Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Walkthrough

Old Chateau / Galactic Eterna HQ / Route 206 / Wayward Cave / Route 207

Old Chateau

Before we continue on to Team Galactic HQ, we can head back to Eterna Forest. Now that you have Cut, you can access the Old Chateau.

You can enter and explore the Old Chateau. Inside you can find a hidden Antidote in a trash can to the north in the Dining Room. There’s an Old Gateau on the first floor in a western room.

There is also a TM 90 (Substitute) in the eastern room on the second floor and a Dread Plate in the western room on the second floor.

In terms of Pokémon, you can catch Ghastly in here.

When you’ve got the National Pokédex, come back at night and interact with the flickering TV to be given the opportunity to catch a Rotom.

Team Galactic HQ

Now that you have the Forest Badge, you can enter the Team Galactic HQ in the northern section of Eterna City. Cut down the trees to the entrance but before going in, go to the right to find another tree that you can cut down. Cut it and go through to find TM 46 (Thief).

Enter Team Galactic HQ.

1st Floor

You can battle following two trainers in a double battle, or speak to one of them and battle them individually.

Trainers in Galactic HQ 1F:

    • Team Galactic Grunt
      • Zubat Lv. 14
      • Glameow Lv. 14
    • Team Galactic Grunt
      • Wurmple Lv. 13
      • Cascoon Lv. 13

After battling the two Grunts, you can head up stairs to the second floor.

2nd Floor

The second floor battles are optional. All of the Grunts are seated at computers. If you wish to battle them, you will need to speak to them in order to initiate the battles.

The Grunt at the third computer in the first row will battle you. The Grunt at the first computer of the second row will also battle you.

Trainers in Galactic HQ 2F:

    • Team Galactic Grunt
      • Wurmple Lv. 13
      • Zubat Lv. 13
    • Team Galactic Grunt
      • Silcoon Lv. 15

3rd Floor

There are two Grunts that you will have to battle here on the third floor.

Trainers in Galactic HQ 3F:

    • Team Galactic Grunt
      • Wurmple Lv. 12
      • Silcoon Lv. 12
      • Zubat Lv. 12
    • Scientist Travon
      • Kadabra Lv. 15

Finish up these battles and heal your Pokémon if needed as we will be battling a Team Galactic Commander on the next floor.

4th Floor

Go up to the 4th floor and get ready to battle Team Galactic Commander Jupiter.

    • Jupiter
      • Zubat Lv. 18
      • Skuntank Lv. 20


After you’ve defeated Jupiter, you can leave the building and go straight to the Cycle Shop below the Pokémon Center.

Speak to the bald man in the Cycle Shop that you just saved from Team Galactic and he will give you the Bike. All you have to do is choose what color you would like.

Now that you have the Bike, you’ll be able to explore more areas that require it.

With the Bike, you’re now able to take the exit to Route 206 to the south of Eterna City.

Route 206

When exiting Eterna City through the south gate, you should notice a scientist in the gate. Speak to him and he will reveal himself to be an assistant of Rowans. He will give you a Rare Candy.

Exit the gate and enter Route 206.

Trainers on Route 206

    • Cyclist Axel
      • Staravia Lv. 17
    • Cyclist Megan
      • Shinx Lv. 17
    • Cyclist James
      • Ponyta Lv. 17
    • Cyclist Nicole
      • Starly Lv. 15
      • Ponyta Lv. 15
    • Cyclist John
      • Starly Lv. 15
      • Staravia Lv. 15
    • Cyclist Ryan
      • Zubat Lv. 17
    • Cyclist Rachel
      • Shinx Lv. 15
      • Shinx Lv. 15
    • Cyclist Kayla
      • Pikachu Lv. 17
    • Hiker Theodore
      • Onix Lv. 15
      • Onix Lv. 15

Continue down the Cycling path until you reach the end where you can exit.

Exit through the gate and go to your right to a tree that you can use Cut on. Cut it down to reveal an area with some new Pokémon to catch, a trainer to battle, some items to grab and the entrance to Wayward Cave.

Pokémon found on Route 206:

    • Geodude
    • Stunky – Diamond Only
    • Bronzor
    • Ponyta
    • Zubat
    • Kricketot
    • Kricketune

If you catch a Bronzor here, be sure to check them for items. They will sometimes be carrying a Metal Coat which you can use to evolve Pokémon or give a boost to any steel types.

You can check out the hidden entrance to Wayward Cave underneath the bridge right now if you’d like, but there is nothing of note there at the moment without having the badge from Canalave Gym.

Wayward Cave

Before entering the cave, you’re going to need to have Flash and Rock Smash. Make sure you picked up Flash from the Oreburgh Gate Basement when passing through earlier. If you missed it, don’t worry. You can take a quick shortcut back to Oreburgh City from the next route, Route 207.

Pokémon found in Wayward Cave:

    • Geodude
    • Zubat
    • Bronzor

Trainers found in Wayward Cave:

    • Hiker Reginald
      • Geodude Lv. 15
      • Machop Lv. 15
    • Hiker Lorenzo
      • Onix Lv. 17
    • Lass Casidy
      • Bunneary Lv. 17
    • Youngster Wayne
      • Bidoof Lv. 13
      • Zubat Lv. 14
      • Aipom Lv. 15
    • Picknicker Tori
      • Silcoon Lv. 15
      • Beautifly Lv. 15
    • Camper Diego
      • Cascoon Lv. 13
      • Dustox Lv. 17
    • Picknicker Ana
      • Meditite Lv. 17
    • Camper Parker
      • Buizel Lv. 15
      • Shinx Lv. 15
    • Collector Terry
      • Gastly Lv. 12
      • Gastly Lv. 13
      • Gastly Lv. 17
    • Ruin Maniac Gerald
      • Geodude Lv. 15
      • Bronzor Lv. 17

When you enter the cave, make your way to the northeast corner of the cave to find Mira. Just like with Cheryl in Eterna Forest, she will need your help finding her way out. When battling with her, every battle will be a double battle.

You can even take a path that has no trainers to find her and then battle them all on your way out with her if you’d like.

Clear out the cave of trainers and items and lead Mira out. That’s all there is to do in that section of the cave for now.

Route 207

As soon as you enter the route, you’ll be approached by Dawn or Lucas. Speak with them and then you will receive the Vs Seeker and Dowsing Machine. The Vs Seeker will allow you to battle trainers you’ve already beaten again and the Dowsing Machine will beep when hidden items are nearby.

Now that you have the Bike, you can take the shortcut from here back to Oreburgh City. If you have any Fossils to turn in to the museum from the Underground, now would be a good time to pop over and do that. You can also grab Flash and Brick Break from Oreburgh Gate if you didn’t already.

If you have no other business to attend to in Oreburgh, continue east on Route 207.

Trainers found on Route 207:

    • Camper Anthony
      • Ponyta Lv. 19
    • Picknicker Lauren
      • Pachirisu Lv. 19
    • Hiker Justin
      • Geodude Lv. 16
      • Bronzor Lv. 18
    • Youngster Austin
      • Starly Lv. 15
      • Geodude Lv. 15
      • Chimchar Lv. 18
    • Hiker Kevin
      • Geodude Lv. 15
      • Geodude Lv. 16
      • Zubat Lv. 17
      • Geodude Lv. 16
    • Battle Girl Helen
      • Meditite Lv. 18
      • Machop Lv. 18

There’s not a whole to do on this small route other than defeat the trainers and collect the items on the ground.

When you’re done with the area, head to the east to reach the exit.

Onward to Mt. Coronent.

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