Pokémon Legends: Arceus Walkthrough

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  • In An Unfamiliar Land
  • The Galaxy Team’s Entry Trial
  • The Basics of Crafting

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  • Getting to Work on Research Tasks
  • A Request From Mai
  • Summoned by Commander Kamado

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Page 4

  • Scaling Perilous Heights
  • The Slumbering Lord of the Tundra
  • Disaster Looming

Page 5

  • The Trial of Lake Verity
  • The Trial of Lake Acuity
  • The Trial of Lake Valor
  • Atop Mount Coronent

Page 6

  • The Counterpart
  • A New Day Dawns
  • The Researcher of Myths
  • The Plate of Prelude Beach

Page 7

  • The Plates of the Lakes
  • The Plate of Firespit Island
  • The Plate of Moonview Island
  • The Plate of Snowpoint Temple
  • Seeking The Remaining Plates

The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods

Begin the mission by going downstairs and speak to Laventon and Cyllene. They will brief you a little bit more on the situation surrounding Kleavor.

Mai and Adaman will also enter the room and give their thoughts on what you should do with Kleavor.

We will also be given our next location to visit. It’s time to make our way to Grandtree Arena in Heartwood.

When you go to leave, you’ll be stopped by Bagin. He will teach you how to carry more items in your satchel by paying 100 dollars. He will open up more space in the satchel if you speak to him again with the price increasing each time.

Head toward the exit of the village where you’ll be approached by Volo yet again. He’ll give you three Super Potions.

Fast travel to the Heights Camp as this location is very close to the Grandtree Arena.

Work your way over to the Grandtree Arena catching Pokémon and completing whatever research tasks you want on your way.

When you get there, you’ll run into Lian, the warden to Kleavor.

Lian will not allow you to pass and you’ll have to battle.

  • Lian
    • Goomy Lv. 15

Despite beating Lian in the battle, he still will not let you by. Irida will show up and instruct you to find a way to bring Kleavor its offering.

Report Back

Return to the camp at the Fieldlands and report your findings to Laventon.

This camp is pretty far from where you currently are, but you can fast travel back. Press – and then X and select Fieldlands Camp.

Laventon says he needs to head back to the lab, so that’s where we’re headed.

Back in the office, Laventon will be discussing the situation with you and Akari/Rei. He will do some thinking and come up with an incredibly elaborate plan. We can’t get close to Kleavor, so we’re going to throw the food from a distance. What a scientific mind we have here!

Laventon will invent Teatime Balls in an effort to help with this plan.

Leave the office and head back to Grandtree Arena with Mai.

Back to Grandtree Arena

When you return, you’ll be greeted by Adaman and Wyrdeer. You’ll be given a Celestica Flute.

Whenever you play this flute, you’ll be able to ride on Wyrdeer. You can do this by pressing the + button.

The Wyrdeer will also give you a Mind Plate.

After all that, you can head back to Grandtree. When you get there, it’ll be time to battle against Irida.

  • Irida
    • Glaceon Lv. 17

After beating Irida, you’ll now be able to carry out the plan to soothe Kleavor.

Who Told You to Put the Balm On

The snacks we just made are referred to as balms during this fight and every fight against frenzied Pokémon later on in the game.

Now it’s time to take on Kleavor. In order to win, you’re going to need to hit it with the balms (teatime balls) until the frenzy meter hits zero. You can also send out a Pokémon to battle against it if you can open up a hole in the defense. You can do this by diving out of the way close to a tree or wall. It’ll hit the barriers and be open for a brief moment. If you can win the battle, the guard will stay down for a few moments. While the guard is down, your balms will be more effective.

After beating Kleavor, you will receive an Insect Plate. Kleavor will then run away.

Irida will give you three Sitrus Berries and heal up your Pokémon.

Report Back…Again

After all that, return to Jubilife Village and speak to Kamado.

As soon as you get back, you’ll be speaking with Volo again. Afterwards, head to Kamado and fill him on what happened to end the mission.

The mission will close with yet another meal amongst your new found friends. You will also receive the recipe for Smoke Bombs here.

  • Smoke Bomb Recipe
    • 1 Caster Fern Leaf
    • 1 Sootfoot Root

As night comes, you’ll make your way back to your room only to be interrupted by Vessa. This will introduce you to Request 22.

Vessa will ask you to fix a seal that if left unattended, will put the entire Hisui region in danger. She will give you the Odd Keystone.

After the conversation, there will be a purple wisp across the river that you need to go touch.

Go over the bridge and interact with the purple wisp. There will be more of these through out the Hisui region for you to interact with. Return to Vessa for rewards for collecting wisps.

As soon as that segment ends, you’ll be ushered in to the next day to the next main mission.

Arezu’s Perdicament

As the next day begins, you’ll be outside and will overhear a conversation. This is Arezu and she will notice and speak with you.

Arezu is a warden of the Diamond Clan. Speak to her and then go to Kamado’s office. Arezu will be speaking with him as well.

Kamado will give you your next mission and Cyllene will give you the details. You’ll be heading to the Crimson Mirelands this time.

Before you can go to the Mirelands, you will need to be at least Second Star rank. If you’re not there yet, head over to the Obsidian Fieldlands and complete more research tasks until you are at least Second Star.

When you’re ready, head toward the exit and you can battle Akari/Rei once again.

  • Akari/Rei
    • Mime Jr. Lv. 19
    • Pikachu Lv. 20

You’ll be given the recipe for Stealth Sprays after the battle.

  • Stealth Spray
    • 1 Hopo Berry
    • 3 Bugwort Blooms

You can now travel to the Mirelands and progress the story.

Crimson Mirelands

Once there, you’ll be speaking to Akari/Rei and Laventon.

You’ll be introduced to Space-Time Distortions during this conversation. You can enter these to find powerful and rare Pokémon.

Head out toward the objective marker catching new Pokémon and completing research tasks along the way.

When you reach the ruins, enter and you’ll meet up with Calaba of the Pearl Clan.

When you’re done speaking with her, Volo will show up and it’ll be time to battle him again.

  • Volo
    • Togepi Lv. 22
    • Gible Lv. 22

Volo will heal your Pokémon after the battle. He will also ask you for help in finding the stolen wall fragment.

Follow the objective marker to a burned out campfire and you’ll be confronted by Charm, Clover and Coin of the Miss Fortune Sisters.

You’ll be forced into a battle against Coin.

  • Coin
    • Toxicroak Lv. 23

Defeat Coin and you’ll be given the Wall Fragment. Bring the fragment back to Volo and Calaba at the Solaceon Ruins.

After a brief conversation, you’ll now need to go to Sludge Mound in the Mirelands to find Ursaluna.

When you get there, Calaba will call Ursaluna and it’ll be time to battle it. It will be at level 26.

You’ll be given the Earth Plate from Ursaluna. You can now call Ursaluna to ride on. It will also dig for buried items for you while riding on it as well.

Go back to the Mirelands Camp and speak with Laventon. You’ll be interrupted by an Unown A. Unown will be added to your Pokédex.

You can now report back to Kamado. After the conversation in his office, you’ll need to travel back to the Mirelands.

Follow Your Nose

Ride Ursaluna in the Mirelands and use it track down Arezu. You’ll need to follow the blue sense from Ursaluna.

When you find Arezu, she will be injured after being chased by a Pokémon. After the ensuing conversation, it’ll be time to go to the Brava Arena in the Mirelands to quell Lilligant.

Meet with Adaman at Brava Arena. You’re going to employ the same strategies that you did when we took on Kleavor.

After quelling it, we’ll need to head back to Kamado. Speak with him to complete this mission.

A New Mission

On the next day, you’ll be speaking to Arezu.

Kamado will interrupt during this conversation and take you with him to Prelude Beach.

There will be a new group of people on the beach that have just arrived in Hisui. Kamado is here welcoming them to Jubilife Village.

Akari/Rei will approach and the conversation will shortly end. Head to Kamado’s office when you’re ready to progress.

When you get back you’ll be given your next assignment. You’re going to be investigating Cobalt Coastlands. In order to enter the Coastlands, you’re going to need to be at least Third Star rank.

So, complete research tasks until you’re able to enter Cobalt Coastlands.

The Lordless Island

You’ll be stopped at the exit by Lian. He’ll give you two Grit Pebbles and three sacks of Grit Gravel.

Travel to the Cobalt Coastlands when you’re ready to go.

When you get there, Irida will play her flute and then battle you.

  • Irida
    • Glaceon Lv. 30
    • Eevee Lv. 15

After the battle, she’ll heal your Pokémon. Now it’s time to find Palina. Head to the objective marker.

When you meet her, she’ll explain that you’ll need the help of Basculegion in order to surf across the waters of Hisui. She will also tell you where to find Iscan. He can be found over in Bathers’ Lagoon.

You’ll run into Volo on your way to meet Iscan. You’ll get more background information on the Plates you’ve been collecting.

When you reach Iscan’s home, he will tell you how to attract Basculegion. You’re going to need to prepare its favorite snack. This is going to require finding a Dusclops as well. These show up at night in Deadwood Haunt. You’re going to need to catch a Dusclops and bring it back to Iscan.

Iscan will hesitantly make the required snack when you return with a Dusclops. You’ll obtain the Ball of Basulegion Food.

Return to the beach at Ginkgo Landing and meet with Iscan again. You’ll be joined by Palina as Iscan plays the flute to call Basculegion.

Basculegion will appear and you will feed it the snack. You’ll also play your flute for it and it will then join you. You will also receive the Splash Plate. You’ll now be able to surf across water by riding on Basculegion.

Just as a conversation between Iscan and Palina wraps up, you’ll be interrupted by the Miss Fortune Sisters.

They will kidnap one of the Growlithe from Palina and then quickly leave. You’ll now be helping return the stolen Growlithe. They took it to Firespit Island.

Spit Hot Fire

Hop on to Basculgion and make your way toward Firespit Island.

Reach the island and continue up the slope forward toward the center. Bet you can’t guess what type of Pokémon you’ll be encountering here on Firespit Island.

When you reach the objective, it’ll be time to battle against Clover, Coin and Charm.

  • Clover
    • Abomasnow Lv. 35
  • Coin
    • Toxicroak Lv. 34
  • Charm
    • Rhydon Lv. 34
    • Gengar Lv. 35

After the battle, one of Palina’s Growlith will evolve into Arcanine. The Arcanine will also be struck by the lightning that has made the other Pokémon become frenzied.

The Miss Fortune Sisters will take off and it’ll be up to you to quell the frenzied Arcanine.

Pay attention to its eyes. They will glow just before it attacks. You can use this to time your lunge and avoid taking any damage. When it powers up with the fire balls in front of it, all you have to do is quickly keep hitting it with balms to cancel out that attack.

Quell the Arcanine and you’ll be given the Flame Plate.

Just then, a second Arcanine will appear and order will be restored to this part of the Hisui region.

When that’s all said and done, head back to Kamado and brief him of the events. This will be the end of this mission.

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