Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Walkthrough

Route 204 / Ravaged Path

Back to Jubilife City

After you’ve wrapped up your business in Oreburgh City, head west to go back to Oreburgh Gate.

As you approach the eastern exit, you will be stopped by your friend once again. When he’s done talking to you, head back into the cave.

You can now use Rock Smash to explore more of Oreburgh Gate, but you won’t be able to fully explore it until you have a bike. So, you can go on through the gate and exit it as you back track to Jubilife City.

Once you’ve made it back to Jubilife City, head north to reach Route 204. You will quickly run into Professor Rowan and team up with him for a double battle against two Team Galactic Grunts.

After the battle and the ensuing conversation, you will also meet Bebe. She will give you Ball Capsules to decorate your Pokémon’s Poké Balls.

Heal your Pokémon if they need it and then continue on up the path to Route 204.

Route 204

Pokémon found in Route 204:

    • Starly – Grass
    • Bidoof – Grass
    • Budew – Grass
    • Kricketot – Grass
    • Shinx – Grass
    • Magikarp – Fishing

Trainers in Route 204:

    • Lass Sarah
      • Bidoof Lv. 7
    • Youngster Tyler
      • Magikarp Lv. 5
      • Starly Lv. 5
    • Lass Samantha
      • Budew Lv. 7

Immediately to your right behind a fence is a Paralyze Heal that you can quickly grab. Make your way through the route battling the trainers and catching any Pokémon you want or need. Head north and enter the Ravaged Path.

Ravaged Path

Pokémon found in Ravaged Path:

    • Zubat – Ravaged Path
    • Geodude – Ravaged Path

Immediately to your right is an Antidote that you can grab.

You can take the path in the cave to the left to find a TM 39 (Rock Tomb). That’s all you’ll be able to do here for now as you cannot cross the water just yet.

So, take the path to right and exit the cave to find yourself back on Route 204.

Route 204 Cont.

Trainers in Route 204:

    • Aroma Lady Teighler
      • Budew Lv. 7
      • Cherubi Lv. 7
    • Bug Catcher Brandon
      • Kricketot Lv. 7
      • Wurmple Lv. 7
    • Twins Liv and Liz
      • Pachirisu Lv. 9
      • Pachirisu Lv. 9

Exit the Ravaged path and head up the stairs to the west. To your right is an Awakening that can be picked up.

Make your way up the path and you can find a TM 09 (Bullet Seed) to the left of the route between two fenced off gardens.

Keep heading north and you will come to Floaroma Town.

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