Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Walkthrough

Eterna Forest / Eterna City / Eterna Gym

Eterna Forest

Pokémon found in Eterna Forest:

    • Buneary – Grass
    • Wurmple – Grass
    • Silcoon – Grass – Diamond Only
    • Beautifly – Grass – Diamond Only
    • Cascoon – Grass – Pearl Only
    • Dustox – Grass – Pearl Only
    • Budew – Grass
    • Murkrow – Grass – Night Only – Diamond Only
    • Misdreavus – Grass – Night Only – Pearl Only

Trainers in Eterna Forest:

    • Bug Catcher Jack
      • Wurmple Lv. 9
      • Silcoon Lv. 11
      • Beautifly Lv. 13
    • Lass Briana
      • Pachirisu Lv. 14
    • Psychic Lindsey
      • Abra Lv. 15
    • Psychic Elijah
      • Abra Lv. 15
    • Bug Catcher Phillip
      • Wurmple Lv. 9
      • Cascoon Lv. 11
      • Dustox Lv. 13
    • Bug Catcher Donald
      • Burmy Lv. 12
      • Kricketune Lv. 12
    • Psychic Kody
      • Meditite Lv. 15
    • Psychic Rachael
      • Pysduck Lv. 15

As soon as you enter the forest, you’ll be approached by Cheryl. She will be too scared to walk the forest by herself. Cheryl will follow you through the entire forest and battle along side you. She will also heal your Pokémon after each battle.

Cheryl will also battle along side you against wild Pokémon. This means that you will encounter two wild Pokémon per encounter. However, you won’t be able to use any Poké Balls until there is only one wild Pokémon left in the encounter.

When navigating through Eterna Forest, you can find an Antidote to left of the entrance. You can find a Moss Rock in the north west section of the forest. This can be used to evolve Eevee into Leafeon later in the game.

Shortly past the first battle of the forest is a Paralyze Heal on the ground. After the battle against the two Bug Catchers, you can continue going right to find a Potion. Go to the far left side of the area where the exit is to find a Jar of Honey.

Once you reach the exit, Cheryl will leave and you’ll be back to being by yourself.

Exit the forest to once again find yourself on Route 205.

Route 205 Cont.

This is a very short route and there are no new Pokémon to be found here. There are three Fisherman that you can battle, but you will need to speak to them in order to initiate the battles.

Trainers on Route 205:

    • Fisher Joseph
      • Goldeen Lv. 14
    • Fisher Andrew
      • Magikarp Lv. 10
      • Magikarp Lv. 10
      • Magikarp Lv. 10
      • Magikarp Lv. 10
      • Magikarp Lv. 10
      • Magikarp Lv. 10
    • Fisher Zachary
      • Magikarp Lv. 10
      • Goldeen Lv. 13
      • Magikarp Lv. 10

From the third Fisher, you can go south just a bit to find a Potion. There is also a hidden Jar of Honey in the top right corner of the north east section of the route near the brown honey tree.

Continue east to exit Route 205 and enter Eterna City.

Eterna City

There are a few things you can do here in Eterna City. Head to the Pokémon Center and heal if needed. Speak to a woman with brown hair inside of the Poké Center and she will give you the Friendship Checker. This will be especially useful when trying to evolve a Pokémon that requires high happiness.

When exploring the north end of the city, you’ll be approached by Cynthia. After she is done speaking with you, she will give you TM 93 (Cut). You won’t be able to use Cut outside of battle just yet though. You will first need to earn the Eterna City badge.

Head to the northeast corner to find a big statue of Dialga. You can find a hidden Draco Plate behind the statue.

The Herb Shop can be found up here near the statue as well.

Head to the building next to the Poké Mart. This is the Eterna Condominiums and there are a few things to do in here. First, you can find the Name Rater on the first floor sitting at a table.

The boy sitting at the table across from the Name Rater will offer to trade his Chatot to you for a Buizel. You can then go to the second floor of the building to find an older woman who will give you TM 67 (Recycle).

The Underground House can be found to the right of the Poké Center. Go in and speak with Underground Man to get the Explorer Kit. The Explorer Kit will let you visit the Grand Underground. Underground Man will then give you a tutorial of how to visit the Grand Underground and Roark will explain it to you. Press Y to exit. More Pokémon and Fossils will become available in the Grand Underground later in the game after acquiring the National Pokédex.

When you’re done exploring Eterna City, feel free to head to Eterna Gym.

Eterna Gym

As soon as you enter the Gym, the leader Gardenia will tell you that she won’t battle you until you beat the other trainers in the gym. Each time you beat a trainer, they will give you a hint where the next one is. They are not hard to find and can be seen when near them.

Trainers in the Gym:

    • Lass Caroline
      • Cherubi Lv. 15
      • Roselia Lv. 15
    • Aroma Lady Jenna
      • Budew Lv. 14
      • Budew Lv. 13
      • Budew Lv. 15
    • Aroma Lady Angela
      • Turtwig Lv. 17
    • Beauty Lindsay
      • Roselia Lv. 17

After beating all four of the trainers you can then challenge Gardenia.

    • Gardenia:
      • Cherubi Lv. 19
      • Turtwig Lv. 19
      • Roserade Lv. 22

After defeating Gardenia, you’ll now be able to use Cut outside of battle. She will give you TM 86 (Grass Knot) as well.

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