Deathloop: Golden Loop Trophy & Achievement Guide

Welcome to the Deathloop: Golden Loop Trophy and Achievement guide! Golden Loop is a free update for Deathloop that adds new content and four new Trophies and Achievements.

3/10 Estimated Difficulty
1 – 3 Estimated Hours to completion
Multiple Loop Playthroughs
0 Missable

The new content added to Deathloop can be found within the same locations as the base game. There are no new maps or anything like that. Everything that was added here in terms of Trophies/Achievements are just miscellaneous Trophies/Achievements.

If you already have the Platinum or 100%, this short list can be completed very quickly. There is no specific order for these new Trophies/Achievements. You can get them in whatever order you choose. None of them are missable either. So, you can complete the Golden Loop list however you want without having to stress over anything.

 Garbage Day!

Kill the Garbage Collector and acquire the Fugue slab.

This can be earned at Karl’s Bay in the afternoon. You can make this very easy by taking the Aether Slab with you. It’s not required, but it will help. The Garbage Collector is a new boss added to the game.

  • Aether
    • Ghost Upgrade

From where you spawn, there will be two exits. Take the exit on the right and you’ll be outside along the shoreline.

golden loop trophy achievement guide

Follow the shoreline straight until you see the words “watch out” displayed on a wall ahead of you. From that message, look to your left to see a spotlight and an open doorway. You should also hear the Garbage Collector singing nearby.

golden loop trophy achievement guide

Take the doorway down and this will bring you down into the garbage collection area. Take the path to the right and follow it until you come out in an area with garbage everywhere and a door with a green light.

golden loop trophy achievement guide

All of the doors to the room where the Garbage Collector is are locked. There is a big crack in the wall next to one of the doors. Look through this crack and use your Hackamajig to hack the sensor in the room up high.

Then, aim left. You should notice a red button on the wall.

golden loop trophy achievement guide

Shoot that button and it will open the door around the corner. As soon as you shoot, there will be other NPCs coming down into this room. Quickly equip Aether to go invisible and enter the newly opened door that you shot open. Stay still and you should see the Garbage Collector looking toward where the shot came from. He will eventually turn around and you can sneak up behind him and stealth kill him.

golden loop trophy achievement guide

Pick up the new Fugue slab to earn this.

You don’t have to take a stealth approach. You can go in guns blazing if you like, but just know that the Garbage Collector has a powerful weapon and can take a lot of damage. You will also be facing other enemy NPCs. Kust make sure to pick up the Fugue slab when he is dead.

 Out Like a Light

Acquire the HALPS Prototype and disintegrate a Visionary.

  • Part 1

First, you will need to unlock the HALPS Prototype. To do that, go to The Complex anytime except for the evening.

Head straight for Wenjie’s lab. When you get to the area where the lab is found, you should notice the new green building.

Enter the building and head to the back. You’ll find the HALPS weapon behind glass in a machine with two levers. When you pull those levers, a laser will be shot at you. You need to get that laser to hit the power supply to the left of the HALPS machine.


Pull the lever on the right first and then the lever on the left second. As soon as you do that get around the short wall sticking out in this room and wait in the corner. The laser should hit the power supply and open the case containing the HALPS.

Use your Hackamajig on the sensor targeting you and the laser will then point toward the ground. Grab the HALPS weapon and return to your hideout.

  • Part 2

Now that you have the HALPS, all you have to do is equip it in your loadout and go kill any of the Visionaries with it. It does not matter which one you kill.

Personally, I went to Fristad Rock in the afternoon where Charlie and Fia meet in the underground bunker.

 Best of Both Worlds

Use the experimental machine in Karl’s Bay to craft a doubly-powerful trinket.

  • Part 1

First you will need to go to Karl’s Bay in the morning. From the spawn, take the exit on the left. Once outside, you should see a big red building that says “Forever Drunk” on it right in front of you. Go into this building.

golden loop trophy achievement guide

As you enter the building, turn to your right to find another enemy. Kill them and pick up the audio log on the table. This log will explain that there are two Eternalists planning to test out a new machine. After picking that up, return to your hideout to end the morning.

golden loop trophy achievement guide

  • Part 2

Come back to Karl’s Bay in the afternoon.

Go back to the building where you found the audio log. You’ll hear an explosion as you approach.

This time, the machine will be set up and ready to go.

golden loop trophy achievement guide

You’ll find the Portable Harvester next to the machine. Pick it up. Now, you need to run around the map absorbing Residuum from objects into the Portable Harvester.

All you have to do is stand next to a Residuum infused object with the harvester equipped and it will automatically absorb the Residuum. Continue doing this until you have reached at least 2 on the harvester meter.


golden loop trophy achievement guide

Next, return to the machine where you found the harvester and insert it on the side of the machine. Activate the machine with the harvester inserted and you will then need to kill a wave of enemies.

When all of the enemies are dead, return to the machine and take your new trinkets and this will pop.

If you die, you will need to do the Residuum absorbing process all over again.

golden loop trophy achievement guide

 Postmodern Abstractionism

Kill an Eternalist with a Paint Bomb.

With the update, a new enemy type has been added to Deathloop. These new Eternalists will throw paint bombs at you. You’ll be able to identify these enemies as they look quite different than the normal types.

golden loop trophy achievement guide

In order to get this, you will need to stealth kill a paint bomb wielding enemy and then pick up their paint bombs. Throw the paint bomb at an enemy and then shoot it to detonate it. If the explosion kills an enemy, this will pop.

This can be quickly earned at Karl’s Bay in the morning. It’s not required, but the Shift slab with the Reach upgrade can be very helpful here.

  • Shift
    • Reach Upgrade

From where you spawn, there will be two exits. Take the exit on the left and you’ll be outside facing a red building with “Forever Drunk” painted on it. Go to that building and stealth kill the enemy that is tagging it.

golden loop trophy achievement guide

From that enemy, continue to the end of the red building and you’ll find a staircase that goes down on the same side of the street as the “Forever Drunk” building.

golden loop trophy achievement guide

Go down the stairs and you’ll find two enemies here. Wait for the one closest to you to stop smoking and go up the stairs. When they do, use Shift to get behind the paint enemy.

golden loop trophy achievement guide

Stealth kill that enemy and pick up a paint grenade when the body disappears. Go up the stairs that the enemy did a few seconds ago and throw the grenade near them. Shoot to the grenade to detonate it and kill the enemy.

golden loop trophy achievement guide

golden loop trophy achievement guide


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