Pokémon Legends: Arceus All Pokémon, Unown & Requests

Below you can find the locations for every Pokémon and Request that is found in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Requests are side missions that can be picked up from various NPCs across the game. There are a lot of them, but none of them are missable. So you don’t have to worry that. They can be completed whenever you’d like to do them.

They won’t all be available from the start. You’ll need to complete some and advance the story before others will become available.

Some of the requests are longer, but the majority of them are very quick and easy. In fact, you’ll likely have some objectives done by the time you actually get the required request.

You can track your requests by pressing – > Y > R > Requests. You can see which ones you’ve completed and which are still available as well as set them as your active objective marker.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

There are 237 different kinds of Pokémon to catch in Arceus, and they are all available in the game. This isn’t like previous mainline Pokémon games where there are some that are exclusive to a certain version of the game.

There are many different areas where Pokémon can be found and that includes certain times of day as well as certain weather.

There are two Pokémon that you can catch if you have save data on your console from previous Pokémon games. You can catch Darkai with save data from Pokémon Sword or Shield and you can catch Shaymin with save data from Pokémon Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl.


After a certain point in the story, there will be Unown available to catch. They are basically collectibles as you don’t battle them. They are found in various locations through Hisui and all you have to do is them with a ball and catch them. They don’t battle or run away. There are 28 of them and there are hints to their location in the Unown Pokédex under each one of them written out in the Unown language.


Jubilife Village


  • Wurmple Can Evolve
    • Catch a Wurmple and give it to Beauregard.
  • Adorable Starly
    • Complete all research tasks for Starly and show the page to Marli.
  • What Did Shinx’s Ears Look Like?
    • Catch a Shinx and show it.
  • Big Buizel, Little Buizel
    • Catch a Buizel bigger than 2’8″ & then show it to Dorian.
  • What It Takes to Be Awesome
    • Give 5 Poké Balls to Sho.
  • Berry Helpful
    • Give 5 Oran Berries to Andra.
  • Strange Happenings at Midnight
    • Investigate Sanqua’s house at night time.
  • To Bloom or Not to Bloom
    • Complete all research tasks for Cherrim and show the page to Kichi.
  • Please! Make me a Pokéshi Doll!
    • Show a Pokéshi Doll to Anvin.
  • The Mysterious Will-o’-the-Wisp
    • Catch Chimchar from the Fieldlands & show it to Paira.
  • Eerie Apparitions in the Night
    • Collect all 107 Wisps & meet Vanessa at night. Completing this request will give you the opportunity to catch Spiritomb.
  • Getting Ahold of New Wares
    • Give Tao Hua 3 Hearty Grains.
  • Inspiration from Hippopotas
    • Show a male & female Hippopotas to Anthe.
  • The Pokémon in the Woodland Photo
    • Show a Buneary to Dagero.
  • Aim for the Big Leagues!
    • Score 10,000 points in target practice.
  • Help Wanted: Plowing the Fields
    • Give Miller a rock type Pokémon. Completing this request will give you access to the Farming Fields.
  • Measuring Your Compatibility
    • Show any Pokémon to Belamy that you have a high friendship level with.
  • The Search for Bitter Leaves
    • Catch and show a Petilil to Shinon.
  • All about Magikarp
    • Complete all research tasks for Magikarp and show the page to Ceci.
  • An Elegant Tail
    • Catch and show a Glameow to Asabei.
  • Help Wanted: Watering the Fields
    • Give Miller any Pokémon that has a water type attack. Completing this will give you additional fields for farming.
  • More New Wares
    • Bring 3 Pop Pods to Tao Hua.
  • The Pokémon in the Nighttime Photo
    • Catch and show a Duskull to Dagero.
  • Shellos of the East and West
    • Catch and show both the east and west versions of Shellos to Anthe.
  • Taste of Home
    • Give Floaro 2 Hopo Berries, 3 Hearty Grains, & 1 Razz Berry.
  • Double the Tails, Double the Fun
    • Catch and show a Finneon to Neta.
  • Octillery’s Ink
    • Complete all research tasks for Octillery and show the page to Radisa.
  • Serving Up Swap Snacks
    • Give 1 Springy Mushroom, 1 Hopo Berry and 1 Sootfoot Root to Bonn.
  • Misdreavus the Hairstyle Muse
    • Catch and show a Misdreavus to Arezu.
  • Help Wanted: Rock Smashing in the Fields
    • Give Miller any Pokémon that knows Rocksmash. Completing this will give you additional fields for farming.
  • Even More New Wares
    • Bring 3 Crunchy Salt to Tao Hua.
  • The Pokémon in the River Photo
    • Catch and show a Turtwig to Dagero.
  • Fancy, Fashionable Wormadam
    • Show a Wormadam to Anthe.
  • Getting to Know Ghosts
    • Complete all research tasks for Gastly and it show it to Ward.
  • Colorful New Looks
    • Give a Green Shard, Blue Shard and a Red Shard to Anthe.
  • New Wares Yet Again
    • Give 3 Sand Radishes to Tao Hua.
  • Which Is the Real Burmy?
    • Show each type of Burmy to Tarush, Leif and Duna. You will also need to complete all research tasks for Burmy and show them the completed page.
  • Kirlia the Hairstyle Muse
    • Show a Kirlia to Arezu.
  • The Perfect Pickle Recipe
    • Give 2 Plump Beans, 2 Crunchy Salt and 2 King’s Leaf to Radisa.
  • On the Trail of Giratina
    • Go to Turnback Cave in the Cobalt Coastlands and catch Giratina.

Unown Locations


  • H – Unown H is up on the welcome sign at the entrance to town coming from Prelude Beach


  • W – Unown W is up on the Magikarp statue on the roof of the Galaxy Team HQ. You can reach the roof by going through Kamado’s office.


  • ? – Unown ? is on the back side of your house hanging from the clothesline.

Galaxy Team HQ

  • Playing with Drifloon
    • Investigate Drifloon at Prelude beach in the evening.
  • Bothersome Bidoof
    • Put a Bidoof in your party and then find the three Bidoof around Jubilife Village.
  • Zubat’s Eyes
    • Show a Zubat to Clarissa.
  • Wurmple’s Evolved!
    • Show a Silcoon to Clarissa.
  • A Perfect Pickling Stone
    • Give a Geodude to Radisa.
  • A Peculiar Ponyta
    • Catch the shiny Ponyta in Horsehoe Plains at Obsidian Fieldlands and show it to Yota.
  • Back-Alley Mr. Mime
    • Find the Mr. Mime in Jubilife Village.
  • What a Massive Mushroom!
    • Give a Parasect to Morel.
  • Croagunk’s Curative Poison
    • Give a Croagunk to Pesselle.
  • Battling with Pachirisu
    • Win a battle against an Ursaring that’s at least level 30 with only using a Pachirisu.
  • Watering with Care
    • First show Odo any Pokémon that has the attack Water Pulse. After that, beat the Sudowoodo in a battle.
  • The Fragrance of Nostalgic Herbs
    • Show a Tangela to Risa.
  • Gone Astray in the Mirelands
    • Use Ursaluna to track down Wanda south of Gapejaw Bog in Crimson Mirelands.
  • Eevee’s Evolutions
    • Give the Umbreon in Galaxy Hall a Jubilife Muffin.
  • The Taste of Honey
    • Show Almous a Combee from Ramanas Island, Grueling Grove in Obsidian Fieldlands and Aspiration Hill in Cobalt Coastlands.
  • Gone Astray in the Coastlands
    • Use Ursaluna to track down Wanda on an island in Castaway Shore in the Cobalt Coastlands.
  • The Sea’s Legend
    • Bring a Mantyke, Buizel and a Overquil to the eastern side of the map near Sand’s Reach. Look for the two mountains coming out of water that kind of look like a Krabby claw in the Cobalt Coastlands. A cave will open in Seaside Hollow giving you an opportunity to catch Manaphy.
  • The Clefairy’s Moonlit Dance
    • Go to Coronet Highlands and rest until you see a full moon. Once you see it, go to Fabled Spring. Go to the objective marker and watch the Clefairy dance.
  • A Nosepass to Guide the Way
    • Give a Nosepass to Gully.
  • Gone Astray in the Highlands
    • Use Ursaluna to track down Wanda in the Lonely Spring in Coronet Highlands.
  • Pesselle’s Easy Errand
    • Give 100 Medicinal Leeks to Pesselle.
  • A Bit of Help from Blissey
    • Battle Abomasnow to help Pippa.
  • Mushroom Hunting with Swinub
    • Find 3 mushrooms while a Swinub is in your party.
  • Gone Astray in the Fieldlands
    • Use Ursaluna to track down Wanda in the Obsidian Fieldlands.
  • Traces of a Lost Village
    • Defeat Frosslass and find the Old Journal.
  • Snow-White Vulpix in the Snow
    • Find 5 Alolan Vulpix in Alabaster Icelands at the Avalanche Slopes.
  • A Home under the Eaves
    • Find a permanent home for Chimecho.
  • Gone Astray in the Icelands
    • Use Ursaluna to track down Wanda in the Alabaster Icelands.
  • Steely Lucario
    • Battle Lucario at the Training Grounds in Jubilife Village.
  • A Token of Gratitude *Requires Pokémon: Sword or Shield save data.*
    • Catch Shaymin.
  • The Darksome Nightmare *Requires Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl save data*
    •  Catch Darkrai
  • Incarnate Forces of Hisui
    • Catch Tornadus, Landorus, Thundurus and Enamorus.

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