F1 Manager 22 Trophy & Achievement Guide

F1 Manager Trophy & Achievement Guide

Welcome to the F1 Manager 2022 Trophy and Achievement guide! The roadmap breakdown below is going to be a little different for this game than usual. Player choice is going to play a factor into how long and difficult the game is.

  • Estimated Difficulty – It’s a little difficult to put an estimated difficulty rating as the difficulty can range depending on your choice of team and race strategies.
  • Estimated Time – Again, depending on what you team you choose, this could take many hours or it could be somewhat quick.
  • 1 Season playthrough. More seasons may be required depending on your performance.
  • 0 Missable

The difficulty of this Trophy/Achievement list and the required time to completion are going to vary drastically depending on the team you choose.


As any F1 fan knows, the teams with money have a huge advantage over the rest of the field. That applies to F1 Manager 22 as well. When you begin a career with a team, the playing field is not level.

If you join one of the better teams in F1, like Red Bull or Ferrari, this Trophy/Achievement list will be easier and quicker to complete. You’ll be jumping on a team with better drivers, better staff, more money and better cars. If you join one of the weaker teams, you’ll be spending a lot of time building them up and getting them to a higher competition level before you’re even able to start winning. Joining a weaker team will add a lot of hours to your playtime when trying to complete this Trophy/Achievement list.

Building up a weaker team and making them successful is no doubt the more rewarding path, but it is important to point that there is a difference in time based off of your team selection.

Outside of that, there is nothing missable on this list. You can go about completing this list however you’d like.


It is possible for some Trophies/Achievements to glitch and not pop. Make back up saves before final race of the season when you’re going to win the Driver’s and or Constructor’s championships. Both championship Trophies/Achievements can glitch out if being won at the same time. If this happens, reload your back up save and run the final race again until they pop.

General Tips

  • Upgrade your facilities. Upgrading your facilities will make your team more attractive to other potential drivers and staff members. Upgraded facilities will also grant your team experience bonuses, increased crew size, decreased construction time and more simultaneous projects.
  • Manage your practice sessions before qualifying. During practice you can fine tune your car set which will increase your the confidence of your drivers for the race. You want to adjust the white vertical bars so that they are in the green horizontal bars. Continue to tweak the car setup throughout practice to get driver confidence as high as you can get

f1 manager 22 trophy achievement guide

  • Design, manufacture and install car parts to keep your cars competitive.
  • Set strategies for every race, but don’t be afraid to alter your plan mid race depending on live factors.
  • Keep an eye on your powertrain parts and switch them out when they wear down.

 We Need A New Trophy Cabinet

Unlock all Trophies.

F1 Manager 22 Trophy Achievement guide

 To Finish First, First You Must Finnish

Complete your first Grand Prix.

This will be earned upon completing your first race. It does not matter what position you finish in.

 First of Many

Complete a full season.

In order to earn this, you will need to make it through a full season. You will need to complete all 22 races.

 Top Step

Win a Grand Prix.

See the “Had Your Porridge” Trophy/Achievement below for more details.

 Pole Position

Qualify in pole position.

Before each race there will be a qualifying session. You will need to finish with the fastest time which will place you 1st to start the race.

Tweak the car set-ups for both of your cars during the practice sessions that take place before qualifying. You’ll want to adjust the white vertical bar for each category by keeping them in the green areas, As your drivers practice, you can recalibrate these set ups and hone them the best you can which will raise your driver’s confidence. The higher the confidence, the better the performance from the driver during qualifying and the race.

This can be made much easier by playing as one of the top teams such as Red Bull or Ferrari.

 Drivers’ Champion

Win the Drivers’ Championship.

See the “Constructor’s Champion” below for more details.

 Constructor’s Champion

Win the Constructors’ Championship.


Make sure to make a back up save before the final race of the season just in case this glitches. If it does, reload your save and try again until it pops.

The Constructor’s Championship is won by the team that finishes the season with the most points. This will take into account points from both of your drivers

The Driver’s Championship is won by the driver that finishes the season with the most points.

In order to win both of those, you’re going to need to be winning a majority of your races.

Points are awarded based on what place you finish. Finishing in the top 10 awards both your team and drivers with points.

  • 1st = 25 Points
  • 2nd = 18 Points
  • 3rd = 15 Points
  • 4th = 12 Points
  • 5th = 10 Points
  • 6th = 8 Points
  • 7th = 6 Points
  • 8th = 4 Points
  • 9th = 2 Points
  • 10th = 1 Point

As you can see, a top 10 finish will only help you so much. What you really need to focus on is winning races. A podium finish is okay as long as you’re consistently winning races.

This is something that will be easier or harder depending on what team you decide on. Picking one of the better teams will get you there quicker as they will have more money, better cars, better staff and better drivers.

 Another One

Finish on the podium 10 times in one career.

In order to finish on the podium, you’re going to need one of your cars to finish either 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a race.

This is something that will be done as you work toward both the “Drivers’ Champion” and “Constructor’s Champion” Trophies/Achievements.

Had Your Porridge

Win 10 Grands Prix in one career.

In order to earn this, you’re going to need to have one of your two drivers come in 1st 10 times.

This does not need to be done in a single season. This is over the course of your entire career.

 Settling In

Complete 5 Grands Prix in one career.

See the “Paddock Regular” Trophy/Achievement below for more details.

F1 Manager 22 Trophy & Achievement Guide Paddock Regular

Complete 10 Grands Prix in one career.

All you have to do here is finish 10 races. It does not matter what position you finish. All you have to do is finish them.

F1 Manager 22 Trophy & Achievement Guide High Roller

Achieve a sponsor guarantee.

 In order to get this, you’re going to have to set performance goals for your drivers in a race for your sponsors. Reaching these goals will also earn your team money.

You can set the goals by going to Race > Performance Targets.

You’ll be given three categories of goals that you can set.

f1 manager 22 trophy achievement guide

I found the qualifying targets to be the easiest. You can set a goal to reach the later rounds of qualifying or where you’re going to qualify.

When you select the Qualifying Position goal, you can edit the target position by clicking the edit button to the right of “Qualifying Position”.

All you have to do is finish in your specified position or better.

You’ll get less money for changing the target position, but it will make this Trophy/Achievement easier.

 Race Strategist

Assign a race strategy.

You can assign race strategies right before a race begins. This is something you will have to do before each race for both of your cars if you want to win.

You can select a pre-made strategy or come up with one of your own.

You’ll be walked through doing this as a tutorial during your first race.

F1 Manager 22 Trophy & Achievement Guide Facility Expansion

Build or upgrade a facility.

During your career, you’ll be able to build team facilities and upgrade them. Each upgrade will provide different bonuses for your team.

Your facilities can be built and upgraded by going to “Facilities” at the main menu. There are three different types of facilities that you can build and upgrade.

  • Car Development Facilities
  • Staff Facilities
  • Operations Facilities

You can build or upgrade any building in any of those categories to pop this.

F1 Manager 22 Trophy & Achievement Guide State Of The Art

Upgrade your design centre to the maximum level.

From the main menu, you can find and upgrade the design centre by going to Facilities > Car Development Facilities.

There are five upgrades for the design centre. Depending on what team you choose, your career may start with the design centre already partially upgraded. Choosing a top team like Red Bull or Ferrari will already their design centres partially upgraded.

Each of the upgrades for the design centre will cost a lot of money and take a while to build.

F1 Manager 22 Trophy & Achievement Guide Fits Like A Glove

Fit a car part to your car.

See the “Designer” Trophy/Achievement below for more details.

F1 Manager 22 Trophy & Achievement Guide Designer

Design a car part.

As you progress though a season, you will need to design new parts for your cars in order to stay competitive.

From the main menu, go to Cars > Car Parts Development > New Project > Design.

Choose a part to design and tweak the stats. When you’re ready, press / to continue. Specify the focus on the next page and then press  / once again. Assign your engineers and speed of the project and then confirm it.

You’ll have to wait until the part is completed for the Trophy/Achievement to unlock. You’ll receive an email when it is completed.

After your design is completed, you will then need to manufacture it.

Go to Cars > Car Parts Development > New Project > Manufacture. Find the part you designed and then manufacture it.

After the part is manufactured, go to Cars > Warehouse and then select the part you just manufactured. Equip the part to one of your cars to unlock the “Fits Like A Glove” Trophy/Achievement.

F1 Manager 22 Trophy & Achievement Guide Regulator

Vote on a regulation change.

As you progress through a season, you will receive emails asking you to vote on a regulation change.

The email will explain the regulation change and you’ll be able to vote for or against the change from the email itself. Your answer does not matter for this.

F1 Manager 22 Trophy & Achievement Guide Forward Thinker

Complete a car part research project for next season.

During your season, you’ll receive an email about getting a start on developing parts for next season.

To do this, go to Cars > Car Parts Development > New Project > Research.

Select the part you want to research and then confirm. This will pop when the research is completed.

F1 Manager 22 Trophy & Achievement Guide El Plan

Achieve the board’s season target.

See the “Visionary” Trophy/Achievement below for more details.

F1 Manager 22 Trophy & Achievement Guide Visionary

Achieve a long-term board objective.

When you start a career, your team’s board will have two goals outlined for you to hit. The season objective and the long-term objective.

The season objective is the goal the board wants you to hit during the season. These are goals that will have you finishing at a certain spot in the standings by the time the season ends. When you meet the seasonal goal, you will earn the “El Plan” Trophy/Achievement.

The long-term objectives are goals that the board wants you to hit over the course of a few seasons or before. Hitting the long-term goal will earn you the “Visionary” Trophy/Achievement.

These goals are different for every team.

Both sets of goals will be shown to you when you begin a career. They can also be viewed from the main menu by going to Board > Board Confidence.

f1 manager 22 trophy achievement guide

F1 Manager 22 Trophy & Achievement Guide Driving Master

Have a driver with 100 in any performance rating.

Every driver has performance ratings in multiple categories that are based on a score out of 100.

Each race weekend that you complete will earn your driver development points. When a driver receives a development point, you can apply that point to one of their attributes to improve their rating and performance. This is basically like earning skill points from leveling up in an RPG or something similar.

For this, you will need to get at least one of a driver’s attributes to 100/100 by using development points earned from race weekends.

f1 manager 22 trophy achievement guide

This is something else that will depend on what team you choose. Choosing a top team will help you earn this quicker as the drivers on the top teams are highly rated by default. You will not need to put as many development points into these drivers. They will already be close to 100 on their attributes. The weaker drivers will require more development points which means more time will be required.

You can increase the amount of experience your drivers earn by upgrading your Race Simulator under Staff Facilities.

F1 Manager 22 Trophy & Achievement Guide Done Deal

Sign a contract with a driver or staff member.

Part of managing your F1 team will be scouting and signing drivers or team staff to contracts.

If you’re signing somebody new to your team you will need to scout them first.

You can do this by going to Drivers > Scout Drivers or Staff > Scout Key Staff.

There will be two types of scouting methods. Standard and Detailed. Standard will be done quicker, but the detailed scouting will show you all of their current contract details. Knowing that information will help you match or improve on their current deal.

Before you can offer someone a contract, they will need to be open to negotiating with you. Each person will have a rating on whether or not they will negotiate with you.

Once you have all of the information that you need, you can offer a contract to whoever you’ve selected. You will then need to select the details of the contract and then offer it to them. If they like your deal, they will accept.

If they don’t like the deal, you will need to improve the contract and then offer it again. With each negotiation, their patience for negotiating with you will decline. If it gets too low, they’ll stop negotiating with you. You’ll then have to wait before you can negotiate with them again.

When someone accepts a contract offer from you, this will pop when you confirm the deal. This can also be earned by re-signing a driver or staff member from your team to a contract if theirs is expiring.

F1 Manager 22 Trophy & Achievement Guide All Hands On Deck

Have 18 engineers assigned to projects at the same time.

When you begin a career, you will not have enough engineers to do this. In order to get more engineers, you’re going to have to upgrade your design centre. You’re going to need to fully upgrade your design centre in order to unlock the “State of the Art” Trophy/Achievement anyway.

With the design centre fully upgraded, go to Staff > Engineering Team and select Change Team Size. Increase your engineering team to at least 18.

Once you have the required amount of engineers, you’re going to need to assign them whatever projects you have in development. If you design a new part, you can assign multiple engineers to that project.

You can assign a maximum of six engineers per design project. So you can have three projects in development with six engineers going at the same time to pop this.

F1 Manager 22 Trophy & Achievement Guide Eye For Talent

Scout a driver or staff member.

From the main screen, Go to either the Drivers or Staff tab. You can then select “Scout Drivers” or “Scout Key Staff”.

Select a person to scout and then choose either “Standard Scouting” or “Detailed Scouting”. There will be a time period in which the scouting takes place. This Trophy/Achievement will pop when the required time passes and the scouting is complete.

F1 Manager 22 Trophy & Achievement Guide Well-Oiled Machine

Have your pit crew reach 100 in any performance rating.

Just like with your drivers, your pit crew will also have different performance ratings.


Your pit crew will increase their performance ratings automatically as the season goes on. You can change the training setting for your crew which will determine where you want your crew to focus on.

The default setting will be a balanced approach. This means that all of their performance ratings will increase evenly. This is a good balanced approach, but that means it will take longer to reach 100/100. You can set the focus to a single rating. This will speed the Trophy/Achievement up, but the other stats will be neglected. So, like much of this list, how long this takes is up to you and what approach you take.

This wont pop when you hit 100. When you reach 100, you will need to run more race after that and then it will pop.

F1 Manager 22 Trophy & Achievement Guide On The Board

Score your first championship point.

In order to score a championship point, at least one of your drivers has to finish a race in a top 10 position.

You’ll earn this on your way to winning the Driver’s and Constructor’s Championships.


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