The Bradwell Conspiracy Trophy and Achievement Guide

Welcome to the The Bradwell Conspiracy Trophy Guide from Dayngls Game Guides! This is a short first person puzzle game that comes with 13 Trophies to earn. About half of them are story related and most of the others are collectible related. As of writing this, it would appear that “Inbox Zeroed” is currently glitched. The game isn’t too long, so if you missed something, it wont be too much trouble playing back through.

The Bradwell Conspiracy

Uncovered the Conspiracy

Welcome to the Bradwell Stonehenge Museum

Completed the Museum.

- This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

Code Name: Substance

Completed Induction area.

- This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

Full of energy

Escaped Clean Water and Energy area.

- This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

Planes, plots and honeypots

Completed Medical area.

- This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

A map of the world

Uncovered something big.

- This is an unmissable story related Trophy.

A team of TWO

Brought down the conspiracy.

- This is an unmissable story related Trophy.


Look at all the unique books in the game.

- There are 20 books to look at in the game. None of them are that hard to
spot, but if you don't thoroughly check the areas, they can be missed. All
you have to do is walk up to the book and press X to look at it.

Inbox Zeroed

Read all the emails in the game.

The E-Mails are found by searching certain computers and tablets in the game. 
Only computers with E-Mails will be able to be searched. So, don't worry, you 
won't be searching though hundreds of computers for these. There are 45 EMails. 
For the most part, the computers and tablets are fairly easy to spot, but most 
of them tied to a character and in order to unlock their devices, you will need 
their Guides. Think of the Guides as security clearance devices. They are a pair 
of glasses assigned to the characters in the game. They are required to progress 
through the story, so when you find a new Guide, make sure to backtrack or look 
for any offices nearby that the Guide belongs to in order to access their E-Mail.


Listen to all voice memos in the game.

- The voice memos are found in computers throughout the game along side the 
E-Mails. Some of the E-Mails will have an audio attachment with them Press X
to listen to the voice memos in the E-Mails. See the Trophy "Inbox Zero" for a
video walk-through. There are only 10 voice memos to listen to.

Feeling Flush

Flush every toilet in the game. Make sure to wash your hands after.

- This Trophy can be earned in the Medical area. Enter the bathroom in the 
Infirmary. Walk near the toilet and sink and they will automatically flush

Dog Lover

Print more dogs than cats in the Personality Test Platforms.

- See the Trophy "Cat Lover" for more details.

Cat Lover

Print more cats than dogs in the Personality Test Platforms.

- This Trophy can be earned near the beginning of the game in the Employee 
Induction area. As the game is teaching you how to use the . During the tutorial, 
you'll come to area that has a dog and cat statues. All you need to is create 
more cat statues than dogs and vice versa. 

You can only earn one of these per play-through, but you can upload your save 
to a USB drive or the PS Cloud before entering the Induction area. Pick a cat
or dog, and then reload your save and choose the opposite. That, or you can just 
start a new game. The opportunity is only about 15 minutes in to the game.

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