Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Walkthrough

Battle Zone / Route 225 – 226 – 227

Battle Zone

Speak to the Sailor in Snowpoint City at the dock and he will take you to the Battle Zone.

As soon as you get off the boat, you’ll be speaking to your Rival. You will also be introduced to Buck here.

After the conversation, go north a few steps to see a Fisher standing near the gate. Speak to him and he will give you the Super Rod.

If you exit to the northeast, you’ll find the Battle Tower.

Battle Tower

The Battle Tower is located to the northeast of town and the attendants will explain everything to you as soon as you enter.

The attendants will also give you a Point Card. The Point Card will keep track of the Battle Points that you earn in the Battle Tower. You’ll earn more Battle Points by hitting certain performance targets while battling in the Battle Tower. You can then exchange these points for items.

While in the tower, you need to win as many battles as you can in a row. You will not gain experience and any Pokémon you see will not be added to your Pokédex.

The target goal is to win 100 battles in a row. You’ll be battling in waves of seven.

When you go to enter for the first time, you’ll be introduced to Tower Tycoon Palmer. You’ll also have another conversation with your Rival.

Note for later – Every Saturday and Sunday, your Rival will be waiting for you to battle near the entrance to the Battle Park.

Route 225

While back in the town section of Fight Area, take the exit to the northwest side of town. This is where the Fisher with the Super Rod was.

Trainers found on Route 225:

    • Bird Keeper Audrey
      • Farfetch’d Lv. 52
      • Swellow Lv. 54
    • Pokémon Ranger Ashlee
      • Zigzagoon Lv. 50
      • Skarmory Lv. 56
    • Psychic Daisy
      • Slowpoke Lv. 51
      • Slowbro Lv. 55
    • Pokémon Ranger Dwayne
      • Donphan Lv. 55
    • Ace Trainer Rodolfo
      • Lickitung Lv. 53
      • Miltank Lv. 53
    • Ace Trainer Quinn
      • Pinsir Lv. 53
      • Mightyena Lv. 53
    • Ace Trainer Deanna
      • Flaafy Lv. 53
      • Tropius Lv. 53
    • Dragon Tamer Geoffrey
      • Dratinit Lv. 53
      • Dragonair Lv. 55
  • Pokémon found on Route 225
    • Spearow
    • Fearow
    • Rattata
    • Raticate
    • Machoke
    • Roselia
    • Skuntank – Diamond Only
    • Banette – Night Only
    • Makuhita – Swarm
    • Poliwag – Good Rod
    • Poliwhirl – Surfing & Super Rod
    • Gyarados – Super Rod

At the north end of the route you can find the Survival Area.

Survival Area

Here, there is a house with a man that will tell you about Stark Mountain. There is also a house where you can get TM 42 (Facade) by speaking to the Black Belt inside.

You can also find a Pokémon Center and Poké Mart.

Make sure you’re stocked up on healing items and Balls and then head east to find Route 226.

Route 226

Route 226 will take you east across land and water. The Pokémon found in the grass here are the same as the ones found on Route 225, but there are some new ones to catch in the water.

Trainers found on Route 226:

    • Ace Trainer Graham
      • Skarmory Lv. 56
    • Bird Keeper Geneva
      • Golbat Lv. 53
      • Xatu Lv. 57
    • Dragon Tamer Stanley
      • Seadra Lv. 56
      • Gyarados Lv. 56
    • Swimmer Lydia
      • Bibarel Lv. 52
      • Azumarill Lv. 52
      • Sealeo Lv. 52
    • Swimmer Wade
      • Carvanha Lv. 51
      • Carvanha Lv. 51
      • Sharpedo Lv. 54
  • Pokémon found on Route 226:
    • Seel – Surfing
    • Dewgong – Surfing
    • Pelipper – Surfing
    • Horsea – Good Rod
    • Seadra – Super Rod
    • Relicanth – Super Rod
    • Spheal – Surfing – Pearl Only
    • Sealeo – Surfing – Pearl Only

The end of this route will bring us to two different paths. If you go east through the gate, you’ll find Route 228. If you head north, you’ll reach Route 227.

Route 227

Continue heading north on Route 227 until you reach Stark Mountain. You’ll need your bike to cross through a section of the route. You’ll also run into Wake, your Rival and Buck on this route.

There is house on this route that you can rest in to heal your party as well.

Trainers Found on Route 227:

    • Ace Trainer Saul
      • Tauros Lv. 55
    • Pokémon Ranger Felicia
      • Lickitung Lv. 57
      • Vigoroth Lv. 57
    • Ace Trainer Mikayla
      • Meowth Lv. 56
      • Persian Lv. 56
      • Hypno Lv. 56
    • Black Belt Griffin
      • Cactune Lv. 57
      • Machamp Lv. 57

Pokémon found on Route 227:

    • Golbat
    • Fearow
    • Graveler
    • Weezing
    • Numel
    • Camerupt
    • Rhyhorn
    • Rhydon
    • Skarmory
    • Banette – Night Only
    • Poliwag – Surfing
    • Poliwhirl – Surfing
    • Barboach – Good Rod
    • Whiscash – Super Rod
    • Gyarados – Super Rod

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