Pokémon Legends: Arceus Walkthrough

Page 1

  • In An Unfamiliar Land
  • The Galaxy Team’s Entry Trial
  • The Basics of Crafting

Page 2

  • Getting to Work on Research Tasks
  • A Request From Mai
  • Summoned by Commander Kamado

Page 3

  • The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods
  • Arezu’s Perdicament
  • A New Mission
  • The Lordless Island

Page 4

  • Scaling Perilous Heights
  • The Slumbering Lord of the Tundra
  • Disaster Looming

Page 5

  • The Trial of Lake Verity
  • The Trial of Lake Acuity
  • The Trial of Lake Valor
  • Atop Mount Coronent

Page 6

Page 7

  • The Plates of the Lakes
  • The Plate of Firespit Island
  • The Plate of Moonview Island
  • The Plate of Snowpoint Temple
  • Seeking The Remaining Plates

The Counterpart

As the mission begins, some of your other companions will arrive in an effort to assist you.

We will also get our next location. The Primeval Grotto. We need to go here and grab some Origin Ore.

When you get there, interact with the glowing orange ore in the wall.

Just then, you’ll be interrupted by the Miss Fortune Sisters. A battle against Charm is coming up next.

  • Charm
    • Rhydon Lv. 61
    • Gengar Lv. 62

The sisters will flee after the battle leaving the ore for you.

Lian will mine the ore and then give you the piece that you need.

Return to the camp and speak with Laventon. You and the group will be transported back to Jubilife Village where the Origin Ball will be crafted and given to you.

With the Origin Ball, we can now catch the frenzied Palkia/Dialga.

Head to the Temple of Sinnoh when you’re ready.

Cogita will be at the exit of town and will instruct you to bring the legendary that we already caught. So add it to your party.

The Temple of Doom

Return to the Temple of Sinnoh in the Coronent Highlands and get ready to face either Palkia or Dialga.

Volo will be in the cave and will be selling a slew of new items. You’ll be able to buy Great Balls, Ultra Balls and various healing items from him now.

You’ll meet up with your companions right before facing off against the frenzied legendary.

You’re going to want to stay on the run during this fight. Hit it with balms as much as you can while staying clear of the attacks. The attacks are pretty well telegraphed, so you’ll know when they’re coming and where they’re going. Keep running and smash that dodge button.

After the battle, you’ll catch either Palkia or Dialga in a cutscene with the Origin Ball.

And with that, the credits will begin to roll.

Congratulations, the main story is now complete!

A New Day Dawns

After the credits are finished, your Arc Phone will be beeping and you’ll awake in your room.

Exit your room and speak to Akari/Rei. They’ll tell you to meet them in Survey Corps HQ.

Speak to Cyllene and she will pair you up with Volo in order to learn all about the Pokémon of Hisui and to complete the Pokédex.

This very brief mission will be completed and we’ll roll into the next one.

The Researcher of Myths

Exit the Galaxy Team HQ and travel to the Obsidian Fieldlands to meet Volo at the Heights Camp.

Speak with him and he will show you some drawings on the wall behind the camp.

Volo will tell you a little more about the plates we’ve been collecting and that there are more to be found.

Our first stop for another plate will be in Grueling Grove.

When you reach Volo, an alpha Vespiquen will attack. Catch or defeat the Vespiquen and you’ll be given the Stone Plate.

From there, we need to go and visit Cogita at the Ancient Retreat.

Speak with her and she will give us some information on other powerful Pokémon to find. She’ll give you a list and make sure you ask about each one of them.

  • The three lake Pokémon
  • The volcano
  • The crescent moon
  • The temple giant
  • The beginning

You’ll be given a new mission for each of the options that you select here.

The Researcher of Myths mission is now complete. We will now have five active missions in our log to work on.

The Plate of Prelude Beach

Leave Cogita’s place. When you get back to Jubilife Village, you’ll be met by Kamado. He will ask you to meet him at Prelude Beach.

Prepare for a battle against him at the beach.

When you’re ready, head down to the beach.

Approach Kamado and begin the battle.

  • Kamado
    • Golem Lv. 65
    • Snorlax Lv. 66
    • Clefable Lv. 65
    • Heracross Lv. 65
    • Braviary Lv. 65

Beat Kamado again and he will give you the Fist Plate.

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