Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Walkthrough

Route 218 / Canaclave City / Iron Island / Canalave Gym

Route 218

Fly to Jubilife City and then head to the west to reach the gate to Route 218.

Make your way across the short route.

Trainers found on Route 218:

    • Fisher Miguel
      • Gyarados Lv. 29
      • Gyarados Lv. 29
    • Fisher Luc
      • Magikarp lv. 26
      • Gyarados Lv. 31
      • Magikarp Lv. 26
      • Magikarp Lv. 26
      • Magikarp Lv. 26
    • Sailor Skyler
      • Mantyke Lv. 27
      • Gyarados Lv. 31.
    • Guitarist Tony
      • Luxio Lv. 31

Pokémon found on Route 218:

    • Shellos
    • Gastrodon
    • Floatzel
    • Mr. Mime
    • Wingull
    • Glameow
    • Tentacool – Surfing
    • Tentacruel – Surfing
    • Wingull – Surfing
    • Pelipper – Surfing
    • Finneon – Good Rod

When you reach the gate to Canalave City, you’ll run into Dawn or Lucas’ father. He will upgrade your Pokédex for you.

Canalave City

continue on and enter Canalave City.

Enter the first house here on the left and speak with the woman with green hair. She will give you TM 48 (Skill Swap).

Go to the house above the Poké Mart and you can meet the Move Deleter. He will delete moves that your Pokémon already know.

After that, you will run into your Rival when you attempt to cross the bridge. His party will change depending on what starting Pokémon you chose.

    • Rival
      • Staravia Lv. 32
      • Heracross Lv. 30
      • Buizel / Roselia / Ponyta Lv. 33
      • Ponyta / Roselia / Buizel Lv. 34
      • Grotle / Prinplup / Monferno Lv. 37

Crossing The Bridge

Beat your rival, heal your party and then cross the bridge to reach the other side of town.

You can find the Canalave Library on this side of town to the north.

The gym is on this side of town as well. You can challenge the gym leader now if you’d like, or you can go to the Iron Island and train a little bit more before taking on the gym leader.

You can find the Canalave Docks just below the gym. If you speak to the Sailor in front of the boat at the dock, he will take you to the Iron Island.

Iron Island

When you reach the Island, go up the stairs and there will be an empty house up here. Continue up the stairs and enter the cave.

As you enter you’ll notice two staircases to the left and right. We’re gonna be clearing out this cave, so go down the stairs on the left now.


There is a single trainer down here that you can battle. You can also pick up an Iron Ball on the ledge by going up the small staircase.

    • Camper Lawrence
      • Luxio Lv. 31
      • Stunky Lv. 31

Pokémon found in B1F:

    • Onix
    • Geodude
    • Graveler
    • Golbat

With the trainer out of the way and the item collected, you can now go back to the entrance and take that other staircase on the right.

You’ll find another lone trainer in this section of the cave as well as a Super Repel and an Escape Rope.

    • Picknicker Summer
      • Staravia Lv. 31
      • Cherrim Lv. 31

When you’re done, head to the elevator and take it down.


You’ll once again come to two sets of stairs in here. Take the stairs on the right first.

Trainers found in B2F:

    • Worker Willy
      • Onix Lv. 31
      • Graveler Lv. 31
    • Worker Braden
      • Graveler Lv. 33

The same Pokémon from the previous floor can be found in the room down the stairs to the right.

Grab the items and beat the trainers. You can then head back to the B2F entrance and take the left set of stairs.

As soon as you enter the room on the left, you’ll run into Riley. He will team up with you for the rest of this room and heal your Pokémon after each battle.

Clear out this room with Riley by picking up the items and beating the trainers.

Trainers found in B2F (left):

    • Hiker Damon
      • Zubat Lv. 28
      • Onix Lv. 31
      • Golbat Lv. 31
    • Hiker Maurice
      • Graveler Lv. 30
      • Machoke Lv. 32
    • Worker Brendon
      • Onix Lv. 29
      • Steelix Lv. 33
    • Worker Quentin
      • Geodude Lv. 27
      • Graveler Lv. 31
      • Onix Lv. 31
    • Black Belt Kendal
      • Croagunk Lv. 35
    • Battle Girl Tyler
      • Medicham Lv. 34
    • Ace Trainer Jonah
      • Ponyta Lv. 31
      • Haunter Lv. 31
      • Floatzel Lv. 34
    • Ace Trainer Brenda
      • Pelipper Lv. 33
      • Sudowoodo Lv. 33

The same Pokémon that were found in the previous rooms are found in here with one addition. You can also find Steelix in this room.

When you get to the south end of this room, you’ll see that the elevator is guarded by two Galactic Grunts. Battle and defeat them.

    • Galactic Grunt
      • Zubat Lv. 31
      • Zubat Lv. 31
      • Golbat Lv. 34
    • Galactic Grunt
      • Glameow Lv. 32
      • Croagunk Lv. 32
      • Stunky Lv. 32

After beating the two Galactic Grunts, Riley will offer you an egg. This will eventually hatch a Riolu.

With that done, take the elevator to the final room. Pick up the Shiny Stone and then exit the cave.

Make your way back down the ledges and you’ll meet up with the Sailor Eldritch who will take you back to Canalave City.

Canalave Gym

Now let’s head to the gym. The Gym in Canalave City specializes in Steel type Pokémon, so you’re going to want to bring Fire and Fighting types to combat them.

Trainers found in Canalave Gym:

    • Black Belt Ricky
      • Steelix
    • Worker Gary
      • Onix Lv. 31
    • Ace Trainer Cesar
      • Skorupi Lv. 30
      • Steelix Lv. 32
    • Worker Jackson
      • Onix Lv. 28
      • Onix Lv. 28
      • Onix Lv. 28
    • Worker Gerardo
      • Onix Lv. 29
      • Onix Lv. 29
    • Black Belt David
      • Onix Lv. 30
      • Steelix Lv. 32
    • Ace Trainer Breanna
      • Azumarill Lv. 33

You’ll be riding platforms in here to make your way up to the gym leader, Byron.

    • Byron
      • Bronzor Lv. 36
      • Steelix Lv. 36
      • Bastiodon Lv. 39

You’ll be given the Mine Badge, his Stickers and TM 91 (Flash Cannon) when you defeat Byron. All Pokémon up to level 70 will obey you as well.

You’ll also be able to use Strength outside of battle.

Canalave Library

As soon as you step out of the gym, you’ll be approached by your rival. He’ll tell you to go visit Canalave Library.

Head to the Library and go to the top floor. You’ll then meet with your Rival, Dawn or Lucas and Rowan.

Toward the end of the conversation, the whole building will start shaking. Go outside to investigate and the source will be an explosion that came from Lake Valor.

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