Pokemon: The Teal Mask Walkthrough

teal mask walkthrough

Welcome to the Pokemon: The Teal Mask walkthrough!

The Teal Mask is the first part of a two part expansion for Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet. The base game of Scarlet and or Violet are required to play The Teal Mask.

This guide below will walk you through the main story of the DLC. It is not very long nor is it very difficult.

The Teal Mask adds 100 new Pokemon to Scarlet and Violet. The actual Kitakami Poke-Dex is 200, but 100 of those are carried over from the base game.

Version Exclusive Pokemon

  • Scarlet
    • Gligar
    • Gliscor
    • Cramorant
  • Violet
    • Aipom
    • Ambipom
    • Morpeko

Trading Pokemon Online

There are several Pokemon that can only be obtained via trading. In addition to the region exclusives, some Pokemon will only evolve once they are traded.

If you don’t have a partner to trade with, you can enter certain codes when searching for a trade partner in order to get what you’re looking for. It’s not a perfect system, but it is very effective.

If the other player is not offering the correct Pokemon, just back out and search again.

The Pokemon that require trades are listed below with their codes. Credit for this trade method goes to Austin John Plays on Twitter.


  • Gligar for Aipom – 0207-0190
  • Cramorant for Morpeko – 0845-0877

Trade Evolutions:

  • Graveler – 0075-0075
  • Gurdurr – 0533-0533
  • Poliwhirl holding King’s Rock – 0061-0061
  • Dusclops holding Reaper Cloth – 0356-0356
  • Feebas holding Prism Scale – 0349-0349

Sinnoh Starters:

  • Turtwig for Chimchar – 0387 – 0390
  • Turtwig for Piplup – 0387 – 0393
  • Chimchar for Turtwig – 0390 – 0387
  • Chimchar for Piplup – 0390 – 0393
  • Piplup for Turtwig – 0387 – 0393
  • Piplup for Chimchar – 0390 – 0393


The guide is broken up into the following sections below:


As soon as you start the game after having downloaded the DLC, you’ll receive a call from Jacq. He’ll tell you about the Land of Kitakami, which is where we need to go to begin this DLC.

Travel to the entrance hall of the Naranja Academy and speak to Briar. She’ll be standing in the lobby as soon as you enter.

teal mask walkthrough

During this conversation, Jacq will appear and upgrade your Pokédex to include the Kitakami region.

When you’re ready to go to Kitakami, speak to Briar and she’ll take you there.

Once you’re there, you’ll be given a task to go Mossui.

teal mask walkthrough

Head north to Mossui Town after the conversation.

As you enter Mossui, a scene will begin to play and you’ll be introduced to Carmine and Kieran.

teal mask walkthrough

You’ll have to battle against Carmine.

  • Carmine
    • Poochyena Lv. 60
    • Poltchageist Lv. 60
    • Vulpix Lv. 60

You’ll be introduced to the Caretaker after the battle.

He’ll go help the group you arrived with. When he’s gone, head inside of the community center.

teal mask walkthrough


After a lengthy conversation, it’ll be time to head to your room. Go to the double doors to the right of the front desk and select, “Yes” to advance the story.

teal mask walkthrough

The next day, you’ll have your objective explained to you. You’ll need to go find three signboards. You’ll also receive the Roto-Stick from the Caretaker. This is just a selfie stick for picture taking.

After the conversation, speak to Carmine and it’ll be time to battle against Kieran.

  • Kieran
    • Sentret Lv. 59
    • Yanma Lv. 60

You’ll be paired up with Kieran after the battle.

Take care of any business in town before heading out. When you’re ready to go, it’ll be time to start getting the signboards.

Signboards 1 & 2

Our first signboard will be at Loyalty Plaza. Exit Mossui Town on the west side and follow the path west through Apple Hills and then north to Loyalty Plaza.

teal mask walkthrough

You can battle the following trainers on your way to the first signboard:

  • Tatsurou the Festival Boy
    • Bellsprout Lv. 59
  • Minami the Festival Girl
    • Applin Lv. 55
    • Applin Lv. 55
  • Kaya the Delinquent
    • Poochyena Lv. 58
    • Seedot Lv. 59

You can speak to the NPC outside of Loyalty Plaza to upgrade your Rotom Phone.

Once you’ve made it to Loyalty Plaza, enter and interact with the sign lined in red.

teal mask walkthrough teal mask walkthrough






With the first signboard down, head back to Mossui.

This time, take the eastern exit out of Mossui. Follow the path east and then north to reach Kitakami Hall.

teal mask walkthrough

If you look to your right as you exit the town, you can see Jacq under a tree. Speak to him and he’ll treat you to a picnic. He will give you an egg during this picnic. The egg will hatch into one of the three Sinnoh region starters. It will be random who you get.

teal mask walkthrough teal mask walkthrough






With that out of the way, continue on the toward Kitakami Hall.

You’ll be able to battle the following trainers that are on your direct path:

  • Kento the Ruffian
    • Houndour Lv. 58
    • Pawniard Lv. 58
  • Kensaku the Festival Boy
    • Sandshrew Lv. 59
  • Shizune the Festival Girl
    • Vulpix Lv. 59
  • Tomo the Courier
    • Squawkabilly Lv. 57
    • Squawkabilly Lv. 57
    • Staravia Lv. 58

Once you’ve made it, head up the stairs. Go all the way to the top and look to the left of the big temple to see this sign.

teal mask walkthrough teal mask walkthrough






Dreaded Den

After getting your picture with the second sign, head up the stairs and make for the Dreaded Den.

teal mask walkthrough

You can battle the following trainers on your direct path to the Dreaded Den:

  • Hiker Miyu
    • Alolan Sandshrew Lv. 59
    • Alolan Vulpix Lv. 61

Cross the small bridge across the water and continue up the mountain.

teal mask walkthrough

Stop when you reach the signs where the path splits. Go left until you get the message on screen, “Infernal Pass.” Then, check your map to see if you unlocked the fast travel point here. If not, go further in until you unlock the fast travel point. We don’t need this now, but we will later on in the story.


teal mask walkthrough teal ask walkthrough






After you get the fast travel icon on the map here, turn around and go back to where the path split and take the path that leads east.

teal mask walkthrough

You’ll eventually run into Kieran when you cross a narrow path. He’ll be just outside of the Den.

teal mask walkthrough

Before heading in, it’ll be time for another battle against Kieran. He’ll heal up your Pokemon before the battle.

  • Kieran
    • Furret Lv. 62
    • Poliwhirl Lv. 66
    • Yanma

You’ll automatically enter the Dreaded Den after the battle. A short conversation will take place with Kieran and then you’ll be given your next objective.

Festival of Masks

Travel back to Mossui and go to the northwest corner to find Kieran’s house.

teal mask walkthrough

During the following conversation with Kieran and his grandparents, you’ll be given a new outfit as well as the Teal Style Card.

When you get control again, walk over to the shed where Carmine and Kieran are standing.

Speak to them again and then it’ll be time for another battle against Carmine.

  • Carmine
    • Morpeko Lv. 62
    • Sinistcha Lv. 64
    • Swadloon Lv. 63
    • Mightyena Lv. 63

After the battle, travel back to Kitakami Hall to attend the Festival of Masks.

Once you reach the top of the stairs, a scene will play detailing the festival. After the conversation, go to the candy apple stand and interact with Kieran.

Next, go up the stairs and speak to Kieran outside of the red building on the right.

teal mask walkthrough

Next, you’ll have to play a game where you have to run around collecting as many berries as you can. You’ll need to pop balloons to reveal berries. Bring the berries back to the matching color table and deposit them.

After the game, you’ll spot a mysterious Pokemon in the festival. Go follow it.

teal mask walkthrough

After it runs off, you’ll automatically acquire the Teal Mask.

With that over, return to the entrance of the festival and speak to Kieran to tell him you’re ready to go.

Exit the community center to progress the story.

The Teal Mask

After speaking with Carmine outside of the community center, head back to Kieran’s house. Speak to Grandpa about the mask.

Listen to Grandpa’s story about the origins of the ogre and then return to the eastern exit of town to find Kieran at the Poke Mart.

teal mask walkthrough

Speak to him and he’ll tell you find the third and final signboard.

Signboard 3

The third signboard can be found in Paradise Barrens which is to the northwest. To reach it, exit Mossui via the western exit and follow the path until it splits.

Go left at the split.

teal mask walkthrough

You’re going to want to head for the Wistful Fields.

The following trainers can be battled on your direct path to the third signboard:

  • Kaname the Delinquent
    • Spinarak Lv. 58
    • Rockruff Lv. 59
  • Yoshiaki the Festival Boy
    • Seedot Lv. 60
    • Sudowoodo
    • Lotad Lv. 60
  • Yoshiyuki the Poke Maniac
    • Galarian Tauros Lv. 63
    • Clodsire Lv. 63
  • Mutsumi the Delinquent
    • Mightyena Lv. 60
    • Gligar Lv. 63
  • Satoru the Festival Boy
    • Nosepass Lv. 64
    • Nuzleaf Lv. 65

Stay on the right side of the Wistful Fields and head north.

teal mask walkthrough teal mask walkthrough






You’ll eventually come to a sign next to a path that heads down the mountain into the canyon.

teal mask walkthrough

Go down and to the left between the rocks to find the final signboard.

teal mask walkthrough

Interact with it to speak with Kieran again. He’ll want to battle you again. He will again heal up your Pokemon before the battle.

  • Kieran
    • Yanma Lv. 64
    • Furret Lv. 64
    • Poliwrath Lv. 66
    • Dipplin Lv. 67

After you get your final picture, return to the community center and go inside. Interact with the double doors again to advance the story to the next day.

Fix the Teal Mask

On the next day, you’ll be told to meet Carmine at her house. So head over there.

During the conversation, you’ll be told to head to the Crystal Pool in order to track down the Crystal Cluster. The cluster is needed in order to repair the Teal Mask.

The Crystal Pool is found in the very center of the map.

If you got the Infernal Pass fast travel point pointed out earlier when we were headed to the Dreaded Den, you’ll be able to fly to Infernal Pass. All you have to do then is follow the pass north and then east.

Continue on through the Infernal Pass until you come to a familiar red structure and stairs.

Go up the stairs.

teal mask walkthrough

Get to the center and speak with Carmine.

During your conversation, you’ll be interrupted by a Milotic.

teal mask walkthrough

Battle it and defeat it. It will be at Lv. 73. You’ll be unable to catch it.

The Milotic will drop a Crystal Cluster after beating it.

Now, fly back to Mossui and go to Carmine’s house to speak with Grandpa.

Grandpa will tell you that Kieran has run off with the mask. So now it’s time to go to Loyalty Plaza to find Kieran.

teal mask walkthrough

Speak to Kieran and he will once again want to battle you.

  • Kieran
    • Yanmega Lv. 68
    • Gligar Lv. 66
    • Cramorant Lv. 65
    • Poliwrath Lv. 71
    • Dipplin Lv. 69

Beat Kieran and he’ll give you back the mask. Afterwards, the Loyal Three will appear and run off. You’ll need to chase them down by heading to Kitakami Hall.

Once there, go the front of the temple and speak with the Caretaker.

teal mask walkthrough

After the conversation travel to the Dreaded Den. You get close by flying to the Infernal Pass.

Reach the Dreaded Den and you’ll have to battle against Munkidori at Lv. 70. Munkidori is weak to Ghost, Ground and Dark type attacks.

teal mask walkthrough

You won’t be able to catch Munkidori yet, so knock it out.

Afterwards, the three will run off and you’ll return the mask to Ogerpon

The Loyal Three

With all of that taken care of, Ogerpon will now follow you and it’ll be time to head back to Mossui.

As soon as you get there, you’ll need to speak to people around town to gather information on the Loyal Three.

Speak to the kid right of the community center.

teal mask walkthrough

Speak to the woman behind the community center.

teal mask walkthrough

Speak to the man near the western exit of town.

teal mask walkthrough

After speaking with all three NPCs, you’ll group back up and decide to track down the Loyal Three.

Their locations will be added to your map.

  • Munkidori is to the southwest at Misteria Pond
  • Fezandipiti is near the center at Fellhorn Gorge
  • Okidogi is to the northwest at Paradise Barrens

teal mask walkthrough

First up, let’s take down Munkidori. Take the western exit of town and head through Apple Hills. Go left when the path splits at the two signs and make your way southwest.

You’ll be able to battle against the following trainers on your way to Munkidori:

  • Kazuki the Festival Boy
    • Mankey Lv. 62

You still won’t be able to catch the Loyal Three, so just focus on beating them.

Munkidori is weak to Ghost, Ground and Dark type attacks.

teal mask walkthrough

Next, fly to the Crystal Pool and head north. At the bottom of the stairs, go east until you come to a set of ladders. Jump down or ride your mount down and continue east to Fezandipiti.

teal mask walkthrough

When you reach it, it’ll fly into the nearby cave. Follow it.

You’ll come across a trainer inside of the cave:

  • Yoshino the Festival Girl
    • Goomy Lv. 63

Follow the path in the cave all the way down to the bottom until you reach an exit where Fezandipiti will be waiting.

Fezandipiti is weak to Psychic, Ground and Steel attacks.

teal mask walkthrough

After that battle, fly to Paradise Barrens head north.

teal mask walkthrough

Okidogi is weak to Ground, Flying and Psychic attacks.

Catch Ogerpon

With all three defeated, return to Mossui.

After the scene in town, travel back to the Dreaded Den.

It’ll be time once again to battle Kieran.

  • Kieran
    • Shiftry Lv. 71
    • Gliscor Lv. 76
    • Probopass Lv. 71
    • Poliwrath Lv. 72
    • Yanmega Lv. 72
    • Dipplin Lv. 72

After the battle, it’ll be time to try to catch Ogerpon. Save your game and then interact with it.

teal mask walkthrough

There are 4 phases to the battle. It will Terastallize each of its masks and you will need to beat each form.

  • The Hearthflame Mask
    • Weak to Water, Ground and Rock attacks.
  • The Wellspring Mask
    • Weak to Grass and Electric attacks.
  • The Cornerstone Mask
    • Weak to Grass, Water and Fighting attacks.
  • The Teal Mask
    • Weak to Fire, Bug and Flying attacks.

After beating all 4 phases, you then be able to catch Ogerpon. Make sure you select, “Catch” after the fourth form. Reload your  save if you didn’t select the “Catch” option.


Finishing Up The Story

Next, travel to Loyalty Plaza and speak with Carmine in front of where the old Loyal Three shrine was.

Carmine will challenge you to a battle.

  • Carmine
    • Mightyena Lv. 70
    • Morpeko Lv. 71
    • Ninetales Lv. 72
    • Leavanny Lv. 72
    • Sinistcha Lv. 74

After the battle, return to the community center to speak with the Caretaker.

When all of the cutscenes wrap up, the main story of the Teal Mask will be complete!

Catch the Loyal Three

With the story complete, you can now attempt to catch the Loyal Three.

All you have to do is return to the locations where you battled them individually. They’ll be there waiting for you. They won’t be labeled on your map like earlier, but they’ll be there.

Turn off the auto save feature and then save your game before battling them again. If you knock any of them out, quit out of the game and try again.

teal mask walkthrough

Bloodmoon Ursaluna

Pokédex entry #196 of the Kitakami Pokédex is a special form of Ursaluna. You can’t just go catch it or evolve Ursaring to get it either.

Instead, you need to speak to Perrin in Mossui just west of the community center near the exit of town. She will be taking photos with a camera.


Speak with her and she will task you with registering 150 different Pokemon in the Kitakami Pokédex. This is something you may have already done as 100 of the Pokemon are carried over from the base game in the new Pokédex.

Once have that done that, speak with her again and she will challenge you to a battle.

  • Perrin
    • Noctowl
    • Leafeon

Afterwards, she’ll ask you to meet her in the Timeless Woods to the northeast.


Speak with her there several times and she will have you take pictures of 10 different wild Pokemon. Explore the forest and take the pictures. Once you have all 10, return to her and speak with her again.

Now, she’ll take you to the Ursaluna. You’ll need to battle it defeat. After the battle. make sure to select, “Catch.” It will be a guaranteed catch.

After that, return to Mossui and speak to Perrin again. She will give you a Hisuian Growlithe.

That’s A Wrap

With the Loyal Three and Bloodmoon Ursaluna captured, all that’s left to do now is to continue exploring Kitakami as you complete the new Pokedex.

Thank you for following along and we’ll see you later in the year when Part 2 launches!


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