Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Walkthrough

Route 214 / Hotel Grand Lake / Route 213 / Pastoria City

Route 214

Trainers found on Route 214:

    • Psychic Abigail
      • Gastly Lv. 22
      • Misdreavus Lv. 23
      • Kadabra Lv. 24
    • Collector Douglas
      • Roselia Lv. 20
      • Roselia Lv. 22
      • Roselia Lv. 24
    • Ruin Maniac Hunter
      • Shieldon Lv. 26
    • Collector Jamal
      • Buizel Lv. 21
      • Buizel Lv. 21
      • Buizel Lv. 24
    • Ruin Maniac Bryan
      • Cranidos Lv. 24
      • Geodude Lv. 22
      • Bronzor Lv. 23
    • Psychic Mitchell
      • Haunter Lv. 23
      • Kadabra Lv. 23
    • Beauty Devon
      • Wormadam Lv. 25
    • Collector Brady
      • Ponyta Lv. 22
      • Ponyta Lv. 20
      • Ponyta Lv. 24
    • PI Carlos
      • Goldeen Lv. 23
      • Goldeen Lv. 23
      • Goldeen Lv. 23

Pokémon found on Route 214:

    • Ponyta
    • Girafarig
    • Geodude
    • Graveler
    • Kricketune
    • Stunky – Diamond Only
    • Sudowoodo – Pearl Only

Route 214

The route is split into two paths, west and east. Taking the western path will take you to Maniac Tunnel. Follow it all the way down and it’ll eventually take you to a patch of grass that has a Max Potion.

The eastern path will take you through more trainers that you’ll have to battle.

You don’t have to pick one path here, you can do them both.

Maniac Cave / Maniac Tunnel

When you first come through here, this will be called the ‘Maniac Cave‘. It will change to ‘Maniac Tunnel‘ after you’ve captured all 26 kinds of Unown from the Solaceon Ruins. You’ll then be able to catch the ‘?’ and ‘!’ shaped Unown here.

You can find TM 28 (Dig) by entrance and there are a couple of Pokémon that can be caught in here as well.

Other than that, there is nothing else to be done here.

Pokémon located in Maniac Tunnel:

    • Hippopotas
    • Geodude

Valor Lakefront

This is a small area outside of Lake Valor, but you cannot enter Lake Valor just yet. There will be two NPCs standing in front of the entrance. We’ll come back later on in the game.

Pokémon found in Valor Lakefront:

    • Ponyta
    • Girafarig
    • Geodude
    • Graveler
    • Kricketune
    • Bibarel
    • Staravia

Hotel Grand Lake

As you continue south from the Valor Lakefront, you’ll come to Hotel Grand Lake. This area connects the lakefront to Route 213.

You won’t be able to take the eastern exit just let. There is a man that is standing in front and will not let you by.

When you first enter the area, you notice a woman standing by a door. If you speak to her, she’ll tell you she is locked out and needs a key. The key can be found to southern exit that leads to Route 213. It is a hidden item.

The Suite key can be found after going down the last stair case but before going into the Route 213 Gate. It is just over half way from the stairs to the gate.

After you pick it up, take it back to the woman and she will give you a Lava Cookie.

Seven Stars Restaurant

You can also find the Seven Stars Restaurant here. This is the building just to the left of the building that the woman was locked out of. You’ll be able to battle trainers here, but they will randomly change. The battles are available while the restaurant is open from 9a.m. to 11 p.m.

Below the restaurant is building to the left. Enter it and speak to the clown and he will give you a TM 92 (Trick Room).

Exit to Route 213

Route 213

Trainers found on Route 213:

    • Tuber Chelsea
      • Bibarel Lv. 23
    • Tuber Jared
      • Shellos Lv. 19
      • Shellos Lv. 21
      • Shellos Lv. 20
    • Beauty Cyndy
      • Glameow Lv. 23
    • Fisherman Kenneth
      • Magikarp Lv. 19
      • Remoraid Lv. 19
      • Gyarados Lv. 22

Pokémon found on Route 213:

    • Wingull
    • Shellos
    • Buizel
    • Floatzel
    • Remoraid – Good Rod

Dr. Footstep

The lone house on the beach belongs to Dr. Footstep. If you speak to him, he will tell you what the first Pokémon in your party thinks of you. If their happiness is high, he’ll give you a Footprint Ribbon.

When you’re done with this area, take the exit to the northwestern to enter Pastoria City.

Pastoria City

Here in Pastoria there are a number of things you can do including earning your fourth badge.

The first building on the right is the Great Marsh. The Great Marsh is the Sinnoh equivalent to the Safari Zone.

You can also visit the house to the southeast to find the Move Tutor. He can teach your Pokémon moves from their level up move set. This will cost a Heart Scale.

Pastoria City Gym

You can challenge the gym leader, Wake, as soon as you get to town. He uses water type Pokémon, so bring electric and or grass types to make quick work of this gym.

You’ll need to flip several switches in order to reach Wake.

Trainers found in Pastoria Gym:

    • Tuber Jacky
      • Buizel Lv. 26
    • Fisher Walter
      • Barboach Lv. 26
    • Sailor Damian
      • Wingull Lv. 24
      • Wingull Lv. 24
    • Tuber Caitlyn
      • Azurill Lv. 24
      • Marill Lv. 24
    • Fisher Erick
      • Goldeen Lv. 22
      • Barboach Lv. 23
      • Gyarados Lv. 24
    • Sailor Samson
      • Wingull Lv. 24
      • Shellos Lv. 24

The order of the switches is below:

  • Head straight and then take the left turn. Follow it to the orange switch and press it.
  • Go right and down the two stair cases. Don’t press the green switch. Continue north through the water and then up two stair cases to find a green switch to the top right of the platform. Press the green switch.
  • Go south from there and follow the platform around to the west side of the gym. Go up the stairs to platform with a Sailor and blue switch. Press the blue switch.
  • Head south and then go right. Do not press the orange switch in the bottom left corner. Follow the path to the right and then north past two Tubers and across two rafts. Go past the Fisher and press the green switch.
  • To your right from the previous green switch, you should see two staircases. One goes north and the other goes south. Take the stairs that go south. Follow that path until you see an orange switch in the bottom right corner.
  • From there, head back to the two staircases and take the north staircase. Follow the path through the water and around to the west side of the gym. Follow the stairs up to a blue switch. Press it and you can now reach Wake.


    • Wake
      • Gyarados Lv. 27
      • Quagsire Lv. 27
      • Floatzel Lv. 30

When you defeat Wake, you’ll get the Fen Badge, the ability to use Defog outside of battle, Stickers and TM 55 (Brine).

Great Marsh

Just like with the Safari Zone of Kanto, the Great Marsh will cost 500 and you’ll have 30 Safari Balls to try and catch Pokémon. You’ll also have mud and bait to throw at Pokémon that you’re trying to catch.

You can end your trip by pressing X and R. The timer will run out when you’ve walked 500 steps.

You can go up to the second floor before entering the actual Great Marsh to use the binoculars to see what Pokémon can be found where.

The Great Marsh also has Pokémon that rotate in and out.

As soon as you enter the Great Marsh, go to your right and speak with the NPC with green hair and you’ll be given TM 97 (Defog) which will be added to the Hidden Moves app.

Pokémon found in the Great Marsh:

    • Starly
    • Azurill
    • Marill
    • Psyduck
    • Bidoof
    • Bibarel
    • Wooper
    • Quagsire
    • Budew
    • Hoothoot – Night
    • Noctowl – Night

Pokémon found in the Great Marsh that rotate:

    • Roselia
    • Staravia
    • Golduck
    • Skorupi
    • Croagunk
    • Carnivine

Rival Battle

Speak to the Galactic Grunt to the right of the Great Marsh. He’ll flee and then as you follow him and then you’ll be stopped by your Rival.

It’ll be time for another battle against him. His party will change depending on who you chose as your starter.

    • Rival
      • Starly Lv. 26
      • Buizel / Ponyta Lv. 26
      • Grotle / Monferno / Prinplup Lv. 31
      • Ponyta / Roselia Lv. 27

Heal up your team and head take Route 213 to reach Valor Lakefront.

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