Pokémon Legends: Arceus All Pokémon, Unown & Requests

Obsidian Field Lands

Alpha Pokémon

The following Alpha Pokémon can be found in the Obsidian Fieldlands.

  • Luxio
  • Gyarados
  • Snorlax
  • Alakazam
  • Infernape
  • Lopunny
  • Scyther
  • Bibarel
  • Kricketune
  • Staravia
  • Parasect
  • Magikarp
  • Golbat
  • Blissey
  • Stantler
  • Floatzel
  • Rapidash
  • Heracross
  • Graveler

All Pokémon


Wurmple Floaro Gardens
Silcoon Floaro Gardens
Cascoon Floaro Gardens
Beautifly Floaro Gardens
Dustox Floaro Gardens
Shinx Floaro Gardens
Pichu Floaro Gardens
Shaymin Floaro Gardens
Mesprit Lake Verity
Gyarados Lake Verity
Stararaptor Lake Verity
Togekiss Lake Verity
Pikachu Nature’s Pantry
Paras Nature’s Pantry
Stantler Deertrack Heights
Munchlax Deertrack Heights
Aipom Ramanas Island
Combee Ramnas Island – In tree
Chimchar Ramnas Island
Monferno Ramnas Island
Shellos Ramnas Island
Gastrodon Ramnas Island
Drifblim Ramnas Island
Graveler Ramnas Island
Landorus Ramnas Island – Post game
Abra Windswept Run
Buizel Windswept Run
Kricketot Windswept Run
Kricketune Windswept Run
Drifloon Windswept Run – Night
Golbat Windswept Run – Night
Starly Windswept Run
Staravia Windswept Run
Bidoof Aspiration Hill
Bibarel Tidewater Damn
Buneary Heartwood
Psyduck Heartwood
Golduck Heartwood
Cherubi Heartwood
Scyther Heartwood
Magikarp Worn Bridge
Zubat Worn Bridge – Night
Geodude Worn Bridge
Burmy Worn Bridge – In Tree
Happiny Oreburrow Tunnel
Machop Oreburrow Tunnel
Mr. Mime Sandgem Flats
Mime Jr. Sandgem Flats
Wormadam Sandgem Flats – In Tree
Luxio Sandgem Flats
Luxray Sandgem Flats
Kadabara Sandgem Flats
Mothim Grueling Grove
Ponyta Horseshoe Plains
Rapidash Horseshoe Plains
Toxicroak Space Time Distortion
Ursaring Space Time Distortion
Eevee Space Time Distortion
Leafeon Space Time Distortion
Sylveon Space Time Distortion
Haunter Space Time Distortion
Gengar Space Time Distortion
Sneasel Space Time Distortion
Weavile Space Time Distortion
Onix Space Time Distortion
Steelix Space Time Distortion
Lickitung Space Time Distortion
Lickilicky Space Time Distortion


Unown Locations


  • E – Unown E is hanging on a tree on the small island of Grueling Grove.


  • G – Unown G is above the Obsidian Falls waterfall on the side of a boulder.


  • I – Unown I is on the back side of the Lake Verity entrance.


  • S – Unown S is on the dam next to the Alpha Bibarel in Tidewater Dam.


  • X – Unown X is on the lowest branch of the big tree in the Grandtree Arena on the back side. Fly up to the branch.



  • Mushroom Cake Marketing
    • Give a Springy Mushroom to Morel.
  • The Timbre of the Fields
    • Complete every research task for Kriketot and then show Yeo page.
  • Trees That Bear Berries
    • Give 3 Cheri Berries to Bjorn.
  • Balloon Race in the Fieldlands
    • Pop 17 Balloons while playing the Obsidian Fieldlands balloon race.
  • Coming Up Roses
    • Talk to Hiemo while you have a Scyther in your party.

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