Pokémon Legends: Arceus Walkthrough

Page 1

  • In An Unfamiliar Land
  • The Galaxy Team’s Entry Trial
  • The Basics of Crafting

Page 2

  • Getting to Work on Research Tasks
  • A Request From Mai
  • Summoned by Commander Kamado

Page 3

  • The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods
  • Arezu’s Perdicament
  • A New Mission
  • The Lordless Island

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Page 5

  • The Trial of Lake Verity
  • The Trial of Lake Acuity
  • The Trial of Lake Valor
  • Atop Mount Coronent

Page 6

  • The Counterpart
  • A New Day Dawns
  • The Researcher of Myths
  • The Plate of Prelude Beach

Page 7

  • The Plates of the Lakes
  • The Plate of Firespit Island
  • The Plate of Moonview Island
  • The Plate of Snowpoint Temple
  • Seeking The Remaining Plates

Scaling Perilous Heights

The next day you’ll be approached by an NPC who will tell you it’s time to meet with Kamado again. Your next destination will be the Coronet Highlands. We need to quell a frenzied Electrode.

During this conversation, we’ll meet a new character, Melli.

When you exit the HQ, it’ll be time to battle against Adaman.

  • Adaman
    • Leafeon Lv. 36
    • Eevee Lv. 18

Make quick work of Adaman and then Cyllene will give you your next assignment. You know the drill by now. You’re going to need to reach Fourth Star rank before you can enter the next location.

When you’re ready to go, Cyllene will give you the recipe for Leaden Balls and Hyper Potions.

  • Leaden Ball Recipe
    • 1 Apricorn
    • 1 Black Tumblestone
    • 1 Iron Chunk
  • Hyper Potion Recipe
    • 1 Super Potion
    • 1 Vivichoke

Go to the training grounds in Jubilife Village to meet Ingo. Speak with him and then travel to the Coronent Highlands.

Meet with Ingo at mouth of the Wayward Cave in the Highlands. Melli will appear and want to battle, but will be turned down for now.

Enter the cave and work your way toward Electrode. Follow Ingo inside of the cave. He’ll briefly leave you for a short section of the cave near the exit.

Exit the cave and head around to the objective to find Melli and Ingo.

You’ll need to battle Melli here in order to gain access to the frenzied Electrode.

  • Melli
    • Skuntank Lv. 40

Beat Melli and enter the Ancient Quarry. A cutscene will follow with some speculation on the rift in the sky.

Continue through the Quarry out to the other side and make for the objective marker. Don’t forget to catch some Pokémon and complete research tasks along the way.

You’ll meet up with Ingo again and he will have a potential solution to his memory loss. A battle.

  • Ingo
    • Machoke Lv. 41
    • Gliscor Lv. 42
    • Tangela Lv. 41

After you beat Ingo, he will call Sneasler.

You’ll play your Flute for Sneasler and it will give you the Toxic Plate and join you as well.

With Sneasler on your side, you’ll be able to ride on it and climb the sides of cliffs and ledges. Use your new found friend to help you reach Electrode at Moonview Arena.

When you reach the location, you will need to beat Melli again.

  • Melli
    • Skuntank Lv. 44
    • Zubat Lv. 22
    • Skorupi Lv. 22

Beat Melli and then Adaman will give you the necessary balms to take on Electrode.

For the fight against Electrode, you’re going to want to keep moving. You can throw a couple balms here and there, but stay focused on moving. You’re going to need to dodge exploding Voltorbs while balls of electricity chase you. Keep running and eventually Electrode will jump and land with a radius around it. Stay out of this radius and it’ll explode knocking itself out. Throw out a Pokémon, battle it and beat it. Then you can spam the balms. You can repeat this several times until you win.

You’ll be given the Zap Plate when you quell the Electrode.

Return to Kamado to complete the mission.

The Slumbering Lord of the Tundra

You’ll be speaking to Adaman, Irida and Kamado the next day.

It’ll be time to go after the final Lord, Avalugg. Before you can go, you will need to have reached Fifth Star rank.

You’ll be given the recipe for Wing Balls when you reach Fifth Star.

  • Wing Ball Recipe
    • 1 Apricorn
    • 1 Sky Tumblestone
    • 1 Iron Chunk

It’s time to make our way to the Alabaster Icelands.

Laventon and Akari/Rei will be waiting for you at the gate. It’ll be time for another battle against Akari/Rei.

  • Akari/Rei
    • Mr. Mime Lv. 46
    • Staravia Lv. 46
    • Pikachu Lv. 47

You can now leave for Alabaster Icelands after the battle.

Head for the objective where you’ll be introduced to Gaeric, Avalugg’s warden. There is a whole new batch of Pokémon for you to catch here.

Answer Gaeric’s questions and then you can battle him.

  • Gaeric
    • Glalie Lv. 48
    • Froslass Lv. 24

Beat Gaeric and he will finally accept you. You’ll also meet Sabi here. We need to get ahold of her Braviary.

Climb up to Sabi from the back side of the hill she’s on.

She says she wont help you until you catch her. She used the word “catch” but this is not a race or anything. You just need to go meet her where the objective marker is located. Climb up the mountain with Sneasler and interact with her.

When you find her, she’ll move to another location. Chase her down again.

After finding her a second time, you’ll need to follow her into the Snowpoint Temple and solve a puzzle.

Puzzle Time!

Inside of Snowpoint Temple will be some statues with symbols on them. The symbols are Rock, Steel and Ice.

In order to solve the puzzle, you just need to remember or write down the order of the symbols. There are three doors. You’ll need to enter the symbols on the door in the order they appear on the statues leading up to the door. The order of the pattern is dictated by how the statues stare at each other. You need to follow the direction they are staring.

You can solve it yourself, or look below for the solutions.

  • Door 1
    • Rock
    • Steel
    • Ice
  • Door 2
    • Ice
    • Rock
    • Steel
    • Rock
    • Ice
  • Door 3
    • Steel
    • Ice
    • Rock
    • Ice
    • Steel
    • Rock

Solve the three doors and meet Sabi at the top. Now it’s time for a battle.

  • Sabi
    • Rhyperior Lv. 50
    • Magmortar Lv. 30
    • Electivire Lv. 30

Head to the roof after the battle. Now its time to battle against Braviary.

  • Braviary Lv. 54

After the battle, you’ll play your flute and Braviary will join you. You will receive the Sky Plate and you will now be able to fly across Hisui on Braviary.


Now you can fly over to Avalugg’s Legacy and pick up the Eternal Ice at the top.

After that, head to Icepeak Arena and get ready to face Avalugg.

When you get there, Volo will give you some tips of what kinds of attacks to expect during the fight.

This fight is all about dodging and evading. Avalugg will throw out a pattern of attacks toward you from a distance. All you need to do is avoid them. Avalugg is so big that it’ll stay in one spot. You’ll be on a platform with plenty of time to see what attack is coming and where to go to evade it. The one attack that may cause some trouble is when it shoots icicles like projectiles at you. For this, you need to keep your camera somewhat low looking up so that you can see the attack coming from the air. Roll out of the way just before the projectile reaches you to dodge it. If you roll too early, it’ll get you.

The other attack you should know about it is an ice beam like attack that it will sweep the entire platform with. This one is easy. All you have to do is roll through the beam. If timed correctly, you won’t take any damage.

After the halfway mark of its health is drained, the attacks will change up a little bit, but nothing major.

When your familiar with the attack pattern, you can get some balm hits in on it between and during certain attacks.

So, be on your toes and dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge your way to victory and quell the mighty Avalugg.

When you take it down, you’ll be given the Icicle Plate.

You can now return to Kamado and complete this mission.

Disaster Looming

You’ll be awoken the next day with a loud noise. When you step outside, you’ll immediately notice that the sky has turned red.

A conversation with your companions will take place and it end with you getting the boot. You’ll be forced out of Galaxy Team and Jubilife Village until you can prove your innocence in the matter at hand.

Follow Cyllene out of town. You’ll be taken to the Obsidian Fieldlands where you must seek out Lian in Grandtree Arena.

Lian won’t be able to help us, so now we must ask Mai at the Worn Bridge for assistance.

Unfortunately for us, Mai will be a dead end as well.

But fret not! Help has arrived in the form of our old pal, Volo.

Volo will bring us to a place where we can lay our heads until we figure this thing out.

We’ll now be introduced to Mistress Cogita. She will allow us to stay here.

Cogita will tell us what we need to do to fix this situation we find ourselves.

When you step outside, you’ll receive a letter with an Abra. This Abra can be used to retrieve any Pokémon caught and sent to the pastures in Jubilife Village.

After that, it’s time to choose who will help us in our mission to fix things. Irida or Adaman. Your choice will have an effect on something later, but it ultimately doesn’t matter who you choose here. You will not miss anything because of this choice.

Make your choice and the mission will end. You’ll now have three outstanding missions to complete.

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