Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Walkthrough

Mt. Coronent / Route 208 / Hearthome City / Route 209

Mt. Coronent

Without Surf, there’s not a whole lot we can do here during our first visit to Mt. Coronent.

You will run into a mysterious character and have a quick conversation with him before he leaves.

You can spend a few minutes here catching some Pokémon, if you’d like. Head to the east to find the exit.

Pokémon found on Mt. Coronent:

    • Machop
    • Geodude
    • Meditite
    • Zubat
    • Chingling
    • Cleffa
    • Clefairy

Route 208

Again, there is not much to do on Route 208. Battle your way through the trainers that you can reach and head for the exit to the east.

You won’t be able to battle all of the trainers here just yet as we do not have the required HMs to reach them.

 Trainers found on Route 208 (first visit):

    • Hiker Robert
      • Geodude Lv. 17
      • Geodude Lv. 17
    • Black Belt Kyle
      • Machop Lv. 19
    • Hiker Jonathan
      • Onix Lv. 19
    • Aroma Lady Hannah
      • Combee Lv. 16
      • Roselia Lv. 18
    • Artist William
      • Mime Jr Lv. 17
      • Bonsly Lv. 17

Pokémon found on Route 208:

    • Machop
    • Meditite
    • Zubat
    • Pysduck
    • Bidoof
    • Bibarel

Before leaving Route 208 by going down the stairs to the grass patch, head to the bottom of the screen to the right of the honey tree and speak with the NPC. You can just barely see his head sticking up by the trees. He will give you an Odd Keystone. You’ll be able to take this to Hallowed Tower on Route 209 later in the game.

You can also visit the Berry Master’s House before leaving. He will give you a Berry once a day when you visit him. You can buy some Berries in here as well.

When you’re done here, exit to the east and you’ll find yourself in Hearthome City.

Hearthome City

As soon as you enter Hearthome, you’ll be stopped by a running Buneary. Its trainer will be coming up shortly behind it. Her name is Keira and she will ask you to meet her at Contest Hall. You won’t be able to do much until you meet her there, so go ahead and get that done with.

When you get to the Contest Hall, you’ll meet Fantina. She’s the Hearthome Gym Leader, but you wont be able to challenge her until you have collected two more badges.

Enter the Contest Hall to find Keira speaking with your mom, Johanna. You’ll find out more about the Contests here at the Hall and receive a Tuxedo. You can use the Tuxedo to take place in the Super Contest.

After that, you are free to leave.

Lets explore Hearthome before heading out.

You will likely notice the church like building on the west side of town. You can speak to the NPCs inside, but there is ultimately nothing of note in here.

Fan Club

Enter the building on the right of the Poké Mart and speak with the man behind the table and he will give you the Poffin Case.

You can now go to the building to the left of the Poké Mart and make Poffins out of Berries to feed your Pokémon in order to boost stats for Super Contests.

Hearthome Hotel

The tall building to the right of the Fan Club is the hotel. Go inside and head up to the second floor. Speak with the woman sitting at the table and she will give you a Shell Bell.

Where is Bebe’s Chambers?

Enter the house to the right of the Pokémon Center and speak with Bebe who is sitting at her desk. You’ve met up with her once before, but now the PC Pokémon storage system will be labeled as “Bebe’s PC” after speaking with her here.

Return to Bebe’s house after you’ve received the National Pokédex and she will give you an Eevee.

Amity Square

You can head north from the Pokémon Center to find an entrance to Amity Square. You can take out a “cute” Pokémon and go for a walk with it in here. You can find a TM 43 (Volt Switch), TM 45 (Attract) and a Spooky Plate inside. You can also enter the stone house to left of where you found the Spooky Plate to find a hidden Amulet Coin.


When you approach the southern exit that leads to Route 208 and 209, you will be approached by your Friend. His party will be different depending on the Pokémon he chose to start with.


    • Starly Lv. 19
    • Buizel Lv. 19
    • Grotle/Monferno/Prinplup Lv. 21
    • Ponyta/Roselia Lv. 20

Can I Offer You an Egg in This Trying Time?

Head toward the southeast exit to Route 209 and speak with the Hiker. He will give you an egg to carry around and hatch. You will need to have room in your party in order to take the egg with you. This will eventually hatch a Happiny.

Route 209

With all that taken care of in Hearthome City, you’re now free to leave via Route 209 to the southeast of town.

This is another short route, but there are a few things you can pick up while passing through.

 Trainers found on Route 209:

    • Pokémon Breeder Albert
      • Bonsly Lv. 16
      • Pichu Lv. 17
      • Budew Lv. 15
    • Jogger Richard
      • Luxio Lv. 19
    • Twins Emma & Lil
      • Bonsly Lv. 19
      • Mime Jr Lv. 19
    • Poké Kid Danielle
      • Pikachu Lv. 19
    • Jogger Raul
      • Staravia Lv. 19
    • Pokémon Breeder Jennifer
      • Mime Jr. Lv. 16
      • Cleffa Lv. 17
      • Budew Lv. 15
    • Cowgirl Shelley
      • Bidoof Lv. 14
      • Bidoof Lv. 15
      • Bidoof Lv. 16
      • Bidoof Lv. 15
      • Bidoof Lv. 15
    • Young Couple Ty & Sue
      • Machop Lv. 19
      • Meditite Lv. 19

Pokémon found on Route 209:

    • Starly
    • Staravia
    • Bibarel
    • Chansey
    • Zubat
    • Gastly
    • Mime Jr. Diamond Only
    • Bonsly Pearl Only
    • Magikarp – Old/Good Rod
    • Goldeen – Good Rod
    • Spiritomb – Special

While making your way through the route, you can speak to the Fisher at the short bottom dock near the entrance and he will give you a Good Rod.

Hallowed Tower

Continue on the path past the docks until the route starts to head north. Before going north, look to the right to see a small stone structure with a hole in the top. This is the Hallowed Tower. Interact with it and place the Odd Keystone in it.

Now that you’ve placed the Odd Keystone, you’ll be able to encounter a Spiritomb here after you’ve interacted with at least 32 players in the Underground. Interacting with the same player will count. Come back here after that and interact with the Hallowed Tower.

Lost Tower & Strength

The Lost Tower is also found on Route 209 just before entering Solaceon Town. This is where Pokémon are buried in the Sinnoh region.

Pokémon found on Lost Tower:

    • Gastly
    • Zubat
    • Golbat – 4F/5F
    • Murkrow – Diamond Only at Night
    • Misdreavus – Pearl Only at Night


Nothing to do on this floor other than catching wild Pokémon.


You can battle one trainer on this floor as well as pick up the Oval Stone right above him. Giving the Oval Stone to Happiny will evolve it into Chansey when Happiny levels up during the day.

Trainers found in Lost Tower 2F:

    • Youngster Oliver
      • Stunky Lv. 16
      • Shellos Lv. 16
      • Kricketune Lv. 16


There are two trainers to battle here. You can also find Golbat in the wild on this floor as well as a Revive in the bottom left corner.

Trainers found in Lost Tower 3F:

    • Roughneck Kirby
      • Cleffa Lv. 19
    • Pokéfan Leonard
      • Pichu Lv. 15
      • Pichu Lv. 15
      • Pikachu Lv. 18


There are four trainers on this floor to battle. You can also find a TM 27 (Low Sweep) as well as a hidden Great Ball to the right of Mike & Nat.

Trainers found in Lost Tower 4F:

    • Pokéfan Rebekah
      • Bonsly Lv. 19
    • Ranchers Beth & Bob
      • Ponyta Lv. 19
      • Buizel Lv. 19
    • Young Couple Mike & Nat
      • Murkrow Lv. 19
      • Misdreavus Lv. 19


You can find two elderly women in the center of the room. The woman on left will give you TM 96 (Strength). The woman on the right will give you a Cleanse Tag.

You won’t be able to use Strength outside of battle until you earn the Mine Badge from Canalave Gym.

And with that, you can now leave and head north to Solaceon Town.

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