy Lombax and Chill

Turn on the TV in Rivet’s Hideout

This is earned on the planet Sargasso after defeating the Seekerpede boss. Once you defeat the Seekerpede, go back to Rivet’s hideout and interact with her TV by  pressing Triangle. The TV is in the middle of the room across from a purple couch.

alert the sponsors trophy Alert the Sponsors

Perform Five Trick Jumps on a Grind Rail

Tricks can easily be done by just pressing X twice while on a grindrail.

Jump with X and then press it again to do a flip. Repeat this four more times on the same rail to pop the Trophy.

This can be earned pretty early in the game while looking for Clank on Corson V. You will eventually be given the spiderbot named Glitch. Then, you’ll interact with a bolt that will bring down a grindrail for you to reach the center of the map. This rail is long enough to pull off five tricks.

icebreaker trophy Icebreaker

Melee Five Frozen Enemies

In order to freeze enemies, you will need to first buy the Cold Snap weapon from Mrs. Zukron. Shoot an enemy with Cold Snap to freeze them and melee them with Square.

no need for multiball trophy No Need for Multiball

Kill Two Enemies With a Single Ricochet Round

First, you will need to buy the Ricochet weapon from Mrs. Zukron.

When fired, this weapon will fire a projectile that can be controlled. What you’re going to want to do is fire the weapon at a group of enemies and then continue to press R2. The round you fired will keep attacking enemies each time you press R2. This is best done against the smaller enemies.

return policy trophy Return Policy

Kill 10 Enemies by Returning Shots with the Void Reactor

First, you will need to buy the Void Repulser weapon from Mrs. Zukron. Next, you will need to get this weapon to level five in order to turn it in to the Void Reactor.

With all that out of the way, find a group of enemies and hold L2 when they fire at you to bring up a shield that will collect enemy projectiles. While holding L2, press R2 to fire the collected projectiles back at the enemies. It’s important to note that the enemies must be killed by the ammo, not the explosion of the shield. Make sure you’re standing far enough away from them so that the shield’s explosion doesn’t kill them.

hole puncher trophy Hole Puncher

Get 20 Headshots with the Headhunter

First, you will need to buy the Headhunter weapon from Mrs. Zukron.

This is a sniper rifle. Simply shoot 20 enemies in the head to pop this.

life of the party trophy Life of the Party

Deploy 50 Mr. Fungis

First, you will need to buy the Headhunter weapon from Mrs. Zukron.

When you fire this weapon, the ammo will spawn mushrooms that fire at enemies. You don’t need to get kills or even damage enemies. All you need to do is use the ammo.

extreme gardening trophy Extreme Gardening

Defeat 30 Enemies While They are Topiary’d

First, you will need to buy the Topiary Sprinkler weapon from Mrs. Zukron.

When you fire this weapon, you’ll spawn sprinklers that will spray enemies. When enemies are hit by this, they will turn into leafy green plants. In order to pop this Trophy, you have to kill the enemies while they are plants.

its so fluffy trophy It’s So Fluffy!

Find a CraiggerBear

See the Trophy “UnBEARably Awesome” below for more details.

unbearably awesome trophy UnBEARably Awesome

Find all CraiggerBears

There are nine CraiggerBears to find. There is one on each planet.

  • Corson V – On the counter of a merchant shop.

  • Sargasso – Inside Rivet’s hideout on a couch.

  • Scarstu Debris Field – Inside of the bar on a crate right after stepping through the door that takes your weapons. In the image below, I had picked it up already, but that is where it is.

  • Savali – At the southern most part of the map just after the first hooverboot section.

  • Blizar Prime – After the first two blizon crystals, it will be right next to the third crystal.

  • Torren IV – Across from the Mrs. Zurkon vendor on a counter of a merchant near the beginning.


  • Cordelion – Hit the first crystal at the beginning and then slide down three snowy stairways to find this bear stuck in the snow.

  • Ardolis – This bear is found in the final room of the pirate trials. After the boss fight in the trials, you’ll go into a room where you’ll be rewarded with armor. The bear is in this same room next to a treasure chest. You will come in here as part of the story.

  • Viceron – This bear is found in the same room where Clank is being held. Free Clank and then look in the cell where your friends were being held to find this bear sitting on the bench of the cell.

extinction event trophy Extinction Event

Kill Five Grunthors

Grunthors are the big dinosaur type enemies that are found on the planet Sargasso. This is something that can be missed, so make sure you kill five of these before finishing the story. If you do happen to miss this, your progress will carry over to a Challenge Mode playthrough. Over the course of the story, you’ll come back to Sargasso a few times. You should have no issues getting this as they aren’t hidden or anything, but just be mindful about killing at least five before the end of the game. The below images are not the only places to find the Grunthors. They are just where I encountered my first five.

The first four that I encountered are pictured below. They were found on my first trip to Sargasso.

Number five spawned during the side mission “Help Trudi.”

just stay down trophy Just Stay Down

Defeat 30 Ejected Nefarious Trooper Heads

This is something that will most likely pop as you playthrough the game. You’ll encounter some trooper enemies that will eject their heads when their bodies are destroyed. All you need to do is is kill the heads that jump off bodies. Sometimes the heads will spawn just as heads. Those won’t count. They have to be heads that ejected from a body. This will count for any variation of the enemy type pictured below.

must go faster trophy Must Go Faster

Do a Trick Jump While Going at Max Speed with the Hoverboots

You’ll be given the Hoverboots as part of the story. Once you get them, hold R1 and then keep pressing R2 to speed up. You’ll know you reached max speed when you see air streaming passed you. Once you see that press X to jump and then press X to do a flip. You’ll actually have enough room to pop this on the ramp right in front of you when you get them.

planning some destruction Trophy Planning Some Destruction

Collect a Spybot

See the Trophy “Aim to Misbehave” below for more details.

aim to misbehave trophy Aim to Misbehave

Acquire the RYNO

In order to buy the RYNO, you must first collect all 10 Spybots. Once you’ve collected all 10, go to any Mrs. Zurkon vendor and get the RYNO. It will be free.

  • Spybot #1 – Corson V: This spybot can be found by completing the side mission “Search the Factory.” It will be marked on your map when you arrive. Follow the objective marker all the way to the end to pick this up.
  • Spybot #2 – Sargasso: This spybot is earned by fully completing the side mission “Help Trudi.” This mission won’t be available the first time you visit the planet. You will need to progress the story a bit and then you can come back and do this mission. It will be marked on your map whenever you decide to come back. You will need to collect all 60 zurpstones. Collect all of the ones on the ground first. When you reach 45, Trudi will learn an attack that let you collect the zurpstones that are high up on trees and buildings.
  • Spybot #3 – Scarstu Debris Field: This cannot be picked up until you have unlocked the Hurlshot on planet Torren IV. Once you have that and are back on Scarstu, go to the northern most edge of the main platform to the right of the doorway that leads to the bar and arena. There will be a yellow Hookshot item that you can now use to reach a platform off in the distance.
  • Spybot #4 – Scarstu Debris Field: This is earned as a reward for completing the fourth gold cup challenge in the arena called Vroom Around. This will not be available until late in the game after completing the planet Viceron.
  • Spybot #5 – Savali: At the northern tip of the map will be a cave that you can platform up and in to. There will be a big ship inside this cave and the spybot can be found on the ship.

  • Spybot #6 – Blizar Prime: This is a reward for completing the side mission “Find the Missing Chef.” This mission will be marked on your map the first time you land on the planet and it can be completed right away.
  • Spybot #7 – Torren IV: This is found near the Mrs. Zurkon vendor at the beginning of the planet. When you reach the platform that has the Zurkon vendor, you’ll notice a wooden ramp that leads to the right. Take this path and follow it all the way down to a spybot.

  • Spybot #8 – Cordelion: The main story will take you to a room where the Dimensionater is. In this room will be a platform up high that you can reach via dimension rift. The spybot is up there.

  • Spybot #9 – Ardolis: First, go to the Mrs. Zurkon vendor in the center of the map and take the path to the right of her. Swing onto a pirate ship, defeat the enemies and then go to the mast at the back of the ship to ride a platform up. There will be two points ahead of you from up here. Use them both to reach the next pirate ship. Once you’re on the second ship, look to the right and down to see a broken wooden bridge. Use your hoverboots at max speed to jump off of this ship and on to the broken bridge. Follow the bridge to the island and then follow the island all the way to the end to find this spybot.

Spybot #10 – Viceron: This can be found while you’re crawling through the air vents to rescue Clank. You’ll notice some grates in the vents that can be destroyed by using a melee attack. Knock down these grates and follow the vent to a spybot before dropping down to rescue Clank.

feeding friendsy trophy Feeding Friendsy

Collect 10 Zurpstones for Trudi

This is earned on the planet Sargasso by completing the first part of the side mission “Help Trudi.” The mission won’t be available right away. It’ll be available after completing the planet Scarstu Debris Field. After that planet, return to Sargasso and complete the mission. It is a quick and easy collection mission. It will be marked on your map when you land.

sweet sweet victory trophy Sweet, Sweet Victory

Collect Honey for Chef Tulio

This is earned on the planet Blizar Prime by completing the side mission “Find the Missing Chef.” This is an easy wave survival mission.

mightve broken something trophy Might’ve Broken Something

Collect Three Lorbs

Lorbs are found on the planet Savali. Like the previous three Trophies, this is tied to completing a side mission. For this, the mission is “Hunt for Lombax Lore.” It will be marked on your map when you arrive on the planet for the first time. This is another collection based misison where you will need to find the Lorbs. The Lorbs can be picked up from Lombax shrines. You can actually pick these up before starting the mission, but the Trophy won’t pop yet. If you have all three first, the mission can be completed as soon as you acquire it. Then the Trophy will pop.


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